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This could turn out really good. I look forward to it. Really liked the Beasts of Burden stories I've read.

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I was kind of digging this one:

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Simonson used to rock :(

Does he at least still have the best signature in comics?

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- Now THAT'S a subscriber-only video :D Who wins the skittles?!?

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@ReadTWD said:

This show sucks SO BAD. This watered down pg-13 version of the comic is unwatchable. Anyone who thinks this show is awesome 1) needs their head examined or 2) has never read the comic. Seriously, if you like this show, stop watching, go to a comic shop and buy the first couple trades. You will never watch this pile of crap show again.

Hey! Welcome to Comic Vine! I see you created this account today just to be antagonistic. If I'm wrong, how much did you watch before deciding you didn't like it? Personally, though I've decided to stop watching, I'll probably have that constant itch to, because I -want- it to be good. Maybe I can put it out of my mind by the time February rolls around.

@Renchamp: Ah, but see, you came at it the other way around. (I read your reviews of the comic.) Since you started with the show, you didn't have any hang-ups like I did. Makes me wonder how you thought about things in the books in relation to the what you'd already seen. Are you all caught up to the current issue?

You're absolutely right in regards to Two and a Half Men, by the way :)

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Watered down pg -13?boy you gone lost your mind.I've read the comics and I like the TV show.yeah there's aspects of it that are different.but its better for the tv show to be different then page for page the exact same damn thing.wouldn't be a point in a tv show then you would of been better off making a movie.keeping similar theme but different direction allows them to try stuff that maybe Kirkman maybe wanted to do or change something he feels he shouldn't have.your entitled to not like the direction but not everyone that has read the comics feel the same way

How about you? Comic or show first?

I agree they shouldn't follow the comic book page for page. That's one of the reasons I am so impressed with Lori's death on the show. They did an outstanding job on that, and it falls in with the 'correct' timeline. It 'fits' for me. Things like Tyreese just coming in now, when he should be about to head out, mess it up too much for me. For something that's supposed to be the same thing, they're just too different. That's why I referred to the show as being like a parallel universe. They could do more episodes like "Vatos," and add to the world, flesh it out more. Instead, they play the shell game with characters, and fluff it up with extraneous zombie encounters.

*shrugs* Sorry. I've stayed too long, and the show just annoys me now. It makes me grumpy :(

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I hate this show so much.

If you've read the comic book, and you watch this show, please tell me why. Do you actually enjoy it? Do you like it better than the book? Can you appreciate both, because I really can't see how that's possible; it seems to be an either/or type of thing. The characterization and motives in the show seem so alien. When I read the books, things made sense to me. When I watch the show, I find myself exclaiming, "What the !@#$%; why are they doing that," far too often.

Two and a half seasons, and what do I have to show for it? - Daryl's a decent, original character. Like a lot of people, I too, thinks he's the best thing about the show. But he is only one man, and grossly outnumbered by the rest of the cast. - They've only really impressed me with one moment: Lori's death. They made that moment their own in a unique and poignant way. A distant second is Glen's battle with the walker Merle loosed on him. - That's it. That's all.

My opinion: The show should break Daryl off from the main group and leave the rest of them behind; make the show its own thing, with new characters, instead of the bizarre parallel-universe-thing that it is. I've been of this opinion since the end of the first season, and I became more sure of it the longer I watched. Though it certainly would've worked easier the earlier it was done. They've probably gone too far to do this now.

The thing that gets under my skin the most? Andrea. Do I need to say more?

I need to give up on this television show. Someone let me know if they get rid of the main cast in the future, and I'll peek in on it again.

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@Yung ANcient One said:

Is it bad that the art makes me ify on buying the tradebacks/volumes? I only buy tradebacks (+)

It's too bad art is such a subjective thing. I think it looks incredible. Maybe not individual panels, but the layout and composition... OH, YEAH!

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Marvel is obviously stacking on all these titles featuring Wolverine to coincide with the release of the Red Dawn remake in theaters. Right?

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Yep. Exactly as I suspected.

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That's Geof Darrow for you.