Strider92's Indie Comic Thoughts: Suicide Risk (BOOM!)

Leo Vs the Villains

Its been a while since I made a blog post so I thought i'd make one about one of the least known and yet one of the best indie titles going around. Suicide Risk from BOOM! seems to have completely flown under the radar which is a travesty. This series is absolutely brilliant. The concept is and the art both interior and on the covers is incredible.

Written by Mike Carey and illustrated by the talented Elena Casagrande this series is both story-driven and visually stunning.

What is it about?

Blackbolt's little brother?

Superheroes and supervillains are in a constant battle for supremacy but as a drug appears on the streets that turns regular people into supers the heroes and cops begin falling like flies due to the sudden boom in villains. Suicide Risk follows a run of the mill cop Leo Winters who has to deal with super-villain activity on a daily basis. When his friends are murdered in a super-villain heist on a bank it causes Leo to crack. No longer content with being a cop and motivated be revenge he tracks down the power-dealers and empowers himself in order to hunt down the super-villains that killed his friends. The dealers however cannot guarantee what power Leo will get if he undergoes the procedure. He eventually ends up with the ability to manipulate every natural occurring force from electricity to gravity (I blanked it out in case people wanted to discover for themselves what power he ended up with). To sum it up briefly this is the story of an average guy who is pushed into getting powers to avenge his friends and hunt super-villains.

This series is one of the most original ideas i've seen since Lazarus. The characters are engaging and the villains are evil enough to get you to hate them straight off the bat.

Why you should read it:

sh*t just got real!

This is honestly one of the best indie titles out there at the moment. Second only to Lazarus. The series is only 6 issues in but the story is fast-paced and advances in leaps and bounds. You will not be bored reading this in slightest.

Carey and Casagrande have brought their A-game consistently with this series and in comparison with Marvel and DC's titles this series is leagues ahead. I don't really have anything negative to say about this series and while I would go into more detail about it I don't want to give out any more spoilers than I already have as this is just a sort of spot-light post to get people interested not a synopsis so if the idea of this series appeals to you in anyway shape or form just buy issue 1 and you will definitely want to keep reading. I've been looking for a replacement ongoing for Scarlet Spider and it looks like i've found it in Suicide Risk.


Strider92's List: Best Zombie Games!

For those of you who do not know I love Zombie games. For some reason I find them amusing beyond nearly every other type of game out there so I thought i'd compile a list of what are in my humble opinion the top 10!

Number 10:

Left 4 Dead 2 the sequel to Valves successful Left 4 Dead was one of the games I was greatly anticipating before its release having had such a blast playing the first. The second was solid game bringing in little improvements such as melee weapons, new infected etc.... and it seriously is a lot of fun to play online with friends or just a bunch of random people (I normally end up pissing off for some reason). However this game fell into a trap a lot of successful horror franchises fall into. Sacrificing horror for action. It happened with Dead Space 3 and it happened with Left 4 Dead 2. If this was a survival action shooter then no doubt this would be near the top however its a horror survival game. Left 4 Dead 1 while not the scariest game around had some of the most creepy atmospheric maps i've encountered in a Zombie and Left 4 Dead 2 lost that. While I understand they were trying to come up with a little more variety of maps etc.... they sacrificed one of the most core parts of Left 4 Dead which was its creepiness. Having said that I preferred the survivors in L4D 2 Nick and Ellies = Best Team Ever!

Why you should play it:

Regardless of what I just said this is still one of the most fun multiplayer Zombie games around. I had a blast playing this online with other people and friends.

Number 9:

Yet another game I sat back waiting for with anticipation. Dead Island boasts some of the most gorgeous back-drops you will ever find in a Zombie game. The fact that a lot of this game takes place in broad daylight surrounded by a very un-horrific back-drop and yet still remained very much a horror game is impressive however this is mainly due to the the psychology of the entire set up. Walking through a tropical paradise hotel when the pools are filled with blood and death is basically lying around everywhere is probably what makes the game so horrific the fact they took an area so associated with having a good time, partying etc.... and just turned into a warped opposite of itself is what makes it creepy. The gameplay for the most part is great, driving the cars is a laugh and the quests for the most part are great. There are few things that nagged at me about this game though was its slight lack of replay-ability. I found it got repetitive very fast especially the combat although the custom weaponry is brilliant.

The Multiplayer is a nice touch and allows you to have fun with mates (well the ones who don't intentionally driving off cliffs to annoy you) and brings a bit of a new dimension to the game.

Why you should play it:

The graphics are gorgeous, the environment is surprisingly creepy and the multiplayer is fun.

Number 8:

Zombies and Cowboys........that is all......As soon as I heard there was a Wild West themed Zombie game I was one it in an instant. I'm sorry but that whole concept is just to fun to pass up and I was right. Undead Nightmare started out as a DLC for Red Dead Redemption (also a good game) but became so popular they made it into a standalone game. The best thing about this game is how unique it is. You will not play another Zombie game like this. Galloping around on your horse while getting chased by hordes of undead while simultaneously unloading your six-shooter is just as amusing as it sounds. I of course have a few issues with this game despite the ludicrously good time I had playing it. For one is a PS3 only game......I would have loved this on PC but no......Sony had to kill my dreams. The missions can get repetitive and it can get to a point were you are bored of doing the same thing over and over again. The story is also.....ermmm.....weird as hell. The multiplayer unfortunately doesn't work with the campaign which is a shame. Its only a survival type scenario Ie: You put on a map and have to survive as long as possible.

Why you should play it:

As I said previously its unique. There is no other Zombie game quite like this. (also getting to ride the horses of the apocalypse is awesome. War for tuh win!) Oh and Dead Eye + Zombies = Fun!

Number 7:

Dead Rising was the first game I ever had on Xbox 360 (before it died on me!) and it is probably the most over the top Zombie game you will ever play. Everything around you can be used as a weapon from pies to shopping trolleys. One of the things great about this game is the amount of Zombies that can be around you at any given time (its a metric ****-ton). Now you may be wondering why Dead Rising is here and Dead Rising 2 is only an honorable mention. The reason is simple in Dead Rising 2 you have to make sure to get this girl medicine every half hour (in-game time not actual playtime) and its annoying as hell. If you let her die you don't lose the game but it just nagged at me. The next part was the customization. While it was pretty fun at times it was also rather distracting creating a rocket trolley is fun and all but there's something about the first game that had you grabbing whatever you could to defend yourself right off the bat gave you a sense of spontaneity that was lost in the second. I also preferred the protagonist in the first to the second.

I had a few qualms with this game one of them being of course that it was an Xbox exclusive I WANT PC DAMNIT! The second one fortunately rectified this mistake but not in time to save Dead Rising 1. I sometimes wished I could throw that mobile phone he had out the window I felt like I was getting consistently bugged to do quests. Also like most games the replay-ability is questionable.

Why you play it:

It is basically its own type of game. No Zombie game prior to this had the amount of Zombies and weapon options this game boasted. It is also a hell of a lot of fun. Putting hats on Zombies or getting in a trolley so you can plow though them or even using a lawnmower to deadly effect is exceedingly entertaining.

Number 6:

Although kind of debatable whether this is actually a Zombie game or not it contains mutant things that moan, walk slowly towards you and try to eat you so thats good enough for me. Killing Floor started of as a mod for another game (can't for the life of me remember which. Half Life maybe?) but got so popular it became a standalone title and with good reason. Killing Floor is dedicated to multi-player there is basically no option for single player stuff however this isn't a detriment as playing this solo is not how its meant to be played. The basically consists of waves of enemies coming at you until you meet your gory end. This may seem very repetitive however surprisingly it isn't. The combat classes, slow motion reaction time and of course the tons of player created content keep this game fresh and entertaining. Not to mention you can have co-op to upwards of 30-50 players at the same time which is hilarious fun when you see the innumerable tide of Zombies coming at you.

My only real complaint about this game is how HARD it is to level up combat classes. Damn it takes ages to level up and get bonuses the game really makes you work for it just a little too much in my opinion.

Why you should play it:

Awesome mulitplayer fun and replay-ability out the whaazoo! Not to mention the free updates, Christmas, Halloween and other holiday events are a laugh.

Number 5:

The first and best Left 4 Dead game. While the second was good it didn't have the same atmosphere or creepiness the first one had. I basically summed up the difference between the first and second game in the Left 4 Dead 2 article so I haven't really left much to say about this game besides the fact that it is in my opinion the best Zombie FPS. Nothing has taken away its crown yet.

Why you should play it:

Like L4D 2 its damn fun and for some reason I prefer the game without melee (forcing you to conserve ammo for example). You should play it for the same reasons as Left 4 Dead 2 and then some.

Number 4:

This game had so much hype when it was released and with good reason. It is not only one of the best Zombie related games but also one of the best PS3 games over all. Naughty Dog really out-did themselves with this. This is one of the most original ideas for a Zombie-style game i've seen in a loooooooong time. Its very story driven, the explanation and cause of the outbreak is pretty unique and the characters are likeable. The combat is fun and the graphics are great. Like Dead Island this game loves throwing eerily beautiful images at you. My one complaint is that it is only for PS3.......I mean seriously? I need to make some kind of petition to force every company to make PC versions of their games.

Why you should play it:

This is without a doubt one of the most immersing and story-driven Zombie games you will play.

Number 3:

If you haven't heard of this i'd like to know where the rock is you were living under. The game initially started out as mod for Arma (also a great game) and soon became standalone after it blew up in popularity and with good reason. Arma (for those of you who are unaware) is a military simulation not really a game and the DEV's who made this kept that quite a core component of the game. In this game there is no goal outside survival. Nothing else. The game basically shows you what if would probably be like if everything in the world did go all Zombie-ish. There are no missions, no goals. Just finding food, conserving ammo and staying alive in a world were players are just as likely to kill you as the Zombies. Ever wondered what it would feel like to take out the gaming side of a Zombie apocalypse and just have the survival well this is it. I wouldn't call this a game so much as a simulation.

Why you should play it:

This game is basically your answer to the what if question. Its how I imagine things would likely turn if the whole zombie thing ever had the slightest chance of being real.

Number 2:

This is an awesome game. There is no other way to describe it. With the storyline written by Robert Kirkman (you don't know who he is then shame on yaz!!) and graphics that while cartoony suit the game down to the ground make this the best story-driven Zombie game you will ever play. I mean EVER. You want fast-paced action then this game is not for you but if you like suspense and games where your choices and decisions effect the outcomes then this is definitely for you. This game can and will mess with you. For example when you have to pick keys up from near a dead body's face and you know its gonna get up and bite ya but you gotta do it anyways then absolutely nothing happens......2 minutes later you turn around and theres the Zombie!

Why you should play it:

If your one of those people who loves story-driven games you will love this. Not to mention its hilarious to watch how the DEV's in this game put you into situations you really don't want to be in!

Number 1:

Well here it is! My favorite Zombie game of all time! Some of you are probably looking at that image and thinking "what?". This game has flown under the radar quite a bit and with no good reason. This is the epitome of what you want from a Zombie game. It has absolutely everything. If you cross Day Z with the Walking Dead and that then has a love child with Dead Island you have State Of Decay. Nearly everything in the maps is interactive cars, houses etc.... you have nigh-unlimited options on what you can do (which is not the case in Day Z where you could only enter certain buildings). Ontop of that you have to find and build up areas to keep those nasty bitety zombies from getting to you or your teammates. Thats right in this game you get to build bases. Not to mention like Walking Dead things you do have consequences. If you don't save someone or refuse to help people in your group when the time comes that you need someone to back you up on supply run or something to that effect your screwed. It focuses on survival: stealth, evasion, distractions, base building, survivor community, securing resources and combat. There is but one problem with this game. 1 problem that keeps it from becoming the ultimate Zombie game that all future Zombie games should be compared to...........currently there is no multi-player.........and as damning as it sounds the fact that I still find it the best Zombie themed game i've ever played says something. If they update this with a multi-player (which they have threatened to) this will be the benchmark.

Why you should play it:

It is the perfect balance between the survival type game and FPS/action. The idea is great and ontop of that there is quite a bit of dark humor in the game which really appeals to me my favorite part thus far being:

  • Marcus: You took that dead guys walkie talkie after killing him?
  • Ed: Hey the guy tried to eat me.
  • Marcus: You think his friends are gonna be pleased about that? they probably won't even talk to you if they don't want to kill you.
  • Ed: How do we know they were his friends? This is a damn apocalypse they have hated his guts and just stuck with him cuz they had to.
  • *walkie talkie whirs to life*
  • Girl on other end: Dad?
  • Ed: ......Ah......crap....


A Strider92 Rant: Would A Spider-man Inc Style Series Be A Good Idea?

After the cancellation of Venom and Scarlet Spider (although there have been rumors that they will be relaunched next year. Yost also said he would not deny or confirm these rumors so there's still a little bit of hope Scarlet Spider fans) it got me thinking would a Spider-man themed team-book be a good way to go? Here's my thoughts.

Characters that Could not hold a solo series would get exposure:

We've seen both Scarlet Spider and Venom get "cancelled" whether this is permanent or not we shall see but for arguments sake lets say it is. they obviously failed because they didn't get enough sales as a solo series. Characters like Scarlet Spider, Venom, Spider-man 2099 or even at a very big push Black Tarantula (one can dream right?) are all awesome characters that in conjunction with each other would generate interest especially if Spider-man also plays a big role, attracting in people who are interested in him.

How could you not want to see this?:

The idea of a Spider-themed team book brings up so many options for stories. For example I would die happy if we ever got to see the entire Spider-Family Vs the Totem Eaters. Not to mention it would be great to see the Spider-family interacting on a more personal basis than just cross-overs or odd occasions. Not to mention with both Miles Morales and Spider-man 2099 jumping through time this would be a great time to put this idea into actions not to mention the fact both Kaine and Venom have no recurring roles they are free to be added to the roaster without continuity problems.

As I said earlier due to the characters on the team the story potential is nigh-limitless. We have the Totem eaters, time traveling stories (thanks to Miguel and Miles), Symbiote themed stories (thanks to Venom) etc..... You have so many options that can work here.

Now is the perfect time to do it!:

Now I hate Superior Spider-man as much as the next Spider-fan but even I will admit he is the perfect leader for this team. For a few reasons:

  1. He will turn a blind eye to the team's laxed Morals (looking at you Kaine and Venom) something Peter would never ever do regardless of the circumstances.
  2. Superior is a team player. Unlike Peter who preferred to go solo Superior is a team-guy. We've seen him create a private army and is even in the process of forming a new Sinister Superior Six

Not only that when Peter eventually does return he'll have this team to come back too. If SpOck did manage to keep them in some kind of order and use them as a force for good Peter would most likely continue to do so as well as lets face it he's big on responsibility and both Kaine and Venom are technically his responsibility as he's responsible for them both appearing.

Granted there may be some compatibility issues such as Superior hating Scarlet Spider's guts but that could easily be explained by SpOck wanting to keep his friends close but his enemies even closer so he could take them out should he choose to. Suffice to a say a truce between Scarlet and Superior or Venom would not be hard to explain.

It gives the characters some growth. With every alternative Spider-man character they all have some kind of hero-worship for Peter. Be it Flash's fanboyism, Kaine wanting to be like him, Miles and Miguel being inspired to fight for good by him they all have a kind of idolism for Peter Parker. Working with Superior would kill this allowing them to go their own way. It may be a cruel thing to say but shattering their opinion of someone they held to such a high standard would give them a new lease and new stories making them question what they are doing all of this for.

They have a great dynamic:

Because of their different MO's the team dynamic is great. Seeing them interact with each other during a confrontation between the enemies or each other. Due to their history and past friendship and animosity at times there would be hardly any explanation needed as to how they act the way they do with each other. Seeing them beat on each other could be just as likely as the enemies if something goes badly wrong.

Who should be on the team?:

Superior Spider-man (The Leader):

Like him or hate him Superior is the only one with the key to bringing this team together. He has the motivation and reason to do it. We've seen that Otto takes an instant dislike to anyone who knows Parker is Spider-man or anyone who dresses up in a Spider-Themed suit. Gathering all those people in one team under his command is in his best interest for obvious reasons. As that way he can keep tabs on them and take them out if they become a problem. Regardless of your feelings for the guy he's the perfect person to set this up. Not to mention that we might get the occasional disagreement which could lead to Superior getting beat down by his team-mates for being a d***! Not to mention it sets up the team for when Peter does return.

Spider-man 2099 (The Brains):

Miguel O'Hara is probably the smartest member of the Spider-family. Before becoming Spider-man he was high ranking geneticist at Alchemax and soon went on to take it over and become CEO. Suffice to say he's one smart guy, one who has knowledge on how to make and use tech from the future. He's the only one who could humble Superior in the intelligence department. Every team needs a brain. Someone who can figure out ways to take out the higher level threats that can't be taken out by brute force alone and Miguel is exactly that!

Venom and Scarlet Spider (The Brawn):

Just as every team needs a leader and a thinker it also brute force and most of the time lots of it. Venom and Kaine are both perfect contenders thanks to their past connection with Spider-man and each other. They also bring a bit of diversity to the group due to their unique abilities.

I could say more but honestly there isn't really much that needs to be said. Why they would join the team is pretty evident.

Miles Morales (The Newbie):

Lets face it every team needs a newb. The kind of guy who hasn't been run down by what life has thrown at him, who often gets things wrong and who rises to the occasion when the time calls for it. With the Ultimate Universe (possibly) ending and Miles (hinted) coming to the 616 Universe Miles would be a prime target for Superior due to the fact he could use Miles blind adoration for Spider-man to mold him in his image or alternatively just to keep tabs on him like the other Spider-themed guys.

