Falcon's costume and potential [Marvel: Now Avengers Spoilers]

His look:

I've always found Falcon's costume to be kind of mediocre.

Until the last few years anyway its been gradually getting better.

His Marvel Now look is probably the best design we've seen for Sam. Still I m not sure if we are seeing a big difference in his look from his last design outside of his new gloves so credit most likely needs to go to artist Jerome Opena and colorists Dean White, Frank Martin & Richard Isanove.

Avengers #4 by Dale Keown

the Ultimate Universe design doesn't count. Although I like the look its not a costume. Just like Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye suite its not a costume. It's designed for practicality and I'm okay with that

His powers and abilities are fine:

Heroes do not need a multitude of abilities to be compelling characters. Look at Daredevil and Captain America, sure they have rich histories and are deep characters in their own rights, but lets just peel back the layers and look solely at their powers & abilities.

Daredevil- blind martial arts master with superhuman heightened senses

Captain America- a man given essentially miracle steroid (without any negative side effects) and a vibranium shield (that defies the laws of physics)

I'm generalizing to a degree. Yes Daredevils had some great stories and villains over the years. Captain America is indelibly tied to WW2 and American Patriotism, but look at the base abilities these characters have to work with. Their capabilities at a glance aren't astounding, its when you explore these characters a little more and build great stories around them you see how great they really are.

Sam's a capable and very competent hero. There is a reason he runs with Cap and Brubaker did an excellent job or showcasing Sam's talents. He can more than hold his own in a fight. He's got to be around Hawkeye level h2h skill.

He's underutilized like other heroes (Hawkman, Black Widow etc.) but certainly has some room for improvement and growth.

talking to birds:

This is by far one of his most important and unique aspects now. Otherwise he is just a guy who can fly, which is fine if you don't live in a world populated by other superheroes *cough* Rocketeer *cough*. Birds are all over and people might laugh at this ability, but as far as street level crime is concerned its incredibly helpful and writers shouldn't be afraid to be creative with this ability

-seeing what they see & communicating with them: If Sam needs to find someone or is looking for something he literally has millions of birds he can call upon to be his eyes and ears. This can be incredibly helpful in certain scenarios and makes Falcon an invaluable recon operative.

-controlling them: Aside from making him great at reconnaissance, this means Sam can also use birds as weapons or decoys. This can be done a number of ways. Either flying around or attacking his enemies or simply making noise to distract an opponent or having tons of birds simply poop on somebody. Their are tons of potentials with this ability.


we even see him talking with/controlling alien birds

- I'd suggest cleaning up his origin a little more it's still pretty messy. This doesn't necessarily mean simplifying it just make it less convoluted. The whole Snap Wilson retcon was unnecessary in my opinion. His original orign wa sokay, not great but okay. I'm still a little confused about his current origin, with the Red Skull and the cosmic cube, but it just doesn't come across that strong. Hopefully Captain America 2 does a good job with his origin

-give him a clearer mission statement. Thankfully for his character he is on the Avengers again. When he isn't Caps buddy helping him out I don't know what he does. I mean is Sam still fighting crime in Harlem primarily? I know he had a short lived role with the last Heroes for Hire group and teamed up with BP and Luke Cage in Hell Kitchen, but I don't have a good sense of Sam's day to day. When he's not with the Avengers or helping Cap is he fighting crime on his own? Does he have a day job? Is he conversing with birds or training birds? etc.

- Let him be the one to come discover his wings. I think it makes the character stronger than someone like Tony Stark or BP making them for him. If someone like BP or Tony Stark makes his wings I just find myself asking why didn't thy make them better or give him some cooler gadgets. I mean with their tech Sam's wings are childs play. Shield could make them, but that would only make sense if he was a Shield operative as he is in the Ultimate Universe. I don't have a clear idea of the best way for Sam to discover his wings, but as long as he is responsible and isn't just gifted with them works best imo. Maybe they are organic and come along with his ability to talk to birds. Maybe he discovered them like Jaime Reyes did the scarab. He could have been in an accident etc. etc. etc. Giving Sam a sense of agency in regard to his wings, whether it was providence or an accident feels more like a natural progression. The wings are such an important part and identifiable part of his character now, if someone just simply gives them to him I think it cheapens them to a degree. It's not the same as someone giving Hawkeye his arrows, they are just arrows.

Now if marvel decides to stay with the Red Skull using the cosmic cube on Sam that isn't as bad cause its more dramatic and helps Sam's origin.

-Maybe give Sam a regular gadget or weapon or two. I don't know if he still has the grappling hook or not but I always felt that was a nice touch. I think giving him a gun or some power/energy gauntlets would be a nice touch. When he is on the Avengers I just think he needs something aside from his fist to attack the bad guys, considering the threats the Avengers regularly face. I liked how he was able to fire projectiles from his wings in Avengers: EMH.

