Strider92's Indie Comic Thoughts: Suicide Risk (BOOM!)

Leo Vs the Villains

Its been a while since I made a blog post so I thought i'd make one about one of the least known and yet one of the best indie titles going around. Suicide Risk from BOOM! seems to have completely flown under the radar which is a travesty. This series is absolutely brilliant. The concept is and the art both interior and on the covers is incredible.

Written by Mike Carey and illustrated by the talented Elena Casagrande this series is both story-driven and visually stunning.

What is it about?

Blackbolt's little brother?

Superheroes and supervillains are in a constant battle for supremacy but as a drug appears on the streets that turns regular people into supers the heroes and cops begin falling like flies due to the sudden boom in villains. Suicide Risk follows a run of the mill cop Leo Winters who has to deal with super-villain activity on a daily basis. When his friends are murdered in a super-villain heist on a bank it causes Leo to crack. No longer content with being a cop and motivated be revenge he tracks down the power-dealers and empowers himself in order to hunt down the super-villains that killed his friends. The dealers however cannot guarantee what power Leo will get if he undergoes the procedure. He eventually ends up with the ability to manipulate every natural occurring force from electricity to gravity (I blanked it out in case people wanted to discover for themselves what power he ended up with). To sum it up briefly this is the story of an average guy who is pushed into getting powers to avenge his friends and hunt super-villains.

This series is one of the most original ideas i've seen since Lazarus. The characters are engaging and the villains are evil enough to get you to hate them straight off the bat.

Why you should read it:

sh*t just got real!

This is honestly one of the best indie titles out there at the moment. Second only to Lazarus. The series is only 6 issues in but the story is fast-paced and advances in leaps and bounds. You will not be bored reading this in slightest.

Carey and Casagrande have brought their A-game consistently with this series and in comparison with Marvel and DC's titles this series is leagues ahead. I don't really have anything negative to say about this series and while I would go into more detail about it I don't want to give out any more spoilers than I already have as this is just a sort of spot-light post to get people interested not a synopsis so if the idea of this series appeals to you in anyway shape or form just buy issue 1 and you will definitely want to keep reading. I've been looking for a replacement ongoing for Scarlet Spider and it looks like i've found it in Suicide Risk.

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Sounds interesting. Guess I'll give it a shot.

Posted by Jimmie_Hudson_

sounds amazing. you always make the best blog posts stride

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I read issue 1 through 3, but had to drop it for other books.

Its missing something, that one little thing to make me really go crazy for it. But I thoroughly enjoyed the issues that I had read....just don't have any room on my pull list to pick it back up.

Posted by IndieComicsFTW

I liked Booms work for Warhammer 40k. This series looks sweet too. Just might give it a shot.

Posted by Chaos Prime

Looks very cool :)

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Posted by dondave

@strider92: I just got the issues, you're right this series is awesome