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@Deranged Midget said:

@Strider92: You said Ahzek is an Alpha level telepath? Would you say above Xavier's level or higher? If so, Thor lacks the proper resistance to it from what I recall.

Oh yeah I forgot. Psyker levels in Warhammer are different in grades to Marvel. An Alpha level psyker is classed as planetary scale telepath. I've actually got the Warhammer 40k psyker scales lol. I had to look it up for a debate not long ago:

Psyker (Positive) Power Grid:

Rho/Pi (lowest grade):

Common human little to no manifestation of psychic abilities

Omicron/Xi/Nu/Mu/Lambda/Kappa (Minor grade):

Unconscious and minor level of psionic brain activity. Such low levels of talent only manifest in high-stress experiences and remain beyond the control of the individual. Phenomenon commonly explained as "good luck" or "fluke" occurrences

Iota/Theta/Eta (Mid Grade):

Conscious and moderate level of psionic talent. As the individual is able to control abilities with effort, subjects of Iota level and higher are true psykers and under the jurisdiction of the Inquisition and Adeptus Telepathica

Zeta/Epsilon (High Grade):

Very high level of mental psychic activity. Manifesting early, these levels of talent require the immediate attention of Imperial authorities and represent a true security threat.

Delta/Gamma (Upper High Grade):

Occurring in approximately one-per-billion human births, Delta and Gamma level psykers exhibit extreme levels of psionic ability able to bring entire cities under their control. Unless discovered quickly, death or possession are common results of the untrained mind being unable to handle this level of mental energy.

Beta/Alpha (Highest Grade):

Exceedingly rare and dangerous. Mainstream Medicae Imperialis discussion agrees that current human beings do not possess the necessary evolutionary development to contain Beta and Alpha levels of psionic talent. As such, the great majority of those discovered at this Assignment rating usually suffer from mental instability. Those who can control their level of psychic abilities have been able to do truly incredible and monstrous things, the scale of their abilities allowing them to bring entire planets under their command.

Famous Alpha level psykers:

-Ahzek Ahriman


Alpha-Plus (Too Powerful To Grade):

In the rarest of all cases, the twenty-four point scale of the Assignment does not adequately characterize a being of indescribable ability. Such individuals, for all intents and purposes, pass beyond the scale entirely. These subjects are known as Alpha-Plus psykers. Unconstrained, Alpha-Plus psykers represent an immediate and catastrophic threat to the Imperium. In theory, there is nothing that a trained Alpha-Plus psyker cannot accomplish through force of will; from snapping a Titan in half, summoning a legion of Greater Daemons to crushing planets with their minds. Representing such a great danger, the Inquisition usually executes Alpha-Plus psykers on sight unless the possibility for capture is nearly assured.

Famous Alpha-Plus level psykers:

-The God Emperor Of Mankind

-Eldrad Ulthran

-Magnus The Red

-Apex Twins

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No idea I came about it by chance about 5 days ago while I was randomly looking over the internet. I voted no to MJ returning lol!!! Looks like only 44% and 22% agreed with me....... T.T

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@Deranged Midget: Well Creed isn't a great fighter his main ability is that he's an impossibly brilliant tactician so good that it borders on pre-incog lol. The fight is close in the 1st round. I really don't know how to call it.

2end Round however is a fairly comfortable win for Ahzek. Not sure what Thor could do to him that he couldn't dish out 10 fold. Not to mention i'm not sure if Thor could resist him as he's an Alpha level psyker. What is Thor's resistance to telepathy like?

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Reilly has this. His standard gear (impact webbing, stingers etc..) combined with his very good all round stats will pull him the win.

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I actually answered this survey like a week ago :p

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Spartan's should take this without to much trouble. 300 Vs 7 are huge odds.

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@Dernman said:

I want to say Harley Quinn. I really want to say Harley Quinn but I don't see her winning.


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@wario1988 said:

Don't forget that He is very strong, nearly invulnerable, immune to disease, and is virtually immortal. He can also use Stormbreaker to fly, manipulate weather, absorb and channel various energies, and as a detector

The only guy the Eldar need to win here is Eldrad. He could solo Bill. Using the whole of the Eldar empire means Bill gets stomped into the ground hard.

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Spawn. Wolverine just can't do anything to hurt him.

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@Deranged Midget: This is the thing I like about this fight.

Although Team 1 has some mean-ass preppers Team 2 actually has better and more deadly resources. Creed for example is an Imperial Guard commander (and arguably the best tactician in 40k which says a lot considering the amount of overpowered characters they have) and as such he has access to 40k tech which as anyone will tell you is no laughing matter. Both Alex Mercer and Wesker are perfectly capable of unleashing the T-virus or contaminated Whitelight to win. This is why I can't make up my mind.

Team 1= Beastly preppers

Team 2= Beastly Technology

Decisions, decisions T.T