Overall this character has some real untapped potential and I hope marvel does a good job with him in the new Avengers Assemble cartoon and in Captain America 2 and Avengers 2.


Stan the Man!!!

None other than the legendary Stan Lee!!!!!!!!!!!

Stan the Man.

He is the most recognized creator. He is the heart and soul of Marvel comics!!!!!!!

Captain America Reborn Rant

So Steve Rogers is coming back.

First off what is up with the 600 thing, they did it with Thor and i think they did it with someone else too? Is that marvels new thing we are just going to randomly figure out how each character has 600 issues. I am not an expert but I thought Captain America would of hit before Thor since you know he had all those issues in the 1950's. 

Okay so back on topic. I am really really ticked off on a number of levels. Especially since that interview that was released on marvel.com talking about it. They said they had been planning Captain America's return since his death, yet every other interview has been like "Oh we are not even thinking about Captain America's return. We know he will return at some point but right now we are not even thinking about it." So obviously this was not entirely true, a little annoyed by this but whatever I can get over it. 

On top of this Caps death is completely pointless. They did not wait nearly long enough to bring him back for a couple of reasons.  In the interview they say it is time for Cap to come back and see how much has changed since he died and all that. But in marvel time it has only been like six months. Why bring him back? What has changed? We had World War Hulk, but that did not really alter anything that much. The Skrull Invasion didn't really change the marvel world as much as you would think. Janet died and a lot of people are shell shocked and still shaken up over the invasion. Still besides Janet's death and all the Skrulls that died everything else is going to be the same. 

Dark Reign will be the only big immediate differences Steve notices and we know that it will be resolved soon. I am assuming Captain America will play a role in that. 

In my opinion it is so stupid to bring him back so soon. There was no point to killing him. And than we still have Bucky who is still getting use to being Captain America. He doesn't think he is as good as Steve was, and Bucky is basically still growing into being Captain America. This is exactly what I was worried they were going to do with Batman. DC was going to spend the entire time telling the story of Dick growing into the role of Batman than Batman would come out. Instead marvel does this with Cap. We never got to truly see Bucky as Captain America, he is still growing into the role. 

Marvel should of treated Bucky like Wally. Where Wally was the Flash and actually filled Barry's boots. Bucky needed to get to that point and Marvel did not allow him too.  Making Bucky Captain America completely pointless, IMO. And I know people are speculating Steve coming back and not being Captain America again. Honestly who else would he be?! And the title is Captain America reborn not Steve Rogers Reborn. If he is brought back from the dead I see no way he does not take up the mantle of Captain America again. 

And than there is the fact that this is a total marketing thing. Now maybe I am wrong (doubtful) but think about it. The comic is called Captain America Reborn. I am sorry but does that not sound ridiculously similar to a DC series that is doing rather well. (Hint hint, Flash Rebirth!!!!!) Marvel must have bee,n" look how well this series is going for DC lets do one of those. Now who is a major character we have killed off recently." 

I question how story driven this comic is. It seems more sales driven to me.  

Than on top of this marvel went on how the marvel universe is about consequences. And how this death will not be like Superman's where he just comes back 2 years later. I personally felt that DC brought Superman back really fast. IMO Captain America should have stayed dead 5 to 7 years minimum. Its ridiculous that they brought him back. It totally destroys the story of his death. It makes that story completely pointless and meaningless. 

I hope for marvel's sake this story is amazing. Right now I cannot fathom how it will be or how Cap will comeback. It just doesn't make sense right now. Maybe I am overreacting to this, but its when this stuff happens that people do not take comic death seriously.

Booster (Blue and) Gold #21 Spoiler

With the pulse pounding return of Jaime Reyes in his own  backup story at last.

Booster has gone to go get the photos Batman had from Joker's camera from when Booster time traveled to try saving Barbara Gordon from  the Killing Joke so that BatDick doesn't find out about Booster's heroic exploits. Sadly BatDick ambushes Booster and gets him to squeal but then the two are attacked...

Dundun duh!

Meanwhile at El Paso....


High Moon

Quick Synopsis/Tease:

"Werewolves (and a whole lot more) in the Old West. 
A grumbly, bounty-hunter, Matthew Macgregor, investigates a series of strange happenings in the dusty Texas town of Blest - where drought has brought famine and hardship to most of the town and surrounding ranches. Unfortunately, that's the least of the town's worries! While the summer heat pushes the mercury toward further unbearable degrees during the day, the nights are haunted by strange, unnatural creatures roaming the darkness. 
While Macgregor, a former Pinkerton agent, seeks to uncover the towns dark secrets, he tries desperately to keep his own hidden - secrets of a past steeped in witchcraft and the supernatural. When the sun sets it'll be a showdown at High Moon. 
From the horrors of Blest, Texas to the mountainous mysteries of Ragged Rock, Oklahoma, werewolf-hunter Macgregor investigates a series of murders following a bizarre train robbery. But, do his true motivations belie a sinister past? Soon, the town murders become the least of his worries as he finds himself caught in a vendetta, forced to do battle with a technological monstrosity. As he confronts his own dark origins, Macgregor must make the ultimate decision: live like a beast, or die like a man?"

