Superhero drug use.

Over at io9, their daily ten list is about superhero drug freakouts.
I find it interesting the changing role of drugs in comics over the years.  From absolutely overblown paranoia to realistic to ridiculous punchline.

Thor and Lion God
I love how Thor knows what roofies are, especially considering Lorelei basically roofied him (with help from Loki, nat)  back when Walt Simonson was writing the title.
I wonder what we will be saying in twenty or thirty years about these considering how Reefer Madness has ,rightfully, been a laughing stock for the last twenty or so years.
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Animal sidekicks.

I was reading the Law and the Multiverse blog about whether or not heroes with animal sidekicks amounts to animal cruelty.  I couldn't help but wonder about about how many actually could be considered sidekicks instead of pets.  I cannot think of many that rise to that level, myself.  In fact, only two come to mind. Falcon's Redwing and Snake-Eye's Timber.  

I know there are more,  but to me Krypto and the like are more pets than anything.  Maybe my memory is just faulty, but I am having a hard time recollecting any substantive animal characters.
So, what other animal assistants are out there than these?  Am I wrong about Krypto being more of a house pet than full-fledged helper?
Though I could not leave without a pic of my favorite hero's companions.

Gotta give love to Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder.

Disney announces tracklist for Thor soundtrack WARNING SPOILERS

So the announced the they announced what the names of the tracks in the upcoming movie are.  Why is this a big deal?  In their brilliance, they titled them so they make a decent overview of the plot.  They are far from the first to do so, but could they have at least waited until the movie came out?  The tracks are= 

Granted, in the larger scheme of things, this is relatively small and will not affect my viewing of the movie (I hope).  You still have to wonder "What were they thinking?"
 Thanks to Bleeding Cool for the info.

Lexicography and Nick Cave

This is my first attempt at a blog so bear with me.
A thread the other day about the Oxford Dictionary incorporating texting and forum abbreviations mixed with a song I was listening to got me thinking.  Is our language becoming a shrunken remnant with only acronyms replacing full words that convey the same things?
I was listening to the song Abattoir Blues by Nick Cave last night, and I couldn't help but wonder how many people still know what an abottoir is.  I spent a large part of my youth reading Archie Comic's version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and various X-related titles with a dictionary next to me to figure out some of the superfluous language invoked by many of my favorite characters.
More and more it seems that expanding your vocabulary is frowned upon unless it is technical jargon used just in a workplace or acronyms for non-verbal communication.
I will admit to having been made fun of for most of my life for people not understanding some of the words I use.
In case you do not know an abattoir is, it is a synonym of a slaughterhouse.  I do find it more interesting to use than the latter.  I cannot help but wonder if this hasn't gone by the wayside due to a push by certain groups to attack the industry, though that would not cover it all. 
I have an affinity for archaic words and am just lamenting that it seems that even the established bastion of words seems to have abandoned them for, imo, hodgepodge.

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