Reserve members:

These are the members that are not on the team all the time but are sometimes called in:

  • Black Tarantula (Carlos La Muerto): Given that he's a merc it wouldn't take much for him to accept payment from Superior in order to come in for the odd job.
  • Spider-woman (Drew): Due to her connection to the Avengers and Spider-man its conceivable that she may help them out on occasion.
  • Superior Carnage: If Carnage is brought into custody after the events of Superior Carnage then its possible Superior could try to harness and control him just as Wizard is currently trying to do albeit more successfully. Carnage could be the rogue element of the team only brought out when the need is truly dire and they need someone to absolutely wreck everything before being returned to his cell.
  • Black Widow: Widow has recently shown sympathy for Spider-man and seems to be conversing with him on a much more regular basis. While not a member of the team she could be their contact at SHIELD if they need information.

Just a thought on how to keep more variety in the Spider-books as now that Scarlet and Venom are no long on the shelves I would HATE to see just Superior there.


Strider92's Picks: What You Should Be Reading!

Thought i'd make a list with what is in my opinion the best yet largely unknown/under-appreciated titles out there at the moment. In no particular order:

Lazarus (Image Comics):

This is one of the newest series to hit Image comics (its only 2 issues in thus far) and by far one of the best the label has under its belt. After the end of Luther Strode's second volume (also an awesome series if you haven't read that yet go read it!) I was looking for an ongoing to fill my Image void. Lazarus does everything I hoped it would and more.

CQC like a boss!

To sum Lazarus up its like someone sat down and suddenly thought "I like the Fallout games, Game Of Thrones and the Godfather movies........screw it lets throw everyone of them into one scenario and see what happens!" What happens is Lazarus and the idea is every bit as awesome and bizarre as it sounds.

After an apocalyptic event the world is thrown into turmoil with different families ruling different areas. None of the families seem to like each other and at best they tolerate each other and at worst out-right slaughter each other! Each family has a member known as the Lazarus. the Lazarus is the single-member of the family that is dedicated to protecting them. Undergoing genetic enhancements, high-tech upgrades and other such bad-assery. The on-going follows the Lazarus of the Carlyle family Forever (yep fricking weird name i'll give it that) as she tries to protect and keep her family from unraveling.

There are so many reasons that you should be reading this. The story is brilliant for one, the art is gorgeous, its only 2 issues in so catching up is not a problem and at 1.99$ its one of the cheaper comics on the market. I cannot condone anyone not at least trying this title out!

Quantum And Woody (Valiant):

Yes Woody is an a$$hole

Now its no secret that i'm a big fan of Valiant comics so when Quantum And Woody started I bought the first issue without hesitation and as usual Valiant have churned out yet another brilliant title. So much so that Quantum And Woody is now my favorite Valiant title surpassing even my love for Harbinger (that i'll get to later).

Quantum And Woody is basically the story of two half-brothers who obtain superhuman abilities via an accident.

As odd is it sounds the story is in fact very entertaining. The whole sibling rivalry thing that this ongoing puts across is perfect in every sense of the word and down right funny. Which brings us to the books strongest quality. This book is hilarious. I'm not talking funny i'm talking about the only book that has made me laugh out-loud since Kelly's Deadpool. It is that damn fun. The art that accompanies it fits the theme of the series really well. Granted humor is subjective but in my opinion this is the most fun you will have reading any ongoing series from any company right now. How many heroes first outing ends with them holding a disabled villain out a window and fighting mutant clowns well this series gives you the answer.

I have nothing negative to say about this book apart from the fact you cannot take this seriously. If you open this book with any other intent than to relax and read something light and funny then this isn't for you.

Aphrodite IX (Top Cow):

Having read the original run by Wohl and Finch I was stoked when I heard they were kicking off an on-going based on the character and when I heard Sejic was on the pencils I was jumping up and down with joy (you'll see why soon!).


This series takes place a loooooooooooong time after the original run of Aphrodite IX. To sum it up as briefly as possible Aphrodite is a synthetic human created to be the perfect killer. After every assassination her mind is wiped so she doesn't remember anything she did. Thus creating someone who cannot be interrogated or broken. Years after the first run Aphrodite's mind has yet again been wiped and she remembers nothing of the events that transpired. She is kept in cryo-stasis while the world goes to hell around her. When she is mistakable awakened during a fight between the Cyborgs and the Bio-augments (the two warring factions) she has to pick a side although this might not be easy as her "handler" from the original series is still alive and kicking in the stasis pod next to her. Poised to take control of her when he feels it beneficial for some to die.

Now the art in this is spectacularificlystupedulous I had to make up my own word to describe it as its just that good. Sejic is probably the best artist around at the moment and if you don't believe me just check the scans. The guy is incredible and makes this series the most visually stunning around at the moment. The story is great, the art is a word I made-up to do it justice and its only 4 issues in. Ontop of that the 1st issue is FREE! FREE!? You can download it from Comixology free of charge here:

Aphrodite IX #1


Scarlet Spider (Marvel):

This is currently the only title from the big 2 (Marvel and DC) I am reading as the other titles failed to grab me.

Oh sh*t indeed

Scarlet Spider follows Kaine the hot-blooded and until recently villainous clone of Peter Parker. Having got a new lease on life Kaine is seeking to become a better person and leave his murderous past behind him in favor of a heroic one although he still has trouble with that due to his volatile and violent nature. This basically the classic story of a villain trying to better himself and yet failing spectacularly in certain aspects while he battles his inner daemons. In this case quite literally as poor Kaine is the host of a being called the "Other" that slips into control every now and then causing him to pretty much flip his sh*t. Think Bleach with the whole Hollow Ichigo deal and that's pretty much whats going on here with Kaine.

This series has had quite few artists on it and most of them have been above average the current one is Carlo Barberi. The story is great thanks to Yost and it is the best title Marvel is currently producing. One of the best features about this series are the fight sequences. They are some of the best to feature in any comic as of late (aside from Luther Strode) and given how many times they have appeared in the "Best Battles" threads made by k4tzm4n just proves it (coincidentally the battle from Scarlet Spider 21 appeared in it this week: Best Battles 08/30/13). I heard someone describe it as Marvel's "popcorn flick" which I think pretty much sums it up.

Harbinger (Valiant):

Earplugs anyone?

This is the title that introduced me to Valiant and as such pretty much holds a prized spot in my pull-list. Harbinger is quite hard to liken to any other title currently going however if I was really forced to i'd probably call it X-men on meth. Due to the nature of independent titles they can have far more excessive content and Harbinger has taken advantage of this showing what telekinetic's and other such power individuals are capable of without the whole "PG-13" hanging over their heads and thats fun to see (albeit gory too).

Harbinger's main character is a young man by the name of Peter Stanchek who is a powerful Harbinger who's vast psionic abilities allow him to do some pretty scary stuff. As the series progress's it becomes more of a team-book as others join Peter in an attempt to stop the main villains.

There is so much depth to this story that I cannot and will not go into it here. Suffice to say that it is worth reading for both the story and the art. This is one of Valiant's top tier titles and with good reason.


Kharn The Betrayer Respect Thread!

Kharn The Betrayer:

Alias: The Betrayer, Crimson Psychopath, Red Death, The Avatar Of The Blood God

Standard Gear:


Kharn wields the Demon Weapon Gorechild. Gorechild is an ancient dread-axe thousands of years old made of adamantium with mica-dragon teeth for blades. The weapon counts both as a power-weapon (See the Space Marine Respect Thread for info on power weapons) and a daemon weapon. As a demon weapon the axe incorporates the essence of a trapped daemon:

A Daemon Weapon is a sentient item that grants tremendous power to its wielder. The weapon itself is often quite destructive in its own right, and nearly all Daemon Weapons allow their bearers access to their daemonic senses, heightening their perceptions of their surroundings. The bound daemon, if it has not been driven to insanity by its imprisonment, can also counsel its bearer or even manipulate him.

-Description of a Daemon Weapon

The bearer of such a weapon is in constant battle with the weapon to prevent it overtaking them and devouring their soul. Kharn use his bloodlust and insanity to channel the destructive nature of Gorechild onto his enemies and has remained in control of the weapon for the past 10 thousand years:

Some conformation of Gorechild being a Daemon weapon:

Gorechild, Kharn's daemonic axe, howled in his hands
-Let The Galaxy Burn, Wrath Of Kharn

Gorechild howled with frustrated bloodlust, writhing in his hand as if it would turn on him if he did not feed it more blood and sinew soon.
-Let The Galaxy Burn, Wrath Of Kharn

Kharn using Gorechild to suck the soul out of an opponent:

His axe howled thirstily as it drank deep of the ancient and corrupt soul imprisoned within.
-Let The Galaxy Burn, Wrath Of Kharn

Plasma Pistol:

Kharn wields an arcane Plasma Pistol that fires shots capable of reaching the same temperature as the sun. For more information on plasma weapons see the Space Marine Respect Thread.

The Blessings Of The Blood God and Collar Of Khorne:

Kharn bears the Mark and Collar of Khorne. These two artifacts render him completely immune to the effects of telepathy, telekinesis, reality warping and anything else outside the realm's of physical combat:

Daemonic Power Armor:

Kharn is the bearer of a set of daemonic power armor. For more information on Power Armor see the Space Marine Respect Thread. Kharn's version of power armor however is possessed by a daemon fortifying the armor with a daemonic aura rendering his durability far superior to that of a standard Marine. He also bears a daemonic forcefield:


As a Space Marine Kharn is capable of everything a Space Marine is (see the Space Marine Respect Thread) however he has proved himself far superior to a standard Marine in every aspect as I will show next.


Kharn tanking Bolt-gun shots (essentially small missiles) with ease:

‘BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!’ bellowed Khârn the Betrayer, charging forward through the hail of bolter fire, towards the Temple of Superlative Indulgence. The bolter shells ricocheting off his breastplate did not even slow him down. The Chaos Space Marine smiled to himself. The ancient ceramite of his armor had protected him for over ten thousand years. He felt certain it would not let him down today.

-Let The Galaxy Burn

Gets hit with a Lash of torment (a whip designed to take possession of your mind) and shrugs it off with sheer force of will and and bloodlust:

Leather-clad priestesses, their faces domino-masked, emerged from padded doorways. They lashed at Khârn with whips that sent surges of pain and pleasure through his body. Another man, one less hardened than Khârn, might have been overwhelmed by the sensation but Khârn had spent millennia in the service of his god, and what passed through him now was but a pale shadow compared to the battle lust that mastered him. He chopped through the snake-like flesh of the living lash. Poison blood spurted forth. The woman screamed as if he had cut her. Looking closer he saw that she and the whip were one. A leering daemonic head tipped the weapon’s handle and had buried its fangs into her wrist. Khârn’s interest was sated. He killed the priestess with on back-handed swipe of Gorechild.

-Let The Galaxy Burn

Demonstrates his Blood Blessing by resisting sorcery and hypnotism from a Slaanesh Lord:

As the cult leader spoke, imaged flickered through Khârn’s mind. He saw visions of his youth and all the joys he had known, before the rebellion of Horus and the Battle for Terra. Somehow it had all looked so clear and fresh and appealing, and it almost brought moisture to his tear ducts. He saw endless banquets of food and wine. For a moment, his palate was stimulated by all manner of strange and wonderful tastes, and his brain tingled with a myriad pleasures and stimulations. Visions of diaphanously-clad maidens danced before his eyes, beckoning enticingly.
For a moment, despite himself, Khârn felt an almost unthinkable temptation to betray his ancient oath to the Blood God. This was powerful sorcery indeed! He shook his head and bit his lip until the blood flowed. ‘NO TRUE WARRIOR OF KHORNE WOULD FALL FOR THIS PITIFUL TRICK!’ he bellowed.

-Let The Galaxy Burn

Kharn shows why he is the most dangerous close quarter fighter in 40 by soloing 2248 opponents in a single battle:

Khârn was in among them, and no man had ever been able to boast of facing Khârn in close combat and living. The numbers 2243, then 2244, blinked before his eyes. The ancient Gothic lettering of the digital death-counter, superimposed on Khârn’s field of vision, incremented quickly. Khârn was proud of this archaic device, presented by Warmaster Horus himself in ancient times. Its like could not be made in this degenerate age. Khârn grinned proudly as his tally of offerings for this campaign continued to rise. He still had a long way to go to match his personal best but that was not going to stop him trying. Such pathetic oafs were barely worth the killing, Khârn decided, lashing out reflexively and killing those Slaanesh worshippers who passed too close as they fled. 2246, 2247, 2248 went the death counter.
Men screamed and howled as they died. Khârn roared with pleasure, killing everything within his reach, reveling in the crunch of bone and the spray of blood.

-Let The Galaxy Burn

By the end of the battle how many opponents has he killed?

Once more he felt the thrill of victory, and knew no regrets for rejecting the daemon’s offer. 2487. Not his personal best, but still a good days work.

-Let The Galaxy Burn

Yep soloing 2487 opponents in a day and its not his personal best? Then what pray tell is his personal best? At the siege of Terra we find out:

I was the first to stand upon the walls of the Imperial Palace. I was the last to be borne away from Terra, my body broken by the slaying of one million of the Emperor's lackeys through the breach at Lions Gate.
None shall ever surpass my count.
The Contest is over. I won.

-The Weakness Of Others

Yep Kharn killed 1 million opponents in close combat on his own! One-fricking-million. These were all Space Marines. See the Space Marine Respect Thread to see what they are capable of and why this feat is so insane.

One of Kharn's most impressive close combat feats. Taking on upward of 30 Khrone berserkers in close combat at the same time. Berserkers have an average of mach 2 reaction speeds and can on average beat a Space Marine in close combat. Kharn takes on 30 of them at the same time (not separately, not one by one but at the same time) and slaughters them all mach 2 reaction speeds? Hah too slow:

Suddenly the rest of the berserkers were upon him. Khârn found himself fighting for his immortal life. These were no mere Slaanesh cultists. Newly tainted though they might be, they had once been worthy followers of Khorne, fierce, deadly and full of bloodlust. Mighty maces bludgeoned Khârn. Huge chainswords threatened to tear his rune-encrusted armor. Bolter shells tore chunks from his breastplate. Khârn fought on, undismayed, filled with the joy of battle, taking fierce pleasure every time Gorechild took another life. At last, these were worthy foes! The body count swiftly ticked to 2460 and continued to rise.
Instinctively Khârn sidestepped a blow that tore off one of the metal skulls which dangled from his belt. The Betrayer swore he would replace it with the attacker’s own skull. His return stroke made good his vow. He whirled Gorechild in a great figure-of-eight and cleared a space all around him, sending two more traitors to make their excuses to the Blood Good. Insane bloodlust surged through him, overcoming even the soporific influence of the Heart of Desire and for a moment Khârn fought with his full unfettered power. He became transformed into an unstoppable engine of destruction and nothing could stand against him.
Khârn’s heart pounded. The blood sang through his veins and the desire to kill made him howl uncontrollably. Bones crunched beneath his axe. His pistol blew away the life of its targets. He stamped on the heads of the fallen, crushing them to jelly. Khârn ignored pain, ignored any idea of self-preservation, and fought for the pure love of fighting. He killed and he killed.
All too soon it was over, and Khârn stood alone in a circle of corpses. His breathing rasped from his chest. Blood seeped through a dozen small punctures in his armor. He felt like a rib might have been broken by the last blow of that mace but he was triumphant. His counter read 2485. He sensed the presence of one more victim and turned to confront the figure on the dais.

-Let The Galaxy Burn

Kharn Vs Loken. Kharn takes on Loken and has him on the ropes until a land raider crashes into him:

It was later revealed that despite being hit by almost 100tons worth of tank and having his chest completely torn out Kharn's healing factor had kicked and he regenerated. This is just prior to him slaying the 1 million opponents. So not only did he kill 1 million opponents in said battle he did so after having a tank pushing 100tons rip open his chest. Now that is stamina and durability!

