C'tan Respect Thread

The C'tan:

It is said that the C'tan were created at the very beginning of the universe, spawned from swirling gases and enormous amounts of energy, and as such are etheric creatures by nature. In their natural form they are vast beings and spread themselves over the surface of a star, sucking at its energy to feed themselves. After a time, they learned to use diaphanous wings to travel to other stars to continue their consumption. The matter around them was so insignificant that it didn't even register to their voracious appetites.

-Description of the C'tan

Notable C'tan:

The Nightbringer:

"I am endless. I am oblivion. Since the dawn of time I have existed and you attempt to resist me? Foolish mortals. I shall bring the night to your pathetic existence."

-The Nightbringer

The Nightbringer was the first C'tan to make its presence known and was the being responsible for devouring the star that was destroying Necrotyr. It is a being of immense age and power that in many cultures including the Eldar it has embedded itself as Death personified. Weaned on a diet of slaughter, nothing else could satisfy its hunger and the Nightbringer eagerly threw itself into war against the Old Ones, laying waste to entire regions of space in the name of its monstrous hunger.

The Deceiver:

"You think you can play games with me? You clearly do not know who you are talking to. Every game that you have ever played, every lie you have ever told, every method of deception you have ever used, I invented them all."

-The Deceiver

The Deceiver unlike its fellow C'tan who use their brute force and terrifying abilities to get their way instead uses trickery and deceit. Using its word it has caused whole civilizations to bend to its will.

The Void Dragon

"This thing. This Dragon. If it exists it is the biggest threat to life as we know it. If this thing ever returns then Emperor save our souls because the Dragon will devour us all."

-The Void Dragon (Imperial description)

The Void Dragon is the most powerful of the four remaining C'tan it was a master of the material realm and its warriors were practically invincible. While eating stars it takes the form of a cloud of dark light engulfing everything in its path.

The Outsider


-The Outsider

The Outsider is considered to be insanity incarnate. It disappeared after cannibalizing its brother and has not resurfaced into the material realm in recorded history thus no-one truly knows what the creature looks like and is generally referred to in texts as simply a pair of burning eyes that induce incredible fear and insanity on anyone unfortunate enough to gaze upon them.

Powers and Abilities:

Description of a C'tan Shard:

"Even in their reduced and wholly fettered state, C’tan shards are beings of near-unlimited power. They can manifest energy blasts, control the minds of lesser beings, manipulate the flow of time, and banish foes to alternate realities. Indeed, a C’tan shard’s abilities are limited by only two things, It’s imagination-which is immense- and glimmering memories of the being from which it was severed. Whilst no individual C’tan has full recall of the omnipotent being it once was, each caries the personality and hubris of that far vaster and more puissant being. Though a Shard has the power to reduce a tank to molten slag with but a gesture, it might simply not occur to it to do so, as its gestalt primogenitor would have tackled the situation through other means, such as by devolving the crew into primordial ooze, or deceiving them into attacking their own allies"

-Necron Codex pg. 40

C'tans destroying plants, devouring stars and creating black holes:

" Planets were razed, suns extinguished and whole systems devoured by black holes called into being by the reality warping powers of the star gods."

-Necron Codex pg. 9

A C'tan essentially removing someone from reality:

"Mutating the flow causation and remolding the temporal stream, the C'tan casts back into the darkness before time was time."

-Necron Codex pg. 41

A C'tan's mere presence destroys reality around:

"The natural world revolts at the C'tan shards presence, the very ground writhing and shaking as the physical laws holding reality together are undone."

-Necron Codex pg. 41

C'tan's presence destabilizes gravity:

"The C'tan's presence destabilizes gravitational forces, disrupting engines, teleporters and warp jumps."

-Necron Codex pg. 41

The Nightbringer eats a star from the inside out:

“Seventy thousand light years away, the star known to Imperial stellar cartographers as Cydo entered the final stages of its existence. It was a red giant of some ninety million kilometres diameter and had burned for over eight hundred million years. Had it not been for the billowing black shape floating impossibly in the star’s photosphere and draining the last of its massive energies, it would probably have continued to do so for perhaps another two thousand.

Normally, it generated energy at a colossal rate by burning hydrogen to helium in nuclear fusion reactions deep in its heart, but its core was no longer able to sustain the massive forces that burned within.

Powerful waves of electromagnetic energy and sprays of plasma formed into a rippling nimbus of coruscating light that washed from the star in pulsing waves. The Nightbringer fed and grew strong again in the depths of the dying star.”

Nightbringer pg. 273

The Nightbringer devours a man's life-force:

“As though sensing his thoughts the Nightbringer slowly turned to face him, the yellow pits of its eyes burning his soul, boring into the core of what made him human. But Kasimir de Valtos had set himself to becoming an immortal god and utter single- mindedness filled his thoughts as a creature from the dawn of time swept its darkness around him.

