Kharn The Betrayer Respect Thread!

Kharn The Betrayer:

Alias: The Betrayer, Crimson Psychopath, Red Death, The Avatar Of The Blood God

Standard Gear:


Kharn wields the Demon Weapon Gorechild. Gorechild is an ancient dread-axe thousands of years old made of adamantium with mica-dragon teeth for blades. The weapon counts both as a power-weapon (See the Space Marine Respect Thread for info on power weapons) and a daemon weapon. As a demon weapon the axe incorporates the essence of a trapped daemon:

A Daemon Weapon is a sentient item that grants tremendous power to its wielder. The weapon itself is often quite destructive in its own right, and nearly all Daemon Weapons allow their bearers access to their daemonic senses, heightening their perceptions of their surroundings. The bound daemon, if it has not been driven to insanity by its imprisonment, can also counsel its bearer or even manipulate him.

-Description of a Daemon Weapon

The bearer of such a weapon is in constant battle with the weapon to prevent it overtaking them and devouring their soul. Kharn use his bloodlust and insanity to channel the destructive nature of Gorechild onto his enemies and has remained in control of the weapon for the past 10 thousand years:

Some conformation of Gorechild being a Daemon weapon:

Gorechild, Kharn's daemonic axe, howled in his hands
-Let The Galaxy Burn, Wrath Of Kharn

Gorechild howled with frustrated bloodlust, writhing in his hand as if it would turn on him if he did not feed it more blood and sinew soon.
-Let The Galaxy Burn, Wrath Of Kharn

Kharn using Gorechild to suck the soul out of an opponent:

His axe howled thirstily as it drank deep of the ancient and corrupt soul imprisoned within.
-Let The Galaxy Burn, Wrath Of Kharn

Plasma Pistol:

Kharn wields an arcane Plasma Pistol that fires shots capable of reaching the same temperature as the sun. For more information on plasma weapons see the Space Marine Respect Thread.

The Blessings Of The Blood God and Collar Of Khorne:

Kharn bears the Mark and Collar of Khorne. These two artifacts render him completely immune to the effects of telepathy, telekinesis, reality warping and anything else outside the realm's of physical combat:

Daemonic Power Armor:

Kharn is the bearer of a set of daemonic power armor. For more information on Power Armor see the Space Marine Respect Thread. Kharn's version of power armor however is possessed by a daemon fortifying the armor with a daemonic aura rendering his durability far superior to that of a standard Marine. He also bears a daemonic forcefield:


As a Space Marine Kharn is capable of everything a Space Marine is (see the Space Marine Respect Thread) however he has proved himself far superior to a standard Marine in every aspect as I will show next.


Kharn tanking Bolt-gun shots (essentially small missiles) with ease:

‘BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!’ bellowed Khârn the Betrayer, charging forward through the hail of bolter fire, towards the Temple of Superlative Indulgence. The bolter shells ricocheting off his breastplate did not even slow him down. The Chaos Space Marine smiled to himself. The ancient ceramite of his armor had protected him for over ten thousand years. He felt certain it would not let him down today.

-Let The Galaxy Burn

Gets hit with a Lash of torment (a whip designed to take possession of your mind) and shrugs it off with sheer force of will and and bloodlust:

Leather-clad priestesses, their faces domino-masked, emerged from padded doorways. They lashed at Khârn with whips that sent surges of pain and pleasure through his body. Another man, one less hardened than Khârn, might have been overwhelmed by the sensation but Khârn had spent millennia in the service of his god, and what passed through him now was but a pale shadow compared to the battle lust that mastered him. He chopped through the snake-like flesh of the living lash. Poison blood spurted forth. The woman screamed as if he had cut her. Looking closer he saw that she and the whip were one. A leering daemonic head tipped the weapon’s handle and had buried its fangs into her wrist. Khârn’s interest was sated. He killed the priestess with on back-handed swipe of Gorechild.

-Let The Galaxy Burn

Demonstrates his Blood Blessing by resisting sorcery and hypnotism from a Slaanesh Lord:

As the cult leader spoke, imaged flickered through Khârn’s mind. He saw visions of his youth and all the joys he had known, before the rebellion of Horus and the Battle for Terra. Somehow it had all looked so clear and fresh and appealing, and it almost brought moisture to his tear ducts. He saw endless banquets of food and wine. For a moment, his palate was stimulated by all manner of strange and wonderful tastes, and his brain tingled with a myriad pleasures and stimulations. Visions of diaphanously-clad maidens danced before his eyes, beckoning enticingly.
For a moment, despite himself, Khârn felt an almost unthinkable temptation to betray his ancient oath to the Blood God. This was powerful sorcery indeed! He shook his head and bit his lip until the blood flowed. ‘NO TRUE WARRIOR OF KHORNE WOULD FALL FOR THIS PITIFUL TRICK!’ he bellowed.

