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Yeah. It's annoying that those 3 issues don't seem to be availible. They don't exist on comixology either. The other issues, if they are part of another story like Knightfall, should be in those trades or online. The best I can offer is this,

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The only time I can remember Stephanie Brown's hair being an issue is when she had it cut for a while and said "when I had long hair I was a dumb blonde. Now that it's short I'm brainy."

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Either reduce the number of characters or mae them all have a place. The 4 Robins, 3 Batgirls, ect. all have important niches they could be filling, but right now each character not currently named Batman or Robin is almost completely redundant.

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With Black Canary I could see it. But anyone who could be taught anything by this version of Babs has no business being a vigilante in the first place. It would be like being taught by the Stephanie Brown of 1997.

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@wessaari said:

eh that is a hard one. If they are going to bring her back, it will be very difficult. I would say either Batgirl or Birds of Prey, and give her a role similiar to Oracle but more of a Trainee. She gives Batgirl back up on Comms, and in exchange Babs trains her to become her own vigilante.

This Babs is years away from having half the skills necessary to have even the thought of training another vigilante.
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I think introducing Steph could be the shakeup Teen Titans needs. Assuming she isn't completely botched like some other characters her sense of humor and can-do attitude would do wonders for the team dynamics, and it would help make Nu52 Tim Drake feel more like his old self.

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Either Teen Titans or a Spoiler ongoing.

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That article is inaccurate. They did change the hair color, but the costume remained the same with the purple stripes. And it is still very clearly someone cosplaying as Steph.

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@Munsu said:

@xerox-kitty: @xerox-kitty said:
" @entropy_aegis said:
" It was an idiotic plot twist even moreso than the jason/talia scene and thats saying something. i believe it was retconned when she returned though i am not sure,where do these crap writers come from? "
Teenage pregnancy isn't an idiotic plot twist, it's just as realistic as gay or black characters. It was an interesting dynamic for the Robin series. Sadly, comic books don't support infant characters so the baby had to go... Just think of it as the 4-color crack version of Juno (about a decade before Juno was made).

No, I'd say it was a pretty idiotic, although maybe that is too harsh a word to use. It was just a very poor, and a little cheap, attempt by the writers to try and draw some symapthy for her character at the expense of some nameless child that she has with some faceless boy. I mean the writers were obviously trying to figure out a way for her and Tim to become close, but it is beyond me why they decided on that way being her carrying around someone elses kid. They were probably trying to interject some "real social issue" into the story by introducing teenage pregnancy to be edgy, but it just didn't work, and they rarely do in comics without feeling forced in. I just hate it when writers use pregnancy, sex, or other similar tools to try and stir up some unnecessary drama and that is what happened here. Since her baby wasn't even a character but more of a tool to try and catch the readers interest that when it has served its purpose would be dropped and forgotten about without hesitation. But the thing that bothers me the most about this whole thing is her giving up the child for adoption (which seems to be the cure-all for all unneeded superhero offspring) because it felt like she would rather continue running around on rooftops in crazy outfits fighting crime than taking responsibility and raising her child. I'm sure Bruce would have given her the resources to raise her child happily, but she didn't want to do that. I know she gave the child up in order for it to have a better life, but if she really wanted to raise her child she could have, and the fact she didn't kind of lessens her character in my eyes a little bit. Of course I really haven't been following any of her more recent stories that closely and I don't know if any of the writers mention/use the fact she had a kid and gave it up or if they decided to completely ignore it, but I hope that it isn't the latter. Since glossing over such a significant event in her life would be a disservice to it ever happening. But I don't have any expectations to the child ever showing up again though.

Bumping this thread.

Many of these things are stunts for whatever purpose. The question is, are they done well? In the case of Steph's pregnacy the answer is yes. It was well written and didn't overwhelm the Robin title either. People did feel bad for her, and sshe did come across as strong. If it was up to her she would have kept the baby, but she had pressure from many quarters to have an abortion, and anyone who didn't give her that advice told her the only option was adoption, including Tim. The deciding factor was that she did not want her baby to be part of the world she grew up in, surrounded by crime and drugs and with a super-criminal for a grandfather who could do who knows what to the kid. She realized that keeping the baby would mean risking its life.

It was brought up a number of times. At one point the father, who ran out on her right after she saved his life when the earthquake hit, came back and was a douche about his ex having his baby while he was gone, so she beat the crap out of him. In Cass' Batgirl, Steph talks about how she gave her baby up for adoption and Cass freaks out at the idea of Tim being a daddy, then gets jealous of Steph because she'd never been kissed by a boy. It was brought up a number of times at the beginning and end of War Games. After that Steph herself was swept under the rug, and after she was brought back it wasn't mentioned again. I think it was a mistake to never mention it in her Batgirl series, but they treated her as if her continuity started with War Games.

As for help from Bruce, this was not only before he would even acknowledge her, much less reveal his identity, but during the Cataclysm/No Man's Land storyline where even Robin had no idea where he was for months. Going to him for help wasn't an option.

Ultimately, what the pregnancy was for Steph was another bad situation where she was largely alone, forced to make hard, painful choices and deal with a ton of guilt, that she ultimately worked past and made her stronger. Some more closure at a later date would have been better, but I'm not going to blame Dixon for stupid editorial decisions 5 years later.

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She may be the 'first,' but Cass is by far the best crimefighter of the three, and Steph is the one with the most effect on Gotham as a whole. Babs as Batgirl is just another person in a bat suit.

And in the 60s/70s she was more than that. She was a congresswoman who teamed up with Superman and dated Clark Kent. By the end of the 70s they had deaged her in order to ship her with Robin.

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