Kharn sitting back and letting Angron Primarch of the World Eaters beat him up without wearing any armor or nay of his Chaos upgrades:

He exhaled, and took another step into the room. For a moment he thought he could hear movement, the padding of feet, a rush of air that felt like breath before everything splintered and whirled and he crashed into a pillared wall to land hard on his back, gasping in pain.
By the time the gasp had entered his lungs, reflex had taken over and he was up on one knee, turning to put his broken right arm and shoulder to the wall and holding and tensing his left arm ready to ward as he scanned for motion, eyes sifting the gloom, pushing into infrared to see the hulking shape hurtling forwards to fill his vision—
Will overrode reflex, and with an iron effort Khârn forced his hand towards his side. Then he was skittering on his back across the floor, breath hammered out of his lungs and cracked clavicle flaring. Unthinkingly he drew his knees to his chest, turned the skidding tumble into a backwards roll. Training, determination and Astartes neural wiring let him shunt the pain to the back of his mind as he came up into a combat crouch.
Then will took over again, and Khârn made himself stand upright and placed his hands by his sides. He looked back and found the spot where he had rested a moment ago, but the floor was empty, no shape or heat-trace.
Was this how it was for the others? He caught himself wondering, and stopped thinking about it when the lapse in concentration started him swaying on the spot. He focused, half-heard movement closing in behind him and opened his mouth to speak, and a moment later was jerked up from the floor, the back of his head and neck in the grip of a hand that felt bigger and harder than a Dreadnaught’s rubble-claw. Will, will over instinct: Khârn stopped himself from kicking backwards, trying to wrench free.
"Another one? Another one like the rest?" The voice in his ear was a rasp, a rumble, words like handfuls of hot gravel. "Warrior made, warrior garbed, uhh..." For a moment the grip on the back of Khârn’s neck juddered and his body shook like a Stormbird hitting atmosphere, then the animal growl from behind him became a roar.
He was being carried forwards one-handed in long blurring strides across the width of the hall.
"Fight me!" With the words, a slam into the wall hard enough to leave Khârn’s wits red-tinged and reeling.
"Fight me!" Another slam and the red was shot through with black. His limbs felt sluggish and only half there. The voice was bellowing drowning his hearing, pouring into his head and trampling his jangled thoughts.
"Fiiight!" Another steel-hard grip closed about his broken arm and for a brief moment Khârn whirled through the air. Another impact and his back was to the wall, his feet dangling, broken shoulder incandescent with pain as one of the great hands pinned him against the dark marble.
It took a moment for things to clear. Astartes biochemistry stabilised his pain and his cognition, glanded stress-hormones
slammed into his system and Khârn looked at his primarch’s face with clear eyes.
Wiry, copper-red hair curled away from a high brow, pale eyes sat deep behind cheekbones that angled down like axe-strokes to an aquiline nose and a broad, thin-lipped mouth.
It was the face of a general to follow unto death, the face of a teacher at whose feet the wise would fight to sit, the face of a king made for the adoration of worlds: the face of a primarch.
And rage made it the face of a beast. Rage pushed and distorted the features like a tumour breaking out from the skull beneath. It made the eyes into yellow, empty pits, debased the proud lines of brow and jaw, peeled the lips back from the teeth.
And yet it was a face so maddeningly familiar, the face of the sire whose template had made the War Hounds themselves. Khârn could see his brethren in the bronze skin, the set of the eyes, the lines of jaw and skull. Pinned there and staring, the thought that flicked into his mind was of the Legion’s battles against the capering xenos whose masks wove faces out of light, taunting them with distorted mockeries of themselves.
The primarch’s grip tensed, and Khârn wondered if he had heard the thought – didn’t they say some of their sires had that trick? Slowly Angron’s other hand rose up before Khârn’s face. Even in this light he could see the crackling shell of quickclotting blood coating the fingers. The hand made a trembling fist before his face that seemed to hang there for an age before it slowly opened to make a stiff-fingered claw. Khârn could tell how the claw would strike: a finger in each eye, powerful enough to punch through the back of the socket and into his brain, the thumb under his jaw to crush his throat, the whole hand then ready to clench and rip away the front of his skull or pull his head from his neck. Astartes bone was powerfully made – did the primarch have the power for that in just one of his hands? Khârn thought he did.
But the hand did not strike. Instead Angron leaned forwards, the snarling gargoyle-mask of his face closing, closing, until his mouth was by Khârn’s ear.
"Why?" And his whisper was like the grate of tank-treads on stone. "I can see what you’re made for. You’re made to spill blood, just as I am. You’re not born normal men, any more than I was." A long, savage growl. "So why? Why no triumph rope? Why no weapon in your hand? Why do you all walk down here so meek? Don’t you know whose blood I really— eh?"
They were close enough that he had felt Khârn’s smile against his cheek, and now he pulled back to see it. Angron’s eyes squeezed shut for a moment, then flashed open again as he twitched Khârn away from the wall and slammed him back again. It seemed to Khârn that he could feel the fingers of the hand that held him thrumming with checked violence.
"What’s this? Showing your teeth?" Another slam against the wall. "Why are you smiling?" By the end of the question the voice was once again at that shattering roar, and even Khârn’s hearing, more resilient than human, rang for whole seconds before it cleared. And in those few seconds, he realised that the question had not been rhetorical. Angron was waiting for an answer.
"I am..." His voice, when he found it, was hoarse and brittle. "I am proud of my Legion brothers." He swallowed to try and soothe his dry throat so that he could speak again, but before he could take another breath he was pulled from the wall and dropped. Angron’s kick lofted him into the air in a long curve that fetched him up against a cold, torn corpse. When Khârn dragged in a breath it was full of the reek of blood and offal. There was no way to tell whose the body had been.
Bare feet thumped along the stone floor, counter-pointing growling heaves of breath as Angron closed the distance. He leapt and landed in a crouch beside Khârn as he tried to make his body move. The grip damped around him again, around his jaw and face this time, and he was dragged half-upright to stare into the primarch’s eyes again.
"Proud." Angron’s lips worked as though he were chewing on the word. "Your brothers. No warriors. None of you will fight. Why... are... you..." He was shaping his words with difficulty, and one hand had risen to clutch at his head. "How, uh, how can, nnn..." And then he lifted Khârn by the front of his tunic and slammed him back down. The ragged remains on the floor gave a bloody squelch as Khârn’s back came down across them.
"No pride!" roared Angron, in a voice that Khârn thought dizzily could finish the job of bone-breaking that his fists had started. "No pride in brothers who stand there with their wits slack! Dulleyed as a steer on a slaughter-chute! None of you fight! My brothers, my brothers and sisters, oh..." The grip on Khârn’s tunic lifted, and he blinked his vision clear and looked up. Angron was not looking at him any more. The primarch had sunk back onto his haunches, one great hand over his eyes. His voice was still a powerful rumble, but barely formed and harsh with accent. Khârn had to concentrate to make out the words. "My poor warriors," Angron was murmuring, "my lost ones." And then he dropped his hand and looked into Khârn’s eyes. The fury was still in his stare, but it had been banked like a furnace,
glowing a dull vermilion rather than roaring crimson.
"Your brothers," he said in a drained voice, "are not like my brothers, whoever you are."
Whoever you are. It took a moment for the words to sink in, and the next thought was, He doesn’t know. How can he not know? Still flat on the floor, Khârn took a shuddering breath.
"My name is Khârn. I am a warrior—"
"No!" Angron’s fist shattered the floor beside Kharn’s head. Stone chips stung his skin. "No warrior! No!"
"—of the Legiones Astartes, the great league of battle-brothers
in service to our—"
"No! Dead!" screamed Angron, his head back, muscles corded in his neck. "Uhhh, my warriors are dead, my brothers, my sisters—"
"—beloved Emperor," said Khârn, fighting to keep his voice cool and level,

-The Betrayer

To put in perspective why this feat is so impressive I will show you how strong Angron is:

“'Whats happening', he shouted over the noise.
No one answered and Loken fell as the top of the breach suddenly exploded in a sheet of flame that reached hundreds of meters into the air. Rocks and metal were hurled skywards as the top of the wall vanished in a massive seismic detonation.
Like the bunkers in the cities, the Brotherhood destroyed what they could not hold, and Loken's senses shut down briefly with the overload of light and noise. Twisted rubble and wreckage slammed down around them, Loken heard screams of pain and the crack of splintering armour as scores of his men were pulverised by the storm of boulders.
Dust and matter filled the air, and when Loken felt safe enough to move, he saw in horror that the entire crest of the breach had been destroyed. Angron and the World Eaters were gone, buried beneath the wreckage of a mountain.
Before Varvarus could react to the senior preceptor's declaration, the rubble behind him shifted and groaned, cracks splitting rock and metal as something vast and terrible heaved upwards from beneath the ground.
At first Loken thought that it was the second seismic charge he had feared, but then he saw that these tremors were far more localised. Janizaes scattered, and men shouted in alarm as more debris clattered from the breach. Loken gripped the hilt of his sword as he saw many of the Brotherhood's warriors reach for their weapons.
Then the breach exploded with a grinding crack of ruptured stone and something immense and red erupted from the ground with a bestial roar of hate and bloodlust. Soldiers fell away from the red giant, hurled aside by the violence of his sudden appearance.
Angron towered over them, bloody and enraged, and Loken marvelled that he could still be alive after thousands of tonnes of rock had engulfed him. But Angron was a primarch and what - save for an anathame - could lay one such as him low?”

-False Gods Pg. 389

Angron is capable of throwing of thousands of tons around and couldn't get Kharn to stay down without his armor on!

Kharn Vs Flesh Tearer: Kharn one-shots a Khorne/Blood Angel champion with a small blade. The same Champion that was seen butchering Khorne Berserkers that same day. Great skilling showing from Kharn:

Kharn stood unspeaking. He appeared to be sizing up the Flesh Tearer in return. Tarrogar raised his voice over the din.
"If the Betrayer is to fight then let it be an even contest have him put aside the Gorechild"
Mavin scoffed. It was a desperate ploy but before Mavin could give voice to his derision Kharn replied.
"Agreed. Give me a weapon you deem a suitable replacement"
Tarrogar gestured to one of his World Eaters a scarred veteran with a double headed power axe across his back.
"Drogen, give the Betrayer your blade"
The named berserker made to reach for his axe but the warlord halted him. A savage smile on his lips.
"Your sword Drogen. Give him your sword"
The World Eater, Drogen unhooked the short blade strapped at his waist and tossed it into the circle. Kharn retrieved it and drew it from the simple leather scabbard. It was forged from unadorned dark steel with a wide blade and a plain hilt. Tarrogar's laughter was taken up be several of his retinue.
"The fool thinks he has already won" Mavin muttered before Brond stepped forward.
"This is an insult" he made to unhook his own axe but to his surprise Kharn shook his head.
"No" he spun the short sword in his hand testing the weight of the blade. "This will suffice"
Mavin threw an alarmed look towards Brond. The Warlord simply shrugged as Kharn moved to the edge of the circle and laid Gorechild on the hot sands at Mavin's feet.
"Touch it and you'll die" Kharn warned before turning back to the task at hand.
The Flesh Tearer watched him closely eyes narrowed to points, taking in every nuance of his movements and stride as Kharn stalked back to the center of the fighting circle. Kharn drew up on the sand flexing his great muscular arms and neck. He beckoned to the beast.
"Come its time to draw blood"
"BLOOD!" with a scream of bestial rage the Flesh Tearer lunged forward. The beast was fast, supernaturally fast and barely seemed to touch the ground as it moved. The mighty chain glaive it wielded whirred deafeningly as eager for blood as its master and the Flesh Tearer brought it down overhead in a deadly arc. Kharn made no attempt to dodge the blow or feint to the side, nor to bring his blade up to block the powerful strike. As the Flesh Tearer screamed its horrifying war cry Kharn flipped the sword around into a reverse grip in his left hand and at the very last moment dropped down to one knee. The churning barbed teeth of the glaive tore threw the air only a millimeter from his forehead as he slid under the blow. Before the Flesh Tearer could turn for a second strike Kharn rose and still using his forward momentum plunged his blade into the side of the Flesh Tearer's head. With the flat of his right palm pressed against the butt of the hilt he guided the sword as he rammed it home with the full weight of his body behind it. Kharn roared and twist the hilt so sharply that the blade broke off inside his opponents skull. The Flesh Tearer was dead before his body hit the ground. Silence descended over the area. It had all happened in barely a few seconds.

-Chosen Of Khorne

Kharn kills the Terminator Lord Tarrogar. Marines in terminator armor have taken blows from 100+ tonners and yet Kharn tears one apart with apparent ease:

With a roar Kharn barreled into the Warlord from behind and Gorechild bit deeply into the back of Tarrogar's right leg. It's shrieking teeth spraying blood and shards of ceramite onto the arena floor. the blow did not fell him but he staggered and swung around lighting claws slashing through empty air. Kharn avoided their touch side-stepping neatly around his heavier foe and aimed another blow at the same leg striking hard into the weak armor at the back of the knee. Tarrogar howled i agony crashing to the ground his leg almost completely severed. Kharn was upon him instantly. He pinned the hulking beast his knee pressing one claw to the floor. He brought Gorechild close to aim his final and decapitating strike. With his free hand Tarrogar caught the mighty chainaxe by its hilt as Kharn brought it down towards his throat. The servos in his guantlet whined in protest such was Kharn's strength but he held fast the axe a safe distance away from his face. "You loose. Little man" Tarrogar grinned evilly and began to squeeze Kharn's fist in his servo powered gauntlet. Bare knuckles began to creak and crack under the terrible pressure. Kharn snarled wordlessly but smoothly drew his plasma pistol and aimed it into the joint of Tarrogars elbow. "No Devourer. You loose!" There was a flare like a miniature blue sun and Mavin was forced to cover his eyes. The Warlord had turned away from the shot but he not howled in pain and impotent rage. Armor, flesh and bone ran together dripping onto the ground and small flickers of flame danced in the charred joint where his arm now ended. Kharn tossed away the severed arm and gripped Gorechild in both hand. It was hard work to get at his enemies thick bull-like neck protected as it was by his terminator armor nut Kharn was not to be dissuaded. As Tarrogar cursed and spat Kharn worked the keening chainblade back and forth liek a demented surgeon. Sending razor shard of ceramite flying. With a sickening wet sound as the teeth bit home Tarrogar was silenced and bright red blood sprayed over Kharn's armor plate and exposed limbs. With a savage roar of triumph he hacked the Warlords head from his body and atrial pulses gushed from the ragged stump of his neck. Kharn lifted the severed head up high and roared.

-Chosen Of Khorne

Kharn physically overpowering Azrael the Chapter Master of the Dark Angels:

Azrael strained to keep his sword in place; Khârn’s fearsome strength augmented by the rage imbued in him by the Blood God. The Dark Angel was forced to take a step backwards.

With a snarl Khârn pushed Azrael back even further, the two ancient weapons coming apart in a shower of sparks

-Trials Of Azrael Page 16

Punching Azrael off his feet despite the Chapter Master's artificier power armor:

the World Eater struck out with his fist, the punch so powerful that it lifted Azrael from the ground and sent him crashing into a table.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 17

Cutting through an Emperor-class warship hull with Gorechild:

Khârn continued to slash down wildly with Gorechild forcing the Dark Angel to remain prone to avoid the blows. Each impact shattered more of the deck, thick cracks crazing through the toughened metal.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 19

Azrael remarks that the more bloodlusted Kharn becomes the better fighter he becomes:

The Supreme Grand Master had learned many things during his long years of combat, not least of which was that an angry opponent was a sloppy one but in the case of Khârn the Betrayer, the opposite held true. For ten thousand years the favoured son of the Blood God had followed the Eightfold Path to every corner of the galaxy, a trail of corpses in his wake and countless skulls claimed for the throne of Khorne. Numerous were the opponents who had thought Khârn beaten but just as numerous were the bodies of those who had prematurely celebrated victory over the World Eater.

The more battered and bloody he became, the greater his rage. The greater his rage, the more battered and bloody his enemies became.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 20

Azrael despite 10thousand years of combat experience is only able to land 2 blows on Kharn before the the World Eater blitz's him:

Azrael had cut Khârn twice. It was unlikely there would be a third time.

Relentlessly, Khârn came at Azrael, the Dark Angel desperately parrying the savage swipes as he backed away from his assailant. For every blow that he knocked aside, another made contact, breaking open armour and tearing the flesh beneath. There was no longer opportunity for counter-attack, each motion of the Dark Angel’s sword was a defensive stroke staving off the inevitable.

Aiming low again, Khârn slipped beneath Azrael’s guard and Gorechild ate through armour, arterial blood spilling from a wounded thigh. Azrael dropped to one knee and heaved his sword upwards to block yet another potentially killing blow which instead ended up embedded in the deck.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 22

Kharn shows the difference in skill and speed between himself and normal Marines by killing 3 so fast that he is already moving on before the corpses hit the ground:

The three Dark Angels did not know what was happening until it was too late. Pinned down by Black Legionnaires in defensible positions further along the corridor, they had taken to alcoves and doorways, slowly advancing from cover point to cover point, exchanging fire as they went.

The roar of a chainaxe from behind them drew their attention.

Two halves of the green-armoured figure fell wetly to the ground, his bolter discharging wildly in a spasming hand. One of the stray shots struck Khârn in the hip but he did not falter, swinging Gorechild around again and liberating another Dark Angel of his head.

The third Space Marine, unhelmeted and in the livery of a sergeant, pulled his chainsword free of its scabbard.

Khârn reacted quickest, severing the Dark Angel’s arm at the wrist, sending both fist and sword tumbling to the deck. His next swipe tore up through the stricken Space Marine’s torso, opening him up to the chest before one final blow claimed his head.

Khârn was already advancing along the corridor before the corpse hit the floor.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 34

Kharn solo's both an army of Space Marines and an army of his own allies that would have taken an hour if they had been fighting each other.........he kills them all in less than a minutes:

The Chosen of Khorne waded into the melee and, for the briefest of moments, the cultists were glad to have him at their side, the fate of their foes irrevocably sealed by the presence of the World Eater.

Their joy soon gave way to terror as Khârn ploughed through the throng, Gorechild’s thirst sated by the blood of friend and foe alike as it indiscriminately tore bodies apart. Like his patron, Khârn cared not from whence the blood flowed.

Left to their own devices, the two sides could have battled for the better part of an hour, attrition eventually granting the victory to whoever could outlast the other. Thanks to Khârn’s intervention, it lasted less than a minute.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 44

A Grey Knight Terminator and Justicar is unable to detect Kharn with telepathy due to his blessing of the blood god:

Wiping the sickly ichor from the blade of his weapon, Kersai became aware of the presence of another on the steel walkway. Disturbingly, the psyker’s warp gifts had not alerted him, the sound of footsteps being the first indicator of somebody approaching.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 62

The same Grey Knight hits Kharn with warp powers and Kharn doesn't even noticed them:

Caked in dried blood and filth, Khârn raised Gorechild and charged the Grey Knight. The silver-clad Space Marine raised his halberd, directing a powerful blast of psychic energy at the onrushing World Eater.

The stream of blue warp lightning washed over Khârn. Either choosing to ignore the pain or impervious to it, still he came. The Grey Knight renewed his assault, putting so much of his being into the power emanating from his force halberd that hoarfrost coated his suit of Terminator armour and dark blood leaked from both nostrils.

The effect was the same. His red armour glowing purple under the crackling wave of sapphire energy, Khârn did not falter.

KERSAI: No... This cannot be.

Resorting to more base tactics, Kersai raised his weapon to use it in the conventional manner but the World Eater was already upon him.