-Let The Galaxy Burn

Kharn shows why he is the most dangerous close quarter fighter in 40 by soloing 2248 opponents in a single battle:

Khârn was in among them, and no man had ever been able to boast of facing Khârn in close combat and living. The numbers 2243, then 2244, blinked before his eyes. The ancient Gothic lettering of the digital death-counter, superimposed on Khârn’s field of vision, incremented quickly. Khârn was proud of this archaic device, presented by Warmaster Horus himself in ancient times. Its like could not be made in this degenerate age. Khârn grinned proudly as his tally of offerings for this campaign continued to rise. He still had a long way to go to match his personal best but that was not going to stop him trying. Such pathetic oafs were barely worth the killing, Khârn decided, lashing out reflexively and killing those Slaanesh worshippers who passed too close as they fled. 2246, 2247, 2248 went the death counter.
Men screamed and howled as they died. Khârn roared with pleasure, killing everything within his reach, reveling in the crunch of bone and the spray of blood.

-Let The Galaxy Burn

By the end of the battle how many opponents has he killed?

Once more he felt the thrill of victory, and knew no regrets for rejecting the daemon’s offer. 2487. Not his personal best, but still a good days work.

-Let The Galaxy Burn

Yep soloing 2487 opponents in a day and its not his personal best? Then what pray tell is his personal best? At the siege of Terra we find out:

I was the first to stand upon the walls of the Imperial Palace. I was the last to be borne away from Terra, my body broken by the slaying of one million of the Emperor's lackeys through the breach at Lions Gate.
None shall ever surpass my count.
The Contest is over. I won.

-The Weakness Of Others

Yep Kharn killed 1 million opponents in close combat on his own! One-fricking-million. These were all Space Marines. See the Space Marine Respect Thread to see what they are capable of and why this feat is so insane.

One of Kharn's most impressive close combat feats. Taking on upward of 30 Khrone berserkers in close combat at the same time. Berserkers have an average of mach 2 reaction speeds and can on average beat a Space Marine in close combat. Kharn takes on 30 of them at the same time (not separately, not one by one but at the same time) and slaughters them all mach 2 reaction speeds? Hah too slow:

Suddenly the rest of the berserkers were upon him. Khârn found himself fighting for his immortal life. These were no mere Slaanesh cultists. Newly tainted though they might be, they had once been worthy followers of Khorne, fierce, deadly and full of bloodlust. Mighty maces bludgeoned Khârn. Huge chainswords threatened to tear his rune-encrusted armor. Bolter shells tore chunks from his breastplate. Khârn fought on, undismayed, filled with the joy of battle, taking fierce pleasure every time Gorechild took another life. At last, these were worthy foes! The body count swiftly ticked to 2460 and continued to rise.
Instinctively Khârn sidestepped a blow that tore off one of the metal skulls which dangled from his belt. The Betrayer swore he would replace it with the attacker’s own skull. His return stroke made good his vow. He whirled Gorechild in a great figure-of-eight and cleared a space all around him, sending two more traitors to make their excuses to the Blood Good. Insane bloodlust surged through him, overcoming even the soporific influence of the Heart of Desire and for a moment Khârn fought with his full unfettered power. He became transformed into an unstoppable engine of destruction and nothing could stand against him.
Khârn’s heart pounded. The blood sang through his veins and the desire to kill made him howl uncontrollably. Bones crunched beneath his axe. His pistol blew away the life of its targets. He stamped on the heads of the fallen, crushing them to jelly. Khârn ignored pain, ignored any idea of self-preservation, and fought for the pure love of fighting. He killed and he killed.
All too soon it was over, and Khârn stood alone in a circle of corpses. His breathing rasped from his chest. Blood seeped through a dozen small punctures in his armor. He felt like a rib might have been broken by the last blow of that mace but he was triumphant. His counter read 2485. He sensed the presence of one more victim and turned to confront the figure on the dais.

-Let The Galaxy Burn

Kharn Vs Loken. Kharn takes on Loken and has him on the ropes until a land raider crashes into him:

It was later revealed that despite being hit by almost 100tons worth of tank and having his chest completely torn out Kharn's healing factor had kicked and he regenerated. This is just prior to him slaying the 1 million opponents. So not only did he kill 1 million opponents in said battle he did so after having a tank pushing 100tons rip open his chest. Now that is stamina and durability!

Kharn sitting back and letting Angron Primarch of the World Eaters beat him up without wearing any armor or nay of his Chaos upgrades:

