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@wut: Ahriman in an Iron Man suit? Not a nice thought.

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Stops at 4 depending on if these psykers are Farseers or not. A single Farseer could potentially take that round. If they are Warlocks then Hulk stops at 5 as lore Deamons cannot be easily hurt by physical damage hence the reason power weapons and force weapons are used to kill them as they can actually effect them on a spirtual level and not a physical one.

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@wut: This is a standard Rubic Marine not a super haxed sargent lol. that would be unfair.

With regards to the Legion of the Damned i'm pretty sure they can still be incapacitated just not killed even the current ones.

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I think giving them an Imperial Knight is overkill those things are described as being Light-Titans heck they even have a version of a standard Titan's Void Shield and no Alien is getting through that especially as those things allow Knights to shrug off 40k anti-tank weaponry such as lascannons and the like. Remove the Imperial Knight and chuck in a few more Space Marines to compensate then you have a fight. I would probably even go with the Aliens here for the simple reason that the Aliens outnumber them by too much. Tyranid guants can take down Marines if the numbers are high enough as if they land enough blows they can get in lucky hits to the Marine's weakspots.

However as it stands the Imperial Knight goes on a complete rampage while the Marines sit back and debate whether to help or not.

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Marine Squad:

Marine (Thousand Sons Chapter), Marine (Legion Of The Damned Chapter), Marine (Death Guard Chapter), Marine (World Eaters Chapter)


Top Tier Street Levelers:

Wolverine, Deathstroke, Spider-man, Black Panther


  • Morals On
  • No Prep
  • Pre and New 52 feats for DS
  • Pre-Cornell Logan
  • KOTD Black Panther
  • Post Heresy Marines
  • Standard Gear
  • Win by KO, Death or Incap


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Reginald D Hunter has given me a good laugh in the past.

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I would say 2-3 Storm Troopers would be enough of a challenge let alone a squad.

And are we talking the Storm Troopers from the Militarum Tempestus, Inquistion or the Kasrkins?

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@army2442: When you say "a heavy Lasgun" are you referring to a lascannon?

@monsterstomp: I did one for Space Marine's in general but not the Blood Angel chapter spercifically. However standard Marine feats do apply to the Blood Angels as the only diference between them and other Marines is the Red Rage. So you could treat them as normal Marines and just bare in mind they could snap, lose their sh*t and become slightly superior in physical stats.

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The Master

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@gojira2014: the novels "Fear To Tread" and "Deus Ex Sanguinus" both explained why Horus was afraid to fight Sanguinus. Its not ABC logic if Horus himself outright stated that he didn't want to fight Sanguinus for fear fear of losing as was shown during the Horus Heresy when he dispatched the Blood Angels and Sanguinus to the middle of nowhere to cleanse some planets in the hopes they wouldn't survive or at the very least drastically slow their return to Terra.

Horus had the power output to harm the Emperor yes but that is a mute point given that the Emperor could have killed him in his first blow if he hadn't been holding back.