KHÂRN: Khorne protects me, Grey Knight. Unlike your corpse-Emperor.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 63

Kharn then proceeds to one-hit KO the GK Terminator:

A huge fist pounded into the psyker’s unprotected face, rearranging his features to such an extent that even the brothers who served beneath him would no longer recognise their justicar.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 63

Gorechild cut's through the GK's Terminator armor with ease:

Gorechild bit deep into the suit of Terminator plate, carving through the flesh and bone beneath and spraying its wielder with yet more blood. Hardly breaking stride, Khârn surged onwards as the Grey Knight’s constituent parts dropped away into the dark depths of the engine house.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 63

Kharn's enhanced senses are so great that he can track people via smelling their blood:

Despite having not killed for what felt to Khârn like an unbearable age, his choler was undiminished. Azrael was close, so close that the tang of blood hung on the stale air, the spoor of the Dark Angel’s wounds as clear as footprints to the World Eater.

-Trials Of Azrael Page 69

And fight in complete darkness:

The chamber they were duelling in was pitch black,

Trials Of Azrael Page 17

This will be updated with more feats later on as I can't do anymore reading right now!

Feats to come:

  • Kharn curbstomping Erebus
  • Going full-on Beserker


Jack The Ripper Respect Thread!

Jack The Ripper:


Breaking Luther Strodes arm with ease despite his enhance durability:

Kicking a door off its hinges in 1 hit:

Breaking Luther's legs:


Smashed into a concrete floor by Luther and shakes it off with ease:

Has his neck broken and still keeps fighting:

Bullets do nothing to Jack:

Luther puts his entire fist through Jack's back. Not even fazed:

Speed and Reactions:

Blitzing Luther:

Blitzing Luther with nerve strikes (with his neck broken):

Dodging machinegun fire at nigh-point blank range and deflecting bullets with knives:

Moves so fast that he kills Binder and grabs his head before his body begins to fall:

Showing his physical speed:

Fighting Ability:

Showing Luther the difference in their skill:

Schooling Luther again:


Ahzek Ahriman Respect Thread!

Ahzek Ahriman:

Alias: The Exile, The Master Of The Thousand Sons

Standard Gear:

The Black Staff:

The Black Staff is an arcane force weapon that acts as a conduit for Ahzek's psychic abilities increasing their potency and enable him to use all his abilities simultaneously. As a force weapon it has the same overall characteristics. Force weapons possess the ability when in the hands of a psyker to rend reality apart allowing the bearer to destroy almost anything it comes into contact with.

Power Armor:

See Power Armor in Space Marine Respect thread

Bolt Pistol:

See Bolter in Space Marine Respect thread

Alpha Level Psyker:

Ahzek falls into the Alpha/Beta level Psyker category:

Grade DesignationPower Level
Rho/Pi (lowest grade):Common human little to no manifestation of psychic abilities

Omicron/Xi/Nu/Mu/Lambda/Kappa (Minor grade):

Unconscious and minor level of psionic brain activity. Such low levels of talent only manifest in high-stress experiences and remain beyond the control of the individual. Phenomenon commonly explained as "good luck" or "fluke" occurrences

Iota/Theta/Eta (Mid Grade):

Conscious and moderate level of psionic talent. As the individual is able to control abilities with effort, subjects of Iota level and higher are true psykers and under the jurisdiction of the Inquisition and Adeptus Telepathica

Zeta/Epsilon (High Grade):

Very high level of mental psychic activity. Manifesting early, these levels of talent require the immediate attention of Imperial authorities and represent a true security threat.

Delta/Gamma (Upper High Grade):

Occurring in approximately one-per-billion human births, Delta and Gamma level psykers exhibit extreme levels of psionic ability able to bring entire cities under their control. Unless discovered quickly, death or possession are common results of the untrained mind being unable to handle this level of mental energy.
Beta/Alpha (Highest Grade):

Exceedingly rare and dangerous. Mainstream Medicae Imperialis discussion agrees that current human beings do not possess the necessary evolutionary development to contain Beta and Alpha levels of psionic talent. As such, the great majority of those discovered at this Assignment rating usually suffer from mental instability. Those who can control their level of psychic abilities have been able to do truly incredible and monstrous things, the scale of their abilities allowing them to bring entire planets under their mental command.

Famous Alpha/Beta level psykers:

-Ahzek Ahriman


Alpha-Plus (Too Powerful To Grade):

In the rarest of all cases, the twenty-four point scale of the Assignment does not adequately characterize a being of indescribable ability. Such individuals, for all intents and purposes, pass beyond the scale entirely. These subjects are known as Alpha-Plus psykers. Unconstrained, Alpha-Plus psykers represent an immediate and catastrophic threat to the Imperium. In theory, there is nothing that a trained Alpha-Plus psyker cannot accomplish through force of will; from snapping a Titan in half, summoning a legion of Greater Daemons to crushing planets with their minds. Representing such a great danger, the Inquisition usually executes Alpha-Plus psykers on sight unless the possibility for capture is nearly assured.

Famous Alpha-Plus level psykers:

-The God Emperor Of Mankind

-Eldrad Ulthran

-Magnus The Red

-Apex Twins

Master Sorcerer:

Ahzek is one of the few Sorcerors to have mastered every art of psyker discipline in 40k.


Blood Boil: by reaching into an enemy's body with their mind, a psyker can rapidly accelerate their pulse and blood pressure to lethal levels with the end result being the victim's heart and brain exploding.

Enfeeble: a biomancer can drain the vigour of their enemy thus making them feel weak and incapable of acting.

Endurance: Reaching into the essence of his allies, the biomancer knits together bones, heals flesh, and banishes fatigue.

Haemorrhage: Focusing his mind, the psyker reaches forth and sets the inside of his enemy aflame. Within moments, the victim's blood boils and he bursts into flames.

Iron Arm: By transmuting his flesh into living metal, the biomancer, can wade through enemy fire unscathed and pulp skulls with iron fists.

Life Leech: The Psyker rips the life force from his enemy, harnessing the stolen essence for himself.

Regenerate: a psyker with the appropriate knowledge can reach into the very cells of their target and begin knitting together flesh and bind the wounds through their mental abilities alone.

Warp Speed: The powers of the Immaterium flow through the Psyker, heightening his speed to supernatural levels and allowing him to run at a speed where he appears at a mere blur.

Warp Strength: a psyker can invigorate a target with psychic energy by channeling the power of the Warp through their muscles, tendons and even bones which enhances their strength to remarkable levels.


Foreboding: The Psyker makes his allies and himself aware that their foes are about to charge, even before their foes have themselves realized it.

Forewarning: The Psyker prophetic powers allow him to walk through a hail of fire, dodging incoming bullets by knowing their exact trajectories in advance.

Misfortune: The Psyker twists fate so that he and his allies strikes tear through the weakest points in their opponents armor

Perfect Timing: As soon as his consciousness pierces the veil of the Warp, a rush of images flood the Diviner's mind, foretelling the actions of his enemies down to the nanosecond.

Prescience: The Psyker can predict the path of bullets and swords. By focusing his Warp sight even more closely he can guide his allies aims, allowing them to more accurately strike the enemy


Fiery Form: The Pyromancer transforms himself into pure flame, striking out at his foes and setting their souls ablaze.

Fire Shield: The Pyromancer throws up a towering wall of flame to protect him and his allies

Flame Breath: A torrent of psychic flames pour from the Psykers eyes and mouth.

Inferno: The Psyker sets the air itself aflame, creating a whirling pillar of fire to sweep through enemy ranks burning the oxygen from their lungs.

Sunburst: The Psyker sings a wild, ancient song derived from the Warp. As he does, an aura appears around him. When his song ends the aura explodes, creating a blinding flash.

Spontaneous Combustion: Focusing his anger, the Pyromancer can melt and incinerate his foes in an instant. When his rage subsides, the victims explode.


Along with the traditional uses psykers can also use TK in the floowing ways:

Gate of Infinity: The Psyker enters a corridor of the Immaterium (moving outside reality), allowing him to cross great distances in the Materium in the blink of an eye.

Objuration Mechanicum: The Psyker jams the weapons and engines of his enemies.

Shockwave: The Psyker slams his palms together and the noise is magnified a hundredfold, creating a devastating shockwave.

Telekine Dome: The Psyker erects a barrier of shimmering mental energy around himself that can deflect bullets and blows.

Vortex of Doom: The Telekine opens a tear between the material realm and the Warp, unleashing energies that consume any nearby foe.


Along with the traditional uses psykers can also use TP in the following ways:

Dominate: The Psyker reaches into his foe's mind, crushing their will to resist.

Hallucination: The Psyker induces paranoia, confusion, and panic into the minds of his enemies.

Invisibility: Reaching into the minds of his foes, the psyker obscures his and his allies own image from their enemy's sight.

Psychic Shriek: The Psyker breaths in deeply and the gathers the powers of the Warp, emitting a banshee howl of psychic energy that shreds the minds of his enemies.

Terrify: The Telepath assails them with mental images of their own darkest and dreadful nightmares.


Banishment: this power allows a daemonologist to create a temporary portal into the Warp which can either strip the power from a Psyker or banish a Daemonic creature back to the Warp which spawned it.

Instability: through this ability, a psyker can phase the molecules of their body allowing them to be slightly within the warp and thus allowing them to pass through solid matter.

Sanctuary: this creates a zone of power around a psyker which repels any daemonic beasts that approach it.

Teleportation: a psyker can use this power to transport themselves or another person/object into the warp and emerge somewhere else on the field.

Vortex of Chaos: a powerful ability known to psykers that practice the art of daemonology which allows them to open a gateway between the mortal world and the warp thus creating a swirling vortex which sucks everything near it into the tear in space.

Daemon Strength: by drawing upon the energy of the Warp, a psyker can imbue themselves with great strength and agility for a limited amount of time.

Summon Void: this power allows a psyker to open a small breach into the Warp which tears away a tiny piece of reality and drags it into the Immaterium.

Speed, Strength and Agility:

As a Space Marine Ahzek shares their physical stats see the Space Marine Respect Thread for feats.


Ahzek using Divination to kill a group of Daamon guard (Harrowing) with his eyes closed (This was during Exile when Ahzek was at his weakest):

Ahzek scouts an entire space craft in an instant. Still Exile Ahriman.

Ahzek soloing 5 other sorcerers one of who was capable of taking the other 4 on his own. Yet again this was during Exile when Ahzek was at his weakest demonstrating his mastery of psyker arts:

And how long did that entire battle take Ahzek?

Crushing Maroth's mind and possessing him:

Looks into the future to guide his bullets:

Sobek battled two of the beasts, his left arm held in the beak of a white-furred shrike as it attempted to saw through his shoulder. The second beast’s wings boomed as it hovered above his Practicus in a dust-filled whirlwind, raking Sobek’s armour with tearing claws.

Astartes and predatory killers fought in a confused mass of thrashing limbs, blades and claws. Ahriman swung his pistol around and drew on Aaetpio’s connection to the Great Ocean, tracing the myriad potential pathways of the future to follow the path his bolt would take in a fraction of a second. He squeezed the trigger twice in quick succession.

The first bolt punched through the skull of the shrike holding Sobek down, the second exploded the heart of the hovering beast, both impact points less than ten centimetres from Sobek’s body. Both beasts collapsed, slain instantly by Ahriman’s precision kill-shots.

Pg.356, A Thousand Sons

Looks into the future to see where his bullet will hit and guide it:

Using biomancy to control an opponents nervous system and drain another's life-force:

Lemuel screamed in terror, and the monster turned its long, stabbing beak towards the remembrancer. Ahriman reached out with an open palm and crushed his hand into a fist.

The shrike standing over Lemuel gave a strangled squawk as its nervous system overloaded with pain impulses. It collapsed into a shivering heap until Ahriman stamped down on its neck, spinning around as his precognitive sense screamed a warning at him. He blocked another bladed beak with a sweep of his staff, sending a pulse of fire along its length.

The creature shrieked as its body caught light, the flames spreading over its furred body with unnatural rapidity. The flames fed on a victim’s life-force, and would only extinguish when the creature was dead.

Pg.355, A Thousand Sons

Ahzek watches an entire battle before it happens:

Ahriman’s head was encased in a gleaming hood of shimmering light, a gossamer-thin matrix of precisely cut crystals hewn from the Reflecting Caves beneath Tizca. His mind floated in a meditative state, unbound from his mortal flesh and occupying a detached state in the higher Enumerations.

Fine copper wires trailed from this crystal hood, their nickel-jacketed ends immersed in psi-reactive gels that amplified Ahriman’s thoughts and allowed others to receive them. His mind skimmed the surface of the Great Ocean, allowing Aaetpio to guide the currents of potential futures his way. This close to the present, such echoes were easy to find, and it was a simple matter for a Tutelary of a Master of the Corvidae to pluck them from the aether.

His heightened sensitivity to the immediate future gave him an unmatched situational awareness. He could read the flow of thermoclines across the mountains, see every aircraft, and feel the fears of their crews as they surged towards Phoenix Crag. His awareness floated above the unfolding assault, reading its ebbs and flows as surely as if it were a slow-moving battle simulation.

Pg.332 A Thousand Sons

Ahzek seeing the future and preventing his ship getting blown up even knowing the name of the ship that did it before it occurs:

Ahriman saw a flickering image of an armour-piercing shell punch through the belly of Eagle’s Talon, a roaring Stormbird of the 6th Fellowship, and sent a pulse of warning into the matrix. He felt the brief moment of connection with the impossibly complex lattice of Magnus’ mind, the brightest sun at the heart of a golden web that eclipsed all others with its brilliance.

No sooner had his warning been sent than Eagle’s Talon banked sharply. Seconds later, a stream of shells tore empty air and exploded harmlessly above it. This was one of a score of warnings pulsing from Ahriman’s enhanced awareness, the vessels of the Thousand Sons dancing to his directions to evade harm. Each permutation altered the schemata of the future, each consequence rippling outwards, interacting with others in fiendishly complex patterns that only the enhanced mental structure of a specially trained Astartes could process.

On another modified Stormhawk, Ankhu Anen, a fellow disciple of the Corvidae, undertook similar duties. It was not an exact science, and they could not see every danger. Some aircraft were going to be hit, no matter how much the Corvidae sought to prevent it.

To mitigate against such immovable futures, every assault craft carried a mix of covens from each cult.

High ranking cultists of the Pavoni and Pyrae filled the air around the aircraft with crackling arcs of lightning and fire to detonate incoming shells before impact, while the Raptora maintained kine shields to deflect those shells that penetrated the fire screen. Athanaeans scanned the thoughts of enemy fighter pilots, skimming the manoeuvres and intercepts they planned from the surfaces of their minds.

It was a dance of potential futures, a whirlwind of the possible and the real, each one moving in and out of existence with every passing moment.

It was as close as Ahriman ever felt to perfection.

A nearby explosion rocked the Stormhawk, the shell that had been destined to blow it from the sky detonating harmlessly off its starboard wing.

“Two minutes to skids down,” shouted the pilot.

Ahriman smiled. The dance continued.

Pg.336 A Thousand Sons

Explaining that Ahzek knows what will happen in the future just as sure as what will happen if a man steps off a cliff:

In decades past, fractured timelines had shone through the veil of the empyrean, and Ahriman had seen the echoes of futures yet to come as easily as a mortal man could guess what might happen were he to step off a cliff.

Pg.121 A Thousand Sons

Ahriman is such a powerful psyker that he is considered to be a rift in reality:

Ahriman was a conduit of awesome immaterial power – a walking crack through which the warp and the real world bled into one another.

Atlas Infernal

Ahzek using pyromancy, telekinesis and diviation at the same time. His TK is so powerful that he can stop light and feel every single particle he's using his TK on (Yet again Ahzek at his weakest):

Thoughts, reasoning and logic slotted back into place like cogs in clockwork. This was what it was to be a Magister Templi of the Thousand Sons, this was what the Imperium had never grasped; power was nothing without balance. Reason to balance force, will to balance passion, coldness to balance fury. Ahriman sensed Astraeos reaching into the warp, drawing power to him like a choking man gulping air. Foolish, rash, unbalanced. The warp submitted to will, but to the balanced mind and body it gave the power to soar. Ahriman waited. He was ready, his mind rooted, its processes running with perfect precision. He expanded his awareness. There were people coming for them; they were running down the corridor on the other side of the door. Kadin had taken a stride, the pistons of his augmetic legs bunching in place of muscle. The door in front of them remained shut.

Ahriman selected his patterns of thought and formulae, placing them within the blank sheet of his mind like a surgeon arranging razors on a silver tray. He was ready. His hearts beat once. Kadin’s step crashed down. Red light strobed across Ahriman as he flicked out a telepathic command. +Down.+ Astraeos ducked. Kadin twisted, trying to shrug the command off even as he crashed into the passage wall. Fire sprang from Ahriman’s eyes. The air roared as it cooked. The white-hot beam struck the door and bored through it like a spear through fat. Liquid metal sprayed out in a molten flower. The hole in the door widened, rippling outwards, glowing brighter and brighter. Ahriman could feel the presence of minds beyond the door, fourteen still alive, one fading to nothing, ten already gone. His telekinetic blow hit the door and blew the remains out in a cone of molten metal rain. The troopers that had been crouching in the passage beyond vanished as the pressure wave lifted them from their feet and mashed them into the walls.

Some further back held their nerve and began to fire. Shots clouded the glowing breach in the door. Ahriman walked forwards. Cold light followed him, wrapping his body, spiralling around him as if in an invisible wind. The troopers kept firing as he stepped through the breach. Las-bolts and hard rounds flared as they met the cloak of light and began to spin, forming an accelerating column. Ahriman kept walking, the cyclone turning around him sucking up debris from the floor; swelling, turning faster and faster, beginning to glow as the fragments abraded to sand. Lightning crackled across its surface. Ahriman could feel his mind holding every particle as it flew. He reached the door. A wall of fire rose to meet him. He released the cyclone and it tore forwards. The storm broke over the troopers and tore them into fragments of bone and tatters of flesh. It swept on, scraping the passage walls to shining metal, and smearing everything with a wet red film. Ahriman walked in its wake, his eyes closed as his mind leapt ahead, running under the skin of the ship, sensing and hunting like a loosed hound

Pg.180 Ahriman: Exile

Ahzek telepathically possesses hundreds of Marines by saying their names, telepathically overpowers 36 sorcerers and disintegrates everything thrown at him on an atomic level (and yes.......still Ahzek at his weakest...).

