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I realized that after I posted it, but didn't edit it out wondering if anyone would call me on it.  Only took a month.
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Seven is too few, here is the roster I envision. 
Powergirl- Really needs a place to shine and I think this would be it.  

Hawkman and Green Arrow- their rivaling worldviews always makes for  great  interactions between the two and I believe every team should have that. 
Zatanna- gotta have some magic. 
Captain Marvel (Batson)- Superman expy 
Green Lantern (Stewart)- to many of us, he is the GL most associated with the JLA 
Vixen, Hawkgirl, and Black Canary- what can I say, I like strong female characters.  These also generally ground the team. 
Flash (West)-  a heavy hitter (namewise), and in my eyes the true Flash. 

Mr. Terrific- money and tech 
Elongated Man- detective and comedic relief
notable omisions- Superman and Batman are in enough titles (and I don't see Batman being in a group for extended periods of time anyway) for me to include in another.  That is why I do not run a comic book publisher.  It pains me to not have the Martian Manhunter, but I am too intrigued by his inclusion in Stormwatch.  Wonder Woman would undermine (or replace) Powergirl's position on the team, and seeing how she has her own title she doesn't need the focus at this time.  I just don't like Aquaman, personal bias. 
Any more and you start to lose cohesion and don't have enough time to showcase interactions that make team books good.  There should be enough power to still combat many cosmic-level threats but not so much that you have to only have those (plus on the cosmic end, you could always guest star my omisions).
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The DD pics gave me shivers.  Good picks all around.
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@ahgunsillyo said:
@sladewilson30 said:
Maybe she'll end up being Sharon Carter, but who do you guys think could play Sam Wilson/the Falcon?
Terrence Howard.

Dang, you beat me to it.  But who would replace him in Cap 3? 
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Umm, the Blackbird was based on a real spyplane, the SR-71 Blackbird used by the USAF from '64 to '98 (and arguably still the fastest plane ever developed).  Though nowhere near as fast as "anywhwere in an hour", the retirement of the Blackbird in favor of drones and the reentry issue makes me question this project. 
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I think it is mostly due to the fact that, as the leader of the Avengers, Cap tends to hold slightly more clout than Fury ( though even then that is debatable).
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I just looked at the Cap page here, and apparently he was a private, so the title is purely for spectacle. (Can't figure out how to put links in, sorry.) 
And for clarification, in WWII Fury was more the leader, but nowadays it tends to be Cap. (though they generally view each as equals and tends to be depend more on the situation as to who has the pecking order in the command structure)
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@Gambit1024 said:
I think they're pretty much equal and I think they see each other that way. 

This.  It also depends on the situation.  In WWII, Fury had much more experience and thus tended to fall into the leadership role.  Nowadays, they are pretty much equals with Cap holding the edge of being a symbol as well as an expert tactician.   
He is called Captain because it sounds better than Lt. America (which I believe was his official rank in the army, though I could be mistaken).
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Problem with the multiverse isn't short-term coherency, it's that it tends to get convoluted, diluted and overused in the long haul. 
As the DCnU gets further from its starting point and more creators get involved, having a multiverse only brings the temptation to use it for storyline short cuts and making shallow tales seem to have more depth at the time of distribution. 
It also comes with the temptation for the company to use it as a bad event to drum up sales.   
I have no doubt that many writers can use it for amazing stories (some of whom are already on DC's payroll),  but it would ultimatly fail as it has before sometime down the road.  The whole concept tends to get too confusing for anyone and becomes an uncontollable beast after a while.
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Major Arnold Toht from Raiders of the Lost Arc 
Randall Bragg from Appaloosa 
Warden Norton from The Shawshank Redemption 
Liberty Valance 
M. Bison from Street Fighter (only reason to watch that gawd awful movie)