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Yeah, Hal was the last earth Green Lantern, but Kermit is it after Flashpoint.
That's the real big news! You wouldn't expect that!

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"I think that's an electric fence!"
and this
"I believe in you!"
YAY!! Muppets!

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I think the Superman costume is okay and Superboy as a Cyborg  looks interesting but what have they done with Supergirl. I don't know, maybe it just looks to "serious" or more like a Superwoman.
So, I for one thinks the old costume looks and suits Supergirl better than this one.

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As an addition to printed comics it was about time to go digital all the way and maybe you get some real new readers through the lower price or the absent of storage problems(just maybe).
But I for one stick to the printed comics and as long as they print comics it is going to be really rare that I will buy a digital comic book.

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I think it has been answered(not exactly maybe) at the end of The Punisher kills the Marvel universe when he realizes that he just killed Matt Murdock, who was his lawyer and probably a completely innocent man in his eyes, and kills himself.
So, yes I think he would kill himself sooner later for such an act or gets himself killed on a suicide mission.