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I'm going to say Ben due to spider-sense. Without SS Miguel would take this.

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@jashro44: Peter is also bloodlusted and if I remember rightly during that fight Reilly had only just began using his powers again. When they were at Ravencroft's during the breakout due to Traveller's interference Ben commented that he hadn't used his power recently and that Spider-man look like "Mr casual" a few issues on his abilities increased as he started to use them again.

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@Primarch: Ah yeah /facepalm

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@Super_SoldierXII said:

@ChaosMarvel said:

@Super_SoldierXII: I'm not sure Andrew is effected by crosses. He's no longer effected by any conventional Vampire hunting methods. John Constantine used a spell meant to mimic the sun's properties on him and it did nothing at all.

This guy is a different kettle of fish compared to most Vempires. He's a TKer (he used his telekinesis to explode a few guys head's), a shape-shifter (who has shown the ability to transform into a: giant wolf, a bat and mist), resurrecting the dead, flight, superhuman physical attributes strength, speed etc..

I was not aware he had such extensive TK capabilities. That changes things somewhat (hard to dodge someone who can explode your head with a thought).

What are some of his higher end speed feats if you don't mind my asking?

I will throw in that although Bennett is a TKer he doesn't kill humans. He exploded the heads of evil Vampires not innocents so I doubt it is within his morals to simply look at the X-men and instantly decide blow their brains out. He can use it offensively but he won't be lethal. He's a good guy not a bad guy!

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@Primarch: I would have thought so too but he did saying founding chapters in the OP. So I was just double checking he wasn't referring to the fallen chapters as well.

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@k4tzm4n: Ah thanks for the context I couldn't find the issue that took place in so I wasn't able to clarify.

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Mercury (X-men) - 171 (-4)

Mystique - 37 (+4)

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@Lady_Liberty said:

Will to Win The Borg couldn't even take out the Federation, lead by mercy-full, soft intellectuals who's idea of a 'hard day' was sitting in a chair though a space battle.

Facing the Imperium of Mankind, where suicidal bravery is expected and demanded from every single person in the Guard? Against a people who are raised in brutal conditions where life worthless, and taught every day of their lives that to die for the God Emperor is the greatest glory?

The Borg have never faced anyone like this. The Space Marines and Sisters will die to the last before even considering surrender, and the Guard will do so as long as Commissars are around. In the case of the Death Korps, even after that.

The Borg are going to lose the battle on the ground, but what is going to cost them the fight is the rate of losses Teleportation causes in their Cubes. They just cannot adapt to the Warp, or assault, or suicidal bravery fast enough to save themselves.

Space Marines are basically the poster children for bravery! "And they shall know no fear!" Are they actually emotionally capable of experiencing fear or is that taken on by the procedure? I don't remember it happening in the procedure so either it is and I missed that part of they are just that well trained.

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Are you including special characters and pre-heresy chapters?

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@ShootingNova said:

@jwalser3 said:


But I do think star trek ships could destroy the 40k ships.


It would depend on the race they were fighting. I can see them being able to destroy Imperium vessels but as soon as you cross-over to the more advanced races (namely Eldar, Necron and Tau) I don't think they would stand much of a chance due to their vastly superior tech.