Best Indie Comic Moments Of The Week (18/10/2013)

This is just something i'm trying out. Its no secret to anyone who chats with me here on the vine that i'm a big fan of Indie comics in general so as I read so many random things I thought it would be interesting and insightful to post what I think the top 3 best bits to come out on Indie comics and only Indie comics every week. Hopefully you guys will agree and it'll give you a chance to see some stuff that interests you, that you may have missed!

Archer and Armstrong #14 (Valiant Comics): Archer Goes Batman!

Now whoever reads this series knows that Archer is a serious badass but this issue he's pissed off. So much so that he ends up channeling his inner Batman on some poor unsuspecting soldiers sent to kill him.

All i'm hearing is Bales "i'm swallowing nails" voice

He then goes on to have one of the best rants i've heard in comics in a long time about how he and the night are besties and how the night is apparently really into social networking.

I think we may have a new champion. Batman and Nolan-Bane step aside Archer might be the new king of the night. Heck the night apparently follows him on Twitter that means he must be important...

Its Official. Archer is Valiant's badass!

Critter #15 (BDI Comics): Best Use Of Telekinesis EVER!

At the moment in the Critter-verse everythings gone pretty crap. America is being flooded by a villain called Tidepool and all the heroes are pretty busy trying to keep of Pool's minions under wraps suffice to say its pretty chaotic. However during the chaos Yellow Jacket decides to enact some revenge.

As usual in these kind of grudge matches the villain gets in a few good hits and the hero retaliates leading to the villain saying how he won't be beaten as easily as the first time.

Apparently getting punched in the face by a 30tonner is just a minor inconvenience

Suffice to say it followed the general trend of fights until this happened. Critter has telekinesis but she doesn't use it much so when this happened I expected something awesome.

Sh*t is about to go down!

I expected something awesome to happen. What I didn't expect was this.

Wait? What? WALRUS POWA!

Buzzkill #2 (Dark Horse): Bloodiest Fight!

Now the theme of this whole issue is set pretty quick when a bunch of villains come to beat down on everyones favorite drug-induced super-hero who is trying to go T-total. However back-up arrives in the form of Eric.

Eric could you be more awesome?

Who the proceeds to beat the living bejeezus out of everything in his path. Suffice to say he uses his batons far better than Nightwing or Daredevil.....well more lethaly anyway. He also brings a few gadgets.

The answer is yes. Yes you can.

Upon seeing that he's gonna get Eric killed despite the dudes incredible awesomeness Ruben realizes he needs to bite the bullet and give in to the substances he's trying to kick. The results are........pretty extreme. Suffice to say the next couple of pages are filled with some pretty brutal and bloody fighting until the fight eventually ends.

"Oh god" seems a pretty sound reaction

Until the fight eventually ends.........


UNTIL THE FIGHT EVEN-..........never-mind doesn't look like he's stopping anytime soon.

I think i've found Luther Strode's long lost brother!

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Awesome! Like an Indie Best Battles of the Week! Definitely makes me want to pick up some of these titles now. Which one do you think is the best out of these?

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Awesome! Like an Indie Best Battles of the Week! Definitely makes me want to pick up some of these titles now. Which one do you think is the best out of these?

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Omg Buzzkill looks the nutz!! Thats one comic i gotta get into.

Any ideas on the number of issues in that series?

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@chaos_prime: Buzzkill is at issue 2 so you've only got 2 issues to read and yes it is nuts. The guy gets different powers via drugs and alcohol lol.

@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek: I personally have a soft-spot for Critter. Not sure why. Its fun and kinda kwirky but all 3 of these titles are awesome.

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@strider92 said:

Well, technically its the Goverment's money (In Uni), but you get the picture

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@laflux: meuh seems a worthy investment of the government's money!

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@strider92: Very nice. Shame they do not continue with Luther Strode.