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His limbs ached with pain. His eyes were blood shot. Ethan had papers sprawled everywhere, not even stacked. His suit jacket lay on the floor. His hair was ruffed up like he'd been drinking and partying. The last fourteen hours had been droll. He had wasted more than half a day looking over mounds of endless papers, more papers, and more papers after that. Only a few trusted staff members remained. Most of them had left for home after their 'important parts' were addressed. After that, to heck with others problems. They drifted off in pairs, "We're going to get coffee," " My sister just got sick," "My dog needs to go out." Those were the first in a long line of probable lies to get out of staying. Nonetheless, at least two people had stayed. The Vice President of Operations, Jaime, in Jacksonville still remained, his hair was matted nicely. His suit jacket hung perfectly on the back of his chair. His papers were stacked almost perfectly atop one another. Jaime was dedicated. He was an old sixty year old man. His wife had died the year before from cancer, but he still remained in charge. Now it seemed he had all the money in the world, he was buying Armani suits and wearing , Ethan admitted, some nice pair of shades everywhere he went. The old buzzer had had a comb in his pocket. And Ethan's personal assistant Rebecca stayed too. She was... good looking even after a fourteen hour work shift. Plus, she was really his personal assistant. Ethan got to see her every day he stayed in Jacksonville. She had stunning red hair. Her curvy, hour glass body gave her lustful proportions. Her perfectly tanned body made her look really good in her black, almost skin tight clothes.
Ethan finally succumbed to tiredness. It was arguably eleven o'clock already. "Alright guys, we'll continue tomorrow. Hopefully we won't stay as long either." His eyes shifted over to Jaime.
"Thanks for the help."
Jaime looked at him as he started to put his suit jacket on. "No problem, just another day of business. I don't have much of a life to go on anymore anyways. I like staying busy." Ethan laughed, "Alright, well be here at twelve tomorrow. See ya."
Jaime bowed and made his way out. He took his long, leisurely strides across the board room before opening a glass door and leaving. Ethan watched all the way until he couldn't see Jaime anymore. Then he looked at Rebecca. "Hey," he was barely able to say before she jumped onto his lap. She felt something and it made her giggle. The blood rushed to her face as she kissed him. "Hi," she squealed. Then it was on, they were kissing and Ethan laid his hands around her lovable hips. Tonight was well worth it.

A full four hours later, Ethan emerged from the POINT Industries building with a satisfied grin. 
Outside was the city, with all it's alleyways and curving roads. Stryke started down the left. Towards his favorite bar to eat. As he casually strode towards it, he heard a slight noise from above and a small, miniature rock fall and hit his shoulder. He swore he heard a muffled curse. On a hunch, Stryke walked two more blocks up the road and then took a sharp right into an alleyway. It was a dead-end. A large brick wall stood, canvased by a large trash can. Exactly what he wanted. He could jump on the trash can and then vault over if need be.
If he wasn't paranoid he wouldn't have to jump over any walls. But for some reason, Stryke was feeling a bit edgy about his hunch. Pulling out a hilt hanging from his waist, Stryke pressed a small button on it and it reverted into a steel Katana. "Come out, Come out...." Stryke started to whisper. "Wherever you are..."
Almost instantly, Stryke heard the swish of a projectile. Coming from the rooftop. Expertly, he pinpointed where it was going to go. Right to his forehead. Quickly, Stryke raised his sword. It illuminated with a white color. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion, but Stryke could clearly see an arrow coming down towards him. Barreling forward with haste as it cut through air with ease. The sword won out though. The tip of the arrow was sliced right through the middle. The one piece seceded into two pieces that passed on either side of him. With a wry smile, Stryke looked up in defiance.
What he wasn't expecting was for the damn arrow to explode in his face. 
 The arrow tip was a very explosive one. Stryke was knocked into the large garbage can, he had barely raised up his force field so a part of his suit jacket was a blaze. Half of his clothing was engulfed in soot. His face looked ashen pale. He had a small cut on his left arm. Warm blood was spewing slowly from it.  Picking himself up, Stryke looked over into the alley. The walls of the building had slightly collapsed and a few electrical wires were burning intensely, causing a 'mini-fire' of sorts. Where Stryke had been standing, a black spot remained.  Through all this, the only thing Stryke saw or wanted to see was the man standing barely twenty paces from him.
His green colors seemed vibrant. On the man's back was what Stryke could describe as only an arrow case. He had a bow and another arrow notched into place. His eyes were watchful, waiting for Stryke to retaliate. He had a nice cowl covering his face. Anonymous.
Picking up his Katana, Stryke jumped out of the garbage can. "I got to admit, that was a pretty good way to try to kill someone. I was getting a little cocky there."

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@The Genesis Archer said:
" Alrite man lolz "
good post. I'm starting now.
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alright, haha. I got homework tomorrow :P
i'mma read it now.

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@The Genesis Archer said:

Ha, nice intro man

All day!
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Only a few people live from an arrow piercing their skin. They hardly know what's upon them. It's going so fast. The archer is left alive, he takes the money. Blah, Blah, Blah... We're not living in Sherwood Forest anymore. We're in America god dang it. 
 Today, who will survive when the man behind the bow shoots and the man the arrow's aimed at dodges. We find out now. 

A battle between The Genesis Archer and Stryke.


Talk here.....
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@The Genesis Archer said:

" Man it doesnt matter, i just wanna fight lolz...anyway i cant think of anything myself "

Robin Hood, No Robin Hood it is then.
I'm making the OoC. lol
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So recently... I was playing a video game(NBA 2K10) on my Xbox 360 and it fell on it's side. Followed by loud noise. I got the disk out to check for any marks and found that there were circular scratches. Now the disk can't be "read."
Any recommendations?  Should I give up? I thought there were scratch removers....but I'm not sure.

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@The Genesis Archer said:
" Nah, i started my post on mricorsoft word, the name of the fight is up to you "
I'm bad at this....ugh.
um....Robin Hood, No Robin Hood...
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@The Genesis Archer said:
" sure go head "
You going to name the thread anything?
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Haha I'll make the OoC then?