Mutant Powerhouse

these mutants potentially r the most powerful mutants in the world, they possess raw power at its greatest...some still have power yet untapped

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Posted by papad1992

You're forgetting Elixir!!! 
Able to heal or "kill" with a touch!! 
HEAL: Produced a heart for Prodigy after it was ripped out of him!! 
KILL: Killed Stryker with a touch!! 
nuff said!!
Posted by StormyWeather
@papad1992:  mk i added him
Posted by papad1992

awesome... now ur list is complete (in my eyes)!!!
Posted by StormyWeather
@papad1992:  lol no prob, luv ur icon by the way
Posted by papad1992

Thanks... I was just surfing the web till I came across "Princess Fen"... some Atlantean princess I I guess!! But this picture looked awesome!!! So now, it's my avatar!!!
Posted by StormyWeather
@papad1992: oh ok :-)