He exhaled, and took another step into the room. For a moment he thought he could hear movement, the padding of feet, a rush of air that felt like breath before everything splintered and whirled and he crashed into a pillared wall to land hard on his back, gasping in pain.
By the time the gasp had entered his lungs, reflex had taken over and he was up on one knee, turning to put his broken right arm and shoulder to the wall and holding and tensing his left arm ready to ward as he scanned for motion, eyes sifting the gloom, pushing into infrared to see the hulking shape hurtling forwards to fill his vision—
Will overrode reflex, and with an iron effort Khârn forced his hand towards his side. Then he was skittering on his back across the floor, breath hammered out of his lungs and cracked clavicle flaring. Unthinkingly he drew his knees to his chest, turned the skidding tumble into a backwards roll. Training, determination and Astartes neural wiring let him shunt the pain to the back of his mind as he came up into a combat crouch.
Then will took over again, and Khârn made himself stand upright and placed his hands by his sides. He looked back and found the spot where he had rested a moment ago, but the floor was empty, no shape or heat-trace.
Was this how it was for the others? He caught himself wondering, and stopped thinking about it when the lapse in concentration started him swaying on the spot. He focused, half-heard movement closing in behind him and opened his mouth to speak, and a moment later was jerked up from the floor, the back of his head and neck in the grip of a hand that felt bigger and harder than a Dreadnaught’s rubble-claw. Will, will over instinct: Khârn stopped himself from kicking backwards, trying to wrench free.
"Another one? Another one like the rest?" The voice in his ear was a rasp, a rumble, words like handfuls of hot gravel. "Warrior made, warrior garbed, uhh..." For a moment the grip on the back of Khârn’s neck juddered and his body shook like a Stormbird hitting atmosphere, then the animal growl from behind him became a roar.
He was being carried forwards one-handed in long blurring strides across the width of the hall.
"Fight me!" With the words, a slam into the wall hard enough to leave Khârn’s wits red-tinged and reeling.
"Fight me!" Another slam and the red was shot through with black. His limbs felt sluggish and only half there. The voice was bellowing drowning his hearing, pouring into his head and trampling his jangled thoughts.
"Fiiight!" Another steel-hard grip closed about his broken arm and for a brief moment Khârn whirled through the air. Another impact and his back was to the wall, his feet dangling, broken shoulder incandescent with pain as one of the great hands pinned him against the dark marble.
It took a moment for things to clear. Astartes biochemistry stabilised his pain and his cognition, glanded stress-hormones
slammed into his system and Khârn looked at his primarch’s face with clear eyes.
Wiry, copper-red hair curled away from a high brow, pale eyes sat deep behind cheekbones that angled down like axe-strokes to an aquiline nose and a broad, thin-lipped mouth.
It was the face of a general to follow unto death, the face of a teacher at whose feet the wise would fight to sit, the face of a king made for the adoration of worlds: the face of a primarch.
And rage made it the face of a beast. Rage pushed and distorted the features like a tumour breaking out from the skull beneath. It made the eyes into yellow, empty pits, debased the proud lines of brow and jaw, peeled the lips back from the teeth.
And yet it was a face so maddeningly familiar, the face of the sire whose template had made the War Hounds themselves. Khârn could see his brethren in the bronze skin, the set of the eyes, the lines of jaw and skull. Pinned there and staring, the thought that flicked into his mind was of the Legion’s battles against the capering xenos whose masks wove faces out of light, taunting them with distorted mockeries of themselves.
The primarch’s grip tensed, and Khârn wondered if he had heard the thought – didn’t they say some of their sires had that trick? Slowly Angron’s other hand rose up before Khârn’s face. Even in this light he could see the crackling shell of quickclotting blood coating the fingers. The hand made a trembling fist before his face that seemed to hang there for an age before it slowly opened to make a stiff-fingered claw. Khârn could tell how the claw would strike: a finger in each eye, powerful enough to punch through the back of the socket and into his brain, the thumb under his jaw to crush his throat, the whole hand then ready to clench and rip away the front of his skull or pull his head from his neck. Astartes bone was powerfully made – did the primarch have the power for that in just one of his hands? Khârn thought he did.
But the hand did not strike. Instead Angron leaned forwards, the snarling gargoyle-mask of his face closing, closing, until his mouth was by Khârn’s ear.
"Why?" And his whisper was like the grate of tank-treads on stone. "I can see what you’re made for. You’re made to spill blood, just as I am. You’re not born normal men, any more than I was." A long, savage growl. "So why? Why no triumph rope? Why no weapon in your hand? Why do you all walk down here so meek? Don’t you know whose blood I really— eh?"
They were close enough that he had felt Khârn’s smile against his cheek, and now he pulled back to see it. Angron’s eyes squeezed shut for a moment, then flashed open again as he twitched Khârn away from the wall and slammed him back again. It seemed to Khârn that he could feel the fingers of the hand that held him thrumming with checked violence.
"What’s this? Showing your teeth?" Another slam against the wall. "Why are you smiling?" By the end of the question the voice was once again at that shattering roar, and even Khârn’s hearing, more resilient than human, rang for whole seconds before it cleared. And in those few seconds, he realised that the question had not been rhetorical. Angron was waiting for an answer.
"I am..." His voice, when he found it, was hoarse and brittle. "I am proud of my Legion brothers." He swallowed to try and soothe his dry throat so that he could speak again, but before he could take another breath he was pulled from the wall and dropped. Angron’s kick lofted him into the air in a long curve that fetched him up against a cold, torn corpse. When Khârn dragged in a breath it was full of the reek of blood and offal. There was no way to tell whose the body had been.
Bare feet thumped along the stone floor, counter-pointing growling heaves of breath as Angron closed the distance. He leapt and landed in a crouch beside Khârn as he tried to make his body move. The grip damped around him again, around his jaw and face this time, and he was dragged half-upright to stare into the primarch’s eyes again.
"Proud." Angron’s lips worked as though he were chewing on the word. "Your brothers. No warriors. None of you will fight. Why... are... you..." He was shaping his words with difficulty, and one hand had risen to clutch at his head. "How, uh, how can, nnn..." And then he lifted Khârn by the front of his tunic and slammed him back down. The ragged remains on the floor gave a bloody squelch as Khârn’s back came down across them.
"No pride!" roared Angron, in a voice that Khârn thought dizzily could finish the job of bone-breaking that his fists had started. "No pride in brothers who stand there with their wits slack! Dulleyed as a steer on a slaughter-chute! None of you fight! My brothers, my brothers and sisters, oh..." The grip on Khârn’s tunic lifted, and he blinked his vision clear and looked up. Angron was not looking at him any more. The primarch had sunk back onto his haunches, one great hand over his eyes. His voice was still a powerful rumble, but barely formed and harsh with accent. Khârn had to concentrate to make out the words. "My poor warriors," Angron was murmuring, "my lost ones." And then he dropped his hand and looked into Khârn’s eyes. The fury was still in his stare, but it had been banked like a furnace,
glowing a dull vermilion rather than roaring crimson.
"Your brothers," he said in a drained voice, "are not like my brothers, whoever you are."
Whoever you are. It took a moment for the words to sink in, and the next thought was, He doesn’t know. How can he not know? Still flat on the floor, Khârn took a shuddering breath.
"My name is Khârn. I am a warrior—"
"No!" Angron’s fist shattered the floor beside Kharn’s head. Stone chips stung his skin. "No warrior! No!"
"—of the Legiones Astartes, the great league of battle-brothers
in service to our—"
"No! Dead!" screamed Angron, his head back, muscles corded in his neck. "Uhhh, my warriors are dead, my brothers, my sisters—"
"—beloved Emperor," said Khârn, fighting to keep his voice cool and level,