‘Make me like you! I freed you. I demand immortality – it is my right!’ shrieked de Valtos as the Nightbringer lowered its gaze to his. He felt himself sucked into the creature’s eyes, the emptiness of its stare more terrifying than anything he could comprehend. He saw the dawn of the alien’s race, the things they had done, the misery and suffering they had inflicted upon the galaxy and the blink of an eye that was the race of man. He dropped to his knees as the sheer insignificance of his existence trembled before the unutterable vastness of the alien’s consciousness. The fragile threads that were the twisted remains of Kasimir de Valtos’s sanity shattered under such awful self-knowledge. This being had tamed stars and wiped entire civilisations from existence before the human race had even crawled from the soup of creation. What need had it of him?

‘Please…’ he begged, ‘I want to live forever!’ The Nightbringer closed its clawed hand over de Valtos’s head, the blackened fist com- pletely enclosing his skull. Kasimir shrieked in terror at its touch, his flesh sloughing from his bones as it fed on his life energies.”

-Nightbringer pg. 224

Pulls a space-ship out of a different dimension:

“The Nightbringer released its grip on de Valtos, letting his ravaged body topple to the ground. Slowly, deliberately, it turned its attention to the glowing metal fixed in the centre of its former tomb, passing its gnarled fingers over the shape. And in space, a crescent shaped starship began to slowly drag itself from the shadowy realm it had occupied for the last sixty million years, called back into existence by its master.”

-Nightbringer pg. 224

The Nightbringer lolstomping some Space Marines despite the fact being weakened to only the tiniest fraction of its power:

“Uriel, Pasanius and Dardino faced the awesome form of the Nightbringer, weapons drawn, feeling waves of horror breaking against them, but standing firm in the face of the enemy. Uriel had nothing but contempt for the massive alien creature before him. The darkness of its spectral cloak billowed around its form and twin pools of sickly yellow pulsed within the darkness where its head might be.

The howling darkness of its scythe-arm lashed out, faster than the eye could follow. Sergeant Dardino grunted, more in surprise than pain as his torso toppled from his body and his legs crumpled in a flood of gore. Pasanius opened fire, his bolts stitching a path across the swirling night of the alien’s form. Hollow, echoing laughter pealed from the walls as each bolt flickered harmlessly through the enveloping darkness. The scythe licked out again and Pasanius’s bolter was sheared in two perfect halves. The return stroke removed his right arm below the elbow. Uriel used the distraction to close with the alien, slashing the power knife into the darkness. He screamed as the glacial chill of the being’s substance enfolded his arm. The creature’s awful talons swung in a low arc, punching through Uriel’s chest, tearing through a lung and rupturing his primary heart. He hurtled backwards, landing awkwardly across the remaining slab of the tomb, the glowing metal burning its image into the back of his armour. Pain ripped through him, deep in his chest, along his arm and within every nerve of his body. He groaned, fighting to push himself to his feet as he watched the Nightbringer begin the slaughter of his men.

Uriel roared with rage as the Nightbringer effortlessly butchered his men. Knowing that there was no chance to defeat this impossible creature, still they faced it, refusing to give in. Pasanius fought one-handed, slashing wildly at the creature as it darted about the chamber cutting and slicing.”

-Nightbringer pg. 228

The Marine realizing how weak the the Nightbringer was when it did this:

“The connection made between them by the Nightbringer granted Uriel the barest insight into the manifestation of this utterly alien being and suddenly he knew that despite the carnage it had wreaked, it was but a fraction of its true power. It was still so very weak and needed to feed. Uriel knew that every second that passed granted the Nightbringer fresh power as it fed on the strong life energies blazing in this place.”

-Nightbringer pg. 228

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As always, well done. Why C'Tan though? I figure you get around to Dark Eldar when ya did them so often. I lost all my scans of Necron 5th Edition. Tragic.

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Oh yeah, Assassins. You need those Assassin quotes! I even had some scans for a Calidus that took on Cyborgs from a Underhive.

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@indiecomicsftw: I will get around to the Dark Eldar its just their feats are few and far between. I'm going to re-read Path Of the Renegade again soon so i'll start with that.

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@indiecomicsftw: I will get around to the Dark Eldar its just their feats are few and far between. I'm going to re-read Path Of the Renegade again soon so i'll start with that.

Sounds good :)

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@strider92: BTW, the Deceaver pic sucks! He is like the most active C'tan.

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@indiecomicsftw: Yeah I tried to find a good one be it fan-art or official but to no avail. If you find a good image let me know.

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@indiecomicsftw: Yeah I tried to find a good one be it fan-art or official but to no avail. If you find a good image let me know.

Everyone hates him, thats it. Or maybe, he wants it this way 0_0

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Another top class Blog there strider92.Looking forward to the next one. (please let it be the Officio Assassinorum) :) lol

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C'Tan are one of the most interesting aspects of WH40K. Great stuff :)

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Love this!

really good.

I do remember a statement that said that the emperor vs Void dragon fight was FTL, i'll dig it up.

And now we have some support that C'tan are herald+ level even here on the vine.

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All the spoilers are doubled up