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Cool Off 0

Here's the thing. After the last issue, with all the stuff that happened, we needed an issue to cool off. And that's what we got. And it was good. There was no scene I did not like. Whether it was Goldballs going home, Cyclops and Magneto, Magik being awesome as usual, ect.But this is a $4 issue, and as good as what's inside is, there is not enough that happens to justify that price tag. And so the question for readers is, how much is quality cooling off and some setup worth? How much d...

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Now this is more like it 0

Bendis has a tendency to really decompress his stories. This time he didn't. So much happens in this issue. There is great character development, real tension regarding what will happen to this current band of misfits, and huge payoffs. Bendis also manages to sneak in a few moments of humor that work wonders (Oh, Goldballs, never learn to control your powers.) And Irving's art is perfect for Limbo.The new recruits may not be the most fleshed out characters yet, but they feel more real than...

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