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By movie standards? Yes. Black Widow is probably peakhuman. By Comic standards? Nope!

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Nah including him would have automatically made the movie bad.

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Under the Red Hood was a thousand times better.

This. Son Of Batman was terrible imo.

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@highaccuser: nope, i am with you, 2 days prep plus a slow punching bag for Spider-an (Bane) = lights out of Spider-man imo.

If Slade had knowledge I would agree however with prep 90% of the time the opponent knows who he's going to be facing and thus adapts to counter it. People like Batman and Slade are both good preppers but the key to their success isn't going in blind. They know who their going to be fighting. This is not the case here. Deathstroke can do the basic prep like bring more guns, explosives etc... but this is ultimately not going to give him a very big edge.

I mean even Batman took a couple of days to come up with prep for Killer Croc on the Hush virus IIRC and he knew who he was facing. My point is just because your good at prepping doesn't mean you can just go in blind and pull off a win. Everytime there is back knowledge on the opponent. Spider-man beat Morlun (a guy who walked through Wakanda's missles for tuh lolz) with a days prep because he had prior knowledge of what he was facing. he could never have pulled it off without that knowledge even with a weeks prep.

Prep is all well and good but it requires in-depth knowledge on what you are facing otherwise you have no idea what to prepare for. Which is exactly the case here. They either need more prep time to come up with a more "cover all bases" type plan or the OP needs to give them knowledge on Parker's abilities (more notably his spider-sense) if not that 2 days prep isn't going to amount to much.

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@dondave said:

Feats for Archon?

Moving too fast for 3 Space Marines to react and punching hard enough to punch through power armor and nigh one-shot Erik Morkai:

The Eldar shot from her throne in a stream of darkness to strike Erik in the chest with an outstretched fist the blow flipped the Wolf Lord spinning him backwards. Erik dropped his plasma pistol and caught hold of the arched guard rail. Dangling from the the edge of the skimmer the Wolf Lord fought to remain conscious feeling as though a war mammoth had stepped on his chest. A fissure ran along the length of his breast plate blood seeping from it.


Taking out Marines with little effort:

The Archon moved to finish him but Agmund and Ivar blocked her path with the growling chain blades the Dark Eldar ghosted between them parrying blows with deaf tones of her sword. Agmund cried out as the Archon whipped her weapon round to slice the Wolf Guard's legs off at the knees. The crackling blade passing effortlessly through armor and bone. Ivar died a heartbeat later as the Arhon pivoted to thrust the blade through the Space Wolves primary heart, cleaving his secondary heart with the return stroke.


Effortlessly outpacing a Erik Morkai despite the fact she is toying with him. The Space wolf even admits that she moves too fast for him to see her:

He charged towards the Dark Eldar. Erik struck out with all his fury, with all his skill but the teeth of his weapons carved only air in return the Archon flowed around him slashing at the Wolf Lords thighs and cutting open his midrift. Erik roared with rage, the Archon was toying with him. As his mind raced for a way to triumph his helmet flashed warning runes, he ignored them, his body would cope. there was no way to counter the Eldar's attacks. She moved too fast even for Eriks enhanced eyes to see.


And given Space Marines can follow bullets with their eyes and catch/deflect bullets this is pretty impressive.

Gabriel squeezed a couple of shells out of his bolter and watched the little contrails that poured out behind them, as though in slow motion. They spun through the thick, gaseous air and then slipped through a gap in the lava flow, punching into the kaleidoscope of reflections beyond.

- Dawn Of War Omnibus Page 258

This Archon was also choosing to fight physically rather than use her wargear as the Marines didn't present enough of a challenge:


Regardless of appearance, however, a shadow field locus always contains a black crystal known to the Eldar as nisariel. This name roughly translates to ‘devourer of the waking light’. It is an appellation well given, for a nisariel crystal drains all light from its immediate vicinity, and leaves only darkness. This is no ordinary gloom, but a shadow-veil possessing an almost tangible presence. Even if an enemy can make out the bearer’s form within the shroud, shots from energy weapons dissipate within the shadow, and physical projectiles lose all momentum even one fired from imperial tanks. It is said that some skilled manipulators such as Archons can direct the field to strangle or smother his or her enemies.

-Munitorum: Shadowfield - Page 2


A Huskblade is a Power Weapon that appears as if made of cracked and pitted bone, a husk blade leaves faint smoke trails as it passes through the air, and instantly evaporates any moisture that comes into contact with its blade. Victims slashed or stabbed by such a blade are reduced to shriveled corpses that turn to dust in moments ad every molecule of moisture is sucked from their being, and even those lucky enough to only suffer a glancing hit find much of their vitality dragged away by these deadly weapons.

-Dark Eldar Codex 5th Edition

Ghostplate Armor:

Constructed of strange resinous materials and shot through with pockets of lighter-than-air gases, each suit of ghostplate armour provides considerable protection while weighing far less than any comparable panoply. The expense of a single suit of ghostplate is such that only the wealthiest and most influential Dark Eldar can obtain it. Each suit is further reinforced by a force field.

-Dark Eldar Codex 5th Edition

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Midnighter (Wildstorm):


Archon (40k):


  • Morals On
  • No Prep
  • Random Encounter
  • Standard Gear (Husk Blade, Shadowfield and Ghostplate armor for the Archon)
  • No BFR
  • Win by KO, Death or Incap


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Taskmasters photographic reflexes. Theres nothing you wouldn't be able to do.

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@granitesoldier said:

Is that another Horus Heresy novel?

No its a novel about the aftermath of the Battle Of Terra where Abbadon takes over the Black Legion. Glad you're enjoying the Salamanders books :)

Any had the chance to take a look at Deathwolf? It interests me because it revolves around the combat between Erik Morkai and a Dark Eldar Lord. I always knew the Dark Eldar were pretty deadly fighters but an Archon taking on a Wolf Lord? O.O thats some serious skill that Archon must be packing.

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Lazarus is pretty damn good.