Ahzek Ahriman Respect Thread!

Ahzek Ahriman:

Alias: The Exile, The Master Of The Thousand Sons

Standard Gear:

The Black Staff:

The Black Staff is an arcane force weapon that acts as a conduit for Ahzek's psychic abilities increasing their potency and enable him to use all his abilities simultaneously. As a force weapon it has the same overall characteristics. Force weapons possess the ability when in the hands of a psyker to rend reality apart allowing the bearer to destroy almost anything it comes into contact with.

Power Armor:

See Power Armor in Space Marine Respect thread

Bolt Pistol:

See Bolter in Space Marine Respect thread

Alpha Level Psyker:

Ahzek falls into the Alpha level Psyker category:

Grade DesignationPower Level
Rho/Pi (lowest grade):Common human little to no manifestation of psychic abilities

Omicron/Xi/Nu/Mu/Lambda/Kappa (Minor grade):

Unconscious and minor level of psionic brain activity. Such low levels of talent only manifest in high-stress experiences and remain beyond the control of the individual. Phenomenon commonly explained as "good luck" or "fluke" occurrences

Iota/Theta/Eta (Mid Grade):

Conscious and moderate level of psionic talent. As the individual is able to control abilities with effort, subjects of Iota level and higher are true psykers and under the jurisdiction of the Inquisition and Adeptus Telepathica

Zeta/Epsilon (High Grade):

Very high level of mental psychic activity. Manifesting early, these levels of talent require the immediate attention of Imperial authorities and represent a true security threat.

Delta/Gamma (Upper High Grade):

Occurring in approximately one-per-billion human births, Delta and Gamma level psykers exhibit extreme levels of psionic ability able to bring entire cities under their control. Unless discovered quickly, death or possession are common results of the untrained mind being unable to handle this level of mental energy.
Beta/Alpha (Highest Grade):

Exceedingly rare and dangerous. Mainstream Medicae Imperialis discussion agrees that current human beings do not possess the necessary evolutionary development to contain Beta and Alpha levels of psionic talent. As such, the great majority of those discovered at this Assignment rating usually suffer from mental instability. Those who can control their level of psychic abilities have been able to do truly incredible and monstrous things, the scale of their abilities allowing them to bring entire planets under their mental command.

Famous Alpha level psykers:

-Ahzek Ahriman


Alpha-Plus (Too Powerful To Grade):

In the rarest of all cases, the twenty-four point scale of the Assignment does not adequately characterize a being of indescribable ability. Such individuals, for all intents and purposes, pass beyond the scale entirely. These subjects are known as Alpha-Plus psykers. Unconstrained, Alpha-Plus psykers represent an immediate and catastrophic threat to the Imperium. In theory, there is nothing that a trained Alpha-Plus psyker cannot accomplish through force of will; from snapping a Titan in half, summoning a legion of Greater Daemons to crushing planets with their minds. Representing such a great danger, the Inquisition usually executes Alpha-Plus psykers on sight unless the possibility for capture is nearly assured.

Famous Alpha-Plus level psykers:

-The God Emperor Of Mankind

-Eldrad Ulthran

-Magnus The Red

-Apex Twins

Master Sorcerer:

Ahzek is one of the few Sorcerors to have mastered every art of psyker discipline in 40k.


Blood Boil: by reaching into an enemy's body with their mind, a psyker can rapidly accelerate their pulse and blood pressure to lethal levels with the end result being the victim's heart and brain exploding.

Enfeeble: a biomancer can drain the vigour of their enemy thus making them feel weak and incapable of acting.

Endurance: Reaching into the essence of his allies, the biomancer knits together bones, heals flesh, and banishes fatigue.

Haemorrhage: Focusing his mind, the psyker reaches forth and sets the inside of his enemy aflame. Within moments, the victim's blood boils and he bursts into flames.

Iron Arm: By transmuting his flesh into living metal, the biomancer, can wade through enemy fire unscathed and pulp skulls with iron fists.

Life Leech: The Psyker rips the life force from his enemy, harnessing the stolen essence for himself.

Regenerate: a psyker with the appropriate knowledge can reach into the very cells of their target and begin knitting together flesh and bind the wounds through their mental abilities alone.

Warp Speed: The powers of the Immaterium flow through the Psyker, heightening his speed to supernatural levels and allowing him to run at a speed where he appears at a mere blur.

