Favorite 40k Characters

1. Kharn The Betrayer

The crazed leader of the World Eaters who earned his name by slaughtering his own men when they sought to take shelter from a warp storm instead of fighting. This guy holds the record for the most people killed in close combat in 40k. This scary SOB killed 1 million Space Marines and Imperial Guard all on his own at the battle of Lion's Gate before collapsing of exhaustion. He also sat back and let Angron beat him up and made no attempt to resist. The same Angron seen lifting two thousand tons of rubble in the Horus Heresy and Angron couldn't get good ol Kharn to stay down.

2. Ahzek Ahriman

Chief Librarian of the Thousand Sons and one of the scariest warp users around not to mention one of the few Alpha level psykers in existence. With planetary level telepathy, magic strong enough to rend reality apart and the ability to predict the future down to the last second (think Midnighter but far more haxed). During the Horus Heresy he created a spell that engulfed an entire planetary system imprisoning the souls of the entire Thousand Sons Legion. It took Magnus The Red (and Alpha+ level psyker) himself to shut this spell down. Suffice to say this guys is a boss.

3. Eldrad Ulthran

The Farseer of Ulthwé and again one of the few Alpha level Psykers in existence. With TK strong enough to toss around 72ton tanks with ease, pre-cog good enough to predict the future years (yes YEARS!) in advance, psychic abilities potent enough to suck out your soul and skilled enough to fight Abbadon the Despoiler and his reality warping sword in close combat and win! He is one of the few people who stands on the same threat level as Ahzek Ahriman.

4. Hyperion (Zael Effernetti)

Originally a 14 year old drug addict found ban Inquisator on a back-water planet. The boys potential was spotted when the Inquisators realized that he could hear their thoughts. He was drafter into the Grey Knights Space Marine Chapter where he became one of the most powerful Knights to ever grace the Chapter. Zael has a very rare form of warp ability known as Mirrioring. This ability allows him to duplicate and even steal the psionic abilities of others ontop of this he is one of the most talent pyrokines to ever exist his abilities with warp fire allowing him to burn the very souls from his enemies. His powers first full manifested themselves upon seeing his friend and mentor killed in cold blood by the Primarch Angron. His psionics where so powerful they were able to paralyze the mulch-hundred tonner before he collapsed from exhaustion. Armed with a weapon that attacks you mentally as well as psychically makes Hyperion one of the most effective demon hunters in 40k.

5. Drahzar (The Master Of Blades)

The mysterious master of the Incubi, Drazhar is one of the few characters in 40k who can probably match Kharn's proficiency in close combat. He is supposedly the Ex-Phoenix Lord of the Eldar Scorpions but this is just conjecture as no-one knows his true identity. However this rumor was further enforced when he fought Karandras (the current Scorpion Phoenix Lord) for 2 weeks straight without tiring.

6. Lelith Hesperax

The leader of the cult of strife and one of the best duelists in 40k. Granted she was unable to beat Kharn much to her shock but hey giving that psychopath a good tussle is an admirable feat.

7. The Blood Angel (Sanguinus)

The Primarch of the Blood Angels and one of the most powerful creations to ever live. Even with 4 Warp Gods backing him Horus was still afraid to face Sanguinus in close combat but with lightspeed reactions, a weapon that can erase you from existence and multi-hundred ton strength who can blame him?

8. The Death Lord (Mortarion)

Brother of Sanguinus and Primarch of the Death Guard Mortarion has the stupid levels of combat ability of all his fellow Primarchs. Ontop of that due to his favor from Nurgle the god of death and decay he is nigh-unkillable and his mere presence causes everything around him to decay and die.

9. Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike

Kayvaan Shrike is one of the most feared and renowned Captains among the Space Marines and Orks. He led a campaign against the Orks on a planet that belonged to them. For two years slaughtered them mercilessly from inside their own defenses his kill count becoming impossible to keep up with. He is quite possibly the only character in 40k whos mere name can halt an Ork invasion in its tracks.

10. The Soul Hunter (Talos Valcoran)

He gained his name due to his relentless pursuit of the Assassin M'Shen who was responsible for killing Conrad Curze (the Night Lord Primarch). Like Curze he is both blessed and cursed with the gift of foreknowledge (knowing things before they happen). A master of nearly every form of combat its no wonder M'Shen went into hiding when Talos set his sights on her.

11. Kell (Vindicare Assassin)

A Vindicare Assassin from the Horus Heresy who along with a group of other Assassins was tasked with killing the Warmaster Horus. Vindicare Assassins are gifted marksmens. So gifted that one of them was able to make a headshot from 5 miles away...........while freefalling from 10km up...........while also dodging gunfire from enemy aircrafts.........so yep these guys are the definition of haxed aim.

12. Taldeer

One of the few Eldar to ever ally with the Space Marines (although this may mainly be due to Gabriel Angelos's logic rather than actually wanting too). While nowhere near as powerful as her Craftworld master Eldrad Ulthran she is still a very potent psyker able to call warp storms, block other peoples psionic abilities and use all Farseer abilities to a very powerful degree.