I am not going to go into much detail or write any spoilers about this because you should really read this comic yourself.

Here is the web address you can read the first three chapters online for a limited amount of time:


The art is okay, it is not amazing but I am okay with it.



people should just stay dead(gone since he is not technically dead)!

Sure he can return, once in a while or in a special event (some multi verse junk)

But allow characters who have been in the DCU since the beginning to establish themselves. Look at Wally, Dick, Roy, Kyle.

Enough with this Barry and Hal junk.


Sleepwalker is super powerful, but the hitch is he can only come out when his alter ego falls asleep. That is hilarious. His real identity is Rick Sheridan an average college student.


"9" Short Film/2009 Theatrical Movie

Short Film:

9, created by Shane Acker, is a computer animated 2005 Academy Award-nominated short film, and will be adapted as a feature film distributed by Focus Features.

The film revolves around 9, a rag doll-like creature who appears to be the last of his kind in the ruins of a decaying world parallel to our own, and is in possession of a glowing, container-like artifact. 9 recounts recent events that led to where he is now: he was once accompanied by his friend and mentor, a one-eyed rag doll named 5, with whom he scavenged the ruins of their world in search of tools that would help them survive. One day, they were spotted by a twisted mechanical monster that had killed seven of their rag doll kindred by stealing their souls with a container similar to 9's, which was given to him by 5. The monster attacked and stole 5's soul with its container, killing him, though 9 was able to escape.

Now alone, 9 encounters the same monster once again. In an attempt to destroy the monster, 9 lures it into an old building and traps it, allowing him to steal its container. The monster breaks free and chases him through the building. He finds himself cornered on a wooden plank elevated high above the floor. Just as the monster crawls along the unstable plank and approaches him, 9 leaps to safety and knocks the plank down. The monster plummets to the floor below, impaled and killed by the falling plank. After setting up a memorial for his kindred, 9 puts the two containers together to create a new container that releases the souls of all the monster's victims, including 5. Before vanishing, 5's spirit turns to 9 and gives him an approving nod. 9 sets off to parts unknown, leaving the container behind.

Awards Won


    * Student Academy Award — Gold Award for Animation
    * SIGGRAPH — Best in Show
    * Animex — First Prize, 3D Character Animation
    * Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation College Awards — First Prize, Non-traditional Animation
    * Best Animated Short — Florida Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival

Awards  Nominated for


    * Academy Award for Animated Short Film, lost to The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation

The Feature film


9 (2009 film)

9 will also be an upcoming computer animated feature film adapted from the short film and will be produced in part by Tim Burton, Timur Bekmambetov,director of Wanted, and Jim Lemley and is scheduled for release on September 9, 2009. Animation began in Luxembourg at Attitude Studio, but subsequently moved to Starz Animation in Canada. The film will be released by Focus Features.

Shane Acker will direct the film and, with Pamela Pettler, will write the script. The lead voice actors are Elijah Wood, John C. Reilly, Jennifer Connelly, Crispin Glover, Martin Landau, and Christopher Plummer. Wood has said that he has already recorded a voice for it. Although CGI, the movie will have a stylized look resembling stop motion which Tim Burton called "hauntingly beautiful".

Movie Plot

9 takes place in a world parallel to our own, in which the very legacy of humanity is threatened. A group of sapient rag dolls, living a post-apocalyptic existence find one of their own, 9 (Wood), who displays leadership qualities that may help them to survive.

The conflicted, but resilient group includes 1 (Plummer), a domineering war veteran; 2 (Landau), an aged inventor; 5 (Reilly), a stalwart mechanic; 6 (Glover), a visionary and artist; and 7 (Connelly), a brave warrior. The trailer also depicts 3 and 4 as identical, hooded rag dolls, and 8 as a hulking warrior, whose number is marked on his right shoulder unlike the others, who bear their numbers on their backs.

Here is the cast:

Elijah Wood  9
John C. Reilly  5
Jennifer Connelly  7
Crispin Glover  6
Martin Landau  2
Christopher Plummer  1



Original Short Film=



My Personal opinion=

This movie looks awesome. It has a great cast of voice actors. The animation looks amazing. The story seems intriguing. Also the little dolls/people remind me of the characters you play as in the Little Big Planet video-game.

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