Superboy New 52 Art

Okay, so I went looking through the web and Comic Vine and for some reason, as a Superboy fan, I cannot seem to find any new 52 art of him. I may of missed something perhaps but still, I'm surprised to see not much of his art around. Was wondering if any of you guys might know or have some art of him, that you wouldn't mind sharing? Please :D 


AvX: Nova's role

Most people seem to of forgotten about Nova. We saw Nova's first (and only appearance so far) in AvX in the first issue. I believe Nova still has a role yet to play in future issues which might play a crucial part in how things will end for this event. I would like to think that they didn't pick on Nova just for a quick appearance to signal the coming of the Phoenix force, but knowing Marvel, it's is highly probable that they just used him for the first issue only. What do you guys think? Should Nova have a role yet to play in this? If so, what would you like to see happen?


Off My Mind: Superboy Underrated?

I recently got the latest issue of the 'New 52' Superboy series, and I must say I quite enjoyed it. After reading some of the previous issues of this series which other people have made reviews to say it was either awful, okay or good, I have come to find them a good read. I currently cannot see why most people seem to undermine Superboy's current series all together considering it is the reboot of Superboy's life. Although I must take into account that I am a newbie at the Superboy comics but I still cannot seem to see why everyone seems to underrate this quite interesting character and his series. Anyone mind enlightening me or offer a different perspective into why this is?


Off My Mind: Deadpool Frustration

After reading the latest Deadpool issue; Deadpool #56 Reborn Part Two: Master Of My Own Domain, I've started to become frustrated with the fact that Deadpool no longer has his healing factor and is now trying to adapt to this new condition of his. My frustration comes from the fact Daniel Way shows no signs of any options on how Deadpool can gain his healing factor and to be fairly honest, if Deadpool doesn't get his healing factor within the next 10 issues I might give up with Deadpool all together. The only thing that made him different, a mutant and what I felt brought about his insanity they've taken away, without his healing factor Deadpool is a walking punch bag unless he becomes, dare I say it, normal. Anyone else feel the same? Any ideas on how you would give Deadpool his healing factor if you were Daniel Way?


1 Actor, 2 Roles

It has started to become a recurring theme in which one actor plays two roles, sometimes in the same universe. Although this has only happened twice(from what I remember), Chris Evans playing Captain America in both his solo film and in the Avengers as well as the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four films and also Ryan Reynolds playing Wade Wilson aka Deadpool and Hal Jordan. However I'm not concerned about Ryan Reynolds playing both Deadpool and Hal Jordan seeing as they're both from two different universes (unless one day for some highly unlikely reason both DC and Marvel do a co-operation in which a film starring both Hal Jordan and Deadpool is created) While on Chris Evans I see a clash. Throughout the comic books we have seen a common alliance between the Fantastic Four and the Avengers so there is a possibility that both the Human Torch and Captain America could be standing in the same room in future films. This could lead to a remake of the Fantastic Four with new faces and I, for one, enjoyed the actors who played the Fantastic Four. My point is why does Marvel cause these problems to themselves, in which the only solution is to get a new face to play one of the roles which would ruin the continuity of a story/film which I believe many viewers like to see in films.

What do you think guys?