A Strider92 Rant: Comics I Wish Would Get A Movie (but probably won't)

Thought i'd make a list of characters I would like to see in a movie but will probably never get one (at least not in my time T.T).

In no particular order:

Team 7:

The original Team 7

Now first off i'm not talking about the new-52 reboot Team 7 i'm talking about the old awesome Wildstorm one. Team 7 has all the components to be easily adapted to the screen and an awesome back story. For those of you who haven't read it, Team 7 follows a Spec Ops team that are exposed to a substance called the Gen-Factor (think of it as a super-soldier serum that gives you psionic powers instead of physical ones). The more notable members include Micheal Cray (Deathblow), Cole Cash (Grifter), Marc Slayton (Backlash), John Lynch and Alexander Fairchild. This has so much screen potential its sad that it may never happen. It is first and foremost a military series that focuses on the team dealing with terrorists and other normal modern day threats. In fact prior to series two they encountered no superhuman threats (aside from each other).

True friendship!

The characters in it also play well off each other especially Cole and Slayton who have a very love/hate relationship. Nearly all of the team become capable pisonic users and telepaths (apart from Slayton who's powers mutated). Because of the current trend of gritty films being popular this one is perfect. Its a secret agent crossed with a military thriller with superpowers thrown in and if done right it could be a damn brilliant film.


Copying uncontrollable powers is not a good idea

Hunter-Killer is kind of a like a no-holds-barred version of X-men. Ultra-Sapiens were designed to outdate nuclear weapons as one of the characters said "They're volatile, wasteful, and completely diminish property values." Thus a project was created to design humans with superhuman abilities. However they were treated as any weapon is stockpiled, kept away from civilians and generally treated as little more than animals. Some of them decided that being under the governments control was no longer in their best interests. Led by Steve and Sue Baker an attack was carried out on the labs that created them and ended with the total destruction of all data concerning the Ultra-Sapiens (names, locations, powers etc....). The only catalog that still existed of said data is contained within their young son Ellis's genetic structure.

Scary Wolf is Scary

Fast forward 17 years and the project that created Ultra-Sapiens is now called Hunter-Killer and is led by the same man who designed them. Morningstar an Ultra-Sapien himself that can hypnotize people by speaking. Ultra Sapiens that willingly turn themselves in or don't resist when caught are given jobs as part of the hunter-team while the dangerous ones are killed. Ellis is recruited into the Hunter-Killers and used to track down rogue Ultra-Sapiens.

Hunter-Killer blends together superpowers and the whole "Special Ops team used for taking out inhuman threats" exceedingly well. To a point that besides a few modifications the screen-play is basically already written. Adapting it would be far from hard to do.


Boss mode activated!

This is where a lot of people are most likely "wtfing" however when you look at who and what Taskmaster is he is actually far more screen friendly than characters like Captain America or Thor. Taskmaster is basically the ultimate spy/mercenary. Someone who can seamlessly copy anything he see's and thanks to some fancy gear look like anyone he wants. Taskmaster was the byproduct of Tony Masters (a SHIELD agent) taking an experimental serum designed to increase his brain function which to a point it did. However every time Taskmaster learns/copies something he looses his older memories. Due to this condition he was brainwashed into thinking he was in fact a villain when really he was a good guy. Taskmaster's origin is one of the saddest i've ever read in Marvel comics. Anyone who read the Taskmaster mini-series written by Fred Van Lente back in 2010 will know exactly what i'm talking about.

Watching movies is training for Tasky!

A Taskmaster film I would liken to Jason Bourne with superpowers. Amnesiac, kick-ass fighter, doesn't know who to trust, emotional and laxed morals. Taskmaster's ability to copy anything and speed up his movements the faster he watches them would be awesome to see on screen. Especially if they take UDON's approach to his powers and suit. Suffice to say for pure story and entertainment value Taskmaster is far more adaptable to the screen than Captain America, Wolverine and many other Marvel characters its just a shame that he will never get the opportunity to get there as if done right he could blow most other Marvel films out of the water.