Warp Strength: a psyker can invigorate a target with psychic energy by channeling the power of the Warp through their muscles, tendons and even bones which enhances their strength to remarkable levels.


Foreboding: The Psyker makes his allies and himself aware that their foes are about to charge, even before their foes have themselves realized it.

Forewarning: The Psyker prophetic powers allow him to walk through a hail of fire, dodging incoming bullets by knowing their exact trajectories in advance.

Misfortune: The Psyker twists fate so that he and his allies strikes tear through the weakest points in their opponents armor

Perfect Timing: As soon as his consciousness pierces the veil of the Warp, a rush of images flood the Diviner's mind, foretelling the actions of his enemies down to the nanosecond.

Prescience: The Psyker can predict the path of bullets and swords. By focusing his Warp sight even more closely he can guide his allies aims, allowing them to more accurately strike the enemy


Fiery Form: The Pyromancer transforms himself into pure flame, striking out at his foes and setting their souls ablaze.

Fire Shield: The Pyromancer throws up a towering wall of flame to protect him and his allies

Flame Breath: A torrent of psychic flames pour from the Psykers eyes and mouth.

Inferno: The Psyker sets the air itself aflame, creating a whirling pillar of fire to sweep through enemy ranks burning the oxygen from their lungs.

Sunburst: The Psyker sings a wild, ancient song derived from the Warp. As he does, an aura appears around him. When his song ends the aura explodes, creating a blinding flash.

Spontaneous Combustion: Focusing his anger, the Pyromancer can melt and incinerate his foes in an instant. When his rage subsides, the victims explode.


Along with the traditional uses psykers can also use TK in the floowing ways:

Gate of Infinity: The Psyker enters a corridor of the Immaterium (moving outside reality), allowing him to cross great distances in the Materium in the blink of an eye.

Objuration Mechanicum: The Psyker jams the weapons and engines of his enemies.

Shockwave: The Psyker slams his palms together and the noise is magnified a hundredfold, creating a devastating shockwave.

Telekine Dome: The Psyker erects a barrier of shimmering mental energy around himself that can deflect bullets and blows.

Vortex of Doom: The Telekine opens a tear between the material realm and the Warp, unleashing energies that consume any nearby foe.


Along with the traditional uses psykers can also use TP in the following ways:

Dominate: The Psyker reaches into his foe's mind, crushing their will to resist.

Hallucination: The Psyker induces paranoia, confusion, and panic into the minds of his enemies.

Invisibility: Reaching into the minds of his foes, the psyker obscures his and his allies own image from their enemy's sight.

Psychic Shriek: The Psyker breaths in deeply and the gathers the powers of the Warp, emitting a banshee howl of psychic energy that shreds the minds of his enemies.

Terrify: The Telepath assails them with mental images of their own darkest and dreadful nightmares.


Banishment: this power allows a daemonologist to create a temporary portal into the Warp which can either strip the power from a Psyker or banish a Daemonic creature back to the Warp which spawned it.

Instability: through this ability, a psyker can phase the molecules of their body allowing them to be slightly within the warp and thus allowing them to pass through solid matter.

Sanctuary: this creates a zone of power around a psyker which repels any daemonic beasts that approach it.

Teleportation: a psyker can use this power to transport themselves or another person/object into the warp and emerge somewhere else on the field.

Vortex of Chaos: a powerful ability known to psykers that practice the art of daemonology which allows them to open a gateway between the mortal world and the warp thus creating a swirling vortex which sucks everything near it into the tear in space.

Daemon Strength: by drawing upon the energy of the Warp, a psyker can imbue themselves with great strength and agility for a limited amount of time.

Summon Void: this power allows a psyker to open a small breach into the Warp which tears away a tiny piece of reality and drags it into the Immaterium.

Speed, Strength and Agility:

As a Space Marine Ahzek shares their physical stats see the Space Marine Respect Thread for feats.


Ahzek using Divination to kill a group of Daamon guard (Harrowing) with his eyes closed (This was during Exile when Ahzek was at his weakest):

Ahzek scouts an entire space craft in an instant. Still Exile Ahriman.

Ahzek soloing 5 other sorcerers one of who was capable of taking the other 4 on his own. Yet again this was during Exile when Ahzek was at his weakest demonstrating his mastery of psyker arts:

And how long did that entire battle take Ahzek?

