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I would say 2-3 Storm Troopers would be enough of a challenge let alone a squad.

And are we talking the Storm Troopers from the Militarum Tempestus, Inquistion or the Kasrkins?

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@army2442: When you say "a heavy Lasgun" are you referring to a lascannon?

@monsterstomp: I did one for Space Marine's in general but not the Blood Angel chapter spercifically. However standard Marine feats do apply to the Blood Angels as the only diference between them and other Marines is the Red Rage. So you could treat them as normal Marines and just bare in mind they could snap, lose their sh*t and become slightly superior in physical stats.

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The Master

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@gojira2014: the novels "Fear To Tread" and "Deus Ex Sanguinus" both explained why Horus was afraid to fight Sanguinus. Its not ABC logic if Horus himself outright stated that he didn't want to fight Sanguinus for fear fear of losing as was shown during the Horus Heresy when he dispatched the Blood Angels and Sanguinus to the middle of nowhere to cleanse some planets in the hopes they wouldn't survive or at the very least drastically slow their return to Terra.

Horus had the power output to harm the Emperor yes but that is a mute point given that the Emperor could have killed him in his first blow if he hadn't been holding back.

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Kharn destroys Vader

Yep this. Kharn has had some stupidly good feats recently.

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Unless new lore was added, Horus still fought and easy beat brother on his ship, and then still had enough left to beat the Emperor in a fashion. Sanguinus is nowhere near his father, and thus by admittedly ABC logic nowhere near the mention above.

Of course he beat Sanguinus. Sanguinus was severely weakened after his previous fights and Horus didn't beat him easily as Sangunius managed to damage Horus's armor weakening his durability. Horus also only "beat" the Emperor because the Emperor didn't want to hurt him as was stated:

In the warp the Emperor hears the Chaos Powers howl as they feed their pawn more power. The Lord of Humanity stands alone against their massed might and knows that he is losing. Somehow he cannot bring his full force to bear on the Warmaster. Horus shows no such restraint.

-White Dwarf 131

The Emperor won when he realized he had to kill Horus and proceeded to one-shot him.

He must strike one deadly blow. He will get no other chance.

He gathers every particle of his power, focuses it into a mighty bolt of pure force, more coherent than a laser, more destructive than an exploding sun. He aims it at Horus, a lance of power destined for the madman's heart. Horus senses the upsurge of energy and turns to face the Emperor, a look of horror on his face.

The Emperor lets fly. It strikes the Warmaster. Horus screams as destruction rains down on him, twisting and writhing in titanic agony. He strives frantically to counter the Emperor's deathblow but his struggles become ever more feeble as the lethal energies play over him.

Driven by all the force of his rage and pain and hatred the Emperor wills Horus's death. He senses the forces of Chaos retreat, disengaging themselves from their pawn. As they do so sanity returns to the Warmaster. The Emperor sees realisation of the atrocities he has commited flicker across Horus' face. Tears glisten there.

Horus is free but the Emperor knows he himself is dieing and that the Powers Of Chaos may once again posses the Warmaster and he will not be there to stop them. He cannot take that risk. Horus must die. Yet for a second, looking into his old friends face, he hesitates, unable to do the deed. Then he thinks of the slaughter that still goes on outside, may go on forever. Resolve hardens within him.

He forces all mercy and all compassion from his mind, empties it of all knowledge of friendship and comaraderie and love. His eyes lock with Horus and see understanding there. Then with full cold knowledge of what he is doing the Emperor destroys the Warmaster.

- White Dwarf 131

Had the Emperor treated him as a normal enemy he would have destroyed Horus without a ton of effort but because Horus was his favourite son he held back which was exactly what the cahos gods wanted.

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I would pay to see that cuz It would be so funny!

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@joygirl said:

22 and still playing.


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Paradox coud probably win this.

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Over and above, Sentry is going to win this.

nothing short of Huros corrupted by all four powers, Magnus, or possibly Lorgar after falling to chaos can beat Sentry.

Ermmm Horus when possessed by all the Chaos Gods was still worried about facing Sanguinus. So worried infact he threw an entire army at him and the most powerful bloodthirster in 40k and even after all that Sanguinus still held off Horus for a long time. Sanguinus could have potentially stalemated or won against Horus had Horus not prepped and weakened him.