I, Vampire:

Blade got nothing on this!

I, Vampire was one of the few New-52 titles I actually liked......scratch that I loved that title and DC being the lazy-a$$ company it is couldn't be bothered to promote it! So despite all the awards it won they still canceled it!? Well screw you too DC *fan-rage over*. Anyhow I, Vampire is by far one of the best takes i've seen of Vampires in fiction in a loooooooooong time and frankly they needed some good press after......well you guys know. I, Vampire is about an ancient Vampire called Andrew Bennett who dedicates his life to killing his own kind as he views them as evil. Unfortunately his lover (well now ex-lover) disagrees. She thinks Vampires are a superior species and deserve to rule the world. So Andrew now has to kill her to prevent a major Vampire take-over.....still a better love story than Twilight!......ok i'm sorry, i'm done now I swear.

Oh snap!

The whole atmosphere and story behind I, Vampire was amazing as I said earlier in my opinion it was by far the best thing to come out of the New-52 and gave the overused, over-saturated world of Vampires a new lease of life. On-screen it would be visually stunning especially on a high budget (that Dc won't give anyone unless they are Superman or Batman...) and would definitely bring back the whole dark, evil, dangerous Vampire vibe that has now gone missing.

Moon Knight:

Here's Johnny!

Moon Knight is basically Batman on crack and even just saying that makes me want to see it. Anything Batman can do he can do......well not better but badass! Seeing Moon Knight on-screen would be downright awesome he has the benefit of being a realistic hero (super-rich) but the downright scariness and brutality of a psychopath. The thing that really makes Moon Knight adaptable is the fact that he is crazy because honestly to go out and be a superhero in the real world you'd need to be crazy. Thats one of the things that throws him out of convention.

I wantz your face!

His laxed morals, gritty universe and take-no-crap attitude is exactly the type of stuff that is popular in the entertainment industry right now. How Punisher has 3 or 4 movies and Moon Knight has none is sacrilege! All Marvel need to do is give him an Iron Man style budget and make it R-Rated (yep i'm living in a dream-world at the moment just let me enjoy it!) and you could have a movie that would take Nolan's Batman to school. Moon Knight has everything you need to create an awesome movie and because of who he is you can play with his origin slightly in a way that won't upset the fans but still make it a grounded movie that people who have no experience with the character can appreciate.

Scarlet Spider:

Damn Straight!

When it comes to Spider-man, clones aren't really a popular thing however one clone I liked even before he got his own ongoing was Kaine. He was the What If? version of Peter. The one who had all the power and none of the responsibility. The one who was perfectly prepared to lash out at the world where Peter wouldn't. Like Moon Knight is Batman on crack Scarlet Spider is Spider-man on crack. Kaine is the perfect anti-hero. He has a very wobbly moral compass however what makes him even more interesting is that he has Spider-man to aspire to so he knows that he isn't as good a person (and probably never will be as good a person) as Peter Parker which is what motivates him to keep doing what he's doing in attempt to better himself. He has something a lot of anti-heroes lack and that is a damn good reason for being what he is and how he is.

Thats quite a handshake

Because making a Scarlet Spider movie would mean making the clone saga this is most likely never going to happen however this is a shame because a Scarlet Spider movie would shake up the rigid view people have on Spider-man as a character. Seeing what Peter would have been like without a moral code is damn fun to watch and Kaine's powers differing slightly from Pete's adds a unique quality to him not to mention the fact that despite being cloned from Parker, Kaine is nothing like him. A script for this movie could easily be adapted from the pages of the first few issues of Scarlet Spider centering on Kaine's attack on the gangs and human trafficking on the Texas/Mexico border and it would be damn entertaining at that!

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Posted by DoomDoomDoom

I would really dig a MK movie. With the right people behind it could actually fly I think. I would love to see Bushman as the main villain.

Posted by LimpoyzLoan

How about the Walking Dead? The comic one since the show is complete crap.