-The Betrayer

To put in perspective why this feat is so impressive I will show you how strong Angron is:

“'Whats happening', he shouted over the noise.
No one answered and Loken fell as the top of the breach suddenly exploded in a sheet of flame that reached hundreds of meters into the air. Rocks and metal were hurled skywards as the top of the wall vanished in a massive seismic detonation.
Like the bunkers in the cities, the Brotherhood destroyed what they could not hold, and Loken's senses shut down briefly with the overload of light and noise. Twisted rubble and wreckage slammed down around them, Loken heard screams of pain and the crack of splintering armour as scores of his men were pulverised by the storm of boulders.
Dust and matter filled the air, and when Loken felt safe enough to move, he saw in horror that the entire crest of the breach had been destroyed. Angron and the World Eaters were gone, buried beneath the wreckage of a mountain.
Before Varvarus could react to the senior preceptor's declaration, the rubble behind him shifted and groaned, cracks splitting rock and metal as something vast and terrible heaved upwards from beneath the ground.
At first Loken thought that it was the second seismic charge he had feared, but then he saw that these tremors were far more localised. Janizaes scattered, and men shouted in alarm as more debris clattered from the breach. Loken gripped the hilt of his sword as he saw many of the Brotherhood's warriors reach for their weapons.
Then the breach exploded with a grinding crack of ruptured stone and something immense and red erupted from the ground with a bestial roar of hate and bloodlust. Soldiers fell away from the red giant, hurled aside by the violence of his sudden appearance.
Angron towered over them, bloody and enraged, and Loken marvelled that he could still be alive after thousands of tonnes of rock had engulfed him. But Angron was a primarch and what - save for an anathame - could lay one such as him low?”

-False Gods Pg. 389

Angron is capable of throwing of thousands of tons around and couldn't get Kharn to stay down without his armor on!

Kharn Vs Flesh Tearer: Kharn one-shots a Khorne/Blood Angel champion with a small blade. The same Champion that was seen butchering Khorne Berserkers that same day. Great skilling showing from Kharn:

Kharn stood unspeaking. He appeared to be sizing up the Flesh Tearer in return. Tarrogar raised his voice over the din.
"If the Betrayer is to fight then let it be an even contest have him put aside the Gorechild"
Mavin scoffed. It was a desperate ploy but before Mavin could give voice to his derision Kharn replied.
"Agreed. Give me a weapon you deem a suitable replacement"
Tarrogar gestured to one of his World Eaters a scarred veteran with a double headed power axe across his back.
"Drogen, give the Betrayer your blade"
The named berserker made to reach for his axe but the warlord halted him. A savage smile on his lips.
"Your sword Drogen. Give him your sword"
The World Eater, Drogen unhooked the short blade strapped at his waist and tossed it into the circle. Kharn retrieved it and drew it from the simple leather scabbard. It was forged from unadorned dark steel with a wide blade and a plain hilt. Tarrogar's laughter was taken up be several of his retinue.
"The fool thinks he has already won" Mavin muttered before Brond stepped forward.
"This is an insult" he made to unhook his own axe but to his surprise Kharn shook his head.
"No" he spun the short sword in his hand testing the weight of the blade. "This will suffice"
Mavin threw an alarmed look towards Brond. The Warlord simply shrugged as Kharn moved to the edge of the circle and laid Gorechild on the hot sands at Mavin's feet.
"Touch it and you'll die" Kharn warned before turning back to the task at hand.
The Flesh Tearer watched him closely eyes narrowed to points, taking in every nuance of his movements and stride as Kharn stalked back to the center of the fighting circle. Kharn drew up on the sand flexing his great muscular arms and neck. He beckoned to the beast.
"Come its time to draw blood"
"BLOOD!" with a scream of bestial rage the Flesh Tearer lunged forward. The beast was fast, supernaturally fast and barely seemed to touch the ground as it moved. The mighty chain glaive it wielded whirred deafeningly as eager for blood as its master and the Flesh Tearer brought it down overhead in a deadly arc. Kharn made no attempt to dodge the blow or feint to the side, nor to bring his blade up to block the powerful strike. As the Flesh Tearer screamed its horrifying war cry Kharn flipped the sword around into a reverse grip in his left hand and at the very last moment dropped down to one knee. The churning barbed teeth of the glaive tore threw the air only a millimeter from his forehead as he slid under the blow. Before the Flesh Tearer could turn for a second strike Kharn rose and still using his forward momentum plunged his blade into the side of the Flesh Tearer's head. With the flat of his right palm pressed against the butt of the hilt he guided the sword as he rammed it home with the full weight of his body behind it. Kharn roared and twist the hilt so sharply that the blade broke off inside his opponents skull. The Flesh Tearer was dead before his body hit the ground. Silence descended over the area. It had all happened in barely a few seconds.