13. Lucius The Eternal

Otherwise known as the Soul Thief, Lucius is the depraved Captain of the traitor legion the Emperor's Children. He is an expert swordsman and considered to be the most skilled fighter in 40k by most people having NEVER lost a fair duel to anyone yet aside from Loken who managed to get him with a sucker punch. However due to Lucius sick favor from the god of excess Slaanesh anyone who kills Lucius becomes him. Thus even if you win in a fight against this sicko you end up becoming thus no one can really beat Lucius. It is speculated that Kharn is one of the few that could actually kill Lucius due to the fact Kharn has no emotional connection to battle and his favor from Khrone the blood god who hates all forms of magic and protects Kharn from it.

14. Vulkan He'Stan

Not to be confused with Vulkan the Primarch (although he too is a bada$$). Vulkan has dedicated his entire existence to finding the lost artifacts that belong to his chapter (the Salamanders) and has succeeded on numerous occasions in doing so. He currently wields weapons that belonged to the Primarch Vulkan himself and is probably the most dangerous member of the entire Salamanders Space Marine Chapter.

15. The Night Haunter (Conrad Curze)

The "Batman" of the 40k-verse. Conrad is the most skilled hand to hand fighter to have ever existed in 40k. Even his fellow Primarch's couldn't not match his skill and determination in hand to hand. Conrad was dropped onto the planet of Nostramo as a child and unlike his Primarch brothers who had families to raise them Conrad had no such luxury and had to fend for himself. During his time on Nostramo he became a sort of vigilante due to the corrupt nature of the planet he soon found himself obliged to save the innocent and punish the wicked which he did to such an extent that soon the entire planet was brought under his reign and order due to the corrupted leaders fears of the Night Haunter coming after them.

16. The God Emperor

The most powerful creature to ever exist outside of the Warp Gods. The Emperor is the immortal master and mankinds will and wrath made manifest. Having lived for innumerable years the Emperor finally took it upon himself to rule mankind during the 40th millenium. He is the most powerful telepath and psionic user to ever live dwarfing people like Ahzek and Eldrad in pure pisonic might. He is currently crippled on the Golden Throne due to a fight with the his son the corrupted Warmaster Horus who at the time was possessed by the 4 nigh-omnipotent warp gods Khorne, Tzeetch, Slaanesh and Nurgle. Despite the fact he was holding back against his son he still won proving why the chaos gos feared him.

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Gotta say, these dudes sound pretty badass :P

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@nickzambuto: There's so many awesome characters I honestly had to stop there. I could have got another 10 on that list with relative ease but my fingers needed a rest from typing :p

Kharn is the embodiment of bada$$ness. Granted you would never EVER want him on your team as he'd probably kill you too if he got bored but still he's awesome!

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@strider92: All those beside Hyperion and Talos are main characters from the Game Material and big events.

Its interesting the unsung heroes in the Game like Talos (Night Lords), Marduk (Word Bearers), Uriel (Ultramarines), Honsou (Iron Warriors), Sarpedon (Soul Drinkers), and many more who have 3-6 novels on them and made such big moves in the 40K galaxy have little to no mention in the Game.

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@cadencev2: Yeah I would have thought you'd hear more about them. Especially Talos.

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I wonder will any of these characters show up in the upcoming MMO?

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@nick_hero22: I'm just sitting here waiting for a movie! If only these were real T.T

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Epic list there strider92.Not saying my list would be the same LOL but still great list imo :)

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Posted by Chaos Prime

@chaos_prime: Who would you have on your list?

Personal choice so heres my 15 :)

1 Logan Grimnar Chapter Master of the Space Wolves

2 Mephiston Chief Librarian of the Blood Angels

3 Njal Stormcaller Rune Priest of the Space Wolves

4 Angron Primarch of the World Eaters

5 Captain Kor`sarro Khan of the White Scars

6 Kharn The Betrayer

7 Captain Belial of the Dark Angels

8 Marneus Calgar Chapter Master of the Ultramarines

9 The Emperor

10 Magnus The Red

11 Ahzek Ahriman

12 Eldrad Ulthran

13 Varro Tigurius Chief Librarian of the Ultramarines

14 Grimaldus Reclusiarch Chaplain of the Black Templars

15 Prince Yriel

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  1. Eisenhorn
  2. Tie between Alpharius, Lorgar, Ahriman, and Vulkan
  3. Caiaphas Cain
  4. Night Haunter
  5. Angron - seriously, he was fairly deep for a 40K character
  6. Corax

Posted by Strider92

  1. Eisenhorn
  2. Tie between Alpharius, Lorgar, Ahriman, and Vulkan
  3. Caiaphas Cain
  4. Night Haunter
  5. Angron - seriously, he was fairly deep for a 40K character
  6. Corax

Nice list. Eisenhorn is pretty awesome!

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@strider92: Dude orders Alpha Legionaries around. That itself is pretty badass. Also, refusing to die, enslaving daemons, stabbing Dreadnaughts to death, and raising the dead as suicide bombers. He is probably one of my top five favorite fictional characters.

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@strider92 So how does this list compare with your current top 16?

I know mines changed some wot since then :)

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Not in order, but.

Commander Dante,

God Emperor of mankind.


some others.