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@strider92: Really? I thought Tempest was when he faced the Shadowseer and Grand Harlequin?

Nah in Tempest he had brief tussle with the Grand Harlequin and it got cut off for some reason that I don't recall. It was in Atlas Infernal he fought the Shadowseer.

The eldar warlock’s eldritch fashions were crafted from pure confusion and his every step quaked with disintegrated reality. The length of the Shadowseer’s leaf-shaped witchblade sang at Ahriman, forcing the Thousand Sons sorcerer back. Ahriman barely got his Black Staff in front of the devastating sword sweeps. Immaterial energies spilled from both weapons as the psykers clashed, forcing Ahriman further back. The archway bulkhead crashed back down at the Shadowseer’s mental insistence and the metal of the Impossible Fortress’s walls melted and dribbled down across the seals, fusing the door shut and trapping the sorcerer in the pancratitaph with his enemies.

With Ahriman’s power and attention directed very much on his unwelcome visitor, Czevak’s levitating body dropped to the deck. From his perspective on the floor the inquisitor watched witchblade and force staff smash, both physically and immaterially. Where they did, the fabric of reality tore. The disciplined grace and furiosity of the Shadowseer’s assault would have carved a bloodthirster of Khorne in two. Ahriman was more than pure wanton destruction, however. The Thousand Sons sorcerer was not only an ancient and devastating warrior, he was one of the most talented psykers in the galaxy. More important than either of these facts was the torrent of unbound ambition surging through the sorcerer’s veins. He was the impossible made incarnate.

Pg. 219 Atlas Infernal

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@wut said:

1. Yes, that happened in Tempest though, which I noted would make the difference in skill debatable if we used that novel. (That novel was pretty bad though...) So, I do agree that if we use those feats and then show how strong said Eldar in question are, it would make the difference in melee skill a very questionable debate.

  • Curbing Harlequin's and curbing that Solitaire happened in DOW: Tempest
  • Curbing Harlequin's and fighting that Shadowseer happened in Atlas Infernal.

2 different books by two different authors with very similar results on the same opponents. I'd say his fighting ability is very consistent.

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@killerwasp: Then imo it would probably be very close. I wouldn't want to call it due to the combination of a very level playing field and a lack of knowledge of the Sith team. Typhus would be the MVP if Kharn isn't current imo though whether thats enough to win or not is an entirely different matter.

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@wut: I would pay to see that fight and I agree with your summary with two small exceptions.

1. While you may not be a fan of the Tempest novel (and too be honest neither am I. John French's Ahriman is by far the best) those close combat feats are not inconsistent. He was curbing Harlequins in Atlas Infernal and ever took on a Shadowseer in combat so I think his sword skills are exceedingly dangerous and more than likely on par with Sidious.

2. Ahriman is a very dangerous prepper. I'm pretty sure he booby trapped an entire planet at one point. While he may not be as smart as Sidious his pre-cog gives him a significant advantage when it comes to prep. So I would say he was the more dangerous prepper. Sans pre-cog i'd take Sidious but with it Ahriman has an advantage imo.

I think this fight would be VERY close to a point I wouldn't want to call the winner.

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If this is current Kharn then i'll take the 40kers due to the upgrade to his blessing.

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Grayson Vs Midnighter..........why? Just why? I sense monumental PIS incoming.

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Isn't Black Spider pretty decent at hand to hand? I also remember him being onpar or stronger than Peter.

He is a DC character. Maybe your thinking of Blood Spider? In which case no not really.

Eh Flash said he hit just as Hard as Peter did. He's likely around Peter's physical levels, but lack experience or combat training.

I tend to take character quotes like that with a grain of salt. For the simple reason we don't know if Peter has ever let completely loose on Flash. For example during Spider-Island Hobogoblin said Randy (at least I think it was Randy) was stronger than Peter despite the fact no one on Spider-Island showed that degree of ability. It was more than likely Spider-man had just never hit him with everything he had. Not to mention Blood Spider was barely superhuman heck Parker one-shotted him IIRC. So unless this is a different Blood Spider which I don't believe was stated or had a boost which also I don't believe was stated. This showing is porbably the writer simply not knowing who Blood Spider is. Ie: an average superhuman trained by Taskmaster.

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I thought thats what Uncanny Avengers was -.o

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Overrated in what context? Powers? Popularity? What are we talking here?

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Me or my Dad generally. Although my sister has her moments too.