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Taskmaster and Mercedes. By far the saddest love story i've seen.

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The fact they're saying that is instant PIS

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@blade_r said:

Accused? No, because they could have possibly been falsely accused. Now straight up confirmed rapists, that should probably be made public.


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Why has no one killed these a$$oles yet?

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The problem was Constantine had a rough first few episodes but it is a show that has gotten increasingly better as the series continued. Unfortunately I believe that the initial bad stint it had scared away nearly all of the standard viewers (ie: people who aren't comic fans) leaving only the more loyal fans of the comics.

I believe had Constantine started with the same caliber as the Saint Of Last Resorts we wouldn't be having the conversation.

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@citizensentry said:

Wolverine IIRC was only ever K.O'd by Adamantium bullets.

In X-men 2 he was shot in the head by a policeman and knocked unconscious which caused Pyro to flip out and in X-men he was KO'd by Sabretooth. In X-men 3 he was also KO'd by Magneto throwing him into a tree IIRC.

@citizensentry said:

But he has also had his skin ripped off by a phoenix empowered Jean Grey.

Which was impressive but still doesn't effect his blunt trauma durability.

@citizensentry said:

He has Adamantium blades which have cut through 2ft steel doors, Helicopter rotor blades, Humvee wheel arches.

I never said he would be unable to hurt them his claws more than likely can harm the creatures. It would be a missmatch if the couldn't.

@citizensentry said:

It depends on which level the monsters are (1-3)

For the purpose of the scenario they are all maxed.

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@citizensentry said:

Dude, I've played the Alpha & the beta....

Not sure how thats relevant seeing as gameplay mechanics are generally disregarded in fights unless its a direct reference in the campaign which is not available in the Alpha or Beta.

@citizensentry said:

Wolverine Solo's.

Explain? If I recall correctly Movie Wolverine has been KO'd by bullets and Sabretooth. Most of these monsters have more than enough strength to replicate that. If you think the team wins thats fine but I don't see how movie Wolverine could possibly solo this.

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@citizensentry: In all the trailers we've seen bullets have been less than effective. See the above trailer. The Wraith gets shot, blown up with missiles, napalmed and flies off unharmed. They can be taken down but it takes a HELL of a lot of effort and Hunter tech/traps.

Wolverine isn't coming close to soloing.

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@oreoassassin said:

Why is this so awesome xD What about the fourth monster though?

Edit: just realized you were referring to the one they haven't released yet xD

Dunno there's been no footage of it yet but it looks a big a$$ monster.

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Creatures begin terrorizing a city in Africa and in response Shield puts a team together to hunt them down. Can the Marvel team do as well as the Hunter team?

Marvel Movie Team:

Captain America, Spider-man, Wolverine, Winter Soldier


  • Morals On
  • Standard Gear
  • No Prep
  • Random Encounter
  • 1 Mile starting distance
  • Win by KO, Death or Incap


Round 1: Goliath

Round 2: Kraken

Round 3: Wraith