Strider92's List: Best Zombie Games!

For those of you who do not know I love Zombie games. For some reason I find them amusing beyond nearly every other type of game out there so I thought i'd compile a list of what are in my humble opinion the top 10!

Number 10:

Left 4 Dead 2 the sequel to Valves successful Left 4 Dead was one of the games I was greatly anticipating before its release having had such a blast playing the first. The second was solid game bringing in little improvements such as melee weapons, new infected etc.... and it seriously is a lot of fun to play online with friends or just a bunch of random people (I normally end up pissing off for some reason). However this game fell into a trap a lot of successful horror franchises fall into. Sacrificing horror for action. It happened with Dead Space 3 and it happened with Left 4 Dead 2. If this was a survival action shooter then no doubt this would be near the top however its a horror survival game. Left 4 Dead 1 while not the scariest game around had some of the most creepy atmospheric maps i've encountered in a Zombie and Left 4 Dead 2 lost that. While I understand they were trying to come up with a little more variety of maps etc.... they sacrificed one of the most core parts of Left 4 Dead which was its creepiness. Having said that I preferred the survivors in L4D 2 Nick and Ellies = Best Team Ever!

Why you should play it:

Regardless of what I just said this is still one of the most fun multiplayer Zombie games around. I had a blast playing this online with other people and friends.

Number 9:

Yet another game I sat back waiting for with anticipation. Dead Island boasts some of the most gorgeous back-drops you will ever find in a Zombie game. The fact that a lot of this game takes place in broad daylight surrounded by a very un-horrific back-drop and yet still remained very much a horror game is impressive however this is mainly due to the the psychology of the entire set up. Walking through a tropical paradise hotel when the pools are filled with blood and death is basically lying around everywhere is probably what makes the game so horrific the fact they took an area so associated with having a good time, partying etc.... and just turned into a warped opposite of itself is what makes it creepy. The gameplay for the most part is great, driving the cars is a laugh and the quests for the most part are great. There are few things that nagged at me about this game though was its slight lack of replay-ability. I found it got repetitive very fast especially the combat although the custom weaponry is brilliant.

The Multiplayer is a nice touch and allows you to have fun with mates (well the ones who don't intentionally driving off cliffs to annoy you) and brings a bit of a new dimension to the game.

Why you should play it:

The graphics are gorgeous, the environment is surprisingly creepy and the multiplayer is fun.

Number 8:

Zombies and Cowboys........that is all......As soon as I heard there was a Wild West themed Zombie game I was one it in an instant. I'm sorry but that whole concept is just to fun to pass up and I was right. Undead Nightmare started out as a DLC for Red Dead Redemption (also a good game) but became so popular they made it into a standalone game. The best thing about this game is how unique it is. You will not play another Zombie game like this. Galloping around on your horse while getting chased by hordes of undead while simultaneously unloading your six-shooter is just as amusing as it sounds. I of course have a few issues with this game despite the ludicrously good time I had playing it. For one is a PS3 only game......I would have loved this on PC but no......Sony had to kill my dreams. The missions can get repetitive and it can get to a point were you are bored of doing the same thing over and over again. The story is also.....ermmm.....weird as hell. The multiplayer unfortunately doesn't work with the campaign which is a shame. Its only a survival type scenario Ie: You put on a map and have to survive as long as possible.

Why you should play it:

As I said previously its unique. There is no other Zombie game quite like this. (also getting to ride the horses of the apocalypse is awesome. War for tuh win!) Oh and Dead Eye + Zombies = Fun!

Number 7:

Dead Rising was the first game I ever had on Xbox 360 (before it died on me!) and it is probably the most over the top Zombie game you will ever play. Everything around you can be used as a weapon from pies to shopping trolleys. One of the things great about this game is the amount of Zombies that can be around you at any given time (its a metric ****-ton). Now you may be wondering why Dead Rising is here and Dead Rising 2 is only an honorable mention. The reason is simple in Dead Rising 2 you have to make sure to get this girl medicine every half hour (in-game time not actual playtime) and its annoying as hell. If you let her die you don't lose the game but it just nagged at me. The next part was the customization. While it was pretty fun at times it was also rather distracting creating a rocket trolley is fun and all but there's something about the first game that had you grabbing whatever you could to defend yourself right off the bat gave you a sense of spontaneity that was lost in the second. I also preferred the protagonist in the first to the second.

I had a few qualms with this game one of them being of course that it was an Xbox exclusive I WANT PC DAMNIT! The second one fortunately rectified this mistake but not in time to save Dead Rising 1. I sometimes wished I could throw that mobile phone he had out the window I felt like I was getting consistently bugged to do quests. Also like most games the replay-ability is questionable.