Crushing Maroth's mind and possessing him:

Looks into the future to guide his bullets:

Sobek battled two of the beasts, his left arm held in the beak of a white-furred shrike as it attempted to saw through his shoulder. The second beast’s wings boomed as it hovered above his Practicus in a dust-filled whirlwind, raking Sobek’s armour with tearing claws.

Astartes and predatory killers fought in a confused mass of thrashing limbs, blades and claws. Ahriman swung his pistol around and drew on Aaetpio’s connection to the Great Ocean, tracing the myriad potential pathways of the future to follow the path his bolt would take in a fraction of a second. He squeezed the trigger twice in quick succession.

The first bolt punched through the skull of the shrike holding Sobek down, the second exploded the heart of the hovering beast, both impact points less than ten centimetres from Sobek’s body. Both beasts collapsed, slain instantly by Ahriman’s precision kill-shots.

Pg.356, A Thousand Sons

Looks into the future to see where his bullet will hit and guide it:

Using biomancy to control an opponents nervous system and drain another's life-force:

Lemuel screamed in terror, and the monster turned its long, stabbing beak towards the remembrancer. Ahriman reached out with an open palm and crushed his hand into a fist.

The shrike standing over Lemuel gave a strangled squawk as its nervous system overloaded with pain impulses. It collapsed into a shivering heap until Ahriman stamped down on its neck, spinning around as his precognitive sense screamed a warning at him. He blocked another bladed beak with a sweep of his staff, sending a pulse of fire along its length.

The creature shrieked as its body caught light, the flames spreading over its furred body with unnatural rapidity. The flames fed on a victim’s life-force, and would only extinguish when the creature was dead.

Pg.355, A Thousand Sons

Ahzek watches an entire battle before it happens:

Ahriman’s head was encased in a gleaming hood of shimmering light, a gossamer-thin matrix of precisely cut crystals hewn from the Reflecting Caves beneath Tizca. His mind floated in a meditative state, unbound from his mortal flesh and occupying a detached state in the higher Enumerations.

Fine copper wires trailed from this crystal hood, their nickel-jacketed ends immersed in psi-reactive gels that amplified Ahriman’s thoughts and allowed others to receive them. His mind skimmed the surface of the Great Ocean, allowing Aaetpio to guide the currents of potential futures his way. This close to the present, such echoes were easy to find, and it was a simple matter for a Tutelary of a Master of the Corvidae to pluck them from the aether.

His heightened sensitivity to the immediate future gave him an unmatched situational awareness. He could read the flow of thermoclines across the mountains, see every aircraft, and feel the fears of their crews as they surged towards Phoenix Crag. His awareness floated above the unfolding assault, reading its ebbs and flows as surely as if it were a slow-moving battle simulation.

Pg.332 A Thousand Sons

Ahzek seeing the future and preventing his ship getting blown up even knowing the name of the ship that did it before it occurs:

Ahriman saw a flickering image of an armour-piercing shell punch through the belly of Eagle’s Talon, a roaring Stormbird of the 6th Fellowship, and sent a pulse of warning into the matrix. He felt the brief moment of connection with the impossibly complex lattice of Magnus’ mind, the brightest sun at the heart of a golden web that eclipsed all others with its brilliance.

No sooner had his warning been sent than Eagle’s Talon banked sharply. Seconds later, a stream of shells tore empty air and exploded harmlessly above it. This was one of a score of warnings pulsing from Ahriman’s enhanced awareness, the vessels of the Thousand Sons dancing to his directions to evade harm. Each permutation altered the schemata of the future, each consequence rippling outwards, interacting with others in fiendishly complex patterns that only the enhanced mental structure of a specially trained Astartes could process.

On another modified Stormhawk, Ankhu Anen, a fellow disciple of the Corvidae, undertook similar duties. It was not an exact science, and they could not see every danger. Some aircraft were going to be hit, no matter how much the Corvidae sought to prevent it.

To mitigate against such immovable futures, every assault craft carried a mix of covens from each cult.

High ranking cultists of the Pavoni and Pyrae filled the air around the aircraft with crackling arcs of lightning and fire to detonate incoming shells before impact, while the Raptora maintained kine shields to deflect those shells that penetrated the fire screen. Athanaeans scanned the thoughts of enemy fighter pilots, skimming the manoeuvres and intercepts they planned from the surfaces of their minds.

