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@supbatz: artemis is not a green arrow character

Not originally, but her portrayal in Young Justice - her most popular portrayal - made her a Green Arrow character. And that is the version I would like to see adapted further into other shows/comics/movies.

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I'd rather see Artemis than Stephanie, but Steph would be a fun addition. I'm perfectly fine with Arrow using Gotham characters (which for some reason seems to be a major point of contention among fans), but I do think that the show should focus more on building up the Green Arrow specific characters.

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I thought this to be one of the (if not the) weakest episode(s) of the season.

All of the relationship drama for every couple was riddled with cliches. I'm not the type to cringe at relationship drama on television. I've even been known to enjoy some of the admittedly over-the-top relationships on Arrow. But this episode just felt like the march of the cliches. Ray and Felicity were the closest to being compelling in their drama, but even their scenes were mundane.

Thea's scenes this episode were the worst. I seriously don't know what they were thinking with the (strange and annoying) introduction of her new love interest, but nothing about those scenes was organic.

Cupid is a villain I really want to like, but who just never seems to be written in a fun enough manner. She was decent at best in this episode. If they ever bring her back, she may even border on interesting (if handled better). But as things are now, she didn't leave much of an impression. Arrow really needs to work on better establishing its villains-of-the-week. If they want to rely on that format as much as they do, then they have to do their damnedest to make the villains original, fun, and compelling. Plus, they can't just constantly throw villains away never to be touched again. They need to start bringing small leaguers back and expanding upon them.

Surprisingly, the most compelling scenes in this episode were the flashbacks. And coming from a guy who has seldom liked any of the flashbacks throughout the entire series, that is saying something.

4/10 from me. I was hoping for a lot more. I'm fine with tons of love triangles and relationship drama. But if you're going to make it the focus of an episode, then you had better be innovative about it rather than just showing us variations of the tropes that everybody and their grandma are familiar with.

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I applaud everything you just said. ESPECIALLY Thea! I seriously don't know what the hell we were supposed to take away from that forced, random plot.

The word that sums up this entire episode is cliche. Cupid is a villain that I wanted to like. She's a fun concept with a lot of potential, but both her portrayal in this episode and in the comics have all fallen rather flat. Disappointing.

Olicity was the pinnacle of cliche this episode. I have no love for or hostility towards the pairing, but this episode just did not work for them. Both cliche and frustrating on all fronts.

Arrow really needs to work on its villain-of-the-week plotlines. Despite the bad rep those types of stories get, they have the potential to be great. But thusfar, there really haven't been many Arrow villains-of-the-week who have stood out much. And very few have returned for multiple episodes. Hopefully Brick will be the fix for that.

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The flashbacks were incredibly cliche (and even cringe-inducing at times), and Barry revealing his identity to Girder BUT NOT IRIS is frustrating and ridiculous.

But aside for that, pretty solid episode. Iris' narration paralleling the first episode was a great touch. And the ending with Joe was very well done. They're slowly fixing the weaker part of the show (Iris and Eddy). Iris is on the right track, but they need to push her further. Letting her in on Barry's identity sooner rather than later would be a solid idea. And give us a reason to root her her blog and career as a journalist. So far, she comes across as naive where it is concerned. We need more focus on it so we can understand her motivation in that department and grow to actual WANT her to write the blog in spite of all of the warnings against doing so.

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I don't much understand the hate that Bruce and Selina get in this show. I'd rank Bruce's scenes as one of the most compelling aspects of each episode. And I didn't think Selina was "shoehorned" into this episode at all. The dialogue is a bit off in places, but that goes for the entire show, not just the scenes involving Selina.

This episode wasn't the best, but I'd still give it a 6-6.5/10.

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Wow, I'm surprised at the poor score. I haven't watched this episode yet, but the past two have been pretty good, I thought. Guess I'll have to watch and see if this one takes a dive. I tend to appreciate Bruce's and Selina's presences in the show more than most, so I'm hoping I enjoy the episode more than the reviewer.

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Agreed. Grayson hasn't appealed to me at all. The concept is just bizarre and doesn't feel like the character. I want to see him as a revamped Nightwing someday soon. Hopefully back in the blue suit.

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I'm a tad behind on Batwoman. Is a vampire now? O.o

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I thought this was one of the better episodes. Not the best, but above most of this season. It felt like a nice digression from the main plot.