Why you play it:

It is basically its own type of game. No Zombie game prior to this had the amount of Zombies and weapon options this game boasted. It is also a hell of a lot of fun. Putting hats on Zombies or getting in a trolley so you can plow though them or even using a lawnmower to deadly effect is exceedingly entertaining.

Number 6:

Although kind of debatable whether this is actually a Zombie game or not it contains mutant things that moan, walk slowly towards you and try to eat you so thats good enough for me. Killing Floor started of as a mod for another game (can't for the life of me remember which. Half Life maybe?) but got so popular it became a standalone title and with good reason. Killing Floor is dedicated to multi-player there is basically no option for single player stuff however this isn't a detriment as playing this solo is not how its meant to be played. The basically consists of waves of enemies coming at you until you meet your gory end. This may seem very repetitive however surprisingly it isn't. The combat classes, slow motion reaction time and of course the tons of player created content keep this game fresh and entertaining. Not to mention you can have co-op to upwards of 30-50 players at the same time which is hilarious fun when you see the innumerable tide of Zombies coming at you.

My only real complaint about this game is how HARD it is to level up combat classes. Damn it takes ages to level up and get bonuses the game really makes you work for it just a little too much in my opinion.

Why you should play it:

Awesome mulitplayer fun and replay-ability out the whaazoo! Not to mention the free updates, Christmas, Halloween and other holiday events are a laugh.

Number 5:

The first and best Left 4 Dead game. While the second was good it didn't have the same atmosphere or creepiness the first one had. I basically summed up the difference between the first and second game in the Left 4 Dead 2 article so I haven't really left much to say about this game besides the fact that it is in my opinion the best Zombie FPS. Nothing has taken away its crown yet.

Why you should play it:

Like L4D 2 its damn fun and for some reason I prefer the game without melee (forcing you to conserve ammo for example). You should play it for the same reasons as Left 4 Dead 2 and then some.

Number 4:

This game had so much hype when it was released and with good reason. It is not only one of the best Zombie related games but also one of the best PS3 games over all. Naughty Dog really out-did themselves with this. This is one of the most original ideas for a Zombie-style game i've seen in a loooooooong time. Its very story driven, the explanation and cause of the outbreak is pretty unique and the characters are likeable. The combat is fun and the graphics are great. Like Dead Island this game loves throwing eerily beautiful images at you. My one complaint is that it is only for PS3.......I mean seriously? I need to make some kind of petition to force every company to make PC versions of their games.

Why you should play it:

This is without a doubt one of the most immersing and story-driven Zombie games you will play.

Number 3:

If you haven't heard of this i'd like to know where the rock is you were living under. The game initially started out as mod for Arma (also a great game) and soon became standalone after it blew up in popularity and with good reason. Arma (for those of you who are unaware) is a military simulation not really a game and the DEV's who made this kept that quite a core component of the game. In this game there is no goal outside survival. Nothing else. The game basically shows you what if would probably be like if everything in the world did go all Zombie-ish. There are no missions, no goals. Just finding food, conserving ammo and staying alive in a world were players are just as likely to kill you as the Zombies. Ever wondered what it would feel like to take out the gaming side of a Zombie apocalypse and just have the survival well this is it. I wouldn't call this a game so much as a simulation.

Why you should play it:

This game is basically your answer to the what if question. Its how I imagine things would likely turn if the whole zombie thing ever had the slightest chance of being real.

Number 2:

This is an awesome game. There is no other way to describe it. With the storyline written by Robert Kirkman (you don't know who he is then shame on yaz!!) and graphics that while cartoony suit the game down to the ground make this the best story-driven Zombie game you will ever play. I mean EVER. You want fast-paced action then this game is not for you but if you like suspense and games where your choices and decisions effect the outcomes then this is definitely for you. This game can and will mess with you. For example when you have to pick keys up from near a dead body's face and you know its gonna get up and bite ya but you gotta do it anyways then absolutely nothing happens......2 minutes later you turn around and theres the Zombie!

Why you should play it:

If your one of those people who loves story-driven games you will love this. Not to mention its hilarious to watch how the DEV's in this game put you into situations you really don't want to be in!

