Peter Stanchek Respect/Feat thread.

Due to their not being a lot of issues of this rather than break it down into different categories like I usually do (Durability, strength etc..) I will show the feats with the issue number as their aren't really enough feats to categorize yet.

Name: Peter Stanchek

Class: Omega Level Harbinger

Powers: Various Psionic and Telepathic based abilities many of which are undiscovered

Harbinger #1:

Shows his telepathy by being able to hear the thoughts of ever person he walks by and makes a cashier give him all the money in a till then forget him:

Makes Kris fall in love with him:

Harbinger #2:

Peter cuts loose and takes out a lot of soldiers using telepathy and telekinesis, deflects bullets without looking, sends a van flying with TK and pulls a helicopter out of the sky:

Harbinger #3:

Shows Peter's powers were strong even as a child. Accidently throwing a kid like a ragdoll, putting both his dad and a doctor into a coma and flight:

Has a brief fight against a Harbinger with electrokinesis:

Harbinger #4:

Beats down a pair of Harbingers with Super-speed and pisonic manipulation. In the training it is revealed that ontop of Telepathy and Telekinesis Peter also has something called "the sting" (an attack that hits a persons mind), thought transference and impact psychokinesis:

Show he can communicate with a persons brain to awaken their abilities or to check if they are living:

Throws Ingrid around with no problem and was able to detect that people had been mind wiped:

Harbinger #5:

Sees through Ingrid's illusions and forces his way into her mind:

Fights Hidden Moon a Harbinger who can negate other Harbingers powers:

His scream damages the buildings around him and demonstrates flight:

Peter attacks the Harbinger Foundation. Pulls part of a building down and demonstrates forcefields:

Harbinger #7 (Pete didn't do much in 6):

Uses his powers to activate another Harbinger and to create a forcefield to protect him from her pyrokinesis:

Harbinger #8:

Creates another forcefield:

Harbinger #9:

More forcefielding against helicopters and flight:


this will be updated as more feats when more issues come out and more feats become available!


Cool thread man

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Cool thread man

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@strider92: Will you be continuing this thread? I have all issues of Harbinger and can upload them.

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Peter is like my new favorite character

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@strider92: Will you be continuing this thread? I have all issues of Harbinger and can upload them.

I will as soon as I get back from France on the 5th :)

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@strider92: Gotcha!

No hurry, just trying to get more awareness out there with valiant titles. They're too good right now not to get more love.

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@fallschirmjager: if you want to upload some scans and link me I'll add them to the OP and credit you :)

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@strider92: Most of his feats are in the first 9 issues you've got covered, but here are most of the notable ones I collected from the rest of them going forward.

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