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@Dane: which ever you prefer.

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@Dane: Can i get a run down of how things would play out in your opinion? :)

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@JonSmith: Carnage is an 80-90tonner i'm fairly sure he's not street level.

@ChaosMarvel: After reading your argument I think you could take the win here. Nice job!

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@Dane: Hence why i said upper street level. Characters like Spider-man and Midnighter are very hard to place because they are more powerful than most street leveler's but still a far cry from people like Iron Man. They seem to have their own little class.

I'm thinking KK might be a bit to high what with him fighting Kryptonian's in H2H and all. I can't see any problem with the rest though.

@ChaosMarvel: Interesting choices. I think you might be able to pull it off if this team plays its cards right. Care to give me your interpretation of how this would pan out?

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@Shawnbaby: Sorry forgot to mention Midnighter doesn't get his battle computer! I'll edit to OP!

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You must create a team to defeat this team of upper street level characters (I say upper street level because a few of these characters aren't street level but at the same time aren't up on nation level):

Spider-man (Back In Black), Midnighter (Wildstorm), Scarlet Spider (Kaine), Deathstroke, Wolverine, Zealot (Wildstorm), Gorgon


-My team has Morals Off. Yours has Morals On

-Your Team has full knowledge on who they are facing (powers etc...). My team knows nothing about yours.

-No prep is allowed

-Gorgon cannot use his telepathy or stare

-Midnighter can use doors but only on himself. For example he is allowed to teleport himself around but he is not allowed to use it to BFR or kill your team. He cannot use his battle computer!

-Standard Gear

-Your choices MUST be considered street level but can be from any universe (DC/Marvel/Image etc....)

-No telepathy, Tk, reality warping, any form of mind control, no-one who could solo. You are allowed to use a character that has any of these abilities if you take away that power. For example you could have Mister X but he would not be allowed to use his mind reading/telepathy.

-No-one with energy projection above Cyclops

-You may not choose any of the of the characters I have or any alternate versions of them.

-You may have any number of members on your team but you must try to get the lowest amount possible. For example you could have 30 members should you choose to but the aim is to try and pick the least amount of characters it would take to beat this team.

-Win by Death, KO, Incapacitation or BFR


-Falling from the aircraft carrier into the water is counted as a BFR.

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@The Mjolnir Wielder: Let us not speak of his Moon Knight appearance.....ever again......

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@joewell said:

Since when did venom look like that wtf

Since lately unfortunately. Current Venom is a shadow of his former beastlyness T.T

@TERMINATOR1000 said:

any version of deathstroke should handle venom.

Without prep DS can't hope to match him in a random encounter. Venom has him outclassed in nearly every physical aspect.

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Captain Britain.

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@PunyParker: Thats from Deadpool #19. Spider-man made a guest appearance in issues 19-20.