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Wait, does it end tonight or tomorrow night. I wrote my story but I won't be able to submit it til 10p.m after I get off work. It's a bit long. Over a thousand words. I'll try to edit it.

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I'm excited about this. I think Tatum's been upping his acting skills recently. I'm more curious about who will direct this and what the story, villain(s) and side characters will be. Kind of hoping they won't have any other X Men characters in this. Maybe Storm or Rogue, but I'd really rather the focus be on Remy. As for side characters and villains: Mr. Sinister, Belladonna and Candra could all be interesting. I'd even be okay with just original characters, if written well.

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Eh. I found nothing special about the new RoboCop. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't overly good either.

This is what concerns me the most. I didn't hate the new Robocop, but it lost all the fun of the original Robocop. I guess I can't blame a bad movie on the writer though. It really depends on who they get as director.

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The fact that three of Channing Tatums upcoming movies are directed by Quentin Tarantino, the Coen brothers and the Wachowski siblings speaks volumes to me of his acting ability. Those are some of my favorite directors of the past 2 decades (especially Tarantino) and if they have trust in his acting ability, then so do I.

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While I agree that the Transformers movies are pretty horrible, I don't think it's ruined any of the Transformers source material or anything that I've loved about Transformers that came before. There have been horrible Batman movies and there have been great Batman movies. In a ways I'm glad we have them all. Balance out the good with the bad. Plus, I'm happy that the interest in Batman has stood the test of time and the trials of bad movies. Hopefully a Gambit movie, good or bad, can generate interest in Gambit.

Oscar Wilde:

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@jonny_anonymous: I don't disagree with you that a well acted low selling movie would be much better than a diluted badly acted movie. I'm just saying Fox studios is going to go with what will make them money. Gambit won't be made without a star playing Remy. I'm just happy to actually get a Gambit movie made, if in fact it does get made. It is still uncertain.

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@jonny_anonymous: Granted Ulliel looks a lot like Gambit, but French and cajun are different accents. I don't want to watch a Gambit movie and think 'this guys from France' I want to think "this guys from Louisiana' which I think is more likely with Tatum who is from the south. I think there are many actors who look more the role and who are far better actors than Tatum but I also think this movie doesn't get made without some star power behind it. Channing Tatum has star power. Think Maleficent, that movie wouldn't have done anywhere as near as well in the box office without Angelina Jolie. Gambit might be my favorite Marvel character, but for the majority of movie going audiences, most people don't know or care about Gambit, so you can't just cast an unknown like you could with Spiderman or Batman. You need star power to draw in audiences. Do I think it will be a good movie? Can't just count on Tatums star power (certainly not just his acting ability) to make this a good movie. I'm hoping Fox gets a good director and writers for this. Otherwise we could get another Daredevil.

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@muyjingo said:

He's actually a talented actor. It's why Soderbergh works with him.

He'll be fine.

Perfect director for this.

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I've never been impressed with Channing Tatum as an actor, but I'd be willing to give this a shot. The fact that he's a fan of Gambit and wants to actually use a cajun accent makes me optimistic. Whether it's Tatum, Kitsch or some other (maybe unknown) actor, I'm not that concerned with. I just really want a Gambit movie. Preferably a good Gambit movie of course but not everyone agrees on what makes a good movie anyway.