Ron Frenz Interview at New Dimension Comics in Pittsburgh

I had the chance to sit down with acclaimed comic book artist Ron Frenz over the holidays. We discussed how Ron and Tom DeFalco came about creating Spider-Girl and his extremely popular seven year run with DeFalco on Thor. We also discussed his current five issue mini-series bringing back his character from the mid-90s, Thunderstrike and if he hopes to somehow work this into bringing back the Thor Corps. 

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Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I love Ron Frenz and Tom Defalco. also love Spider-girl. GREAT VIDEO <3

Posted by J1ml33

I really loved his work on amazing spider-man from the 80s my first official introduction to ron frenz was Amazing Spider-Man #252 ( I got it in a action figure pack from the spider-man classic line from the early 2000s after the first movie came out  ^_^ ) it inspired me at lot back then when I was just trying to find myself artistically . but over all great interview :D

Posted by PowerHerc

Ron Frenz really knew how to rock the retro art styles of Jack Kirby and the Buscema brothers.

I love how Sif looks in this Frenz pin-up.