Ahriman kept walking towards the centre of the hangar bay. Fire flicked towards him and he deflected it with a twitch of his thoughts. Power flowed through him and radiated outwards in a halo of blue flame. It was so simple, like being half blind and now able to see again. Ahriman could see Kadin now, standing on the gantry at the top of the machine tower, fire spitting from the barrel of his bolter. Carmenta lay on the floor behind Kadin. Cables crawled over her from where they spilled from access panels and data ducts. Silvanus crouched beside her; he had his eyes screwed shut. Ahriman stopped. He was at the centre of the hangar bay now, at the base of the tower from which Kadin was still firing. Ahriman’s dozen Rubricae formed a circle around him, facing outwards.

A thought from Ahriman and they stopped firing. A metre beyond their circle explosions danced across an invisible barrier. Astraeos looked at Ahriman with a flicker of concern. The hangar was full of Amon’s forces, hundreds of Rubricae encircling them in an unbroken wall. +This will work?+ Ahriman smiled. He looked at the army of Rubricae gathered in the hangar. He spoke their names, rolling them through the warp like the notes of a song. Other minds rose to oppose him, but he poured his will into the song of names. The warp felt like a river of fire as it flowed through him. The Rubricae stopped firing. Astraeos looked at Ahriman as if he had never really seen him before. +It’s not over yet,+ sent Ahriman. He could feel the sorcerers who stood at the back of the ranks of Rubricae recoiling in shock at what had just happened. There were thirty-six of them.

A good number and all were powerful, but not powerful enough. The air became heavy, laden with static and the scent of ozone. He felt the wills of the thirty-six sorcerers push into the warp. Huge pieces of wrecked machinery rose into the air as if pulled on invisible chains. Ahriman nodded to himself as if impressed. The pieces of wreckage hurtled towards him. His mind reached out and plunged into each piece of twisted metal. He felt their weight, their dimensions, and the spinning of their atoms. He formed a thought, and it caught in the warp like a spark set to kindling. The wreckage dissolved as it flew, falling to the deck as a rain of fine metallic sand.

Pg.192, Ahriman: Exile

Ahzek matching an Eldar Harlequin in physical speed in close combat(these things can blitz Space Marines with Mach 2 reactions):

As the Black Staff reached its master’s hands the Harlequin threw herself at Ahriman, riveblades and fist spike coming at the Thousand Sons sorcerer in a blur. The eldar’s weaponry sparked unnaturally off Ahriman’s Black Staff, the Adeptus Astartes putting the length of the weapon between him and the deadly alien weaponry of his furious attacker. Throughout the desperate battle the sorcerer’s skin blazed sapphire and his face maintained a cold composure. Smashing her in the half mask with the shaft of the Black Staff, Ahriman turned the horned-skull headpiece on the Harlequin, holding it like a form of firearm and blasting force bolts of immaterial energy at her. The Harlequin leapt like a cat, toes and fingertips to the ground as the close-range barrage came at her – but time and again the sorcerer’s doom-laden warp blasts failed to find their target. Mouthing a stream of silent incantations and curses, Ahriman lifted the arcane staff and span it about him with martial precision. A cyclone of warp flame erupted from the floor about the fell sorcerer and the prone Czevak, spinning and radiating outwards. As the rainbow wall of moving flame came at the Harlequin like an infernal tsunami she flipped backwards, soles of her boots to palms of her hands, before melting out of existence entirely.

Pg .215, Atlas Infernal

Stopping bullets mid-air:

As she disappeared, the shadows vomited forth the broad carapace and skeletal visage of a Death Jester, whose shrieker cannon began hammering heavy shuriken rounds across the chamber at Ahriman. With a wave of the sorcerer’s hand the first shot began to slow, allowing the second, third and fourth to gain ground on it. As the rounds began to pile up and strike each other in mid-flight they ricocheted off in different directions, fanning out harmlessly around the sorcerer.

Pg. 215, Atlas Infernal

Reacting faster than a Harlequin at point blank range despite being taken by surprise:

Ahriman stood over the broken body of Czevak like a crafted colossus. The fell sorcerer twirled his Black Staff in his hands defensively, his neck craning around to locate the source of his next threat. As he turned he found himself looking down the twin barrels of the Great Harlequin’s willowy plasma pistols. The eldar had appeared right next to the sorcerer but the shock failed to register on Ahriman’s serene features. He brought up the levelled shaft of the Black Staff, smashing both pistols’ aim at the heavens and the troupe leader back. The gargoyle helmet of the eldar warrior leered at the sorcerer and the extravagant pink plume bounced about wildly as the alien fell backwards into a tumble that became a graceful, gymnastic roll.

Pg. 215, Atlas Infernal

Ahzek tanks a plasma explosion at the same heat as the sun (all it does is annoy him):

From his crouch on the deck the Great Harlequin brought the plasma pistols up, the sunfire twinkle in the darkness of their gaping muzzles announcing their intention to fire. Clutching his Black Staff the Chaos sorcerer waved a palm at the Great Harlequin. The pistols suddenly exploded, their detonating containment flasks vaporising the surrounding deck in a ball of sun-furious plasma. Despite Ahriman’s efforts, the raw, white heat of the detonation set alight his Coptic robes and melted the cerulean flesh from the tip of his nose and patches across one side of his face. The sorcerer brought his clawed fingers up to the exposed tendons and roasted muscle before tearing the robes from his ancient, muscular frame. As the bubble of plasma and destruction receded, it became obvious that the Great Harlequin had disappeared once again.

Pg. 216, Atlas Infernal

Ahriman can even use his powers to predict when something is about to enter reality:

Ahriman radiated power through flesh that was at once his body and a conduit to the warp. The Rubric Marines slowed to statuesque dormancy. Then… the fizzle of a phase-field intrusion. The Harlequins dropped into reality all about him. The Death Jester’s scythe arced at the sorcerer, riveblades flashed by his face and the thin, razored edge of the Great Harlequin’s power sword almost skewered him through the gut.

Pg. 216, Atlas Infernal

Ahriman creates a room full of copies of himself all capable of wielding his powers:

Allowing the dark forces of the warp to surge through him and the force staff, the sorcerer managed to turn each weapon aside with prognostic speed and surety. Exposing himself to the Harlequin’s death-dealing dance, Ahriman pointed the horned-skull of the Black Staff at the crystal pyramid tip of the chamber ceiling. Blasting a puce beam of warp energy at the crystal directly above him, the sorcerer watched the beam bounce and diverge away into hundreds of weaker beams that were reflected prism-like back down into the chamber. There were suddenly Ahrimans everywhere. All bare-chested, cerulean giants, clutching identical Black Staffs, swathed in the thick, illusory haze of the chamber.

Rather than wait to be attacked, the Ahrimans launched themselves at the Harlequins, thrusting shaft-spikes, casting warp flame and blasting the alien intruders with doombolts from the eye sockets of their horned headpieces. The Rubric Marines had also had time to react and the lumbering suits began pooling their firepower into one raging storm of inferno bolts flying at the vaulting eldar warriors. The Harlequins danced through the havoc with martial poetry, twirling through the gunfire, flipping between spear thrusts phasing out of the corrupting path of deadly warp streams. In turn their weapons flashed and darted through Ahriman’s phantasmic selves, unsure which sorcerer was the real Ahriman.

Pg. 217, Atlas Infernal

One of Ahzeks most powerful feats. Fighting an Eldar Shadowseer who's every movement is distorting reality and capable of one-shotting a Bloodthirster leading to a conflict between the two where every blow is destroying reality around them:

The eldar warlock’s eldritch fashions were crafted from pure confusion and his every step quaked with disintegrated reality. The length of the Shadowseer’s leaf-shaped witchblade sang at Ahriman, forcing the Thousand Sons sorcerer back. Ahriman barely got his Black Staff in front of the devastating sword sweeps. Immaterial energies spilled from both weapons as the psykers clashed, forcing Ahriman further back. The archway bulkhead crashed back down at the Shadowseer’s mental insistence and the metal of the Impossible Fortress’s walls melted and dribbled down across the seals, fusing the door shut and trapping the sorcerer in the pancratitaph with his enemies.

With Ahriman’s power and attention directed very much on his unwelcome visitor, Czevak’s levitating body dropped to the deck. From his perspective on the floor the inquisitor watched witchblade and force staff smash, both physically and immaterially. Where they did, the fabric of reality tore. The disciplined grace and furiosity of the Shadowseer’s assault would have carved a bloodthirster of Khorne in two. Ahriman was more than pure wanton destruction, however. The Thousand Sons sorcerer was not only an ancient and devastating warrior, he was one of the most talented psykers in the galaxy. More important than either of these facts was the torrent of unbound ambition surging through the sorcerer’s veins. He was the impossible made incarnate.

Pg. 219 Atlas Infernal

Sucking out an opponents soul and feeding it to daemons:

Booby trapping a plant:

Shutting down Harlequin Holo-fields and blocking tech from working around him:

Ahriman was a blaze of power. His force staff swirled and spun, spilling lances of warp fire into jagged forks of lightning, which ripped through the mire of misperception that surrounded the two Marines. The holographic images flickered and faded, pulsing with inconsistency as the sorcerer’s power interfered with their signal.

DOW: Tempest pg123

Speaking a spell that cuts his opponent:

Ahriman circled the table slowly, muttering quietly to himself in a tongue that I recognised but could not fully recall. He was lost in concentration, and seemed to be almost oblivious to the presence of the dying Harlequin on the table next to him. But as he muttered the secret words of his forgotten language, more cuts and gashes appeared in the flesh of the prisoner, each wider and deeper than the last until blood started to ooze out of the joints in the creature’s armour, pooling on the table and then on the floor below.

But the Harlequin said nothing. It made no sound at all. Its eyes bulged and widened with each stroke of the invisible knife; it was clear that the alien was suffering terrible pain.

DOW: Tempest pg134

Curbstomping a Harlequin Solitaire:

Ahriman sneered in indignation. "You are not worthy of me, web-walker." He hefted the book into the air and then kicked out at the Solitaire, crunching his boot into the Harlequin’s abdomen and sendinghim skidding off over the stage. The book, still impaled on Karebennian’s riveblades, was shredded into tatters by the violence of the movement, and scraps of paper billowed up into the air like confetti.

The audience gasped.

"I will not be frustrated by you again, Karebennian!" Ahriman shrieked, spinning his staff and then jabbing it out towards the crumpled Solitaire, focussing all of his hatred and resentment into one strike. A vicious and intense blast of warp lightning lanced out of the Black Staff and engulfed the fallen alien.

Karebennian screamed in ways that Ahriman had never heard before. His agony cut all the Marines and Harlequins to the bone, bringing the battle to a standstill and arresting the music that had throbbed throughout the performance. Wisps of smoke and gas rose from the charred remains of the Solitaire’s body, as though his soul were seeping away into the shadows.

DOW: Tempest pg 220

Healing himself on what seems a molecular level?:

He took a breath, allowing himself to feel and remember what it was to have a real body again. A red weal grew across the bare skin of his left leg even as he looked at it. Pain spread in its wake, as though he had been burned by ice. He hardened his will, isolating the pain and containing it at the edge of his awareness. His mind could defeat normal pain and heal normal wounds,

He focused, rebalanced every level and thought process of his mind. His heartbeats slowed. He tasted the blood in his mouth, saw the molecules spinning in its substance. He touched the silver, felt his mind slide away, like water from a sheet of glass. A part of his thoughts became like stone. The bleeding stopped

-Ahriman: Sorceror Pg 20

Can telepathic read hundreds of thousands of minds at once:

Hundreds of thousands of thoughts boiled around him, buffeting his mind like a spiralling wind. It was disconcerting, like plunging into water after years spent in a desert. He allowed them to wash over and through him, listening for meaning formed by their tides. He had been in the dream for longer than he had intended.

-Ahriman: Sorceror Pg 21

Ahzek exhibits time control and the ability to remove himself from reality:

Five paces separated Ahriman and the Grey Knight. Ahriman tilted his head. A slowed slice of time spread between them.

Five paces.

He took a breath, felt it soak into his muscles. His left heart beat once. Cendrion flew forwards, sword rising. Flame poured from Ahriman. The silver of the Grey Knight’s armour flashed to white heat. Ahriman reshaped his will. A whirl of shadows rose around him, beating with a thousand dark wings. Crow voices screamed in his mind.

Four paces.

Cendrion rammed a blunt spear of mental force at Ahriman. He met it and spun its power into his own. The shadow birds around Ahriman flew faster. Izdubar and a cluster of other armoured humans broke into sight. Gunfire buzzed towards him. He unmade the rounds in flares of light. They kept coming.

Three paces.

Ahriman held the thought of the beating wings, pouring himself into each one, feeling his mind and body become like smoke. Cendrion’s sword was a splinter of sharpness and sunlight above his head. He could feel the pressure in the warp building and building.

Two paces.

Ahriman vanished, and in his place a cyclone of shadow and carrion cries roared. Chunks of stone ripped from the floor. Cendrion leapt, spinning his body into the turning wind, sword slicing.

One pace.

Cendrion’s sword cut through the spiral of shadow. The mass of wings parted like a slit sheet of silk. Ahriman felt the pain of the cut, felt the Grey Knight’s will pouring into the blade. But he was ready. The Grey Knight was strong, strong in ways that he had never imagined, but he was like his sword, a weapon, and that focus made him blind. Ahriman focused his whole mind for an instant. Cendrion’s sword shattered. Silver fragments spun through the air.

He felt the Grey Knight’s shock. He almost smiled. Then the flock of shadow birds tore through Cendrion. Wards woven into the silver armour held and then cracked. Splinters of ceramite tore into Cendrion’s muscles. A wall of telekinetic force lifted him from the floor, spinning his bulk like a dry leaf. Polished plates buckled and tore. Ragged edges of metal punctured his flesh. Bones in his chest and arms shattered. Warning chimes sang from around his collar. His flesh burned as warding runes melted on the inside of his armour. Liquid silver dripped from the Grey Knight as he fell.

Ahriman pulled his dispersed mind back together, feeling the substance of his body flickering back into reality. He looked down at Cendrion.

His right heart beat once.

Ahriman looked up from Cendrion’s broken form.

-Ahriman: Sorceror Pg 230

Removing opponents from reality:

Ahriman raised a hand. The lash coiled around his arm, pulsing, cutting and sucking through his armour. Power flared from him, exploding outwards into the warp. The psychic shock wave lifted daemons from reality

-Gates Of Ruin Pg19

I'll update this later when i'm motivated enough to re-read some more books lol!

Thanks to the following for helping me out with this:



Review: The Worlds End (No Spoilers)

Being a big fan of both Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz I couldn't wait for the third part of Edgar Wright's "Blood and Ice Cream" trilogy. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are probably one of the best 2 man combo's in films at the moment. Suffice to say I was stoked for the third.

The Good:

The story was at the exact same caliber of wacky, weird and hilarious that Wright and Pegg have written for the past two movies. Its hard to find any other series that compares with their uniquely wacky scenarios and ideas. Without putting any spoilers into this i'll sum up the set-up for this movie.

Five friends in their teens attempted something called the "Golden Mile" in their home town, this consisted of going to twelve pubs that are in a 1mile radius and having at least 1 pint of beer in each one (basically what happens in Britain every Friday evening!!!). Having failed to get to the last pub (The World's End) the first time, they reunite years later now as adults to reattempt said pud crawl. However they soon find out that everything is a little off. Mainly because everyone is now a robot alien with glowing blue eyes. To stop the robots suspecting anything they decide to continue with the crawl. The whole thing basically revolves around the friends hiding from the alien robots while simultaneously drinking at every pub and getting progressively more and more drunk. The set-up really is as hilarious as it sounds.

Pegg and Frost were up to their usual caliber and the other cast members (Martin Freeman, Eddie Marsan and Paddie Considine) were also brilliant. You could not fault the casting for this movie. seeing Bilbo Baggins drunk is one of the most entertaining things i've seen in a while.

The humor was pretty much the same as what made Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz hilarious. It ran off the same dark humor that has become synonymous with the trilogy. In fact I would go as far as to say that it had the most darkest/disturbing humor out of the three. However this just made it better. A certain scene in the film that involved a conversation between Pegg's, Frosts and Considine's characters arguing with an alien robot was (if you'll excuse my language f***ing side-splitting. It was one of the funniest scenes i've seen in a movie for a long time.

Another thing that I did not expect to be impressed with by this film was the SFX. This movie was in fact visually incredible. The dark setting combined with the while blue eyed robot alien things contrasted really really well giving a surprisingly brilliant visual experience not something I was expecting.

The Bad:

There wasn't really much to complain about in this movie. To some it may seem a little slow at the beginning however it does pick up the pace very sharply. The only other thing that may not be to some peoples tastes is the exaggerated parody theme.

In Shaun Of The Dead it was exaggerated horror/gore taking the piss out of horror movies, in Hot Fuzz it was exaggerated violence taking the piss out of the blockbuster action movies and here it had extremely exaggerated fight scenes which given the style seemed to be parodying fights in American and Japanese blockbusters and by exaggerated I mean really exaggerated. Aliens getting their heads punched or smashed off, or having limbs ripped off and then getting beaten to death by them where an exceedingly common occurrences in this movie. I for one found the exaggerated fight scenes extremely funny but some people may find them slightly silly.This though is all a matter of taste.


Without including spoilers for you guys I was limited on what I could say however I hope this review helped clear up any nagging thoughts that may have kept you away from seeing this movie. Having now seen all three I do think that Shaun Of The Dead is still the best however The World's End may have stolen second place from Hot Fuzz.

If you liked Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz GO AND SEE THIS MOVIE! You will not be disappointed.

Wrights Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy>>>>>Nolan's Batman Trilogy mwhahahahahahahaha!


