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Bahh, he will go running straight to wonder woman's arms and comic pages will be filled with both sharing bed and cursy stuff like that. I like More Lyla but Godfall stuff is out of the loop, this is both positive and negative. Positive because it wont get trolled, negative because we wont see them.

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Officer creative chief.. LMAO! What is this?! It sounds like a I am still in charge of the doll house no matter what. With Axel Alonso, he's got a good dog under his leash.
This editorial it's more rotten than a corrupt government.

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Nolan north represents the modern DUMB goofy deadpool. Kassir represents the more classic one end of era that went away during cable and deadpool. 
SO i go with kassir, at least he sounds like in the comics.

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Horrible! HORRIBLE!!!!
This is like a cheap bad copy of Harley Quinn, just like hitfag monkey was a copy of splinter of TMNT. This DEAD guy it's just a new frankenstein of marvel, again boooooring. And besides he is a pure copy of Nega Ash from army of darkness.
They need new writer but this is their philosophy.
the only two choices we have are Daniel Way or cancelation. Every time a Marvel exec gets complained to about Way's poor writing, they say "Stop reading it, we'll stop making it." Not "Stop reading it and we'll make it better." They know Deadpool is popular and neither Marvel nor co-creator Rob Liefeld are all that happy about it.

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He should had been the clone and stayed in the Marvel Universe. Being and acting as the un-married spider-man looking for a gig and stuff.
unfortunately Joe Quesadilla it's not as creative as he think he is.
But alas here we are, in the age of jerk edito in chiefs. That love to bite the hand that feeds them.

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fck off sentry. sentry never existed which means that carnage never died hahaha!

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Cyclops sucks big time as a father. His got children and yet the only thing he does is going around like a whore. 
Poor cable...

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As long as it's not cyclops, that whore pice of crap is a pice of crap of a father. If I where cable I would fking hate him and wolverine. Wolverine because he went behind cable's mom and cable's GF! It wold be cool if cable killed wolverine, they always come back to life so you know, no biggie.

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 1. Little or no inner struggles.
2. Very flat personality.
3. No true significant other.
 well we both thats never gonna happen. considering how DP fans unanimously want kelly back, yet no one seems to make an effort. All kelly had to say to me was "Deadpool has never really left me, even though I had to leave him!" cryptic, no?

fact of the matter is....arguing about how way's or whoever's DP is good or needs improvement is completely useless unless theres a collective fan effort to get some change around here.

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@Caligula said:
" because he is being over-used and people are growing bored with the character. and it's a shame, because Deadpool is a good character but this is what happens when publishers push a character too hard. "
People are sick of bad quality over exposure, bad writing and bad editing. They pretty much screwed it up. And you know what? I AM FREAKING GLAD! This will make them realide that the comic book does not sell because of their amateur ability but because of the hope that people has that the magazine will become good some day.
Instead just look at the 5 preview pages of that last issue... its PATHETIC! srsly just WTF?!
Just give the book and the editing to JOE KELLY! and hell give deadpool the justice that he deserves!
Maybe going back to the original numbering it could be Deadpool 70# by joe kelly.