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@Gambit1024: Villain decay

Also I would like to see

Black Panther





Fantastic Four


War Machine/Iron Patriot



Dr. Doom

Squirrel Girl

Ms. Marvel


Super Skrulls

Most can be shown is short scenes or cameos, just to establish that the Avengers take place in the expanded Marvel universe.

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I had forgot about the set photos giving her away as talia but the scar on her back during the fireplace love scene made me think Talia.

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Hulkbuster - woooooooooo

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@PowerGirlFan: She is practically the Boobs of Steel trope incarnate. Also the spokesperson for Most Common Superpower, Buxom is Better and All this and Brains too.

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@GWHH said:

@PowerGirlFan said:

Her new "body image" in the new 52!! SUCKS. She look like some one mom who use to be HOT!!!

She always had MORE muscle than most of the other women in the comics. Since the start of her comic run. Plus, it looks good on her!

@GWHH said:

I come to the conclusion a long time ago for women in comics. The better you are as a hero or villain as a women. The BIGGER your boobs are. Boob size is equal to there super power strength levels. Male characters get bigger muscles. Women get bigger boobs. Very simple formula!

The only expectation to this rule is women in comics who ONLY have there brain power to get by on. They all seem to have normal size chest.

PG has big boobs and big muscles. She's an exception to your formula.

PG is under the effect of the Boobs of Steel trope.

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@mk111 said:

I guess she has less self-control than Superman...

Power Girl is stronger then Superman Prime.

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Yes, but Karen has to stay PG in that costume and Huntress has to stay Huntress and take Damian Wayne with her.

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Find a really deep mine( at least a 1,000 feet down) that has a lot of empty space. Fill in and rig with 50 mega ton nuclear bombs all shafts leading to surface but one. Pump in only air, water, light and make prisoner farm algae for food. Nothing leaves but exhaust air, I mean nothing. Fill with prisoners and then seal it except for air in/out, water in, light in(no electricity just fiber optic light conduits). surround with seismic sensors to detect any possible tunneling. let prisoners know that if we think they are attempting an escape the whole place gets frakked with the dozens of nuclear bombs surrounding them. Make sure the place is some where really far north and remote.

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Joss Whedon, Stan Lee, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray

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Cut a few feet from her one shoulder cape and get some new writers that care about her.