A Strider92 Rant: Could Web Of Shadows Work As A Movie?

This thought came to me when a friend of mine linked me a youtube video (that I will post down below). For those of you who didn't play this game it basically centered around a Symbiote invasion of New York. With poor Pete caught in the center of it.

Now my initial thought was "hell no" however after due consideration I change my mind and this is why:

No Restraints:

No matter what company this is made by, be it Sony, Marvel or whatever other company ends up with the Spider-man rights in the future this movie can be a stand-alone one. You do not need to go in-depth with Spider-man's character as that has already been done so many times in the past. Most people have a good idea who he is. It wouldn't matter if you had the same cast or kicked them all out for a completely new lot. Due to it being a game based story there is almost unlimited flexibility as you could change almost anything you wanted but still keep the core theme intact. As the story is basically just about survival you would not need to go to in-depth anywhere which is a good thing when you are dealing with a cast and movie of this scale.

Huge Scale:

Lets face it superhero based movies are getting bigger and bigger. Take a look at the Avengers or The Dark Knight rises. Its now no longer having a hero fighting a singular villain alone in the dark without anyone knowing. Now its the "in thing" to have whole cities or armies involved to give the protagonist nigh-impossible odds to over-come. Whether you like this type of movie or not this is the way its going and Web Of Shadows does fit this bill as at one point you are almost on your own against an entire city of infected people.

The Villain Isn't Unknown:

Thanks to Rami and to nearly every single Spider-man animated series ever created Venom is not a character with no back-ground. Its not like they would be pulling a random villain out of thin air and putting him this position with no viable reason why. Venom has the padding required to pull this off and the on-screen presence needed.

Not to mention if push came to shove you could sum up his motivations on screen quite quickly if it was absolutely necessary.

Other Characters:

A big part of WoS was being able to team-up with other Marvel characters be it hero or villain. Now of course due to the fact Spider-man isn't owned by Marvel the appearance of characters such as Wolverine, Black Widow etc.... who were in the game is a nigh-impossibility (although it would be good if they could!). However in WoS you could also team-up with Spider-mans villains and other Spider-verse characters such as Electro, Vulture, Black Cat etc..... These are of course free to be used no matter who owns the rights as they belong to Spider-man's universe. So even if did come to that seeing Spider-man have to work with and fight alongside characters that had been considered enemies in the past would be great to watch. The brilliance of this is that due to the whole infection thing it really allows the whole "put your differences aside in order to defeat a greater evil" scenario into the best possible situation. You would not need to convince people why old enemies are working together simply because its a matter of survival.

The Choices:

In the game you had the whole "be evil or good" game mechanic come into play. Now while this can't be use in the film as a hero who has a strict no kill code killing someone in cold blood on-screen is stupid *cough*Man Of Steel*cough*. However here we have a valid reason as to why Spider-man could be doing questionable things as he's being influenced by an outside variable to do things he would not normally consider doing misguided by good intentions to use the symbiote stop the invasion. The classic "use the enemies own weapon against them" scenario.

Huge SFX Potential:

While not the crowning glory of this idea the potential that this would have for incredible SFX is absolutely huge. Whether its the villains, the fights, Spider-man or even the city itself we see the symbiote infection nearly everywhere. Suffice to say if it were choreographed and directed properly then it would be visually stunning as you would have the whole symbiote infected buildings around all the time as well as infected people.


Honestly be it this or another stand-alone concept I think this could be exactly what the franchise needs to shake itself up a bit. Because of all the previous media exposure you don't need to repeat things like Spider-man's origin or re-use the same themes. You can basically sit infront of a blank canvas and make almost anything (within reason of course).

Suffice to say in my opinion it would be far better to make a few stand-alone movies than have to keep making series or trilogies due to the fact the creative scope is far larger and you won't have to worry too much about the continuity for however many films may have been planned in the future.

Anyways here's the fan-made video sent to me that got me thinking about the concept (kudos to the guy who made this btw):


Space Marines Respect Thread!

Space Marines:

Alias: Adeptus Astrates, Angels Of Death

The Adeptus Procedure:

Every Marine undergoes the following enhancements:

Secondary Heart

Phase 1: This simplest and most self-sufficient of implants allows a Space Marine to survive his other heart being damaged or destroyed, and to survive in low oxygen environments. Not just a back-up, the secondary heart can boost the blood-flow around the Marine's body.


Phase 2: A small, complex, tubular organ, the ossmodula secretes hormones that both affect the ossification of the skeleton and encourages the forming bone growths to absorb ceramic-based chemicals that are laced into the Marine's diet. This drastically alters the way a Space Marine's bones grow and develop. Two years after this implant is first put in the subject's long bones will have increased in size and strength (along with most other bones), and the rib cage will have been fused into a solid mass of bulletproof, interlocking plates.


Phase 3: This small, circular organ is inserted into the chest cavity and releases hormones that vastly increase muscle growth throughout the marine's body. It also serves to form the hormonal basis for many of the later implants.


Phase 4: Implanted into the main circulatory system, this tiny implant not only increases the haemoglobin content of the subject's blood, making it more efficient at carrying oxygen around the body and making the subject's blood a bright red, it also serves to monitor and control the actions of the phase 2 and phase 3 implants.
Larraman's Organ
Phase 5: A liver-shaped organ about the size of a golf-ball, this implant is placed within the chest cavity and connected to the circulatory system. It generates and controls 'Larraman cells' which are released into the blood stream if the recipient is wounded. They attach themselves to leucocytes in the blood and are carried to the site of the wound, where upon contact with air they form a near instant patch of scar tissue, sealing any wounds the Space Marine may suffer.
Catalepsean Node
Phase 6: Implanted into the back of the brain, this pea-sized organ influences the circadian rhythms of sleep and the body's response to sleep deprivation. If deprived of sleep, the catalepsean node cuts in. The node allows a Marine to sleep and remain awake at the same time by switching off areas of his brain sequentially. This process cannot replace sleep entirely, but increases the Marines survivability by allowing perception of the environment while resting. This means that a Space Marine needs no more than 4 hours of sleep a day, and can potentially go for 2 weeks without any sleep at all.


Phase 7: This is essentially a pre-stomach that can neutralise otherwise poisonous or indigestible foods. No actual digestion takes place in the preomnor, as it acts as a decontamination chamber placed before the natural stomach in the body's system and can be isolated from the rest of the digestive tract in order to contain particularly troublesome intake.


Phase 8: This implant allows a Space Marine to 'learn by eating'. It is situated in the spinal cord but is actually part of the brain. Four nerve bundles are implanted connecting the spine and the stomach wall. Able to 'read' or absorb genetic material consumed by the marine, the omophagea transmits the gained information to the Marine's brain as a set of memories or experiences. It is the presence of this organ which has led to the various flesh-eating and blood-drinking rituals for which the Astartes are famous, as well as giving names to chapters such as the Blood Drinkers and Flesh Tearers. Over time, mutations in this implant have given some chapters unnatural craving for blood or flesh.


Phase 9: This additional lung activates when a Space Marine needs to breathe in low-oxygen or poisoned atmospheres, and even water. The natural lungs are closed off by a sphincter muscle associated with the multi-lung and the implanted organ takes over breathing operations. It has highly efficient toxin dispersal systems.
Phase 10: This implant sits at the base of the brain, and provides hormonal and genetic stimuli which enable a Marine's eyes to respond to optic-therapy. This in turn allows the Apothecaries to make adjustments to the growth patterns of the eye and the light-receptive retinal cells - the result being that Space Marines have far superior vision to normal humans, and can see in low-light conditions almost as well as in daylight.

Lyman's Ear

Phase 11: Not only does this implant make a Space Marine immune from dizziness or motion sickness but also allows Space Marines to consciously filter out and enhance certain sounds. The Lyman's Ear completely replaces a Marine's original ear. It is externally indistinguishable from a normal human ear.

Sus-an Membrane

Phase 12: Initially implanted above the brain, this membrane eventually merges with the recipient's entire brain. Ineffective without follow-up chemical therapy and training, but with sufficient training a Space Marine can use this implant to enter a state of suspended animation, consciously or as an automatic reaction to extreme trauma, keeping the Marine alive for years, even if he has suffered otherwise mortal wounds. Only the appropriate chemical therapy or auto-suggestion can revive a Marine from this state. The longest recorded period spent in suspended animation was undertaken by Brother Silas Err of the Dark Angels, who was revived after 567 years.

Melanchromic Organ

Phase 13: This implant controls the amount of melanin in a Marine's skin. Exposure to high levels of sunlight will result in the Marine's skin darkening to compensate. It also protects the Marine from other forms of radiation.

Oolitic Kidney

Phase 14: In conjunction with the secondary heart this implant allows a Space Marine to filter his blood very quickly, rendering him immune to most poisons. This action comes at a price, however, as this emergency detoxification usually renders the Marine unconscious while his blood is circulated at high speed. The organ's everyday function is to monitor the entire circulatory system and allow other organs to function effectively.


Phase 15: This enhances a Space Marine's sense of taste to such a high degree that he can identify many common chemicals by taste alone. A Marine can even track down his target by taste.


Phase 16: This implant allows a Space Marine to sweat a substance that coats the skin and offers resistance to extreme heat and cold and can even provide some protection for the marine in a vacuum. This can only be activated by outside treatment, and is common when Space Marines are expected to be fighting in vacuum.

Betcher's Gland

Phase 17: Consists of two identical glands, implanted either into the lower lip, alongside the salivary glands or into the hard palette. The gland works in a similar way to the poison gland of venomous reptiles by synthesizing and storing deadly poison, which the Marines themselves are immune to due to the gland's presence. This allows a Space Marine to spit a blinding contact poison. The poison is also corrosive and can even burn away strong metals given sufficient time.


Phase 18: There are two of these glands, one situated in the neck and the other within the chest cavity. These glands are vitally important and represent the future of the Chapter, as the only way new gene-seed can be produced is by reproducing it within the bodies of the Marines themselves. This is the implant's only purpose. The glands absorb genetic material from the other implanted organs. When they have matured each gland will have developed a single gene-seed corresponding to each of the zygotes which have been implanted into the Marine.
These take time (5 years in the first case, 10 in the latter) to mature into gene-seed. The gene-seed can then be extracted and used to create more Space Marines.

Black Carapace

Phase 19: The most distinctive implant, it resembles a film of black plastic that is implanted directly beneath the skin of the Marine's torso in sheets. It hardens on the outside and sends invasive neural bundles into the Marine's body. After the organ has matured the recipient is then fitted with neural sensors and interface points cut into the carapace's surface. This allows a Space Marine to interface directly with his Power Armour.

Training and Doctrine:

Space Marines undergo rigorous training for 21 hours a day in nearly every form of combat:

04:00Morning PrayerLed by the Company Chaplain, the Space Marines renew their oaths to the Emperor and the company relics are displayed. This time is also used to give out orders, announcements and other administrative tasks.
05:00Morning Firing RitesThe Space Marines engage in target practice with their personal and squad weaponry. Awards and punishments are dispensed for consistently good or poor accuracy, respectively.
07:00Battle SimulationsGenerally this is close quarters oriented, however live fire or hazardous environment training may be done instead (or as well).
12:00Midday PrayerIn addition to prayer any injured Space Marines can report to the Apothecary.
13:00Midday MealNormally local wildlife killed during the morning activities.
13:15Tactical IndoctrinationThis can take many forms, from information on a new alien species or technology to strategy. A debrief of the morning's battle is common as well.
15:00Battle SimulationsThis focuses more on combined tactics in conjunction with vehicles, Dreadnoughts and devastator squads and normally includes a trial of a new tactic introduced during the tactical indoctrination.
20:00Evening PrayerIn addition to prayer, gene-seed testing may occur at this point.
21:00Evening MealA feast (by normal human standards) is provided by the Chapter serfs, and some Chapter Masters may allow alcohol to be consumed.
21:30Night Combat TrainingIf the chapter is based on a planet where there is no perceptible night or they are based on a fleet, firing exercises are under taken in exotic environments such as underwater, through dense fog or smoke or in zero gravity.
23:15Maintenance RitualsEach Space Marine is expected to maintain his own power armour and weapons, and it is often checked by the Chapter's Techmarines.
23:45Free TimeSpace Marines are permitted this time to reflect upon their duty to The Emperor, however many Chapter Masters regard free time as a frivolous waste, and a dangerous distraction in the extreme.
00:00Rest PeriodSpace Marines are allocated 4 hours in which to sleep.

Standard Gear:

Space Marines are generally equiped with Power Armor, a Boltgun, a close combat weapon and grenades.

Power Armor:

Power Armour is an advanced form of powered combat armour, worn primarily by the Space Marines and the Chaos Space Marines. It is a completely enclosed suit of combat armour composed of shaped Adamantium and Plasteel plates, encased in a Ceramite ablative layer. Each suit possesses a full suite of life-support functions for operation in hostile environments, an automated medicare system to provide some level of first aid to a wounded wearer and a highly advanced and fully integrated tactical targeting and threat analysis system known as Auto-senses.

The suit would be heavy and cumbersome to wear but for the electrically motivated fibre bundles within the armour that replicates the wearer's movement and enhances his strength beyond its already considerable superhuman baseline (for Space Marines).

The Ceramite layer renders the Marine almost completely impervious to energy based attacks due to its uncanny ability absorb heat. It is even used by the Adeptus Mechanicus to create suits to enter plasma cores that can reach the same temperatures as the sun.

On Board Sensors and Battle Computer:

Measuring Distance:

Errant bullets from the greenskins’ chain guns and solid-shot cannons chipped at the rock wall. A shard spanged against Dak’ir’s pauldron but he barely felt it. The spatial display on his right helmet lens told him the orks were just three hundred and sixty-five point three metres away.

-Salamander Page 329


Like powered armour the suit's helmet contains its combat system. Referred to as auto-senses, features include thought-activated comms-link, bio-status readouts, full diagnostic and self repair functions, microphone, amplifiers, ear-protectors and an auto-reactive photochromatic visor to prevent the dazzling effect of sudden bright lights. Once plugged into his suit (a long procedure which requires the aid of several tech-adepts), the suit's visor also displays tactical information such as maps, way-point markers, compass, target recognition friend or foe and range-finder information and gives access to all the suits systems.

-Imperial Armour Vol 4 Page 15 (The Anphelion Project)

Targeting System:

He turned and emptied the last of his clip, auto targetters skipping from one head to the next.
-Blood Gorgon's Page 115

Environmental Scanning:

Barsabbas checked he had a full load in his sickle pattern bolter clip. His helmet HUD powered up, its ocular targeting syncing with his bolter sights. Slabs of system reports scrolled by his peripheral vision: climate, energy readouts, atmospheric toxicity, all of which Barsabbas ignored as the alarms brayed and amber cabin lights flashed.

-Blood Gorgon's Page 49

Vision Modes:

As a matter of automatic reaction, the Blood Gorgons switched to thermal vision. Nothing. Night reflection. Nothing. Multilight overlay. Nothing. It was an unnatural darkness flooding in from the warp.
-Blood Gorgon's Page 101

Heavy Resistance To Pressure:

With his helmet fixed on, a Space Marine in full power armour could survive in hard vacuum of space almost indefinitely.

-Dawn Of War II Page 155

Almost Completely Invisible To Heat Detection:

Space Marine armour was an insulated exterior of ceramite and adamantium, almost invisible to thermal or heat detection.

-Blood Gorgon's Page 41

Bolt Gun (Bolter):

The Boltgun, also commonly referred to the Bolter, is the standard weapon of the Adeptus Astartes and Adepta Sororitas. A .75 caliber weapon, the Boltgun fires a self-propelled explosive 'bolt' which explodes with devastating effect once it has penetrated its target, effectively blowing it apart from the inside. Finely hand-crafted by Space Marine Forges or the Adeptus Mechanicus, Boltguns are heavy, sturdy weapons with a powerful recoil normal humans would find difficult to handle.

Ammunition (Bolt):

Bolter ammunition (a bolt) is primarily a solid .75 calibre slug. Conventional solid slugs utilise a propellant charge contained in a casing that, when ignited, forces the bullet out of the barrel. In contrast, a bolt is self-propelled; it features its own integrated solid propellant that propels the bolt at high speeds, essentially acting like a miniature rocket. The propellant itself is shaped to control the bolt's direction and speed. The standard Bolter ammunition is designed to penetrate the target and then detonate, causing immense damage to the target and leaving little opportunity for survival.

  1. A solid-fuel rocket propellant base
  2. An outer casing containing conventional charge
  3. Gyrostabilizer
  4. Mass-reactive fuse. Has a split-second timer to delay detonation upon impact until after the shot penetrates the target.
  5. Hardened diamantine penetrating tip. This allows for the bolt to penetrate most armour before detonation.
  6. Main Charge
  7. Depleted uranium core. This is a very dense material, adding weight and thus momentum to the round when in flight. This aids in the bolt's penetration of the victim.

Bolter Power:

The bolt pistols thundered again. Each round found its mark, and fifty more bodies were reduced to bloody fragments. The rest of the mob staggered on, their outstretched hands little more than a metre away.

At Zahariel’s command, the squad took one last step back and fired five more rounds into the press. Firing bolts locked back on empty magazines as fifty more bodies erupted into gory mist. The mob had been cut in half in the span of twenty seconds, but the remainder pressed their advance.”

Pg.320 FA

A single bolt from his weapon blasting the man's entire torso away.

-Storm Of Iron Page 77


Hitting a target from 2.5km away and ricocheting a shot to kill another

"Only Mingzhou kept some measure of in her head. 'He's over twenty-five hundred meters away.' she assured them. 'Someone with the best lasrifle on Castellax couldn't pick off a target from that range. We have to get out of here before he can close the distance.'

As she spoke, Algol raised his arm, the graceless bulk of a bolter clenched in his fist. Without pause or hesitation, the Space Marine fired. From the other side of the tractor, Deacon screamed and fell, his chest ripped to splinters by the bolter's explosive shell.

