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@soldierofel: I'm glad someone else had the same opinion of this movie as me. I think Sony could pull off this expanded ASM-verse now.

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@frozen: I disagree Electro was by far the main villain. Harry had a very brief (albeit important appearence) and the Rhino was basically a cameo. He had all of maybe 3mins sceen time in the suit. However Harry should have had more time to develop that I will agree on.

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I think it will provide some interesting stories based on the fallout.


No. Maybe we'll get something better after this but I'm not going to get my hopes up. I found superior to be highly overated. But that's just me.

Overrated? You're aware that like 80% of Spider-man fans hated the Superior run right? it wasn't overrated at all lol.

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@veshark said:

Let's wait to see how this plays out before jumping to conclusions. We don't know anything for certain right now.

But man, if it's true...


Two things:

1) A man is innocent, until proven guilty.

2) A 17 year old is not a child.

This and in America 17 is considered being a minor in the eyes of the law so yes a 17 year old is a child out there.

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@fallschirmjager: I have seen Django and I did indeed like it for some reason I just couldn't picture him as Electro. Boy did he prove me wrong O.O

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@oosupermanthathoeoo: The bar I hold for SM movies was SM2 and this imo was as good if not a little better. My only real complaint was the whole Peter/Gwen thing was over the top. However if you looked passed that it was an above average flick.

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Electro stomps.

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  • Round 1: I'd go as far as to say Electro stomps this. Iron Man doesn't have anyway to counter him.
  • Round 2: I think this is the tougest round for him though due to Hulk's durability. I'll say Hulk although intangibilty could be a problem.
  • Round 3: I want to say Thor due to his magic hammer but i think Electro showed far more destructive capability in terms of energy projection and pulling an Alien on Thor like he did to that guy at Oscorp would most likely be very unpleasent for Thor

Come At Me!

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@monsterstomp: Lol I'm waiting for Electro vs Thor or Iron Man to turn up! Let the flaming begin. Although Electro was pretty badass.

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@wolverine08: Spider-man was portrayed perfectly IMO(Peter Parker not so much) and the fight scenes were incredible like challenging MOS level good. However it was a little overdramatic for my liking still a very decent film better than the first and on par with SM2.