Posted by Immortal777

Scarlet Spider would be great IMO Kaine>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Peter

Posted by mightyrearranger

Cool ideas. Kaine's always been interesting to me and Hunter-Killer would be awesome.

I'm really hoping a Suicide Squad film is eventually made. Seeing that gang in a heist film would be incredibly fun.

Posted by Yung ANcient One

I love your ideas and I think it would be better for Marvel/Disney to make these movies (yes I'm focusing on the marvel ones) instead of Iron Man sequels. Because honestly no matter how good they are fans always compare them to the original and are like "dah fissrst one wuz bettah."

Plus Agent movie plus Batman on crack movie plus Spider-man with all the powers but none of the responsibility (technically this is incorrect he lost his spider sense and he is kind of responsible but of course you know this)

We can dream though

( + )

Posted by Veshark

I would love a MK movie - if they can take some elements from the Bottom like his possibly imaginary relationship with Khonshu - and they should keep it dark and depressing, exploring the character's psychosis and multiple personalities. And it should be a hard R with uncomfortable mutilation scenes! Okay I sound like a sadist now, but you get the point. I think Moon Knight might possibly be the most feasible movie on your list.

Edited by spidermonkey2099

Definitely wouldn't mind seeing Moon Knight on film. I could see that being a very good film. I love the I, Vampire comic book, but I would only want to see it made into a film if they kept it faithful to the source material and didn't try to turn it into the next Twilight or whatever (which I think would be a potential risk when making it into a film).

I'll also add that I would like to see a Wonder Woman film, a good Green Lantern film, and a third Hellboy film. I'm also anxious to see this Justice League Dark film that I hear Guillermo del Toro is working on.

Edited by Strider92

@spidermonkey2099: I'm very interested in the JLD movie as well especially as Del Toro said Constantine was going to be British and blond like in the comics! Booyah!

Posted by FlashKnight

How about the Walking Dead? The comic one since the show is complete crap.

I like the show...

Posted by Arkhamc1tizen

like these

Posted by LimpoyzLoan

@flashknight: It's alright. Too much soap opera crap, though.

Edited by Strider92

@limpoyzloan: I honestly think there is just too much material to use in a TWD movie effectively unless you were prepared to do a series of movies. I like the TV show anyhow.

Edited by LimpoyzLoan

Okay, how about Invincible?

Posted by Strider92

@limpoyzloan: That however would be awesome but the reason I didn't list it is because its actually been talked about. I remember reading an article about the possibility of an Invincible movie actually going ahead.

Edited by LimpoyzLoan

@strider92: Huh. I'll try to look for that thread.

Posted by ccraft
  • Spawn
  • X-O Manowar
  • Shadowman as a tv show
  • TMNT
  • Hellboy
  • JL
  • Batman and Robin
  • Phantom Stranger and have Liam Neeson as PS
Posted by Urban_Ronin

The League of Assassins/David Cain/Cass Cain/Lady Shiva movie.

Posted by BlueLantern1995

I'm game for a Moon Knight and Scarlet Spider movies. Taskmaster sounds interesting as well. Ones I know will never get one but I would love for it to happen are(don't worry won't go through them all): Metal Men, Doom Patrol, Captain Marvel, and Green Lantern 2(yes I said it and you know what? I think it'd be pretty good too :) Green Lantern wasn't the worst Marvel/DC movie of 2011 all you need to look at is Thor and you've got something worse...yep I just said that too).

Posted by Binski

Zatanna because I can look at her for 2 plus hours ill just wait and see when dark world comes out I would LOVE a new Dead Wardians movie

Posted by spidermonkey2099

@strider92: Indeed! I just hope this movie actually happens. Seems like Del Toro often starts a lot of projects but doesn't finish them.

Posted by Strider92
Posted by Lvenger

It's an unfortunate shame the New 52 didn't promote as well written book as I, Vampire. Sales shouldn't determine a comic's ability to be published. Anyway a Scarlet Spider movie with Kaine would be very interesting. It would need the right build up, circumstances and actor to play him though. Hopefully Disney wouldn't get involved in that to maintain their family friendly image.