...before Algol fired again, the legionary's shots smashing into the engine block.

...Almost casually, the Iron Warrior adjusted his grip on the bolter, tilting the barrel downwards ever so slightly.

...The bolter cracked again. Taofang cried out as he watched Mingzhou's body jerk up and strike the underside of the tractor. Her body slumped back against the side of the ferrocrete paving, blood streaming from her shattered flesh. Instead of closing upon her and coming within the range of the sniper's rifle, the Iron Warrior had fired his shot into the floor several meters in front of the tractor, deflecting his shot so that it arced beneath the vehicle and struck the woman hidden there."

SoC, Pg. 345

Close Combat Weapon:

Most Marines are armed with a standard Monomolecular Sol Pattern weapon which can range from a dagger, to a sword or to the classic Chainsword.

In some circumstances be it through rank or achievement a Marine will be armed with a power weapon. Power Weapons are one of the most dangerous close combat equipment found in the 40k-verse.

Power Weapons generally exude a hazy, blue-coloured field of energy that wraps around the primary impact region of a melee weapon, be it a sword's blade or warhammer's head and is capable of disrupting the molecular bonds of matter when it strikes essentially cutting the target on a molecular level.

These weapons may be constructed to appear as a primitive, simple melee weapon, with the power field generator concealed within the hilt or haft of the weapon. Once the power field is switched on, however, the obvious humming sound given off and the blue light gives the secret of the weapon's true nature away.


The strength range for a Space Marine ranges wildly depending on the writer or character but the generally accepted level is around 5 tons.

Ripping a man in half effortlessly:

One of the Isstvanian soldiers ran at him, shrieking and aflame, and pulled Temeter into an embrace. The captain let the flamer drop from his grip and ripped the man in two, tearing him apart effortlessly. He beat out the flames and grimaced as the rest of his troop waded in and finished the task.

-The Flight of the Eisenstein p.250

Not even straining to lift half a ton:

During a particular training exercise in ambush methods, a fledgling Disciple was crushed by his own poorly-rigged log trap. One of the four - Gabre - simply levered the half-tonne log off the dead man and Mautista saw with his own eyes the way Gabre barely strained to lift it.

-Flesh and Iron Page 118

Leaping 4 meters into the air from a standing position:

He leapt. His explosiveness was incredible, clearing four metres from a standstill.

-Blood Gorgon's Page 69

Capable of lifting 2.7 tons when not under duress:

"starting" Marine can carry 1,350 kg, lift 2,700 kg, and push 5,400 kg."

-Deathwatch RPG, Page 208

A Marine cracking Ceramite with his fists:

Loken threw a punch that would have decapitated a mortal man. His fist cracked against Jubal’s helm and he repeated the action, driving his fist four or five times against the other’s face and chest. The ceramite visor chipped. Another punch, his full weight behind it, and Jubal stumbled. Each stroke of Loken’s fist resounded like a smith’s hammer in the echoing chamber, steel against steel.

-Horus Rising Page 281

A simple back hand from a Marine shatters bones and sends the opponent flying:

Ragnar smiled and casually backhanded his attacker. Teeth flew everywhere and bones broke as his foe was thrown across the room.

-Wolfbane Page 127

Decapitation via a simple backhand:

Before the Imperial could shoot again, Kroeger was upon him, backhanding his fist across his face and decapitating him in an explosion of blood and bone.

-Storm Of Iron Page 17

Yet another backhand (Marines seem to like slapping people) sending 440lb flying with a swipe:

Laughing, Sica backhanded one of the hooded men with the ridged knuckles of his gauntlet, snapping his neck and throwing two hundred kilos of brutish soldier back into his comrades.

-Blood Gorgon's Page 64

Marines tearing open tanks:

Tanks did not slow the Space Marines down. They clambered up on to them, ripped off durasteel hatches as if they were made of paper and dropped grenades into the interior.

-Angel Of Fire

Speculated that with power armor a Marine should be able to support a building:

They were destructive, the firepower at their immediate disposal able to flatten urban blocks. With his bare hands, gloved in ceramite, he could crush and pry open sheets of metal, maybe even the support girders of a building.

-Blood Gorgon's Page 45

Speed and Reactions:

A Space Marine's physical speed and reaction speed is one of the most terrifying things about them.

A Space Marine's speed is such that it induces a effect called Transhuman dread where the human brain cannot process the speed they move at:

Transhuman dread. Aximand had heard iterators talk of the condition. He’d heard descriptions of it from regular Army officers too. The sight of an Adeptus Astartes was one thing: taller and broader than a man could ever be, armoured like a demigod. The singularity of purpose was self-evident. An Adeptus Astartes was designed to fight and kill anything that didn’t annihilate it first. If you saw an Adeptus Astartes, you knew you were in trouble. The appearance alone cowed you with fear.
But to see one move. Apparently that was the real thing. Nothing human-shaped should be so fast, so lithe, so powerful, especially not anything in excess of two metres tall and carrying more armour than four normal men could lift. The sight of an Adeptus Astartes was one thing, but the moving fact of one was quite another. The psychologists called it transhuman dread. It froze a man, stuck him to the ground, caused his mind to lock up, made him lose control of bladder and bowel. Something huge and warlike gave pause: something huge and warlike and moving with the speed of a striking snake, that was when you knew that gods moved amongst men, and that there existed a scale of strength and speed beyond anything mortal, and that you were about to die and, if you were really lucking, there might be just enough time to piss yourself first.

-Age Of Darkness Page 163

Covering a dozen meters every pace:

“'Disperse!' bellowed Astelan, sprinting to his right. His power armour took him across the ground in huge leaps, covering half a dozen metres with every pace.

-Tales Of Heresy Page 304

Deflecting 3 bullets with a sword:

Slapping bullets out of the air:

“Plague Marines shot at him. Those shots that Gammadin did not slap out of the air, he took against his shoulder plates. Shrapnel puffed against him.”

Blood Gorgons, p.159

Deflecting a bullet with a combat knife:

Combat reflexes took over and Rafen drew his bolt pistol in a fraction of a second, his other hand snatching at the hilt of the battle knife resting in a sheath along the line of his spine. He fired a single shot at the High Chaplain, aiming low, aiming to wound, to slow him down. But he might well have called out his intentions in a shout. Astorath swept his blade aside and intercepted the bolt mid-flight with a crack of sound, the round blasting harmlessly into the dirt. Rafen dodged to one side as the weapon’s fast, fluid arc bisected the space where he had been standing, and he rolled, tumbling over red dirt and half-buried rocks.

-Hammer and Bolter. Redeemed Page 231-232

Slapping a bullet aside fired from point-blank range:

Space Marines are capable of following bullets with their eyes:

Gabriel squeezed a couple of shells out of his bolter and watched the little contrails that poured out behind them, as though in slow motion. They spun through the thick, gaseous air and then slipped through a gap in the lava flow, punching into the kaleidoscope of reflections beyond.

- Dawn Of War Omnibus Page 258

Microsecond reaction speed:

As the shell seared past, Rangar threw himself flat behind the low pile of rubble trying to make himself as small a target as possible. That had been close, too close. The shot had almost parted his hair. Only his lightning quick reflexes, and the microsecond's warning provided by his superhuman senses had got him out of the way. If he had ducked half a heartbeat later, his head would have been an exploding fountain of gore and bone.

- Space Wolf Omnibus Page 269

A Marine moving so fast it looked as if he had stopped the flow of time and inserted himself into the frame. Before proceeding to butcher a group of enemies in 3 seconds:

They came out from behind the trees around her, two, then three, then five, all told: five primuls in a circle around her, their eyes like murder for what she had done to their kin.
They threw themselves at her.
For many years afterwards, for the rest of her life, in fact, Perdet Suiton Antoni often wondered how none of them heard him coming. He was just there, suddenly. How could something that big move so fast and so silently, and appear without notice? Between the moment when the primuls began to spring and the moment when they would have fallen upon her, the giant appeared and interposed himself between her and the foul, pouncing creatures. It was almost as if he had stopped the flow of time and edited himself into that particular frame of it.
What followed lasted about three seconds.
The giant had his combat shield locked on his left arm and his short, heavy sword in his right fist. As he arrived, he was swinging the shield out, and smashed it flat into the nearest, leaping primul, shattering bones and deflecting the thing away. Wheeling, he hacked his sword clean through the neck and shoulder of the second, casting out a shower of dark red blood, and then ripped backwards low, cutting through the corpse's thighs even as it toppled, so that the whole mass of the primul folded into a collapsed heap. The third, coming in at the giant's left flank, held some kind of pistol weapon, an ugly, spiky device that spat hard, sharp bullets of buzzing metal. The giant turned, raising his left forearm upright from the elbow, and guarded his face with the combat shield in time to switch the buzzing projectiles away. They struck the shield with loud, angry cracks. One embedded itself there. Another bounced off and decapitated a nearby sapling. As the third bullet hit, the giant deftly tilted his arm very slightly, and ricocheted it off sideways straight into the face of the fourth primul. The creature's head split like a blood-fruit and the primul was savagely thumped backwards, off the ground, its legs wide. It landed, spread-eagled, on its back.
Before the third primul could fire its pistol again, the giant whipped his right arm over and threw his sword like a lance. It struck the primul through the chest, lifting it off its feet with the force of the throw, and impaled it to an olive tree's trunk, its feet dangling and twitching.

The remaining primul, wicked blades in both hands, was dancing round behind the giant. With his free right hand, the giant grabbed the heavy firearm that had been knocking at his hip on its long strap, and shot the primul twice, in the face and the chest. The double boom of the massive gun was so loud it made Antoni cry out and cover her ears. The force of the shots tore the primul apart, and slammed its mangled body across the grove. It bounced sideways off a tree trunk and fell into the bracken. Silence, except for the gurgle of leaking blood.

-Brothers Of the Snake Page 62-65

It takes a Marine a Nanosecond to process how to deal with an opponent:

The Word Bearer is almost unrecognisable. For a nanosecond, the figure registers to Luciel as an unknown, a threat.

Transhuman responses are already there, unbidden. Adrenaline spikes to heighten an already formidable reaction time. Muscle remembers. Luciel wears his boltgun, an oiled black pit bull of a weapon, in his thigh holster. He can draw, aim and fire in less than a second. The range is six metres, the target unobstructed. There is no chance of missing. Maximus plate, frontally augmented, might stop a mass-reactive shell, so Luciel will fire two and aim for the visor slits. The airgate skin-sleeve is self-repairing, and will survive las-fire damage, but a bolter shot will shred it open, so Luciel also braces for the explosive decompression of a ricochet or a miss-hit. At a simple, subconscious neural urge, boot-sole electromagnets charge to clamp onto the deck plates.

He can make a clean kill headshot in less than a second and a half, two rounds for kill insurance, and probably protect the atmospheric integrity of the airgate.

All this, all this decided, unbidden, instinctive, in less than a nanosecond.

-Dawn Of War Omnibus Page 258

Combat Ability and Awareness:

Due to them training 21 hours a day a Space Marine's mind is sharpened to the point fighting becomes instinct.

Tied up and with no armor a Space Marine curbstomps Imperial Guardsman despite the fact he was only playing with them:

Before they could finish their initial screams of surprise, Barsabbas swept his forearm and pinned the closest against the wall, crushing his spine. The rest backed away, yelling loud, panicked words. One of them began to fumble with a lasrifle, but he was unfamiliar with it beyond ceremonial purpose. He attempted to fire on Barsabbas with the safety still caught. Like a great fish breaking the surface, Barsabbas tossed a sentry away and flung him down the corridor. Hastily lashed shock mauls bounced off his unyielding hide. The remaining three men were tossed about like bushels of grain. Each surge of Barsabbas’s steel bound limbs threw them from wall to wall, bouncing them, breaking them. The Blood Gorgon was simply playing with them

-Blood Gorgons Page 153

Kills 4 opponents with nothing but a combat knife in under 3 seconds:

The first guard died without a sound, Uriel’s knife hammering through the base of his skull. He dropped and Uriel wrenched the blade clear, spinning low and driving it into the second guard’s groin. Blood sprayed and the man shrieked in horrified agony. A lasgun was raised and Uriel lunged forward, smashing his fist into the foe’s face, the augmented muscles of his power armor smashing the man’s head into shards. Uriel spun on his heel, dodging a thrusting bayonet, and thundering his elbow into the last guard’s chin, taking the base of his skull off. Teeth and blood splattered the bunker door.
He dropped into a defensive crouch, dragging his knife clear of the corpse beside him and cleaning the blade on its overalls. The killing of the guards had taken less than three seconds.

-Ultramarines Omnibus Page 3

A Choas Marine easily takes out a group of Dark Eldar without the use of weapons (Dark Eldar are faster than Space Marines):

As Hepshah struggled to regain his breath, the Chaos Space Marine gripped him firmly by the face, pinning his head with a delicate grip. His other hand darted, whisper quick, tapping him on the temple with a longmace. No more than a light double tap. Hepshah stopped struggling. The dark eldar was no longer recognisable from the neck up. The encounter took just seconds and by the time Hepshah’s body was discovered, Barsabbas was already gone.
Moribeth found Draaz hung from the rafters. She found Fhaisor and Amul Teth reclining behind a bombed out dust buggy. In the open, tossed amongst the debris, was a stove boiler that leaked blood. She did not open the coal hatch, but presumed it to contain the remains of Sabhira. She did not feel fear – only indignity. Snarling, she stalked through the ruins. Occasionally she stopped to crack her whip meaningfully, with a belligerent pop. It was a declaratory snap and most knew to run when they heard it.
‘You can’t hide from me,’ she sang. She had always been the predator. Ever since her young maiden years, Moribeth had accompanied her cousins on slave raids. This was second nature to her. In her free hand, hidden behind her back, was a neural blade gifted to her by her kabal’s mistress. The poison it secreted overloaded the pain nerves in living creatures. She pitied anything that crossed her path.
‘Come out, come out,’ she cooed.
‘Here I am.’ The voice sounded like slabs of rockcrete grinding together. A shadow fell across her. Moribeth turned and her confidence dissipated. She slashed her neural whip low, but the tip snapped listlessly as it connected with ceramite. With a speed that surprised her, the horned warrior slapped the top of her head with his palm. There was a pop as her spine compressed and vertebrae slipped out of joint. Moribeth died still believing herself a predator.
‘Face me!’ Vhaal howled, raising his arms into the air in challenge. A muzzle flashed in the distance. Low and muffled. The bolter’s bark. Vhaal, second son of the kabal, fell unceremoniously through a screen paper window, his feet stiffening awkwardly in the air. He was already dead before he landed, felled by a single shot.
The monkeigh warrior appeared indifferent to his threats. He walked into and through the caprid fence that separated them, splintering the wood with his shins and thighs.
‘Catch me to kill me!’ Sindul spat. He leapt up against the sheer rock wall behind him, limbs splayed against the surface, and began to scarper up the vertical drop. He used his lacerator gloves, dragging the hooked claws of his fists for purchase. He shot up the wall like a rodent, scaling twelve metres in a matter of seconds before bounding backwards into the air. A bolter round missed him as he leapt. He landed behind the monkeigh, slashing his lacerators as he sailed overhead. But the horned warrior was faster than Sindul had estimated. It was a grave error. The monkeigh spun with practiced fluidity, pouncing with all the weight and drive of a quarter tonne primate. Sindul rolled aside, but not fast enough. The monkeigh snagged him with its paw and dragged him to the ground by his ankles. Sindul tried to regain his gyroscopic balance, but his thin ankle was locked in a hammer grip of ceramite.
‘I don’t need to kill you yet,’ growled the Traitor Marine as Sindul thrashed like a hooked fish. Dragging his splinter pistol free from its chest holster, the dark eldar began to fire. The first shot hammered a toxic splinter into heavy chest plate. The monkeigh dodged the second with a little dip of his head.
‘Stop, now.’ With that, the monkeigh backhanded him with steel-bound hands. Sindul’s head snapped violently off to the right and he blacked out.

- Blood Gorgons Page 75-76

A Marine assesses the weakness's of 6 soldiers in only a few heartbeats:

His battle-hardened mind assessed the relative strengths and weakness of the six soldiers without conscious thought: armament, distance, levels of combat effectiveness, routes of attack and escape calculated in less than a few panicked beatings of their hearts.

-Imperial Armor Vol 9 Page 46

Shows how fast a Marine's mind can work. Not to mention states that twenty thousand men would be little more than a speed for a company of Marines (about 1k Marines thats 20 to 1 odds):

Barsabbas counted the numbers with a cursory auspex sweep. He calculated the readout in his head, subtracting an estimation of noncombatant families and livestock signatures. The total, even with a generous estimate, would be no more than twenty thousand fighters. Twenty thousand men would amount to little more than a speed bump against a well drilled company of Chaos Space Marines.

-Blood Gorgons Page 95


Thanks to their power armour and nigh-instant regeneration Space Marines are incredibly hard to kill.

Demonstrating the Laraman Organ's Healing Factor:

Red runes winked into life on his visor as his armor was torn open in half a dozen places. He felt searing pain and cursed as he yanked a plate-sized piece of sizzling shrapnel from his leg. Almost instantly, he could feel the Larraman cells clotting his blood and forming a protective layer of scar tissue over the wound. He had suffered much worse before and shut out the pain.

Ultramarines Omnibus Page 22

A Grenade is little more than an annoyance:

They laughed as they worked, a drywicked laughter that was frightening in its intensity. From behind the circular saws of an industrial rockcutter, a hooded man lobbed a rock at Sica. He heard a whistling sound and he turned the slab of his shoulder pad towards the missile. There was a flash of light. Even with his eyes closed, Sica’s vision strobed red and bright yellow. It had been a grenade. The explosion pushed Sica slightly and made him grunt with annoyance at his own carelessness. He shot the man off the industrial saw, quickly, as if ashamed.

