Strider92's Indie Comic Thoughts: Day Men (BOOM!)

Yet another BOOM! title. I really wanted to go for a different company this time but I bought the first issue on a whim from Comixology and it was good enough to warrant making it onto this blog. This series has only just started it is only 1 issue in with the next issue coming out next week (I think). It is written by Matt Gagnon and Micheal Alan Nelson (Supergirl) and illustrated by the very talented Brian Stelfreeze. This is primarily a Vampire series (I think I heard a few people groan then) and I know the whole-Vampire theme is getting very over used lately and has gotten a bad rep due to certain (not pointing fingers...) media incarnations but hear me out.

What Is It About?:


For thousands of years the world has been controlled by the "50 Families" a network of Vampires that basically control almost everything under the sun (oh the irony) and are engaged in an eternal conflict for territory, food etc... with each other. However the Vamps all have the classic weakness to sunlight (and by weakness I mean they go extra-crispy when they go out in it). So what do they do during the day when they can't go out and wreak havoc?

They have humans to do it for them. The Day Men. This is where the protagonist David Reid comes in. Reid is a Day Man and protector of the Virgo family more specifically Azalea Virgo. Day Men have been employed for thousands of years and while they are just normal humans thousands and thousands of years of combat training and Vampire hunting techniques is passed down to each one and Reid is no exception.

The series basically follows Reid and him doing everything in his power to allow his family to overthrow the others and become the most powerful colony in the world.

Why You Should Read It?

Superhuman speed Vs Thousands of years of combat techniques? Not even a contest.
I kill Vampires with a Cane while wearing a tuxedo and driving a Lambo....your argument is invalid.

Although only one-issue in it has the potential to build into an incredible series. For those of you who are familiar with Lazarus it has that kind of vibe going for it and a similar concept albeit executed very differently. One thing that sets this series apart from most Vampire based fiction is that the Vamps are not the top of the food chain in fact most of them have a decent amount of fear for the Day Men and with good damn reason.

These guys are damn scary and seem to make a mockery out of Vampires despite their super-human speed and strength.

I can't even think of a comparison I can make for this series as I said prior in this post Image's Lazarus is the closest comparison I can make due to the feel of the story. Ever since I, Vampire got canceled (damn you DC *shakes fist*) i've been looking for a decent Vampire themed series which is a lot harder to find than you would think and if issue #1 is anything to judge this series on then its is going to be awesome. If you have room on your pull-list for another series and you like the look of this then DO IT! Its only 1 issue in! You have 0 catching up to do!

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@theacidskull: Yeah I keep meaning to check it out but I know as soon as Ninjak starts i'll have to drop it for that so i'm deliberating if I could take the pain!

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Should i start reading Indie or Dark Horse @strider92 ? know what i like,partially at least...

Advise please!

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I'll give it a whistle. Should I wait till the first volume is out, or should start now.

@theacidskull Oh what's eternal warrior?

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@punyparker: Dark Horse is the comic company I read the least of. The only ones from that I can recommend are Buzzkill and X.

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@laflux: Its a new Valiant series based on Gilad (Armstrong's brother). About a guy who doesn't age.

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@punyparker: Dark Horse is the comic company I read the least of. The only ones from that I can recommend are Buzzkill and X.



And guys(to all of you) from DC 'xcept Snyder's Batman,what's good on the market!?

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I really enjoyed the first issue of this book and I would advise people if they are really that bothered that there are vampires in it look at it instead as a great crime noir book like the Godfather.

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@strider92: Just read the first issue, and I'm impressed. I'm just disappointed that Casey turned down the opportunity for some saphic loving.......

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@punyparker: Other Indie's? Lots lol.


  • Day Men
  • Lazarus
  • The Activity
  • Fathom
  • Suicide Risk
  • Walking Dead
  • Invincible
  • The Spider
  • Deathmatch
  • Executive Assistant Assassins
  • Aphrodite IX
  • Hit List
  • Saga
  • Critter
  • The Bounce
  • The Shadow
  • The Darkness

Limited series:

  • Luther Strode
  • Soldier Zero
  • Absolution
  • Halcyon
  • Hunter Killer
  • '68 (all the series is pretty cool but 68: Jungle Jim was the best imo).
  • Seven Percent

Thats just a few theres bound to be a lot more i've read and forgotten to include lol.

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@strider92: Whoa!! stuff to do now!! :P

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i heard about this series somewhere but yeah, it sounded epic. i'm glad you did a review, looks totally different than the way i imagined it but still cool.