-Chosen Of Khorne

Kharn kills the Terminator Lord Tarrogar. Marines in terminator armor have taken blows from 100+ tonners and yet Kharn tears one apart with apparent ease:

With a roar Kharn barreled into the Warlord from behind and Gorechild bit deeply into the back of Tarrogar's right leg. It's shrieking teeth spraying blood and shards of ceramite onto the arena floor. the blow did not fell him but he staggered and swung around lighting claws slashing through empty air. Kharn avoided their touch side-stepping neatly around his heavier foe and aimed another blow at the same leg striking hard into the weak armor at the back of the knee. Tarrogar howled i agony crashing to the ground his leg almost completely severed. Kharn was upon him instantly. He pinned the hulking beast his knee pressing one claw to the floor. He brought Gorechild close to aim his final and decapitating strike. With his free hand Tarrogar caught the mighty chainaxe by its hilt as Kharn brought it down towards his throat. The servos in his guantlet whined in protest such was Kharn's strength but he held fast the axe a safe distance away from his face. "You loose. Little man" Tarrogar grinned evilly and began to squeeze Kharn's fist in his servo powered gauntlet. Bare knuckles began to creak and crack under the terrible pressure. Kharn snarled wordlessly but smoothly drew his plasma pistol and aimed it into the joint of Tarrogars elbow. "No Devourer. You loose!" There was a flare like a miniature blue sun and Mavin was forced to cover his eyes. The Warlord had turned away from the shot but he not howled in pain and impotent rage. Armor, flesh and bone ran together dripping onto the ground and small flickers of flame danced in the charred joint where his arm now ended. Kharn tossed away the severed arm and gripped Gorechild in both hand. It was hard work to get at his enemies thick bull-like neck protected as it was by his terminator armor nut Kharn was not to be dissuaded. As Tarrogar cursed and spat Kharn worked the keening chainblade back and forth liek a demented surgeon. Sending razor shard of ceramite flying. With a sickening wet sound as the teeth bit home Tarrogar was silenced and bright red blood sprayed over Kharn's armor plate and exposed limbs. With a savage roar of triumph he hacked the Warlords head from his body and atrial pulses gushed from the ragged stump of his neck. Kharn lifted the severed head up high and roared.

-Chosen Of Khorne

Kharn physically overpowering Azrael the Chapter Master of the Dark Angels:

Azrael strained to keep his sword in place; Khârn’s fearsome strength augmented by the rage imbued in him by the Blood God. The Dark Angel was forced to take a step backwards.

With a snarl Khârn pushed Azrael back even further, the two ancient weapons coming apart in a shower of sparks

-Trials Of Azrael Page 16

Punching Azrael off his feet despite the Chapter Master's artificier power armor:

the World Eater struck out with his fist, the punch so powerful that it lifted Azrael from the ground and sent him crashing into a table.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 17

Cutting through an Emperor-class warship hull with Gorechild:

Khârn continued to slash down wildly with Gorechild forcing the Dark Angel to remain prone to avoid the blows. Each impact shattered more of the deck, thick cracks crazing through the toughened metal.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 19

Azrael remarks that the more bloodlusted Kharn becomes the better fighter he becomes:

The Supreme Grand Master had learned many things during his long years of combat, not least of which was that an angry opponent was a sloppy one but in the case of Khârn the Betrayer, the opposite held true. For ten thousand years the favoured son of the Blood God had followed the Eightfold Path to every corner of the galaxy, a trail of corpses in his wake and countless skulls claimed for the throne of Khorne. Numerous were the opponents who had thought Khârn beaten but just as numerous were the bodies of those who had prematurely celebrated victory over the World Eater.

The more battered and bloody he became, the greater his rage. The greater his rage, the more battered and bloody his enemies became.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 20

Azrael despite 10thousand years of combat experience is only able to land 2 blows on Kharn before the the World Eater blitz's him:

Azrael had cut Khârn twice. It was unlikely there would be a third time.

