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I'm gonna say Atlantis. Wakanda has incredible technology though.

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I start on the other side of the planet-cracker you say, and they are actively hunting me?

I guess i'll just have to hide from them for the rest of my life. Everybody above me is crazy. I'm gonna be barricading myself in the most secure room I can find, with the most weapons I can find, with the most food I can find, as freakin fast as I can find it, and whatever room I find will have the least amount of air vents possible. Which I will also barricade.

The rest of my spare time is spent being a scavenger and trying to possibly figure out where the escape pods are.

Xenomorphs beat me 9/10

The Xenomorphs would murder-slice you all 10/10.

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Captain America has Spidey on probation from the Avengers right now.

Everybody can see quite clearly that Spider-Man using Robotic-Armies, Armed Mercenaries and big-brother tech is waaaay abnormal.

People see the difference, especially in the dialogue he chooses when talking with the Avengers

Spidey's "Hey guys! Wanna play checkers?" vs NotSpidey's "Why have I been summoned here you bombastic buffoons" has a distinct difference

I'd say Otto's biggest mistake was completely eliminating the Parker-fragment

from his mind, it was the only thing that let him really pass as Peter Parker, and

it was the Parker-memories that saved him from being found out by the Avengers in the first place.

If he was smarter, he would've kept the memories somehow.

It's only a matter of time before Iron Man or whoever decides that Dr Spidey has gone too far, whether they figure out his true identity or not.

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They'd have to start killing villains.....I don't think they could handle it otherwise.

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I think Superman would be a bit freaked out at first....but he would regain his composure. Freddy feeds off fear.

Superman won't be afraid.

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1: I think Cyclops would win in a random encounter, because Doc Ock lacks mobility, he'd be a sitting duck for the optic blasts.

2: Superior Spidey is way too fast for Cyclops, and he's far more intelligent. This is a fairly quick and decisive win for Spidey.
Unless he decides to let loose with his full array of optic blasts, which is possible.

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When you said Deathwatch....i thought you mean't these guys.

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Darkseid is an ultimate villain, the Justice League usually need some prep.

Thor and Hulk are the biggest factors, and since Darkseid is basicly the DC-Thanos, I'll
say Darkseid.

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@sufferthorn: Yeah they like to get worked up over my threads for some reason =P

Anyway, don't forget BRB picking up Mjolnir without even knowing about its exclusivity. I reckoned that if BRB is worthy, Luke could very well be also.

Well, if you've been purposefully making unmatched threads. Then they're right.

But as far as I know, you haven't, and even if you did I wouldn't care.

Beta Ray Bill was one in a billion though. You would think someone like Captain America would

be worthy too, but he isn't. Mjolnir's test of character isn't about outward physical strength or energy projection

abilities. EU Luke having the same personality as Movie Luke. I'm gonna say Luke isn't worthy.