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Marvel's worst writer gets an exclusive contract. Good Lord.

He isn't the worst writer by far (Claremont writes for Marvel after all...), however he isn't really good either. His stories have some good scenes, but tend to be quite boring overall. Still, always willing to give him another chance.

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Under "Bad" (or even "Ugly") there should be:

- no credit for anyone making the books on the cover.

- the really bad way they managed the 3D-cover distribution

Oh, and the content of the books was generally pretty bad and forgettable with only a handful of exceptions. So much rape....

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Also, don't forget characters like Earth 2's Wotan, who have lived as man and women so often the distinction or attribution of one gender becomes meaningless. Which again was far more natural and less forced "hey, look at this!" than the reveal in Batgirl.

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Get Sara a camera that actually records 720p videos please! Because either that's 240p or the compression is just crazy. The black background looked like it was animated, so much pixel noise!

Content was good otherwise, although I miss the short talks about the books themselves Tony and Sara had.

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Skype makes you talk less on the Podcast (understandably, it makes one feel like a guest and somewhat removed) :(. Tony needs someone to counter his overbearing personality in the Podcast, hope you will continue to do so once you get used to it.

Also the office does indeed look suspiciously like a bedroom. :-D

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Amazing episode. However I too can't see Barriss be the bomber. One of the killed was clearly at least a good friend, maybe even her lover. I might see her as the one killing the bomber in revenge (although a stretch, since it doesn't fit her behaviour in the last few seasons at all), but she wouldn't frame someone else, doesn't seem at all her style or personality.

My guess is Palpatine used Maul to discredit the Jedi even further, increasing the rift between the clones/military and them.

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So Dan Slott didn't even manage his new status quo for one issue. "Spider-Oc has all the memories of Peter, he is basically Peter now! Peter can die and Spider-Oc can take over because even if he is Doc Oc Peter's memories will still make sure he will follow his ethos" didn't last for one issue because we need Force Ghost Pete to stop Spider-Oc from killing a person (and I guess from making any moves on MJ). I wasn't excited about Spider-Oc, but that's a even worse premise.