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@Jayfournines said:

Bourne solos everyone

Lol. I don't think he's quite that good!

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@minigunman123 said:


He ripped the door off a plane going at several hundred miles an hour, and tanked a submarine being thrown at his face.

Remember guys, New 52 DS got a power boost and new equipment... Nth metal armor is ridiculously durable and increases his stats beyond what they already were, by quite a bit.

Durability for armor goes to the Marine. Space Marine's in power armor regularly take free-falls into a planets orbit, then onto the planet itself from space without any damage. DS's Nth metal was getting damaged by bullets. Without his blast staff its most likely that DS couldn't even damage an SM.

Although DS has had a boost that boost has only slightly increased his stats from what i've read he's meant to be a 4-5tonner. Space Marines are also 4-5tonners. If we were to take away both their weapons and armor and put them in a fighting area then there really would be hardly anything between DS and the Space Marine. Both of them are about the same level in stats, both of them have a healing factor, both of them are very skilled fighters etc....

The only differences are your average Space Marine is roughly 150-200 years old and has been training/fighting 20hours a day since the day he was created. So they outclass Deathstroke in experience by a LOT. They also have a lot more enhancements than DS for example they all have hugely increased bone density, secondary organs that can allow Space Marine's to fight for days on end without tiring (putting their stamina above DS's), the ability to spit acid (although i've never actually seen a reference to his being used in combat), cells that make them immune to poisons, the ability to absorb memories by eating the flesh of their opponent etc... The list goes on a while but i'll stop there. Space Marine's have roughly 15 enhancements in total.

A Space Marine is basically Deathstroke but with better durability, better armor and weapons, better stamina, a lot more combat experience and due to all the enhancements they have they are also vastly more versatile.

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@SandMan_ said:

Look up in the sky, its a bird, its a plane, no its Superman!

Ok I take back my last comment! I had heard this one before but none of the others (except the Spider-man one).

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@Vance Astro said:

That's what I'm saying though I don't see why Spider-sense would be better for combat, it doesn't tell Spider-Man any more about a situation than it tells Daredevil.

Well I agree radar does tell you more about a situation. For example if you are in a dark room full of enemies you'll know exactly how many they are and where they were but you would have to rely on you're own discretion to guess who was going to attack first and when and how to dodge. Alternatively with spider-sense although you won't know where they are in the room or even how many there are the sense tells you when you need to dodge and which way/how to do it.

Think of the combat situation as a question. Spidersense is like having someone tell you exactly what the answer is without even reading the question. Whereas radar-sense simply gives you all the information to find the answer yourself rather than telling you.

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@CadenceV2 said:

@Strider92: I seen the Blast staff blow apart Attack Copters with ease.

Krak grenades work on 40k vehicles do they not? I'd be willing to bet they're tougher than any helicopter.

Not to mention Power Armor>Standard Helicopter in terms of durability (unless it was one of those big ass military ones). Did you see how many Tau pulse rounds they tanked in the Deathwatch novels?

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Bloodlusted Plutonian is all i need!

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@CadenceV2 said:

@Strider92: @ChaosMarvel: What Im saying is DS Blast Staff can wreck PA and the BA Rage or not. Anything less be BA victory.

Granted but I would consider a bolt pistol and frag/krak grenades a far more dangerous damage output than DS's blast staff. Unless i'm mistaken grenades are standard gear for SM's? So while DS has the ability I feel SM power armor could take more hits from a blast staff than DS's armor could take from a boltpistol and nades combo. Boltpistols are effectively small missiles after all.

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@Mercy_ said:

Green Day > Usher, all day, every day.

can't argue with this.

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@Super_SoldierXII: Thanks for the clarification.

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@jashro44: Really? I'll be honest I haven't read any New 52 DS but from what i've heard on the forums he's supposed to be a lot tougher than his pre-52 counterpart.