Toy Story 3 Appreciation Thread

I know it has been awhile since this movie has come out, but I wanted to know the Vine's opinon about this movie.  
I personally loved it and thought it was well done. I have only heard good about it from others, so it will be interesting to see others opinions.

Posted by FLCL1

LMAO your thread is full of win
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Posted by Agent Buttons
It was like i was 5 again....
Posted by Donnieman v5.1

The film is absolutely amazing. Words to describe it allude me.

Posted by Retnex

Anybody else notice the Garbage man was Sid?

Posted by FinalStar86
@Retnex said:
" Anybody else notice the Garbage man was Sid? "
Yeah I heard about that
Anyway this one of the best films I have ever seen, especially the ending
Posted by lagoon_boy
One of the Few movies that are actually funny, and fun.
Posted by gambit987

great movie

Posted by Darkseid Elite

love toy story. i remeber when i was smaller and saw the first toy story in the movies and had the buzz lightyear action figure. good times
Posted by FLCL1
@lagoon_boy said:
" One of the Few movies that are actually funny, and fun. "
best animated film ever
Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

The end with all the toys just accepting their oncoming death kind of disturbed me.

Posted by A Touch of Class (ATC)

I've seen all of the Toy Story movies with my nephews and nieces and I must say that all 3 were fantastically well done. I took one of my nephews to see it just a few hours ago in 3D at the Arclight  cinema. It was fantastic :)

Posted by Dark Zoom

It was like i was a little kid again, i thought the film was excellent and well done

Posted by RedK

it was cool,  and with that open ending theirs possability of a sequal