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Batman wins.

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This is a stalemate.

Guess Iceman could technically win via incapacitation.

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Joker would have been dead in his first encounter with Batman if it wasn't for his high moral code.

Only reason Deathstroke has never killed him, is because he's never been paid to do it.

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Round 1: I think he could take all the wonderboys, he's much stronger and FAR more experienced. Todd would catch him off-guard with his ruthless fight style for a bit. But that's about it.

Round 2: Cap wins imo, he'd become the Star Spangled Assassin we have never seen him as before.

Round 3: The Wonder boys win.

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Superman is being underpowered these days.

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These guys can definitely beat Joker in a Staring contest

Ghost Rider.....he has stared into the souls of countless men of horror and evil

Having seen the own blood on his hands, he has also stared into the eyes

of Thanos, and Death itself.

He has faced countless demons of great power. He has

faced Dormammu, and Mephisto

The Watcher certainly wouldn't break....he has seen everything.

He knows.

None may defeat Doom in a Staring contest

Batman has always beat Joker when it comes to a stare-down.

People who might beat him in a staring contest

Having done and seen everything, having faced his own son, having

been through nightmare after nightmare. Wolverine and Joker would

be an interested staredown

The symbol of freedom and liberty, who else could possibly stare into the eyes of the Joker

than a man who has fought against insanity since 1941. From one would-be overlord to the next,

from Adolf Hitler to Dr Doom to the United States Government itself.

I believe Captain America could look into the eyes of the Joker and say "No, you move"

Because he just won't care how Evil he is.

Not many have the resolve that Magneto does. I think he could take it

Because Black Panther isn't afraid of much.

People who might beat Joker in a staring contest....

Part of me says that he'd be able to do it, because he's very intellgent and has strong will.

Other part of me says that it's his intelligence that will make him lose. He will undoubtedly

recognize just HOW messed up Joker is, and that could disgust him enough to make him

want to look away.

Peter Parker and Joker in a stare-down would be interesting to say the

least. Joker would pull out all the stops, and Spidey is known for making himself feel

guilty, no doubt Joker will make him feel like s**t.

But remember, Spidey has more courage than anybody, he has gone face-to-face with

Carnage. and something tells me that Spidey would win this stare-down

Bruce Banner, always fighting the monster within him, seeing someone who has become the Monster

on their own.

He is very experienced at going up against experienced minds.

It would be tough.

Nightcrawler isn't the strongest physically, but when it comes to strength of heart

and character, I think he has what it takes to beat out the Joker.

People who would lose

I don't think he'd be able to understand what he's looking at.

She'd break down crying.

He would also cry....let's face it, he's a softhearted guy. He goes to flower shows.

does that make him less of a man? I don't think so

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@dondave said:



bring on the debate! Bring it on!

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I'm actually leaning towards the Thing.

I know Iron Fist could hit him with....the Iron Fist.

But I think the Thing could take it. Plus Luke Cage really isn't a problem for Ben at all.

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Wow......Ultimate Spiderman is beating Avengers Assemble.

That doesn't seem right.

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@dabee said:

What about Scarlet Witch? Magneto is a pretty dangerous dude, especially since her husband was made of metal.

Oh definitely