It was a dance of potential futures, a whirlwind of the possible and the real, each one moving in and out of existence with every passing moment.

It was as close as Ahriman ever felt to perfection.

A nearby explosion rocked the Stormhawk, the shell that had been destined to blow it from the sky detonating harmlessly off its starboard wing.

“Two minutes to skids down,” shouted the pilot.

Ahriman smiled. The dance continued.

Pg.336 A Thousand Sons

Explaining that Ahzek knows what will happen in the future just as sure as what will happen if a man steps off a cliff:

In decades past, fractured timelines had shone through the veil of the empyrean, and Ahriman had seen the echoes of futures yet to come as easily as a mortal man could guess what might happen were he to step off a cliff.

Pg.121 A Thousand Sons

Ahriman is such a powerful psyker that he is considered to be a rift in reality:

Ahriman was a conduit of awesome immaterial power – a walking crack through which the warp and the real world bled into one another.

Atlas Infernal

Ahzek using pyromancy, telekinesis and diviation at the same time. His TK is so powerful that he can stop light and feel every single particle he's using his TK on (Yet again Ahzek at his weakest):

Thoughts, reasoning and logic slotted back into place like cogs in clockwork. This was what it was to be a Magister Templi of the Thousand Sons, this was what the Imperium had never grasped; power was nothing without balance. Reason to balance force, will to balance passion, coldness to balance fury. Ahriman sensed Astraeos reaching into the warp, drawing power to him like a choking man gulping air. Foolish, rash, unbalanced. The warp submitted to will, but to the balanced mind and body it gave the power to soar. Ahriman waited. He was ready, his mind rooted, its processes running with perfect precision. He expanded his awareness. There were people coming for them; they were running down the corridor on the other side of the door. Kadin had taken a stride, the pistons of his augmetic legs bunching in place of muscle. The door in front of them remained shut.

Ahriman selected his patterns of thought and formulae, placing them within the blank sheet of his mind like a surgeon arranging razors on a silver tray. He was ready. His hearts beat once. Kadin’s step crashed down. Red light strobed across Ahriman as he flicked out a telepathic command. +Down.+ Astraeos ducked. Kadin twisted, trying to shrug the command off even as he crashed into the passage wall. Fire sprang from Ahriman’s eyes. The air roared as it cooked. The white-hot beam struck the door and bored through it like a spear through fat. Liquid metal sprayed out in a molten flower. The hole in the door widened, rippling outwards, glowing brighter and brighter. Ahriman could feel the presence of minds beyond the door, fourteen still alive, one fading to nothing, ten already gone. His telekinetic blow hit the door and blew the remains out in a cone of molten metal rain. The troopers that had been crouching in the passage beyond vanished as the pressure wave lifted them from their feet and mashed them into the walls.

Some further back held their nerve and began to fire. Shots clouded the glowing breach in the door. Ahriman walked forwards. Cold light followed him, wrapping his body, spiralling around him as if in an invisible wind. The troopers kept firing as he stepped through the breach. Las-bolts and hard rounds flared as they met the cloak of light and began to spin, forming an accelerating column. Ahriman kept walking, the cyclone turning around him sucking up debris from the floor; swelling, turning faster and faster, beginning to glow as the fragments abraded to sand. Lightning crackled across its surface. Ahriman could feel his mind holding every particle as it flew. He reached the door. A wall of fire rose to meet him. He released the cyclone and it tore forwards. The storm broke over the troopers and tore them into fragments of bone and tatters of flesh. It swept on, scraping the passage walls to shining metal, and smearing everything with a wet red film. Ahriman walked in its wake, his eyes closed as his mind leapt ahead, running under the skin of the ship, sensing and hunting like a loosed hound

Pg.180 Ahriman: Exile

Ahzek telepathically possesses hundreds of Marines by saying their names, telepathically overpowers 36 sorcerers and disintegrates everything thrown at him on an atomic level (and yes.......still Ahzek at his weakest...).

Ahriman kept walking towards the centre of the hangar bay. Fire flicked towards him and he deflected it with a twitch of his thoughts. Power flowed through him and radiated outwards in a halo of blue flame. It was so simple, like being half blind and now able to see again. Ahriman could see Kadin now, standing on the gantry at the top of the machine tower, fire spitting from the barrel of his bolter. Carmenta lay on the floor behind Kadin. Cables crawled over her from where they spilled from access panels and data ducts. Silvanus crouched beside her; he had his eyes screwed shut. Ahriman stopped. He was at the centre of the hangar bay now, at the base of the tower from which Kadin was still firing. Ahriman’s dozen Rubricae formed a circle around him, facing outwards.

