Best Indie Comic Moments Of The Week (1/11/2013)

Executive Assistant Iris V4 Issue #2 (Aspen Comics): Best Fight!

The best fight from indie's this week comes from Executive Assistant Iris who has taken it upon herself to protect a small girl. I won't go into story details for people who want to read the issue but straight off the bat about 1 page in we are greeted with this double page.

"Ninja powers activate!"

This pretty much sets the tone for this issue which is basically non-stop action including but not limited too: Motorbike chases, flying daggers and all round awesomeness.

Fodder fights make for the most amusing panels

The are was awesome and Iris yet again shows why she is the most formidable of the Assistants.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its...

As I said most of this issue was comprised solely of Iris kicking ass.

A pair of throwing knives could you not see that?

The Spider #15 (Dynamite Comics): And Not A Single F*** Was Given That Day!

In this weeks Spider issue the Spider is out of his "tiny little tree" basically doing whatever he can to as many people as possible.

Can't argue with that efficientcy

In this issue he cuts loose not really caring about the repercussions just killing everything and everyone he deems guilty.

Gotta admire the dude for looking after his own health

I shall leave with this which basically summed up the entire issue and Spider's motivations during the entire thing.

The Honey Badger has some competition now!

The Darkness #115 (Top Cow): Guess Who's Back!?

The reason this is one of the best moments in comics this week is as follows. For those of you who haven't followed the Darkness, Jackie is no longer the Darkness but an evil clone made of nothing but pure Darkness is. Jackie finally having enough of his Doppelganger antics enlists the help of Aram.

Jackie has a beard now!

But due to some circumstances Jackie wants his new Doppelganger dead.

I shall stop your pimp cane!

However when Aram goes to destroy the Darkness Jackie steps in and we are left with the best panel I saw all week from any comic!

Will the real slim shady please stand up?

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I hope Jackie finally stops losing his powers.

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Cool segment.

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That's it, I'm getting the spider now....

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I like it

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@strider92: I commend you my fellow Darkness fan for including it.