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My favorite Publisher will most likely shift as time goes on but currently its:

Top Cow Universe

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Posted by Deranged Midget

Nice list my friend, interesting to see the wild recommendations of Valiant as of late. I haven't brought myself to picking anything up from them. I mainly stick with IDW and Dark Horse in terms of indie titles I guess :P

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@deranged_midget: haven't actually read much from Dark Horse aside from X. Any recommendations?

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haven't actually read much from Dark Horse aside from X. Any recommendations?

Eh, I only ever stick with Dark Horse primarily due to Star Wars and more recently, the Halo titles announced. Haven't checked out much else.

With IDW, I primarily stick with TMNT and have occasionally dove into GI Joe and Transformers but not consistently.

Posted by Lvenger

@strider92: Star Wars by Brian Wood is quite good. The first issue I read of it got me hooked on it. And I hear Hellboy is quite good too. Now that I've made some recommendations, I do have a comment about Valiant. I've read your blog about the outline of all the series but the thing is, none of them do anything for me. Not in the way IDW and Image or Dark Horse have series on offer that I'd be interested in. I don't doubt that they're good, but the series they have don't appeal to my personal tastes.

Posted by Phaedrusgr

Good list. Marvel used to be the love of my life, now we're two strangers...

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Oh and good list Strider! Nice outline of the other companies beside the Big Two.

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@lvenger: Fair enough can't argue with that everyone has different tastes.

@deranged_midget: I keep hearing good things about TMNT but the concept has never appealed to me even as a kid I was never a fan of the idea of human turtles lol. Maybe I should bite the bullet and give it shot.

An yeah Valiant have been killing it. Quantum and Woody is the funniest title in comics at the moment. Like "make you laugh out-loud" funny. Guess thats what happens when you hire a stand-up comedian to write the script.

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@strider92: It's weird but I guess I'm more wedded to the traditional stories. And I can't recommend IDW's TMNT enough by the way, it is simply a brilliant series though personal taste might not appeal you to the title. It is mature story telling and it can be violent and very serious despite the humour in the series.

Posted by InFamous_Wolf

@strider92: Really nice list. I'm also happy that other people know Ten Grand exist. It's an amazing comic.

Posted by Strider92
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Hell yeah for Valiant! I recently started reading Qand Woody and Harbinger. They are amazing!!!!! I also love Marvel DC and Image

Posted by Pokergeist

@deranged_midget: haven't actually read much from Dark Horse aside from X. Any recommendations?

Dark Horse rocks. Im a huge fan of the Predator, Aliens, Alien vs Predator, Terminator, Mass Effect, Godzilla, and Hellsing Comics.

I will dive into Berserker, Angel, and Conan titles next probaly.

Anyway I like the games and movies that Dark Horse put out Comics for. So I love Dark Horse over any other Comic Company right now.

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Posted by Deranged Midget
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Another added reason on why I should join the Valiant team.

I am debating on which to choose, Harbinger? Shadowman? or Bloodshot?

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Posted by hyperbertha

@strider92: Is Aphrodite 9 still going on? I couldn't find any info on their site. How many issues did v2 have? Nice list btw.

Posted by Strider92

@hyperbertha: Aphrodite IX is indeed still going its on issue 10 or 12 IIRC

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@strider92: Thanks. It's weird;there's no mention of it even in Wikipedia.