Lucius The Eternal Respect Thread!

Lucius The Eternal:

Alias: The Soulthief, Fulgrim's Champion, The Scion of Chemos

Standard Gear:

Blade Of The Laer:

In Lucius' left hand, he wields a relic Power Sword from the Great Crusade. Millennia ago, following the Drop Site massacre on Istavaan V, the Greater Daemon of Slaanesh who possessed the body of the Primarch Fulgrim presented the Daemon-sword Fulgrim had recovered from the homeworld of the xenos known as the Laer to Lucius as a sign of Slaanesh's favour. This alien, single-edged blade once contained the captured essence of the daemon that possessed Fulgrim, but lost much of its power once the daemon was freed from imprisonment within the sword to inhabit the unfortunate Primarch's body for a time. Now the blade is an ordinary Power Sword of an exquisitely curved, single-edged design, but in Lucius' hands it remains as lethal as any blade that has ever been forged.

The Blade of Laer counts as a power weapon for more information on power weapons see the Space Marine Respect Thread.

The Lash Of Torment:

In his right hand, Lucius is armed with his personal Daemon Weapon, a gift from Slaanesh known as a Lash of Torment. This weapon takes the form of either a whip, or multiple lengthy tendrils, that twists and coils with a mind of its own. Cruelly barbed hooks run along its length and its sinuous coils are warm yet unsettling to the touch. Within this physical vessel is bound the essence of a Daemonette, and the whip is in turn bound to its bearer, either fusing to and ultimately absorbing his or her hand, or by fusing directly to his or her spine like a Mechadendrite. The Lash of Torment is, like all Daemon Weapons, sentient and has a will of its own. In battle it will move independently from its bearer, attempting to coil around any living being foolish enough to get close. Once it has trapped a victim, the Lash will writhe and constrict around the hapless being, slowly suffocating it and cutting it to pieces with its multiple barbs. The most disturbing power of the Lash is that it does not only thrive on the pain and fear of its victims, it also psychically projects these feelings to all those in the vicinity of its actions. Servants of Slaanesh find this highly entertaining and wonderfully pleasurable, but other beings have been seen running away in terror when forced to experience the terrible agony of one of their fellows caught in the Lash of Torment. Even outside of combat, the Lash 's ability to project emotions is a valued tool during the debased and perverse rituals of praise that the servants of Slaanesh engage in.

Commorite Stimm-Pack:

Lucius further bolsters his already superhuman speed and strength with exotic combat stimulants, a prize wrested from the gladiatorial arenas of the Dark Eldar. The stimm-rack that dumps these combat drugs into his system before each duel was implanted within his flesh by the renegade Chirurgeon Fabius Bile, a fellow student of the black arts and pilgrim to hidden Commoragh.

Armour Of Shrieking Souls:

Lucius is able to constantly reincarnate within the body of any being that manages to kill him, effectively making him immortal. So long as the killer takes some measure of satisfaction from the victory over Lucius, this will result in the victor's body transforming and their soul becoming trapped in Lucius' suit of Power Armour, a Daemonic artifact known as the Armor Of Shrieking Souls. This armour draws its hellish strength from the thousands of souls trapped within it, providing Lucius with enhanced protection from any onslaught he encounters. Lucius is also able to focus the residual energies of the imprisoned souls' torment into a lethal sonic crescendo on an opponent's mind at will, causing the foe immense pain. Lucius' ancient Mk 4 Power Armor is all but hidden under a writhing skin of tortured flesh.

The sonic attack in action:

For more information on Power Armour see the Space Marine Respect Thread.

Mark Of Slaanesh:

Lucius also bears the Mark of Slaanesh upon the Armour of Shrieking Souls and is equipped with Slaaneshi combat drugs intended to heighten the sensations of battle. He is empowered with the powers wrought by Slaanesh's favour and daemonic physical strength and durability. Lucius has mutated considerably in the millennia since his fall to Chaos and among the physical "gifts" he has received from the Prince of Pleasure are a pair of goat-like cloven hooves.


As an Adeptus Astrates Lucius is capable of replicating any feat performed by a Space Marine however he is considerably fast in terms of combat speed. For Space Marine feats and stats see the Space Marine Respect Thread.


Lucius Killing Space Marines with ease while dodging bolter fire (mach 2 speed):

Lucius killing megarachnids.

Megarachnids are too fast for Space Marines with mach 2 reactions to even see properly:

Lucius takes on Megarachnids and doesn't only beat them but shows that he is out-right playing with them:

Lucius continues to play with the Megarachnids as he takes on the equivalent of 4 super-humanly fast swordsman at once and Tarvitz admits to having never seen him be beaten in a sword-fight:

Lucius deflects a bullet before killing a Marine:

Beats a Chaos Lord in close combat with his swordsmanship:

Lucius Vs Charmosian (Chaplin):

Lucius Vs Erebus. Lucius strikes move so fast that 5 experienced marines have trouble seeing his strikes.*

Drawing his blade, Lucius had entered the practice cage facing Erebus. The iron hemispheres closed around them. Lucius took up a straddled stance, his broadsword held high and close. Erebus kept his own blade extended low. They circled. Both Astartes were stripped to die waist, the musculature of their upper bodies rippling. This was play, but a wrong move could maim. Or kill.

The bout lasted sixteen minutes. That in itself would have made it one of the longest sparring sessions any of diem had ever known. What made it more remarkable was die fact that in that time, mere was no pause, no hesitation, no cessation. Erebus and Lucius flew at one another, and rang blows off one another's blades at a rate of three or four a second. It was relentless, extraordinary, a dizzying blur of dancing bodies and gleaming swords that rang on and on like a dream.

Abaddon, Tarvitz, Torgaddon, Loken and Aximand closed around the cage in fascination, beginning to clap and yell in thorough approval of the amazing skill on display.

Still they duelled on. Erebus's style was defensive, low, repeating and changing each parry like a mechanism. Lucius's style was full of attack, furious, brilliant, dexterous The play of them was hard to follow.

At the fifty-ninth second of the sixteenth minute, according to the practice cage chron, Lucius scored his winning blow. He hooked his broadsword under Ere-bus's guard and wrenched the Word Bearer's blade out of his grip. Erebus fell back against the bars of the practice cage, and found Lucius's blade edge at his throat.

'Whoa! Whoa now, Lucius!' Aximand cried, triggering the cage open.

'Sorry.’ said Lucius, not sorry at all. He withdrew his broadsword and saluted Erebus, sweat beading his bare shoulders

A good match. Thank you, sir.'

'My thanks to you,' Erebus smiled, breathing hard. He bent to pick up his blade. 'Your skill with a sword is second to none, Captain Lucius.’

-Horus Rising Pg. 73

If anyone has the feat where Lucius lolstomps that squad of Terminators it would be much appreciated because I can't remember where its from :(. I'll update this as I find more feats.

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