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@lvenger: I'll agree its cliche but does make a bit of sense. Morlun referred to her as the "spider-bride" which is probably to do with their connection to the Other. As the Other always needs an avatar it would make sense for it to create the perfect "mate" for the avatar to pass on its genes and reproduce gauranteing a centre to the web every generation. I know Kaine is currently the avatar but he was not the Other's first choice it had to settle for Kaine when Peter rejected it. It also draws a parallel in real life spiders like wolf spiders and some tarantulas who take ages to find a mate but then pair for life when they do.

This whole spider-sense attraction thing is probably the Other's way of saying "You guys were literally made for each now kiss god damn it!"

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@theacidskull: I didn't expect it that quick but as soon as he said "My spider-sense is drawing me to her" I was like "Yeah.....I see where this is headed".

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In a heartbeat. Uncle Ben was Peter's biggest failure and everything he's done since then has been to atone for his death. If he had the chance to bring him back I don't think he would even hesitate.

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The Venom bite didn't even kill Sandman. He was still able to function at normal capacity for a long time after the bite occured. He had another tussle of with Venom and 2-3 more tussles with Spider-man when he was "dying" and while visibly in pain his sand manipulation wasn't hindered too much. He also ended up healing himself by finding a load more sand to add to his mass. So basically all Venom's bite did was cause him an inconvenience in the long term.

Having said that Sandman takes this.

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@slimj87d said:

@lvenger: @strider92: lvenger, I agree completely.

Strider92, I also have to agree with you. It seems she has embraced "the other" power set so all her stats seem to be better than his.

Well from what I could gather Peter said she was faster. The Other did make him faster. Her spider-sense is supposedly better. The Other did make Spider-man's spider-sense better. So all the signs are there.

However Peter also noted that he was stronger than her despite the fact that with the Other boost he was packing over 25tons of raw power. My guess is that while it was said her spider-sense was better this was never actually proven he just said "but her spider-sense? no contest. This is some Matrix type bullet timing" from that statement I would draw that it is more than likely that as she is just that much faster than Pete that she reacts faster to her spider-sense not that her spider-sense is actually stronger or better in anyway.

The most likely explanation is that the spider-bite mutated her a bit differently based on the fact shes a woman. She wasn't as strong as Pete and given how men are naturally stronger than women this isn't really surprising. I know she has organic webbing too but that was never an upgrade Peter received from the Other he got that from the Queen during Dissassembled. Even Kaine got his organic webbing from the experiment that the Jackal performed on him to turn him into Tarantula as he didn't merge with the other until about 13 issues in. Thus this would lead me to believe the propencity for organic webbing is in Peter and Kaine just not naturally available until an outside influence pulls it out.

So to sum it up no I don't think she has the Other amp its just as she is female the effects of the bite differed in order to compensate for her different physicality which would also explain why she has natural webbing and Pete/Kaine didn't.

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Composite Lizard:


Composite Kaine:


  • Morals On
  • Both Post and Pre Shed feats apply to Lizard
  • Both Post and Pre Classic Kaine feats apply to Kaine
  • No Prep
  • Randon Encounter
  • Standard Gear
  • Win by KO, Death or Incap


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The Thing, Luke Cage, Namor



Scarlet Spider, Spider-man 2099, Spider-man(Parker), Spider-man(Superior), Silk


  • Morals On
  • No Prep
  • Random Encounter
  • Standard Gear
  • Win by KO, Death or Incap


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Slott has redeemed himself slightly by acknowledging that JMS's storyline actually happened as that story was awesome and everyone seemed to want to bury it!

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@laflux said:

@strider92: Even if they were off, Spider-Man could very well Blitz her before she registers what's going on.

I was referring to if Canary's morals were off and Spider-man's were On.