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@batshrine said:

@pinkdaizygirl: Your concerns about Cass, Stephanie, and Jason are valid in wanting them on the show. But I wouldn't expect anything, this is an alternate universe from what is in the comics, so histories and events will be different. And any relationship in this show will be canon but only canon for this show...Again since it doesn't apply to the comics.

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Young justice isn't a direct adaptation of new earth, it's an entirely different universe. Its possible that Jason and/or Cassandra don't exist on this earth.


DC Entertainment has said the Young Justice series takes place on Earth-16. This was done because it was largely untapped and freed the series from established continuity restraints set by the main DC Universe or previously seen other Earths in the DC Multiverse.

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Since the DCU has been rebooted here is my movie take of the Teen Titans that has a bit of all the various incarnations that have been.

Logan Lerman = Tim Drake/Robin.

Robbie Amell = Kon-El/Conner Kent/Superboy.

Hayden Panettiere = Cassie Sandsmark/Wonder Girl.

Cole Sprouse = Bart Allen/Kid Flash.

Noah Gray Cabey = Jaskson Hyde/Aqualad.

Alona Tal = Mia Dearden/Speedy.

Anton Yelchin = Garfield Logan/Beast Boy.

Tania Raymonde =Rachel Roth /Raven.

THE BAD GUYS : The HIVE and The Terminator Clan aka The Wilsons.

Genie Francis = The HIVE Mistress.

Viggo Mortensen = Slade Wilson/Deathstroke.

Justin Timberlake = Joseph Wilson/Jericho.

Taylor Momsen = Rose Wilson/Ravager.

HIVE Agents.

Michelle Trachtenberg = Tara Markov/Terra.

Milo Ventimiglia = William Hayes/Harm.

Brea Grant = Selinda Flinders/Shimmer.

Brock Lesnar = Baran Flinders /Mammoth.

And special cameo appearance: Adrian Pasdar = Bruce Wayne. (Repeat. Bruce Wayne. No cape or cowl or Batsuit will be seen).

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I should have put this up with the Cyclops & Phoenix castings on the previous page.

Christine Adams = Ororo Munroe/Storm.

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@Deranged Midget: Thanks.

Benedict Cumberbatch = Reed Richards.

Guy Pierce = Bruce Banner.

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Lucas Bryant = Scott "Slim" Summers/Cyclops.

Lauren Ambrose = Jean Grey/Phoenix/Dark Phoenix.

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A legit actress for X-23 since porn "actress's" can't "act" (which is funny considering how many fanboys & fangirls say the exact same thing when it comes to legit actors being cast for comic book roles on an almost regular basis).

Alessandra Torresani.

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Autumn Reeser = Jan Van Dyne/Wasp. 

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Girl after my own heart with the Julie Benz and Aaron Ekhart choices.   :)
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James Garner = Captain Marvel. 

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A no-brainer : Jim Brown = Luke Cage Classic. 


Bernie Casey = Brother Voodoo. 


Dorian Harewood = Black Lightning.