Relentlessly, Khârn came at Azrael, the Dark Angel desperately parrying the savage swipes as he backed away from his assailant. For every blow that he knocked aside, another made contact, breaking open armour and tearing the flesh beneath. There was no longer opportunity for counter-attack, each motion of the Dark Angel’s sword was a defensive stroke staving off the inevitable.

Aiming low again, Khârn slipped beneath Azrael’s guard and Gorechild ate through armour, arterial blood spilling from a wounded thigh. Azrael dropped to one knee and heaved his sword upwards to block yet another potentially killing blow which instead ended up embedded in the deck.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 22

Kharn shows the difference in skill and speed between himself and normal Marines by killing 3 so fast that he is already moving on before the corpses hit the ground:

The three Dark Angels did not know what was happening until it was too late. Pinned down by Black Legionnaires in defensible positions further along the corridor, they had taken to alcoves and doorways, slowly advancing from cover point to cover point, exchanging fire as they went.

The roar of a chainaxe from behind them drew their attention.

Two halves of the green-armoured figure fell wetly to the ground, his bolter discharging wildly in a spasming hand. One of the stray shots struck Khârn in the hip but he did not falter, swinging Gorechild around again and liberating another Dark Angel of his head.

The third Space Marine, unhelmeted and in the livery of a sergeant, pulled his chainsword free of its scabbard.

Khârn reacted quickest, severing the Dark Angel’s arm at the wrist, sending both fist and sword tumbling to the deck. His next swipe tore up through the stricken Space Marine’s torso, opening him up to the chest before one final blow claimed his head.

Khârn was already advancing along the corridor before the corpse hit the floor.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 34

Kharn solo's both an army of Space Marines and an army of his own allies that would have taken an hour if they had been fighting each other.........he kills them all in less than a minutes:

The Chosen of Khorne waded into the melee and, for the briefest of moments, the cultists were glad to have him at their side, the fate of their foes irrevocably sealed by the presence of the World Eater.

Their joy soon gave way to terror as Khârn ploughed through the throng, Gorechild’s thirst sated by the blood of friend and foe alike as it indiscriminately tore bodies apart. Like his patron, Khârn cared not from whence the blood flowed.

Left to their own devices, the two sides could have battled for the better part of an hour, attrition eventually granting the victory to whoever could outlast the other. Thanks to Khârn’s intervention, it lasted less than a minute.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 44

A Grey Knight Terminator and Justicar is unable to detect Kharn with telepathy due to his blessing of the blood god:

Wiping the sickly ichor from the blade of his weapon, Kersai became aware of the presence of another on the steel walkway. Disturbingly, the psyker’s warp gifts had not alerted him, the sound of footsteps being the first indicator of somebody approaching.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 62

The same Grey Knight hits Kharn with warp powers and Kharn doesn't even noticed them:

Caked in dried blood and filth, Khârn raised Gorechild and charged the Grey Knight. The silver-clad Space Marine raised his halberd, directing a powerful blast of psychic energy at the onrushing World Eater.

The stream of blue warp lightning washed over Khârn. Either choosing to ignore the pain or impervious to it, still he came. The Grey Knight renewed his assault, putting so much of his being into the power emanating from his force halberd that hoarfrost coated his suit of Terminator armour and dark blood leaked from both nostrils.

The effect was the same. His red armour glowing purple under the crackling wave of sapphire energy, Khârn did not falter.

KERSAI: No... This cannot be.

Resorting to more base tactics, Kersai raised his weapon to use it in the conventional manner but the World Eater was already upon him.

KHÂRN: Khorne protects me, Grey Knight. Unlike your corpse-Emperor.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 63

Kharn then proceeds to one-hit KO the GK Terminator:

A huge fist pounded into the psyker’s unprotected face, rearranging his features to such an extent that even the brothers who served beneath him would no longer recognise their justicar.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 63

Gorechild cut's through the GK's Terminator armor with ease:

Gorechild bit deep into the suit of Terminator plate, carving through the flesh and bone beneath and spraying its wielder with yet more blood. Hardly breaking stride, Khârn surged onwards as the Grey Knight’s constituent parts dropped away into the dark depths of the engine house.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 63

Kharn's enhanced senses are so great that he can track people via smelling their blood:

Despite having not killed for what felt to Khârn like an unbearable age, his choler was undiminished. Azrael was close, so close that the tang of blood hung on the stale air, the spoor of the Dark Angel’s wounds as clear as footprints to the World Eater.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 69

And fight in complete darkness:

The chamber they were duelling in was pitch black,

Trials Of Azrael Page 17

This will be updated with more feats later on as I can't do anymore reading right now!

Feats to come:

  • Kharn curbstomping Erebus
  • Going full-on Beserker

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Been waiting for this

Posted by Pokergeist

What is Chosen of Khorn?

Posted by DrunkVader

this guy looks boss

Posted by Pokergeist

Also because it is Easier.

Kharn takes out Imperial Guard and Tanks, then takes out in seconds 6 Khorn Berserkers.

Better scan of Kharn vs Loken.

Posted by Strider92

What is Chosen of Khorn?

