Last Man Standing 2013

Well the reprint of Dan Luvisi's Last Man Standing: Killbook Of A Bounty Hunter comes out this summer! So if you missed this amazing graphic novel nows your chance to pick it up!

Here's some of the stunning art from this book:

The reprint will feature art from other artists and winners of Luvisi's competition some of the art looks absolutely gorgeous:

We've even seen what is supposed to be some preview art for the Last Man Standing comic series that starts this year as well from Mr. Luvisi himself:

Suffice to say the art interiors look like they will be positively stunning. Dan has done a brilliant job on his characters backgrounds and Gabriel and Dante in particular are brilliant creations.

Even before the comic series has started LMS has already snagged a movie deal from Paramont Pictures so hopefully if its as good as it looks we'll see Gabriel in all his badassness on the silver screen!

Anyone going to be picking up this comic when it starts?

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