-Blood Gorgons Page 63

Takes re-entry and a crash land to earth with hardly any discomfort:

Barsabbas almost did not feel the crash. The drop pod collided with the planet’s surface at high speed and continued to bounce with a loose, jarring expulsion of force. The impact would have shattered any normal human’s skeletal structure.

- Blood Gorgons Page 49

Ferrocrete (metal concrete hybrid) breaks before Space Marine bones:

The Assault Marines bounded down the ramp, jump packs flaring. In pairs they threw themselves from the gunship's open prow. Boreas tracked their descent on the external pict-feeds, watching the ten Space Marines plunge to the ground, their jump packs slowing their descent. With impacts that would have shattered the bones of lesser warriors, Zaltys's squad landed in the compound, ferrocrete cracking beneath their booted feet.

- Purging Of Kadillus Page 226

Flame throwers have no effect:

From somewhere a flamer unleashed a blaze of burning promethium, a gush of flaming orange liquid washed over him, but encased inside his armour he barely felt the intense heat.

-Imperial Armor Vol 7 Page 79

Thanks to their healing factors this is how Space Marines grade minor injuries:

Other more minor injuries — severed hands, gouged eyes, punctured lungs — appeared more frequently.

- Salamander Page 340

Thanks to their healing factor a missing limb only serves to annoy them:

As another melta-bomb was slammed into place by a warrior of the 217th coterie, the champion Namar-sin staggered into the protection beneath the gateway, smoking bullet craters across his armour. His left arm was gone, blown clear by autocannon fire, and his armour was awash with blood.

Brother Namar-sin was at Marduk's side, and he buried his axe in the chest of another of the soldiers, the pain of his severed arm lending him additional strength and fervor.

Dark Disciple Page 28-30

Shrugging of lighting that was destroying the area around them hitting with the force of Predator Missles:

We’re exposed out here,’ Bulle muttered. ‘Let’s get back into the forest.’Tarvitz was amused. Bulle made it sound as if the stalk thickets were safe ground.Giant forks of lightning, savage and yellow-white phosphorescent, were searing down into the open space, explosively scorching the earth. Though each fork only existed for a nanosecond, they seemed solid and real, like fundamental, physical structures, like up turned, thorny trees. Three Astartes, including Lucius, were struck. Secure in their Mark IV plate, they shrugged off the massive,detonating impacts and laughed as aftershock electrical blooms crackled like garlands of blue wire around their armour for a few seconds.

The storm above grew still more ferocious. Five more men were struck. One of them, Ulzoras, was actually knocked off his feet. They saw fused, glassy craters in the ground where lighting had earthed with the force of penetrator missiles.

-Horus Rising Page 232

A Marine buried under thousands of tons of earth stays under for days before digging his way out:

A Marine takes a 3 story fall without a scratch:

Taking fire from a Heavy Bolter and not breaking through armor durability:

“Kohl and Ephrial exchanged fire with them, dropping several with well-aimed shots. A burst of heavy bolter fire answered them, stitching the two Astartes with a stream of shells. Both warriors staggered beneath the hits, but their armour turned aside the blows.”

Pg.411 FA

Said Heavy Bolter was capable of punching through an APC:

“”Brother Vardus opened fire a second later, raking the rear Testudo with an extended burst of heavy bolter fire. The mass-reactive rounds exploded against the APC’s armoured hide and gouged craters in its solid tyres. Here and there the rounds found a seam in the armour plates and penetrated into the APC, wreaking bloody havoc on the men crammed within. The Testudo lurched to a stop, smoke pouring from the holes punched in its side.”

Pg.165 FA

Takes shots from enemy gun-ships (who have big-a$$ guns):

Heavy autocannon fire sprayed the roof of the building, churning up its pebbled surface and shredding human flesh. The men who had been awaiting rescue in the flyers were the first to die, ripped apart in seconds by the heavy calibre, armour piercing shells. Vedden screamed as an autocannon shell clipped him, instantly shearing his leg from his body in midthigh. He collapsed, dragging the girl to the ground with him.
The Ultramarines scattered, firing at the ornithopters, but their bolter rounds were ineffective against the armoured undersides of the gunships.
Learchus sprinted forward, diving to the ground to gather the girl in his arms and rolling on top of her as the ornithopter's shells ripped towards her. He supported his weight on his elbows so as not to crush the girl and felt the powerful impacts hammer into his backplate. He offered a small prayer of thanks to his armour for standing firm against the traitorous fire.

-Nightbringer Page 161


Space Marines can steal memories by biting. Taking a bite out of an enemy gives them the enemy's memories and combat experience:

Barsabbas sighed wearily. First, he and Sargaulres wore their oaths of brotherhood. The Astartes implant known as the omophagea allowed for learning by eating. Through the implant they were able to ‘read’ or absorb genetic material that they consumed, the omophagea transmitting the gained information to the brain as a set of memories or experiences. The Blood Gorgons remembered a time when they had fought against one another. Although they had always been one Chapter, the Reforging was part of their Chapter history. The oaths reminded them of this, or so the veterans said. Barsabbas could not remember the Reforging. That was before his time and no more than a curious relic of history.

- Blood Gorgons Page 44

A Marine shows resistance to mind attacks:

Uriel fought against the pulsing waves of violence that crashed against his mind, gripping his chainsword tight. From up ahead he could hear the screaming of the damned and he steeled himself for the coming confrontation. Barzano ran beside him, pale and drawn. The wailing screams from up ahead tore into Uriel’s mind, feeding the evil that pounded relentlessly on his thoughts.

He could feel that the chamber beyond was the source of the evil in his head and a miasma of gritty darkness filled the air within.Uriel charged into the pyramid-chamber of the Nightbringer, to find a scene of utter bedlam. PDF troopers convulsed on the chamber floor, faces bloody where nails and fingers had ripped eyes from their heads. Those men still conscious beat themselves bloody with broken fists, mewling in terror at nightmares only they could see.

-Ultramarines Omnibus Page 256

Space Marines are almost completely immune to poisons. In fact if they are poisoned their body stores it in their body so they can use it against their enemy later:

The primul lord kept the claw pinned hard with his spear, one handed, as he drew out a bite-dagger to finish Priad off. The twinned blade rose up.
In the final second, Priad remembered his benediction. He was still envenomed from that lucky omen on the Cydides Isthmus. He was a striking snake. He tensed the Betcher's glands in his hard palette, where the green-back viper's toxins had been contained, and spat into the primul lord's eyes.
The primul screamed and fell back, clawing at his mask.

-Brothers Of The Snake Page 408

Space Marines are capable of digesting almost any including the consumption of iron girders:

One of his implants, the preomnor, was a predigestive stomach capable of processing a wide variety of poisonous or otherwise indigestible material – if he so chose, Aramus could consume and digest the scaffolding and the cushions and all, without any concern but that he might receive a few splinters along the way. And if a Space Marine should happen to ingest something that the preomnor was incapable of processing, the neuroglottis implanted at the back of his mouth would allow him to detect the fact in time for him to spit it out before swallowing any of it

- Dawn Of War II Page 94

A Space Marine's gene-seed (the thing that holds a Marines genetic information) can be modified to give extra benefits depending on the Chapter. For example the Soul Drinkers can learn to think and act like the enemy by consuming them:

Due to the Soul Drinkers’ gene-seed the omophagea, the organ implanted in every novice during his conversion to a Space Marine, was different to that of most other Chapters. Its purpose was to absorb racial memories and psycho-genetic traces from ingested organic matter – allowing the Marine to gain intelligence on how to use the enemy’s weapons, into their beliefs and morale, sometimes even battle plans and troop locations. The Soul Drinkers’ omophagea was overactive compared to those of other Marines, delivering an experience both more intense and less precise. It was one of the cornerstones of the Soul Drinkers’ beliefs that they could experience the thoughts and feelings of their enemies and come out sane and uncorrupted, furnished as much with disdain for their inhumanity as with knowledge of their behavior.

-Soul Drinkers Page 15

The World Eaters also have modified gene-seed that enhances their aggression and automatically blood-lusts them in combat rendering them nigh-uncontrollable:

Because we couldn't be trusted. The Emperor needed a weapon that would never obey its own desires before those of the Imperium. He needed a weapon that would never bite the hand that feeds. The World Eaters were not that weapon. We've all drawn blades purely for the sake of shedding blood, and we've felt the exultation of winning a war that never even needed to happen. We are not tame, reliable pets that the Emperor needed. The Wolves obey, when we would not. The Wolves can be trusted, when we never could. They have a discipline we lack, because their passions are not aflame with Butcher's Nails buzzing in the back of their skulls.
The Wolves will always come to heel when called. In that regard, it is a mystery why they name themselves wolves. They are tame, collared by the Emperor, obeying his every whim. But a wolf doesn't behave that way. Only a dog does.
The moment we realized that truth, we changed our Legion's name. That is why we are the Eaters of Worlds, and the War Hounds no longer.

-Captain Kharn (The Betrayer) of the 8th Legion

Terminator Armour:

In some cases a Space Marine that has proven himself can be equipped with Terminator Armour (or Tactical Dreadnought Armour as it is sometimes referred to).

It is an incredibly durable suit comprising an outer shell of heavy-gauge ceramite plasteel composite plates, mounted on an adamantium exoskeleton with servo-assisted interfaces that integrate with an Astartes' own neurological and muscular systems to enhance movement. Its advanced composition allows the wearer to survive hits from firepower that would penetrate tank armour (missiles are little more than an annoyance when inside this suit), and it is the heaviest combat armour in any Imperial arsenal, able to withstand tremendous punishment. Offensively, it provides the strength to maintain mobility while serving as a solid heavy-weapons platform in open-field combat.


Inside Terminator armour a Marine's already impressive strength is further enhanced?

A Terminator punches through a meter of reinforced metal:

My fist hits the iron door with a crack of thunder. The impact shatters the emerald scales of the hydra that rears across their width. Inside my Terminator armour, enfolded in adamantium and ceramite, I feel the blow jolt through my thin flesh. Lightning crackles around my fist as I pull it back, the armour giving me strength. I bring my fist down and the meter-thick doors fall in a shower of splintered metal. I walk through their shattered remains, my feet crushing the scattered ruby eyes of the hydra to red dust on the stone floor.

- Hammer And Bolter #10 Page 24

A Terminator punches someone w/power fist and it sends the enemy so far that the Terminator can no longer see him:

Demosthor drew back his power fist and punched the Iron Warrior with such strength he was thrown clear out of sight by the impact.

- Endeavor Of Will Page 33

A Terminator uses a 6ton door as a weapon:

It took Praetor three blows from his thunder hammer to batter the bulkhead door down and send it screeching from its moorings into the corridor at speed. Like most sons of Vulkan, his strength was prodigious, but even among the Fire-born Praetor had a reputation for incredible feats. Brought on by fury and determination, this one ranked as one of the toughest.
The closest Raptor didn't see it coming. Six thousand kilograms of half-metre-thick metal took the renegade down, slamming into its torso and nearly cutting it in two.

- Fear The Alien Page 146


The Durability of Terminator armour is by far its most powerful aspect.

The biggest feat of durability for Terminator armour. A Terminator gets stepped on by an Imperial Titan. To put it into perspective the single limb from a Titan can weigh up-wards of 100tons. Here's a picture of a Titan for reference:

As you can see these things a fricking massive!

Terminator stepped on by a Titan and survives:

Egil racked the slide on his bolter as the ground shook under a thunderous impact. The deep, rumbling crash sounded again, like an angry god's footsteps and...emerging from the smoke, like a vast beast from the sagas, a Night Gaunt Titan towered above them.
The gigantic war machine's foot smashed aside buildings in its path and Egil realised with sick horror exactly where it would stamp down.
He landed badly and cursed as he fell to the rubble, looking back to see Kaarlson (the one wearing the Terminator) slowly lumbering through the ruins. He (Egil) screamed his name as the mass of the Titan's foot smashed through the building and crashed down upon the Wolf Guard Terminator.
Egil looked over towards the flattened building and watched with astonishment as the rubble began to shift and heave. Massive chunks of plascrete and steel were pushed aside as Kaarlson pulled himself free from the debris. His Terminator armour had been gashed open in a dozen different places and his blood was splashed crimson against its grey but he was alive.

- Index Astrates

A Terminator is shot with a flamethrower in order to burn the enemies off him:

Honorious bathed the sergeant of the Firedrakes with his flamer, burning the diminutive greenskins off him like they were an infestation.

- Salamander Page 361

Terminator Armour takes a shot from a Plasma weapon (a gun that hits with the same temperature as the sun):

A bright flash of plasma burst from the trees and hit Karraidin square in the abdomen. The superheated liquid plasma ate through his abdominal plate and pushed Karraidin backwards, his armoured boots digging into the rock beneath him. But Karraidin did not fall—with awesome strength he held his ground, and when the flare of the plasma blast died down there was a great crater melted in the armour covering his stomach. Amid the metallic stink of vaporised metal, Sarpedon could smell cooked flesh.

- Chapter War Page 76

Alternate Weapons Of the Adeptus Astrates:

While most Marines are armed with the Standard Equipment stated up the top they can and have used other weapons quite regularly to a point they border on standard for certain Chapters and types of Marine:

Plasma Weapons:

Plasma weapons utilize the same technology as found in plasma reactors and drives: hydrogen fuel is held suspended in a photonic state, typically in a sturdy flask or backpack container, before being fed into the weapon's miniature fusion core and energized into a plasma state. This plasma is then contained by powerful magnetic fields until the weapon is fired, whereupon it is ejected via a linear magnetic accelerator to form a bolt of superheated matter in appearance and temperature much like a solar flare (giving rise to the nickname "sun gun"). Upon impact tremendous energy is released akin to a small sun, destroying the target through searing heat and explosive shock in an almighty explosion.

This technology has been harnessed into weapons as small as a pistol into weapons as huge as cannons. They are one of the most dangerous hand-held weapons in the 40k-verse as you are essentially carrying round a small sun that can be shot at the enemy.

Melta Weapons:

Melta Weapons are heat-based weapons which work by sub-atomic agitation of the air. Targets on the receiving end are heated to the point of being vaporized. The effect on flesh is fearsome to say the least, while vehicles can be reduced to molten slag. Most melta weapons use highly pressurized pyrum-petrol gases with a two part injection system which forces the gases into a molecular state, which will vaporize just about anything. Unfortunately, due to the high power consumption and range dissipation, the weapon is only effective over very short distances, but anything caught in the blast is likely to be destroyed.

This technology has also been harnessed into weapons as small as a pistol into weapons as huge as cannons.


Flame-throwers more commonly referred to as Flamers unleash a liquid incendiary chemical, usually promethium, that bursts into flame as it leaves the weapon. They are valued for their ability to destroy many enemies at once, regardless of any protective cover. Both flamers and the more compact hand flamers are considered assault weapons due to their relatively short range. The substance used as fuel for Imperial flamer weapons, a highly volatile incendiary gel which immediately ignites on contact with oxygen. It reaches super hot temperatures. Similar to napalm, the gel sticks to an individual, continuing to burn on its own accord, even underwater and in space. It also fuels most spacecraft and vehicles, both military and civilian.

This technology has also been harnessed into weapons as small as a pistol into weapons as huge as cannons.


Combi-Weapons as their name suggests are Hybrid weapons. These guns generally incorporate the standard Space Marine Bolter in conjunction with another weapon for example a plasma, melta or flamer this allows the Marine to seemlessly switch between firing a bolter to a plasma, melta or flamer any time he chooses.

This technology has also been harnessed into weapons as small as a pistol into weapons as huge as cannons.

Missile Launchers:

Some Space Marines choose to sacrifice a high-rate of fire from a weapon such as a bolter in favor for something that has a low rate of fire but also a very low survival rate for the enemy. Missile Launchers in 40k have many kinds of ammunition that ranges from your standard Krak Missile to biological attacks. Here's a list of the most common ammunition the Imperium uses in its Missile launchers:

  • Frag Missiles are designed to explode on impact with any surface, raking the immediate area with lethal shrapnel. Primarily an anti-infantry weapon, it can be used against light vehicles with some success. Frag missiles are often ineffective against heavy infantry.
  • Krak Missiles are primarily designed as anti-vehicle weapons, but are also very effective against heavy infantry, bunkers and other armored targets. Krak missiles contain a high strength, low blast shaped charge, causing massive damage to anything it hits with minimal collateral damage.
  • Astartes Anti-Plant Missiles are a stronger variant of anti-plant missiles. They release a vicious cocktail of toxins, viral agents, defoliants, and anti-fungal agents on detonation that reduce even the heartiest flora to a foul-smelling muck in minutes. They are typically used to deny cover and to clear landing zones and fortification sites.
  • Concussion Missiles are very effective at breaking up fortifications and are much beloved by the Battle-Brothers of the Imperial Fists garrisoned at Watch Station Erioch.
  • Flakk Missiles are surface-to-air warheads designed to engage enemy air support.
  • Other Types: missiles are extremely versatile and can potentially carry any conceivable type of payload. Examples include Anti-Plant, Virus, Vortex, Smoke, Gas, Tanglefoot, Haywire, Stasis, Plasma and Photon Flash.


Lascannons are the most powerful weapons outside of Titan and Exterminatus weapons that the Imperium has to offer. These cannons are capable of one-shotting Tanks and Terminators.

Lascannons emit a highly focused, high energy beam of light which on impact produces a rapid temperature change on the target's surface, causing vaporisation in the form of a small explosion. The beam itself lasts for only a short duration, creating a searing flash of light and distinctive snap or crack sound as air is ionised. Energy for each shot is stored within a fast discharge generator, taking up most of the weapon's mechanism, and regulates the power of each beam to prevent overpowering and improve reliability.

These weapons however are very big and cumbersome. So much so that for normal human use they have to mounted onto tanks or tri-pods. Marines being far stronger than Humans can handled the massive recoil and weight.

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