A thought from Ahriman and they stopped firing. A metre beyond their circle explosions danced across an invisible barrier. Astraeos looked at Ahriman with a flicker of concern. The hangar was full of Amon’s forces, hundreds of Rubricae encircling them in an unbroken wall. +This will work?+ Ahriman smiled. He looked at the army of Rubricae gathered in the hangar. He spoke their names, rolling them through the warp like the notes of a song. Other minds rose to oppose him, but he poured his will into the song of names. The warp felt like a river of fire as it flowed through him. The Rubricae stopped firing. Astraeos looked at Ahriman as if he had never really seen him before. +It’s not over yet,+ sent Ahriman. He could feel the sorcerers who stood at the back of the ranks of Rubricae recoiling in shock at what had just happened. There were thirty-six of them.

A good number and all were powerful, but not powerful enough. The air became heavy, laden with static and the scent of ozone. He felt the wills of the thirty-six sorcerers push into the warp. Huge pieces of wrecked machinery rose into the air as if pulled on invisible chains. Ahriman nodded to himself as if impressed. The pieces of wreckage hurtled towards him. His mind reached out and plunged into each piece of twisted metal. He felt their weight, their dimensions, and the spinning of their atoms. He formed a thought, and it caught in the warp like a spark set to kindling. The wreckage dissolved as it flew, falling to the deck as a rain of fine metallic sand.

Pg.192, Ahriman: Exile

Ahzek matching an Eldar Harlequin in physical speed in close combat(these things can blitz Space Marines with Mach 2 reactions):

As the Black Staff reached its master’s hands the Harlequin threw herself at Ahriman, riveblades and fist spike coming at the Thousand Sons sorcerer in a blur. The eldar’s weaponry sparked unnaturally off Ahriman’s Black Staff, the Adeptus Astartes putting the length of the weapon between him and the deadly alien weaponry of his furious attacker. Throughout the desperate battle the sorcerer’s skin blazed sapphire and his face maintained a cold composure. Smashing her in the half mask with the shaft of the Black Staff, Ahriman turned the horned-skull headpiece on the Harlequin, holding it like a form of firearm and blasting force bolts of immaterial energy at her. The Harlequin leapt like a cat, toes and fingertips to the ground as the close-range barrage came at her – but time and again the sorcerer’s doom-laden warp blasts failed to find their target. Mouthing a stream of silent incantations and curses, Ahriman lifted the arcane staff and span it about him with martial precision. A cyclone of warp flame erupted from the floor about the fell sorcerer and the prone Czevak, spinning and radiating outwards. As the rainbow wall of moving flame came at the Harlequin like an infernal tsunami she flipped backwards, soles of her boots to palms of her hands, before melting out of existence entirely.

Pg .215, Atlas Infernal

Stopping bullets mid-air:

As she disappeared, the shadows vomited forth the broad carapace and skeletal visage of a Death Jester, whose shrieker cannon began hammering heavy shuriken rounds across the chamber at Ahriman. With a wave of the sorcerer’s hand the first shot began to slow, allowing the second, third and fourth to gain ground on it. As the rounds began to pile up and strike each other in mid-flight they ricocheted off in different directions, fanning out harmlessly around the sorcerer.

Pg. 215, Atlas Infernal

Reacting faster than a Harlequin at point blank range despite being taken by surprise:

Ahriman stood over the broken body of Czevak like a crafted colossus. The fell sorcerer twirled his Black Staff in his hands defensively, his neck craning around to locate the source of his next threat. As he turned he found himself looking down the twin barrels of the Great Harlequin’s willowy plasma pistols. The eldar had appeared right next to the sorcerer but the shock failed to register on Ahriman’s serene features. He brought up the levelled shaft of the Black Staff, smashing both pistols’ aim at the heavens and the troupe leader back. The gargoyle helmet of the eldar warrior leered at the sorcerer and the extravagant pink plume bounced about wildly as the alien fell backwards into a tumble that became a graceful, gymnastic roll.

