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@kamakazi152: In the comics after he was bitten Peter designed the web-shooters himself (no inference from Oscorp at all it was 100% him). So yes Peter developed the webshooters and the cartridges completely on his own. I don't even think Oscorp was around at the time when Pete gained his powers.

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@Super_SoldierXII said:

And if something like Daken's pheromones wreaked havoc on Peter's spidersenses, Batman is sure to devise some way, either chemical or otherwise, to do likewise.

Unless i'm mistaken that is the exact opposite of what happened. Daken screwed up all of Spider-mans other sense's but couldn't effect his spidersense. Hence why Spider-man fought blind in order to beat him.

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Abbadon. Midnighter can't really hurt him without some kind of special gear. Throw in Abbadon's reality warping sword and its not going to be pretty for poor old Lucas.

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@god_spawn said:

During an assault on the Emperor's Children he solo'd 2485 opponents. Kharn is the very definition of beastly lol.

Wolverine damn near solo'd 1800 hand ninjas and 49000 Hydra agents and 500-600 Dawn of the White Light opponents by himself. So roughly 52,000 opponents.

The difference between those guys and the people Kharn killed is that the people Kharn killed where Astrates like him. All of them had years of training, healing factors and power armor level durability. So an equivalent feat for Wolverine would be him fighting and killing 2485 slightly less experienced copies of himself.

Its doubtful Wolverine could even has the strength to penetrate ceramite power armor as it can take penatrative blows from people a lot stronger than Logan. It regually tanks multiple bolter rounds (which are basically small missiles) without any problem. Even if Logan did manage to get through that (which is very unlikely as a lot more powerful people have tried and failed) he then has to contend with Kharn's own healing factor.

And were the hell do you get 52.000 from?

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@Ancient_0f_Days said:

@beautifulrevery said:

Since Spider sense is such a closely guarded secret known only by peter himself, aunt may, MJ, and Tony in the Marvel Universe(I do believe) then that's the deciding factor here that will give the victory to Spidey in a close battle

Spider-sense can be thrown off by smoke ..... so a simple smoke pellet (even if Batman doesn't know about SS) can make that less of a problem ....

Spider-sense has never been thrown off by normal smoke ever. Its always been some kind of drug the enemy has prepped with.

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@SGU823 said:

I don't get it. What can Lobo do to Wolverine? He's immortal, has superhuman strength and a chain. But so does Ghost Rider and Wolverines beat him too.

So much PIS/out of context scans in one post.

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This is close as Batman is very good with prep. Unfortunately for Bat's Parker is no slouch either and that on top of his powers should give him the win. Good fight but I think Peter's spider-sense etc.. give him the edge he needs. Realistically Batman should need more prep than Spider-man to cancel out his power advantage.

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Spider-man solo's.

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I'd say Spider-man was more human than Supe's and humans have a limit thus Superman should be more of a boy-scout simply because he isn't really that humanized.