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The thing that I didn't like about Simone's (New 52) Barbara is that she lost the maturity and intelligence that she had gained over the years as Oracle. This new direction sounds like it will move Barbara EVEN FURTHER in that direction, unfortunately. I may skim through the first issue just to see what it's all about. But honestly, this is not the direction that I think befits Barbara. If this were a Stephanie Brown book, sure. But not Babs.

On the bright side, Simone is off Batgirl. I love Gail. She's a great writer. But Batgirl really did not seem to be her best work, in my opinion. Looking forward to hearing what book she'll be placed on next. Hopefully a team book. She does her best work with teams, it seems. Maybe we can finally have a Simone Birds of Prey again.

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I think that it's best to stop thinking of most villains as exclusive to one hero. Obviously, there are plenty of characters who can be considered primary adversaries (the Joker to Batman, Lex to Superman, Merlyn to Green Arrow). But even in those cases, it wouldn't be flat-out wrong if the villains butted heads with other heroes from time-to-time.

And then when you move to the lower tier villains (Firefly, Blockbuster, Solomon Grundy), I believe that it's pretty acceptable for them to serve as circumstantial adversaries to different heroes.

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Pretty cool. I wonder if he and Felicity will interact at all.

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Klarion getting his own series is pretty cool. If Nocenti weren't writing I'd probably give the first few issues a read. But honestly, Nocenti hasn't written a single thing that I've liked. And I refuse to even give her work a glance unless I hear very unexpectedly spectacular reviews.

I'm surprised Nocenti lasted as long as she has on Catwoman. Every single issue I've read under her pen has been absolutely incoherent and just plain torturous to read. I have no idea who has continued to buy the series while she was writing, but it's good to hear that Catwoman has a chance to be good again.

On a different note, it's sad to hear that McCarthy's beautiful art will be wasted with Nocenti's writing. The guy is one of DC's best. Especially with J.H. Williams III gone.

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes was spectacular. At first, I was disappointed to hear that the sequel would essentially give us a whole new set of human characters without reference to our human characters from the first film. But all of the positive feedback has really gotten me pumped for the sequel. Friday cannot come fast enough!

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I could really go for a new superhero cartoon. Young Justice was absolutely perfect, in my eyes. I miss having an animated superhero series I could look forward to watching every week. Something that could be amusing, but also serious enough that adults can enjoy.

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A solid insight into Slade Wilson. Deathstroke is one of those characters who I feel is written differently all of the time. We need a solid and consistent interpretation of the character.

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Come on, guys. We need more creative titles lime Gotham Academy and Arkham Manor.

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Young Justice was consistently amazing. Arrow varies immensely in quality.

Young Justice is generally faithful to source material, finding elegant ways to blend things that are normally skipped over/retconned in comics (such as Jay Garrick). Arrow generally screws the source material for whatever plot they feel like doing that week (Firefly, the Count).

Young Justice gave us consistently developing main characters, as well as a recurring cast who managed to remain interesting even in spite of their limited appearances. Arrow's characters can be quite frustrating at times.

And, the really killer, Young Justice gave us a better version of Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Roy Harper than Arrow EVER has.

Arrow is enjoyable. Young Justice was amazing.

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Trades are more practical both financially and for the purposes of enjoying a whole story all at once (rather than reading small fractions that lose impact over time). I wish I had the patience to just wait for the trades for everything.

Sometimes, I feel like comics would be better if they were always released in Trade format (new trade for each series every 3 to 7 months rather than one small issue per month).