If I could have 5 Items

List items

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Posted by mightiness

Seriously love that list! Fricken everything I would want.

Posted by Strafe Prower

Thanks :)
Posted by spidey 15

No love for web shooters? 
Good list btw! 

Posted by Strafe Prower
@spidey 15: Thanks :)
Posted by spidey 15
@Strafe Prower: You are welcome. 
Posted by superboyrocks13

dude if u had all these i wouldent wana get on ur bad side

Posted by Hawkeye446

I like the combination of Blue and Green Power Rings ^_^ Smart.

Posted by Strafe Prower

@Hawkeye446: thanks :)

Posted by cosmicx

…#2 and #4 at the same would be unreal

Posted by Strafe Prower

@cosmicx: Agreed lol

Posted by Aiden Cross

If you like it then you should've put a ring on it :p