Comic Book Novels

I have been reading a few comic book novels, and while I have truly enjoyed some of them, I see it as a troubled and very difficult literary genre. I mean, first of all, the author should be able to import some satisfying new aspect to the novel that is impossible to tell in a genuine comic book, and very few writers can pull that off. That is a tough nut to crack because the author must know the ins and outs of comic storytelling (which of course uses a lot of literary techniques) and it´s history. Personally I think that the one book that manages to do this, is:  
It´s funny, sad and most importantly it gives a whole new understanding to the mind of a supervillain. And while it would work as a basis for a Superhero Universe, it is a unique and a great book in itself. 
Then - of course - there is the Pulitzer price winning  
And while it is a wonderful novel, the difference between it and the "Soon I Will...", is that it happens in two levels; the comic world and reality, which in a way makes it more a novel about the Comics and their power than a comic book novel. 
Recently I picked up this:
It´s an anthology, so the quality varies, but I gotta say that  Matthew Sturges’ “Cleansed and Set in Gold” is a real gem! 
Oh, yeah, and when I get the time, I´ll get into the Wild Card series... 
So, what comic book novels you have read, loved or hated? Any thoughts on the genre? And what does it mean to medium of comics that it has recently become a acceptable element in literature?

Religion in Comics

I have been reading some of the many threads here that deal with the importance and role of religion in mainstream superhero comics. Here are some notions and questions of my own: 
Do comics need our religions at all? Superhero universes are filled with whole pantheons of god´s, semi-god´s and god-like creatures, what is the role of, say christianity or islam in such world? Are the god´s of our religions just superheroes and cosmic teams among others? 
Is it not weird for both the reader and the religious characters in comics, that every kind of god-like cosmic creature or a real god has attacked earth, been engaged in battle somewhere in cosmos, or is known to exist...but the ones we worship? 
And would our religions survive in comics universes, for Average Joe and Jane Superman and his likes would seem to be holy and omnipotent manifestations of something greater than us, but they are not god´s of our religions. In a world filled with living myth, our men of cloth would have a hard time to keep their stories believable on any level. 
And also, it is interesting that the one thing that mainstream superhero comics can not show,  are the religious characters of our believes. It would offend the secular readers (like myself) and religious readers would mostly feel that it would be either cheesy or insulting...