Its an audio book. Unfortunately it isn't in written format so I listened to the story and typed up the relevant parts. Kharn is the main character in the story though which is cool:

Chosen Of Khorne

Posted by ChaosMarvel

@strider92: When did Kharn beat Erebus? Didn't Erebus fight equally with Lucius!? This may be the proof I need that Kharn is more skilled than Lucius!

this guy looks boss

The guy tanks 1000 tonners and blitzs mach 2 fighters i'll say he's boss!

Posted by DrunkVader

@strider92: When did Kharn beat Erebus? Didn't Erebus fight equally with Lucius!? This may be the proof I need that Kharn is more skilled than Lucius!

@drunkvader said:

this guy looks boss

The guy tanks 1000 tonners and blitzs mach 2 fighters i'll say he's boss!

Edited by Strider92

@chaosmarvel: In "The Betrayer" i'll post the fight once i'm motivated enough to read the book to find the page lol! However when Erebus fought Lucius, Lucius hadn't been made chaotic yet giving him the stat upgrade however the ease Kharn dispatched Erebus with was quite insane so I guess and argument could be made that Kharn is almost equal to Lucius in pure combat skill.

Edited by M3th

What is this Stride?


Posted by Strider92

@m3th: Its a respect thread for one of the characters from the 40k-verse. As he and other characters from his verse appear in battle threads sometimes I thought i'd make this to give people an idea what he's capable of. Here some other characters from the same universe if you're interested:

Edited by Pokergeist

@strider92: When did Kharn beat Erebus? Didn't Erebus fight equally with Lucius!? This may be the proof I need that Kharn is more skilled than Lucius!

@drunkvader said:

this guy looks boss

The guy tanks 1000 tonners and blitzs mach 2 fighters i'll say he's boss!

HEEEEEL KNOW! Lucius was just playing both matches!

Also remember Lucius was a better fighter AFTER his fight with Loken. Toward the beginning of the Heresy. Kharn also lost to Loken. Abaddon nearly lost to Loken!

Loken is pimp.

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Edited by nerdork

@strider92 Best thread ever...thank you for this!

I do miss his days as the War Hound, Assault Captain Kharn...though, he is far more BA as Kharn the Betrayer. For obvious reasons!

@cadencev2 LOKEN...IS...MY...FAVORITE! I hated his defeat. Even if it was a savage way to go.

Posted by Nelomaxwell

I have a bunch of 40k books on my HD I should read.

Incidentally does anyone think that Elric of Melainbone vs Kharn would be a good one?

Posted by Dragonborn_CT

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@cadencev2: @nerdork: @chaos_prime Just a random piece of information (that some of you may know aready) The Black Templar's combat doctrine is based on Kharn's fighting style because Sigismund (the first Emeperor's Champion) trained with Kharn and even went as far as copying Kharn's style of chaining his weapons to his arms.

So yep the Black Templars chain their weapons to their hands and train in Kharn's fighting style despite the Heresy because Kharn was such a damn badass at fighting that it would be stupid to drop the combat doctrine lol!

Posted by Chaos Prime

@cadencev2: @nerdork: @chaos_prime Just a random piece of information (that some of you may know aready) The Black Templar's combat doctrine is based on Kharn's fighting style because Sigismund (the first Emeperor's Champion) trained with Kharn and even went as far as copying Kharn's style of chaining his weapons to his arms.

So yep the Black Templars chain their weapons to their hands and train in Kharn's fighting style despite the Heresy because Kharn was such a damn badass at fighting that it would be stupid to drop the combat doctrine lol!

Didnt know that. Great stuff BTW :)

Posted by Pokergeist

@cadencev2: @nerdork: @chaos_prime Just a random piece of information (that some of you may know aready) The Black Templar's combat doctrine is based on Kharn's fighting style because Sigismund (the first Emeperor's Champion) trained with Kharn and even went as far as copying Kharn's style of chaining his weapons to his arms.

So yep the Black Templars chain their weapons to their hands and train in Kharn's fighting style despite the Heresy because Kharn was such a damn badass at fighting that it would be stupid to drop the combat doctrine lol!

Who is Sigsmund? I dont care!

Soul Drinkers kick all there a**es! lol

Edited by Strider92

@cadencev2: Sigismund was the 1st Emperor's Champion and wielder of the Black Sword. He's basically the guy who founded the Black Templars.


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@chaos_prime @cadencev2 updated with feats from Trials Of Azrael :D. Including Kharn cubstomping Azrael and a Grey Knight Justicar in Terminator armor! Could he be more awesome!

Posted by Dragonborn_CT

Despite him being a blood-crazed fiend who might decapitate and mutilate the guy next to him, Khârn is quite frankly a delightful fellow to be around. Despite his horrid reputation, he is actually a deep-minded and fun-loving sort of bloke in or outside of glorious, exalted combat. A truly rare breed of super-human, daemonically-enhanced abomination to nature, who just wants to have wild and heretical times with his friends. He does not care whether you are a traitor Guardsman or a fellow Chaos Space Marine, unless of course you are an effete pansy who worships Slaanesh, or the enemy, in which case he'll kill you the first chance he gets.