Pg. 215, Atlas Infernal

Ahzek tanks a plasma explosion at the same heat as the sun (all it does is annoy him):

From his crouch on the deck the Great Harlequin brought the plasma pistols up, the sunfire twinkle in the darkness of their gaping muzzles announcing their intention to fire. Clutching his Black Staff the Chaos sorcerer waved a palm at the Great Harlequin. The pistols suddenly exploded, their detonating containment flasks vaporising the surrounding deck in a ball of sun-furious plasma. Despite Ahriman’s efforts, the raw, white heat of the detonation set alight his Coptic robes and melted the cerulean flesh from the tip of his nose and patches across one side of his face. The sorcerer brought his clawed fingers up to the exposed tendons and roasted muscle before tearing the robes from his ancient, muscular frame. As the bubble of plasma and destruction receded, it became obvious that the Great Harlequin had disappeared once again.

Pg. 216, Atlas Infernal

Ahriman can even use his powers to predict when something is about to enter reality:

Ahriman radiated power through flesh that was at once his body and a conduit to the warp. The Rubric Marines slowed to statuesque dormancy. Then… the fizzle of a phase-field intrusion. The Harlequins dropped into reality all about him. The Death Jester’s scythe arced at the sorcerer, riveblades flashed by his face and the thin, razored edge of the Great Harlequin’s power sword almost skewered him through the gut.

Pg. 216, Atlas Infernal

Ahriman creates a room full of copies of himself all capable of wielding his powers:

Allowing the dark forces of the warp to surge through him and the force staff, the sorcerer managed to turn each weapon aside with prognostic speed and surety. Exposing himself to the Harlequin’s death-dealing dance, Ahriman pointed the horned-skull of the Black Staff at the crystal pyramid tip of the chamber ceiling. Blasting a puce beam of warp energy at the crystal directly above him, the sorcerer watched the beam bounce and diverge away into hundreds of weaker beams that were reflected prism-like back down into the chamber. There were suddenly Ahrimans everywhere. All bare-chested, cerulean giants, clutching identical Black Staffs, swathed in the thick, illusory haze of the chamber.

Rather than wait to be attacked, the Ahrimans launched themselves at the Harlequins, thrusting shaft-spikes, casting warp flame and blasting the alien intruders with doombolts from the eye sockets of their horned headpieces. The Rubric Marines had also had time to react and the lumbering suits began pooling their firepower into one raging storm of inferno bolts flying at the vaulting eldar warriors. The Harlequins danced through the havoc with martial poetry, twirling through the gunfire, flipping between spear thrusts phasing out of the corrupting path of deadly warp streams. In turn their weapons flashed and darted through Ahriman’s phantasmic selves, unsure which sorcerer was the real Ahriman.

Pg. 217, Atlas Infernal

One of Ahzeks most powerful feats. Fighting an Eldar Shadowseer who's every movement is distorting reality and capable of one-shotting a Bloodthirster leading to a conflict between the two where every blow is destroying reality around them:

The eldar warlock’s eldritch fashions were crafted from pure confusion and his every step quaked with disintegrated reality. The length of the Shadowseer’s leaf-shaped witchblade sang at Ahriman, forcing the Thousand Sons sorcerer back. Ahriman barely got his Black Staff in front of the devastating sword sweeps. Immaterial energies spilled from both weapons as the psykers clashed, forcing Ahriman further back. The archway bulkhead crashed back down at the Shadowseer’s mental insistence and the metal of the Impossible Fortress’s walls melted and dribbled down across the seals, fusing the door shut and trapping the sorcerer in the pancratitaph with his enemies.

With Ahriman’s power and attention directed very much on his unwelcome visitor, Czevak’s levitating body dropped to the deck. From his perspective on the floor the inquisitor watched witchblade and force staff smash, both physically and immaterially. Where they did, the fabric of reality tore. The disciplined grace and furiosity of the Shadowseer’s assault would have carved a bloodthirster of Khorne in two. Ahriman was more than pure wanton destruction, however. The Thousand Sons sorcerer was not only an ancient and devastating warrior, he was one of the most talented psykers in the galaxy. More important than either of these facts was the torrent of unbound ambition surging through the sorcerer’s veins. He was the impossible made incarnate.

Pg. 219 Atlas Infernal

Sucking out an opponents soul and feeding it to daemons:

Booby trapping a plant:

I'll update this later when i'm motivated enough to re-read some more books lol!