Number 1:

Well here it is! My favorite Zombie game of all time! Some of you are probably looking at that image and thinking "what?". This game has flown under the radar quite a bit and with no good reason. This is the epitome of what you want from a Zombie game. It has absolutely everything. If you cross Day Z with the Walking Dead and that then has a love child with Dead Island you have State Of Decay. Nearly everything in the maps is interactive cars, houses etc.... you have nigh-unlimited options on what you can do (which is not the case in Day Z where you could only enter certain buildings). Ontop of that you have to find and build up areas to keep those nasty bitety zombies from getting to you or your teammates. Thats right in this game you get to build bases. Not to mention like Walking Dead things you do have consequences. If you don't save someone or refuse to help people in your group when the time comes that you need someone to back you up on supply run or something to that effect your screwed. It focuses on survival: stealth, evasion, distractions, base building, survivor community, securing resources and combat. There is but one problem with this game. 1 problem that keeps it from becoming the ultimate Zombie game that all future Zombie games should be compared to...........currently there is no multi-player.........and as damning as it sounds the fact that I still find it the best Zombie themed game i've ever played says something. If they update this with a multi-player (which they have threatened to) this will be the benchmark.

Why you should play it:

It is the perfect balance between the survival type game and FPS/action. The idea is great and ontop of that there is quite a bit of dark humor in the game which really appeals to me my favorite part thus far being:

  • Marcus: You took that dead guys walkie talkie after killing him?
  • Ed: Hey the guy tried to eat me.
  • Marcus: You think his friends are gonna be pleased about that? they probably won't even talk to you if they don't want to kill you.
  • Ed: How do we know they were his friends? This is a damn apocalypse they have hated his guts and just stuck with him cuz they had to.
  • *walkie talkie whirs to life*
  • Girl on other end: Dad?
  • Ed: ......Ah......crap....

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Posted by Vance Astro

Dead Island almost ruined my life. I played THE HELL out of that game. I haven't been genuinely scared by a zombie game since the early Resident Evil games and those were mostly scary because of the garbage graphics and the even worse controls.

Posted by Immortal777

I mostly agree with the list but I didn't like Dead Rising myself just couldn't get into it. I live under a pretty big rock since I never knew Day Z existed.

Edited by Strider92

@vance_astro: Did you play Riptide? Never got around to it myself. Probably should at some point.

Posted by Vance Astro

@strider92 said:

@vance_astro: Did you play Riptide? Never got around to it myself. Probably should at some point.

No, but I want to so bad.

Posted by Immortal777

@vance_astro: @strider92: I played Riptide it was like whatever but I liked the first Dead Island far more. The way I see it you both should wait for Dying Light which is what the Dead Island series was leading up to and it's what Techland really wanted to do with the Daed Island series.

Posted by Strider92

@immortal777: The fact I have to wait until 2014 for it makes me sad!

Edited by Immortal777

@strider92: It'll be worth the wait. Last I checked there supposed to be dlc for Last of Us and Walking Dead Season 2 is supposed to be coming out soon so that should hold you until Dying Light

Also Dead Rising 3.

Posted by Strider92

@immortal777: I guess :( still psyched for Dying Light though I love the concept.

Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

I have a feeling Dying Light is going to surpass all of these.

Edited by nerdork

Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead are my favorites. I havent played most fo the other games, though. My curisoity is piqued now, however. :)

Thank you for all of the reviews and breakdowns.

Posted by Immortal777

@strider92: I really like the night and day concept where at night the zombies transform and become more of a threat so it gives more difficulty when choosing to do things at different times of the day.

Posted by Immortal777

I have a feeling Dying Light is going to surpass all of these.

Most definitely especially with the power of the next gen consoles backing it.

Posted by silkyballfro94

I agree with this list. State of Decay is the best $20 I ever spent on a video game.

Posted by IndieComicsFTW

I loved L4D 2. I like how you can play the Zombies in a 4 vs 4 Mutiplayer. Setting up Ambush spots, doing your best to keep the others from their goals.

Posted by Veshark

The fact that Killing Floor is on this axiomatically makes your list awesome.

Love that game.

Posted by danhimself

loved State of Decay! Can't wait for them to release the MMO sequel

Posted by Chaos Prime

Nice list there Strider92 but why no resident Evil in your top Ten?

Only reason i bought a gamecube back in the day was for Resident Evil :)

Posted by Strider92

@chaos_prime: unfortunately I never got to play the early RE games and the recent ones haven't really grabbed me :(

Edited by Emequious_Swerve

No Resident Evil?? Garrrghhg!!

Posted by Chaos Prime

@chaos_prime: unfortunately I never got to play the early RE games and the recent ones haven't really grabbed me :(

If u get a chance play the earlier versions.Streets, Buildings, Tunnells etc Full of Zombies :)

Posted by frogdog

@chaos_prime: unfortunately I never got to play the early RE games and the recent ones haven't really grabbed me :(

Just get REremake and RE4.