Bugrom - Vine Villains

It possessed great strength and durability, and was sheathed in an exoskeleton that possessed no pain receptors.

Bugrom's skin emitted an unknown kind of energy that, when it touched the skin of another, caused fatigue and sleep-inducing chemicals in their brain. In some unexplained way, this energy also reflected back some of the target's vitality, reinvigorating Bugrom's own body and reversing the ageing process. The speed with which a target would be affected was dependent on their body mass - the heavier the target, the longer it would take to tranquilize them.

possesses the power to temporarily absorb the energy, knowledge, abilities, and the super-powers of those he touches, usually leaving his victims in a weakened state. Any time he touched someone, he could absorb their physical and mental properties. Once he touches anybody, he can always find him/her.

His absorption powers are so refined that he can sense the quantity as well as quality of both technological energy sources as well as the energy within super powered beings. He can also drain and use these energies for his own purposes perfectly.

power to create a web of energy using concentration and hand movements. A "Psi-Web" of Psionic energy that can support 10 tonnes of weight, the web becomes very hard within 10 seconds & lasts for up to 5 hours. It was used to entangle opponents limbs or torso, allowing Bugrom to follow up with a strike from his limbs. He could also levitate his web and climb it without it being attached to anything.

Another quality that makes it so unappealing is the texture. Psi-web is slippery and sticky at the same time. After mixing it, you end up with gooey, stringy, translucent, flourescent goodness. On the outside, you can peel all of the substance off. But on the inside, once you're inside, It's like a fly and a spider web.

It is an extremely slippery viscous gel that can be sprayed onto surfaces to make them all but impassable for six to twelve hours. It is adherent, so it can be sprayed onto vertical surfaces as well as the ground, and also sticks to feet, wheels, etc. that come into contact with it. Its foreseen deployment is in creating temporary barriers to stop or delay crowds or vehicles.

body secreted a toxin called 'spyder juice.' The actual nature of the topical neurotoxin seemed to have somewhat varied effects. While generally mutants seem to suffer severe addiction, they were able to recover from its effects if cut off. Human users, on the other hand, have been shown to undergo a rapid random mutation, inevitably leading to their violent death.

amplifying the powers of another mutant, usually beyond the target's ability to control. Bugrom can also use this ability to heal others. After extended use, however, his power can be highly addictive to his target, who nonetheless gains a greater tolerance and needs greater and greater amounts of amplifications, usually to the point of his/her powers burning out or he/she dies altogether.

a walking drug factory. At will, he can release a powerful heroin-like narcotic liquid from his skin. Upon contact with another person, this liquid is quickly assimilated. Its effects are euphoria, a reducing of physical pain, and apathy. The subject must touch the drug in order to feel its effects, and some may experience mental addiction. He is immune to their own drug.

Can shoot "blasts" of web/toxin for attacks.

  • Hallucinogenic: Fighting and Int drop
  • Bioluminescence: light generation

Bugrom also has spikes on his exoskeleton. He uses a Spyder sting as a weapon that leaves his victims paralyzed; the neurotoxin also enhanced the mutant's flavor. The mutant's flavor was also enhanced in direct relation to the length of lifespan; while a newborn was relatively tasteless, an individual like Xenon, who had been Alive for years, would be considered exceptionally delicious. It could store uneaten mutants within cocoons for later consumption.

He may shoot them out or bring them out to use as melee weapons. Could grow explosive "power-spines" that he could shoot from his body. He can extend or retract bone spikes that grow inside his body, allowing him to sprout protrusions through his skin to form protective coatings and spikes.

They are mainly are stabbing weapons. Because of their short length, they can be concealed in one's sleeves until needed. He can land several lethal blows on heads in roughly as many seconds, demonstrating remarkable speed, accuracy and killing potential. However the weapon's very short range was noted as a problem.

Bugrom is a bipedal sapient being with a structure that bears a strong resemblance to arthropods. Having exoskeleton and a more insect-like build, possessing clawed mandibles, antennae, and segmented exoskeleton plating. Bugrom, unlike humans, eat almost all of his food raw. Primarily carnivorous, as per the large amount of meat Another unusual eating habit is their enjoyment of rubber.

Durability wise, he treats hand guns and even assault rifle fire at close range as a minor annoyance. It draws blood, but the bullets never seem to go deeper than his upper tissue, and never slow him down. Got hit by a high powered sniper rifle, and didn't seem to feel it much more.

Had a power line from a city street light shoved in his mouth, and all it did was make him take a nap. Walked off having the car he was sitting blown up with a rocket launcher, and flame thrower at close range only seemed to burn up his clothes. Finally, got hit by a speeding car with enough force to smash him and the car through a wall and send it flying 20-30 yards out into the water from a dock, and walked/swam away almost immediately.

  1. Strength - Can lift up to 11 tons.
  2. Webs - Can fire webs (tendrils) up to 150 feet.
  3. Climbing - Can climb just like spider-man.
  4. Spyder Sense - It can tell the direction of the danger, but it can respond as fast, and His reflexes aren't as great. It can send conflicting signals to disrupt precognitive's senses.
  5. Resistance - Can resist small arms weapon

Bugrom is able to secrete an odorless pheromone into the air that can affect the adrenal gland of most beings within a distance of 20 feet. The pheromone triggers intense panic attacks and causes his victims to experience intense and irrational fear.

he has exhibited the ability to communicate/control other insects as well. Bugrom could also speak flawless English.

He primarily subsist on mutants and the cerebral cortexes; while mutants are his preferred food, he can also eat the cerebral cortexes of any living thing (metahumans)

Gauss Rifle

A Gauss Rifle is a linear accelerator that uses a magnetic chain reaction to launch a steel marble at a rapidspeed.

Bugrom could move at near-ninja like speed, attaining a velocity where he became visible to the human eye only as a black blur. He is not a ninja, only "half-ninja". He never fully finished his training. Bugrom is also capable of teleportation, and can disappear in a cloud of smoke.

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