Thanks to the following for helping me out with this:


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You forgot the spells he has access to from the Tzeentch pool as he is Tzeentch's favored mortal champion. I think he also has access to any and all Chaos undivided powers.

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@strider92: I'm not a 40k fan, but DAMN this is impressive mate !

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could you do one for Kharn?

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@consolemaster001: Thanks :). I've still got more to dig out when I can be bothered to read more of the books. I'm still missing the feat where he booby traps an entire planet and engulfs a solar system in psychic storm. There's probably others I don't know about yet either.

@betatesthighlander1: I did make one for him but I might make a better one soon now I have more feats :)

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OH,OH, Lucius next!

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Yes, moar Warhammer 40K=)

Awesome work compiling all of this! I dig it bro.

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Good job duder

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@strider92: Im moderately impressed. Moderately. I had no clue Ahriman was in Atlas Inferno.

I also just learn the name Ahriman is the Persian god of Hades. Go figure.

Anyway I have some thing I will throw at ya, see if you want to add them in.

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@strider92 Enjoy it? Loved it :)

Great work there on one of the most Awesome characters in 40k.

Maybe when u get the time u can do a Magnus the Red respect page :)

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wut da fak......

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@strider92: What's this from?

Its from the Warhammer 40-verse. The books in question are Ahrman: Exile, Atlas Infernal and A Thousand Sons.

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I had no idea Ahzek had feats like that! I knew he was powerful but........dayum

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Ahzek and Kharn certainly seem to get much more love than Typhus and Lucius.

Although Typhus seems to be a jack of all trades and a master of none, being a potent psyker and sorcerer, a powerful fighter, and a good general, but Kharn probably beats old fatty in a fight, no way is Nurgle's favored a match for the exile of the thousand sons, and Lufgt Huron could probably think circles around him.

And I'd say Kharn would beat Lucius' drug addled ass like a drum.

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@guardian_of_gravity: Kharn is just haxed. The only way to beat Kharn is to be a better fighter than him and thats it. No amount of reality warping, magic, telepathy or anything outside physical combat is capable of putting him down.

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@strider92: But of course, Typhus brings zombie apocalypses with him.

Which the Tyranids are immune to and the Necrons don't care about. :P

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@strider92: He and Lucius are definitely not quite as favored of the BL as Kharn and Azhek are.

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@guardian_of_gravity: Lucius has some pretty good feats actually. Speedblitizing and killing terminators with ease, lolstomping a chaplin and managing to strike at almost mach 3 speed.

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@guardian_of_gravity: Lucius has some pretty good feats actually. Speedblitizing and kill terminators with ease, lolstomping a chaplin and managing to strike at almost mach 3 speed.

One wonders where he keeps his doom siren.

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@strider92: Oh but this is Slaanesh we're talking about.

It probably involves orfices and lube.

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Just a question. I'm not too knowledgeable on the 40k verse, but who would win in a fight between Ahzek Ahriman and Eldrad Ultran(when he was still alive)?

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Just a question. I'm not too knowledgeable on the 40k verse, but who would win in a fight between Ahzek Ahriman and Eldrad Ultran(when he was still alive)?

This is an interestng question. Ahzek has a lot more feats than Eldrad but Eldrad was also classed as an Alpha+ psyker so if we go by statements then Eldrad should have the advantage in pure pisnoic ability and by all rights should take down Ahzek. However going purely on feats Ahzek has far more and arguably better feats of power.

Its kind of a grey area however Eldrad was one of the most powerful Eldar psykers to ever live and considering most Eldar are high-end psykers that is saying something. Personally I would say Eldrad but if push came to shove Ahzek has more displays of power that would be hard to counter in a debate.

But yeah Eldrad imo.

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@strider92: If Zogwort were to try and Squigify Ahriman, what would happen?

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@lady_rosalina: I'm pretty sure if Ahzek can resist getting mutated by Tzeentch and even come up with a spell to stop a God of Chaos mutating his legion (granted it didn't work as he expected but it still worked) he can resist getting turned into a squig lol!

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@strider92: How good do you think the best Ork fighters like Gazghkull, Zogwort, Snikrot and the lot are?

Perhaps the Orks need a respect thread.

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@the_undying_tombstone: Orks are my weakest race in terms of lore I only know about the well known characters. I guess I should probably rectify that and look into them. Maybe they'll get a respect thread :p