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Scott + Emma - Wolverine = Dream come true!!! I am so there :) Can't wait for November to come!

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I'm sorry, but I disagree with a couple of things that you wrote. I care about these characters and their past histories together, that they be treated with integrity and respect and as long as one person cares, it matters. To me these two women and their pasts together are equally important to who Dick is or will be and because of this I came to relize while writing my post that both of them still have the potential of being the best woman for him. Since I keep reading that the reboot won't affect the Bat Family so much, I think there is a good chance their pasts won't change in the new cannon and until we know for sure whether or not it does, the past should matter to the fans of these three. 
One of the worst things about reading/watching serials is that at some point characters/relationships are going to be, as you said "raped", it's just a truth we all have to face. As a matter of fact, when writers disrespect their audience's intelligence and the characters integrity by massacring a character's relationship with one person in order support another relationship that it is the worst insult that can be done to a fan of the original relationship. When I find this happens, I respond by letting the incident not matter to my reading/watching enjoyment. Since my feelings as a fan didn't seem to matter to them I will just disregard the event and pretend that it didn't happen until things are fixed and/or until the reboot/recon is rebooted/ reconned itself.
Hopefully if I'm wrong and you are right about their pasts being changed, it's done in a way to correct the errors that were made in the past and not add to.

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Two of the things that I love are romance stories & the "Bat Family" & as much as I like Bruce, I don't think he will be settling down any time soon. Dick on the other hand is a diferent story. It could happen so I am a devotee to his journey through love to find the right girl. Is Barbara Gordon the right girl? Liking both of the characters, I wanted to explore the possibilty so I bought the Nightwing & BOP tpbs hoping for their happily-ever-after. After all, how cool would it be to have Dick end up with his childhood crush. By the time I reached the end of this arc, my excitement for a Dick & Barbara romance had died a slow & painful death. Not only did I not want them together, the experience had left me with a bad taste in my mouth about Barbara.  
Though I was disappointed the first time around, when I heard about their upcoming engagement during the 52 event I just had to read the comic, hoping everything would be fixed & I could have my happy "Bat couple". However, instead of my feelings about what kind of person Barbara became when she was in a romantic relationship with Dick changing, they were reinforced. Not only that, now I was also greatly disappointed with Dick & what he had done to Barbara. So my answer to this question is a big NO, I do not want them together! That while I like these two characters seperately & as friends/co-workers, I don't like who they become when they are together in a romantic relationship.   

As for Dick & Kory, I too believe that Dick was not thinking of Barbara in a romantic way after starting a relationship with Kory & that he was in love with Kory during the NTT era. However no matter how much in love they were & how that relationship is an important part of their combined & individual pasts, I don't think that they can have a lasting future together anymore. I do believe that while Dick still loves Kory that he is not in love with her & has moved on. After saying this, I think he still has a deep connection/attraction to/for her & is likely to gravitate towards her if they are around each other for any amount of time like he did during the recent Titans series until he finds the right girl.  
My favorite option then is for someone new as his love interest to be explored. This doesn't mean I don't want to explore Dick's relationships with Barbara & Kory. The way I see it, there are open issues in both, at least for me, that need to be resolved before he can have a true & lasting relationship with someone new. The last time I saw Kory & Dick together was just after Kory told him she loved him & Dick confessed his feelings to her. I don't want her to be left pinning for Dick as he falls in love with another. This would be horrible for her. As for Dick & Barbara, I would like to see them deal with the issue of a romance between them with maturely & honestly, whether they get together or not. Only if this happens, resolving the issues I have with them as a couple, could I believe that they have a true chance at being together & marrying.  
Then again, Dick could always fall back in love with Kory...hmm...when I first started this I was firmly on the NO train for the both of them & wanting someone new but now...hmm...I want to explore all three. After all, I only want the best for Dick!!! :)

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The only good thing about this that it looks like Scott lives post Schism, otherwise I pass just like I'm boycotting the X-Man's involvement in Fear Itself & Schism. I'll wait until it comes out in tpb & get it as long as it doesn't mess up Scott & Emma too much! Until then, I'm staying in my X-World where everything is still bright & only a little tarnished.

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@angeldust616 said:
Cyclops and Emma are one of the best couples in the Marvel Universe. Hell, they're one of the best couples in comics period. They just balance each other out so perfectly. So it's really difficult to imagine them separate for anything other than a short period of time (where they wouldn't be with anyone else).

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I was there with my sister and the impression we both got regarding Scott's fate is... 
...he is going to die. When asked if they were killing Scott by a fan, Alonzo's reply was "Did we kill Cable?" I really hope this isn't true and it's just a red herring, but they were hinting at this outcome heavily :(