Best Indie Comic Moments Of The Week (25/10/2013)

Another week over and another weeks worth of indie goodness!

Bushido #4 (Top Cow): Vampires Vs Samurai's That Is The Question!

Bushido 4 answers the question that has crossed everyone's mind at some point or another and that question is who would win between a Vampire and a Samurai?

I like where this is headed!

and the answer is this.........Who the hell cares! Its awesome regardless of who wins! Allow me to show you why.

This is a Vampire getting sliced up by a Samurai. This is the definition of awesome.


This is another Vampire killing a Samurai. This is also the definition of awesome.


And this is a Samurai Vs a Samurai-Vampire.........your arguments are now invalid!:


Normally I limit myself to only 3 images per comic I add to this list but this issue is just so gorgeous in every aspect and I cannot and will not limit myself to just that small glimpse at the awesomeness that was this issue! Top Cow you are now back to the top of my favorite Indie companies!


2000AD #1855: Tripping On Art!?

Now 2000AD almost made it into this list twice for the same issue (2000AD contains multiple stories) once for the Pretorian Vs The Carnifex a very short and sweet fight that must been seen! But I thought that would be unfair so instead I settled on what I thought was the center point of this issue. The art that made me feel like I was on some form of ecstasy.

There was something about the art in this story that jumped out at me due to the contrast in styles. The sort of comic drawing crossed with CGI.

So shiny

There was no particular moment in this that stuck out I just found myself completely mesmerized by the art that I was seeing on the paper in front of me. This is the definition tripping on art!

Tag you're it!

The Shadow #18 (Dynamite): The Shadow Vs The Light

This is probably one of the best battles in comics this week (second only to Samurai's Vs Vampire of course!). We've already seen the Shadow throw down a few times with the Light and here it goes again!

Swords!? Peuh I have mah b****-slap hand

Given the amount of tussles these two have had now (c'mon what is this the 5th or 4th?) I was waiting to see a good conclusive fight and I wasn't disappointed.

As previously stated Hands>>>>Swords

Although everytime I see the Light I think her supername should have been Negative-Ninja-Nun though I still manage to look past that. As usual the artists in the Shadow pulled off yet another stunning few panels

In your face Batman!

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Bushido reminds me of Onimusha.

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this a great blog i love the pics and i love the background pic strider92 your background is ausome

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@strider92: Holy $hit I have been waiting for the final Shadow vs Light fight. YEEEES!