Posted by Strider92

@dragonborn_ct: What a kidder! Although to be fair what he said in Trials Of Azrael was quite amusing:

AZRAEL: I am Supreme Grand Master Azrael. Remember that name, Betrayer. It will be the last one you hear.

KHÂRN: Of course. That ridiculous helmet you wear should have given you away.

-Page 17

Posted by Chaos Prime

@strider92 Scary stuff :) But would like to ask one thing? Did Azrael have this normal gear for this encounter?(Lion Helm) Because if he did this makes Kharn feats even more impressive.

Great job BTW :)

Posted by Strider92

@chaos_prime: Yes he did. Everything was standard. Lion Helm, Sword Of Secrets, Loins Wrath etc.... and Kharn still pretty much schooled him.

Posted by Chaos Prime

@chaos_prime: Yes he did. Everything was standard. Lion Helm, Sword Of Secrets, Loins Wrath etc.... and Kharn still pretty much schooled him.

Bloody Hell :-0 Dare i say wots in store next for Kharn? Skulltaker? :)

Edited by Strider92

@chaos_prime: Kharn Vs Skulltaker would be a truly awesome fight. I couldn't actually call that although Kharn does have more feats.

Edited by Chaos Prime

@chaos_prime: Kharn Vs Skulltaker would be a truly awesome fight. I couldn't actually call that although Kharn does have more feats.

It would be epic indeed.My $$$ would be on Skulltaker but u never know with Kharn he could spring a surprisse on the Daemon :)

Posted by Avenger85

Blood for the Blood God ! Skulls for the Skull Throne ! Souls for the Soul Eater !

Posted by Avenger85

@strider92 said:

@chaos_prime: Kharn Vs Skulltaker would be a truly awesome fight. I couldn't actually call that although Kharn does have more feats.

It would be epic indeed.My $$$ would be on Skulltaker but u never know with Kharn he could spring a surprisse on the Daemon :)

I want to see Time of Legends Sigmar vs. Skulltaker. or Abhorash vs. Skulltaker. Or Sigmar vs. Abhorash.

Or in WH40k Lord Mephiston vs. Skulltaker.

Posted by Chaos Prime

@avenger85 Some fine encounters there :)

For me i would love to see the following

Marneus Calgar v Logan Grimnar (wont happen but wot an encounter that would be)

Lucius the Eternal v Skulltaker

Ezekiel v Cypher

Edited by Avenger85

@chaos_prime: Right now on the Imperium's side the only people I think can beat Karn 1 on 1 are Kaldor Draigo, a very pissed off Mephiston, and Seth in full black rage mode.

Basically Sanguinius' bloodline is the counter to Angron's boys.

Posted by Avenger85

@chaosmarvel: In "The Betrayer" i'll post the fight once i'm motivated enough to read the book to find the page lol! However when Erebus fought Lucius, Lucius hadn't been made chaotic yet giving him the stat upgrade however the ease Kharn dispatched Erebus with was quite insane so I guess and argument could be made that Kharn is almost equal to Lucius in pure combat skill.

That was not a fair fight. As since then Kharn was completely possessed by Khorne. I'd say he became a daemon since then. A more fair fight would be when he got his butt kicked real good by the Ultramarines Captain who was dual wielding swords until Angron came and killed the captain.

Edited by Strider92

Would have added this to the original post but everytime I click edit it deletes my original post so i'd prefer not to type all that out again. Here's a few more recent feats:

Bleeding around Kharn heals him:

For a long time Khârn lay unconscious and upon the edge of death in the hold of the World Eater’s battle barge, as the Legion’s captains argued about who should lead. Only when one captain murdered another, arguing over Khârn’s body, did he rise back to life, revived by the freshly spilled blood spattered over his flesh.

-Wardlords of The Dark Milenium

What Kharn did when he became disarmed:

At times Khârn has resorted to other means of killing, like in the factorums of Ulsa during the Bloodtorrent War, when Gorechild became jammed in the hull of a Mechanicum war machine and his plasma pistol fractured from overuse. The Betrayer turned the sharp edges and hard surfaces of the factorum to his own violent ends, impaling screaming Imperial Guardsmen soldiers on grinding gears or flaying the skin from their faces by pressing them on howling conveyers. Such was the carnage that the vast manufactorum ground to a halt, its workings clogged with the mangled remains of over a thousand pulverised corpses.

-Wardlords of The Dark Milenium

Killed an entire Imperial city on his own:

‘Emperor’s Teeth! One man did all this?’ - Viscount Hurlon, upon discovering Khârn’s murder of all 12,000 inhabitants of the Mirrored Spire of Vorlanthus IV

-Wardlords of The Dark Milenium

Abbadom acknowledges Kharn:

‘Only a fool takes Khârn for a mindless brute or rabid dog. Under that blood-soaked helm lurks an intelligence and cunning that makes him a masterful killer – trust me when I say that there is a dark purpose in his madness.’ - Abaddon the Despoiler

-Wardlords of The Dark Milenium

Little speed feat, Kharn was holding back here aswell:

Kharn grinned as the sword sliced towards his ribs, he was still grinning as he lashed the axe towards Sigismund's throat. The blow was fast, fast enough that a human would barely have seen it.

-Templar, T-5