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I'm still waiting to see what Flash Thompson does.....

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Storm takes this. Carnage has no real way of reaching her, and will just get pummeled from the Air.

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Fools. Wolverine is the only real challenge here. Sabertooth couldn't beat either one by himself.

Sabertooth went up againist Spidey by himself, and got his butt wiped all over the place.

Captain America and DareDevil wouldn't really regard Sabertooth in that respect.

Wolverine on the other hand is a MUCH more dangerous opponent. I'm not sure

they could take him togethor. Though i know that Captain America, with his mastery

of hand-to-hand combat, and Daredevil's heightened senses. Working togethor.

I think they can take Logan.

No way either of them could solo Wolverine though.

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@Fetts said:

That picture is from Indiana Jones! Haven't seen that in ages. Definitely Harrison Ford's best movie. Anyways, I believe X-23 could take this. I might say differently though if it was Steve Rogers.

I agree with you. The REAL Captain America in my eyes is Steve Rodgers, Bucky is just

trying to prove himself. And has no real chance againist someone as Deadly as X-23.

In this situation particularly, i'd say Bucky would have to make an escape to get out alive.

In a Straight-up Fight. My money is on X23