Best Indie Comic Moments Of The Week (8/11/2013)

This week I had a ball with indie comics. I had quite a few possibles but these were the three I decided on.

The Hit-List #2 (Zenescope Comics): Boom Headshot!

This week the Hit-list officially kicked off and the Assassin team making their move on the Brown House Bishops. The results are deadly and effective.

So many bald people

Our first assassin gets a gun pulled on him fortunately the thugs doing it are unaware of who they are threatening.

This is why you don't try to kill trained assassins

The second uses herself as bait to lure her targets in.

Yes. Yes she is serious

I could show more but heck buy the comic to see the rest of this. The last Assassin we see shall be known simply as the Honey-badger. The others all show their skills but him? Well he just does this and doesn't care about showing off.

Hand to hand? Puh-leeeeease

Bushido #5 (Top Cow): More Vampire Samurai's

Well Bushido is back and with a vengeance at that. This week it we saw probably the best fight in comics in general for the week.

Vampire SMASH!

So while Kichiro's brother is using his Vampire stats against other Vamps whats happening to Kichiro. Well he's getting his ass handed to him by the big bad guy.

Its just a flesh wound

After getting smacked around for a while the two brothers double team.


What happens next is pretty awesomely brutal.

Holy Crap!

And what follows that even more so.


At the end of this issue we also see what I have been waiting for since this series started.......Ninja Vampires! Yes Ninjas who are Vampires but you'll have to buy the issue to see that mwhahahaha.

Aphrodite IX #5 (Top Cow): Say Wha!?

Yep another Top Cow title made the list this week. Aphrodite after breaking free of her programming is a little bit pissed off.

Dat Art!

The main thing I liked about this issue was her internal monologue. Hawkins I praise your writing and of course Sejic is still (imo) the undisputed king of comic art currently!

"Hey why is she looking at me like that?"

But the best part was at the end of this issue.

XV, Wait...what?

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Didn't Aphrodite IX come out last week?

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@dondave: it came out on the Saturday but I do this on the Friday so for me i counted it as this week lol! My weeks are different to yours mortal! The digital release actually came out even earlier I believe (like September time) but unless its a digital exclusive I go by the printed version.

Posted by Chaos Prime

Bushido just stomps imo.Seems to have it all.Great characters, storyline & killer artwork :)

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Are you reading Quantum and Woody? That book is filled with funny-ass moments.